Jeff Branson Out At The Young And The Restless?

Another exit but for how long…

Updated on November 12, 2012:

During this past weekend’s SoapFest event fans are revealing that Jeff Branson announced that he has been let go as Ronan Malloy – and has taped his final episode. Though there is no final airdate available as of yet, the actor did express interest in returning should he be called back.

Soap Opera Fan Blog will report more details as they come in.

Previously Reported on December 15, 2011:

Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Jeff Branson (Ronan) could very well be the next actor to be leaving Genoa City. Whether the character will be written off for good or just briefly, like Sean Kanan’s Deacon Sharpe, Soap Opera Fan Blog will keep readers posted.

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  1. From Sharon

    I love this guy. Don’t get rid of him. He is a good actor and hot. Make him the D.A., they really need one that is smart and nice to look at. Him and Phyllis or hot together and think alot alike except she is criminal.

  2. From Mary

    I think he is a good actor, although why Phyllis? Their love scenes make me sick,along with the rest of the lip smacking couples. Who is the dirty minded writer. Children watch too.

  3. From Mary

    He is a good actor, although why Phyllis? Their love scenes make me sick, along with the other lip smacking couples. Children watch too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. From Chris Shelley

    Really like Jeff aka Ronan,so if he is reading this don’t leave.Also hope this crap with Phillis ends really really soon,hate them together(with a passion.) Would like to see him back with Chloe or someone new if he stays.Also needs to bond with Nina. love their scenes together. Keeping my fingers crossed Jeff.

  5. From Tia

    These are the reasons,I have not watched Y&R for months.Keep him on,resolve his issues with Mom and brother. Give him the DA job and a love interest to match.

  6. From Jen

    Awful. He is a great character with a lot left to explore. He was written with mystery that was never delved into by any writing team. He had places to go with Nina, Phyllis, Chloe…. So much to explore and so little writing. Its sad to see good talent and potential storylines go to waste. Save Malloy. Save this show from firing all their good actors, Genie, Marcy… Etc and the list goes on. Hire him back and give him some depth, a storyline…..

  7. From Nat

    I like his character, but they didn’t have a really good storyline for him. They could have had him do so much more.

  8. From lyn

    Didnt like him when he was AMC. Couldnt stand how he spoke. Dont like him on Y&R either. Kind of a useless character, and a dude phyllis used to scratch her itch, thats all. No depth to him at all, useless.

  9. From lynn

    Dont like this guy. Didnt care for him when he wa on AMC either. Kind of a useless character, only there for phyllis to use to scratch her itch occassionaly. I wont miss him.

  10. From Larkin

    I love Ronan how it was in the beginning, complex, interesting charming and tough, but with a soft side only Chloe was able to dig it out..The writers had to chop him away bits by bits, for a woman like Phyllis? GMAFB Please! Yes i prefer he leaves than seeing him written as a crook, spineless and with no dignity.Jeff deserves more! He is very talented and i loved him w/ Chloe. I will miss the real Ronan(2010/2011). But not this one.

  11. From tracy

    Quit getting rid of the hot guys! I can think of a few people that could leave, but leave Ronan on!

  12. From Debbie Shepherd

    I was pretty upset when all the girls got cut….especially when there were rumors of Lily leaving!! I have been a fan of Debi Morgan’s since Charmed. I think Jeff Branson is a terrific actor, and that character could be wonderful if properly developed. He’s all kinds of sexy,whoever he’s dating.

  13. From Michelle

    Another wasted opportunity… Jeff Branson’s talents were wasted on the Phyllis storyline.

    Jeff needs a story of his own which he had when he was interacting with Chance, Nina, and Chloe. Chloe will always be his best pairing, character-wise and chemistry wise. The Ronan today is not recognizable at all. He is a corrupt crooked cop, things which he used to stand against.

  14. From Amy

    I LOVE Ronan in ANY capacity. BUT, He and Phyllis were a lot of fun before they changed him and made him a little pathetic. He is sexy and I like how he interacts with all of Genoa City residents. He has got to come back! He’s got lots of unfinished business, first and foremost, resolving things with his mom!

  15. From Amy

    PLEASE, bring back the old Ronan. He’s changed. I like him with Phyllis, but I really liked him with Chloe. He’s been written sort of pathetic lately and that isn’t the character that he plays well. I really hope it is just a short break because he has so much to give to the show!

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