General Hospital Weekly Summary For November 5 – 9.

A week of big surprises. 

Carly saw A.J. on the pier, but she fell, hit her head and passed out after he yelled, “Boo!” When she came to, Sonny made her believe she was just seeing things and that A.J. was still dead. Later, Carly was pelted with questions from Michael about her past with A.J., which made her rethink everything. Carly beelined it to Monica’s to confront her. Monica of course denied her first presumed dead son’s return, but Carly promptly ran smack into A.J.

Anna and Duke shared a sultry tango, reminiscent of their past. They kissed, but Anna wasn’t ready to take things any further. Duke got called back to Switzerland when Robin escaped from her room. Robin was able to call home and talked to Emma, but was captured again before she could speak with Patrick. When Duke arrived at the clinic, he revealed himself to Robin, pretending to be a prisoner there as well. Robin realized he wasn’t Duke when he couldn’t remember key moments from their past. Duke had no choice but to admit she was right and pulled off his mask. Robin recoiled in horror upon seeing the person’s face who had been wearing a mask of Duke.

Maxie told Trey and Starr she was taking her apartment back. She offered to let one of them stay, but they remained loyal to each other and both moved out. Maxie put up a flyer at the hospital for a roommate. Ellie eagerly applied.

Lulu and Dante met with a social worker regarding adoption, but the woman knew Lulu lied on the application about their family histories. The social worker told them no agency would give them a baby, which crushed Lulu. Dante thought there was another way for them to be parents.

Diane represented Connie at her competency hearing. When things started to look bad for Connie, Diane claimed that Connie was the host personality and Kate was the alter, so Connie couldn’t be committed. Alexis, who was representing Sonny and Trey, retorted that if Connie was the real person, then she should be tried for Cole and Hope’s murder. A fight broke out, which ended when the judge dismissed the case.

In other news, Sabrina questioned Liz about the Nurses’ Ball, Emma’s first birthday without Robin hit Patrick hard and Alice, Monica and A.J. stashed Tracy away in the boathouse when she discovered her nephew.

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