Revenge Recap: Exposure.

“I’m sorry.”

After Victoria pays for Kara’s flight out of town, she sits with Conrad on the beach. Conrad says he’s getting his orders from The Initiative later. Victoria says they should let The Initiative think they are playing along, but when the time comes, they drag them to Hell with them. Emily later does some hacking and learns Kara is leaving town.

After confronting Emily about her connection to Amanda, Mason calls Amanda to give her a chance to tell her side of the story. Amanda hightails it to Emily’s, wondering what’s up. Emily vows she has Mason handled. She just needs one more day. Amanda doesn’t have a day. She and Jack are engaged and she won’t let Mason destroy her family. Emily demands that she cancel the meeting. Amanda complies.

Amanda returns to the bar and finds Mason. He shows her a photo he has of her and Emily. Amanda will tell him everything, but they can’t talk there.

Aiden meets Nolan in his office. He tells Nolan he and Emily have a plan to draw out The Initiative, but they need Daniel to believe he has a controlling interest in NolCorp. Nolan reluctantly gives Aiden proof of David Clarke’s initial investment, but he’s only doing it for Emily. Nolan wonders why Aiden is doing it. Aiden responds that he’s trying to make up for the past. Nolan will make him pay if he hurts Ems again.

After Jack calls Emily, worried that Amanda hasn’t come home from her meeting with Mason, Emily heads to Mason’s house. She arrives just in time to stop Amanda from bashing his head in. Amanda tells Emily that Mason knows everything. Emily orders Amanda to go home and icily turns to Mason. She tells him that she is Amanda Clarke. She is who she is now because of what happened to her father and the lies Mason wrote about him. She gets a call from Nolan, who tells her Kara didn’t make her flight. She’s gone rogue. Emily orders Mason to call Kara and meet with her about Gordon.

Mason meets Kara on the docks and tells her to go far away from the Hamptons. It’s what Gordon wanted. Emily listens in as Mason goes off script to tell Kara that he lied about David in his story because the Graysons paid him. Emily freaks out and then calls Aiden. She leaves a message to tell him Kara is headed back to the Graysons and is out for blood.

As Conrad addresses his investors at home to allay their fears about his legal issues, Daniel privately makes his rounds. He meets with the key investors and tells them Grayson has a significant stake in NolCorp. He has David Clarke’s first check to prove it. Under his leadership, Grayson Global will thrive, so they shouldn’t pull up stakes. Meanwhile, Kara lures Conrad to the bedroom and holds a gun on him as Victoria bursts in to tell him about Daniel’s meeting. Emily returns home to watch the action at the Grayson’s from her laptop. She calls Aiden because she can’t find Kara or Victoria on the monitors, due to Kara disabling the cameras. Back in the bedroom, Kara demands to know what the Graysons did to David. Conrad takes the blame, but they insist Gordon was the one who actually killed David. Victoria shows her the photo of Gordon in prison with David as proof. Upset, Kara holds a gun to their heads and orders them to put on blindfolds. Conrad says, “I’m sorry,” as he grabs Victoria’s hand. Before Kara can shoot them, Aiden runs in, chloroforms Kara and silently drags her out. Victoria and Conrad assume it was The Initiative.

Kara wakes up in a car with Emily by her side. Emily tells her Agent Mathis, a.k.a. Aiden, is legit. He took her from the Graysons before they could hurt her. Aiden gives her keys to a car to get out of town. It’s the only way to save herself and her daughter. Emily asks if there is anything she wants her to relay to Amanda. Kara says, “Just tell her I wish I could have been a better mother.” Once Kara is gone, Emily has one more loose end to tie up.

After Mason is arrested for Gordon’s murder and setting up Conrad, Emily visits him at the station. She’s there to make a deal. He will go to prison for crimes he didn’t commit, just like her father did. If he doesn’t, she will give the cops evidence linking him to Gordon Murphy. But, if he cooperates, she will eventually provide the evidence to free him so he can write her story. The story of his career. He agrees to her terms.

Emily finds Aiden on her porch. He asks if she is okay. She runs to him and kisses him.

Nolan finds Padma in his office. He asks if she would want him if he wasn’t Nolan Ross because it could all change tomorrow. She sees him for who he is no matter what.

On the docks, Kenny meets with his brother, who wants to destroy Jack and Declan. Kenny says the brothers are good guys. Kenny’s brother mentions Jack and Declan’s father and makes it clear he doesn’t care.

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  1. From JimmyMackey

    I just don’t trust Aiden at all and I think Nolan has every right to be suspicious. I bet Aiden is working for the Initiative and Padma is one of them too. Well, Emily has so many hands working for her now it is inevitable she will be betrayed by someone. I know my wife and DISH coworker love the show too and they talk for an hour when they get together. I always have the show when she comes over because the PrimeTime Anytime I have on my DISH Hopper is set to automatically record all of the evening shows on the four major networks. That way I don’t worry about missing a timer and disappointed women who want to watch their soap.

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