General Hospital Weekly Summary For October 29 – November 2.

Halloween surprises.

Todd stopped by the hospital to find Steve and Olivia outside Heather’s room. Olivia saw Todd and hallucinated that it was Heather. After Olivia calmed down, Todd gave Steve some of Heather’s things, with baby Daniel’s DNA test mixed in. Steve found it and took it to Sam. Overwhelmed upon learning Jason was really Danny’s father, Sam believed Jason came home to hear the news. She was crushed upon realizing it was just a fantasy.

After Steve and Olivia left, Todd visited a comatose Heather, who sprang to life. When Steve returned, Heather pretended to think she was really Susan Moore. Steve didn’t buy it. Once alone again, Heather threatened Todd to keep her happy or else she’d make his life hell. Upon going home, Todd encountered Luke, who threatened to expose Todd’s association with Heather. Carly then dropped by and spent the night with Todd watching movies. They kissed. Downstairs at the Metro Court, Connie and Johnny arrived for dinner and learned Carly was with Todd. As things heated up in Todd’s suite, Johnny interrupted them. After he left, Carly told Todd she didn’t want to mess up their friendship by sleeping together. He remained hopeful when he learned she once slept with her best friend Jason.

A.J. and Monica caught up at the mansion, where it was revealed that after A.J. was pronounced dead, he came back to life in Monica’s presence. Fearing her son would go to prison for his crimes, she enlisted Steve’s assistance in helping him recuperate in secret. Despite Monica’s concerns, A.J. decided to stick around town, especially after getting a glimpse of Michael.

A.J. went to the Haunted Star party looking for Michael disguised as the Grim Reaper. Meanwhile, Luke lurked around in an effort to get the goods on Duke. Anna found him out anyway. While dancing, Starr and Michael talked about having sex for the first time and Michael went out for condoms. Michael was prevented from leaving though by the Grim Reaper who revealed himself as his father. Meanwhile, Patrick and Britt, who came to the party together, kissed, but he declined her invitation to spend the night with her.

A.J. convinced Michael to talk in private on the pier. He tried to explain everything, but Michael pushed him away. A.J. asked him to keep quiet about him being alive, but upon returning to Starr, Michael said he saw his father.

In other news, Trey agreed to help Sonny commit Connie, but they failed to convince a judge, Dante and Lulu discussed adoption and Maxie and Spinelli pined for each other at the party.

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