Revenge Recap: Illusion.

“You win with the steely eyes.”

As Daniel and Conrad get fitted for tuxes, Aidan assures them he will have a recommendation Takeda by next week. Alone with Daniel, he confirms their plans to take down Conrad.

At the beach house, Emily and Amanda go over her story for Mason Treadwell about how she got rid of her scar. Emily is going to instead lead him to the Grayson’s.

At her vanity, Victoria looks at a picture of David. Kara approaches from behind. She read in the paper that Gordon came to see her every day. Victoria lies and tells her he tortured her daily.  Kara thinks about a tender moment with Gordon and their love.  Victoria insists Kara continue to stay with them. Later Kara finds the picture of David. Half of it is missing.

Emily calls Aidan from a freezer where Gordon is in a body bag. He agrees to meet her only if she goes to the wedding with him. She tells him to bring gloves.

In his office Daniel can’t get any records about David Clark’s employment status at Grayson Global. Ashley insists they invite Nolan to the wedding to find out more as Emily watches from her camera equipment.

At the bar, Jack tells Amanda he is feeling good about doing business with Kenny. He has it all now with her and the baby. Downstairs, Kenny is in a fight with the liquor distributor, who won’t succumb to Kenny’s demand for cut rates. He warns Jack and Declan they are getting in some shady business.

Emily sees Kara painting on the beach and remembers a moment doing the same with her as a child.

Kara asks Emily how about her failed engagement to Daniel and Emily shares that Victoria made sure she did not feel welcome.  She asks for Kara’s discretion and Kara tells her people like the Grayson’s always get what is coming to them.

At a park Treadwell grills Amanda about her scar, but she aces the quiz and instead feeds him Gordon’s phone number. Whoever finds him will blow the lid on the whole story.  Later, she tells Emily that Treadwell bought it but if he threatens her again she will handle him her way,

Conrad and Victoria get ready for the wedding at home. He can’t find his cufflink. Charlotte is not going to the wedding, She just can’t fake it for PR.

Emily visits Nolan at his office and tells him Padma is exchanging info with Daniel.  He can handle Daniel. Suddenly Treadwell calls and needs his help tracking a number. Emily lets him know this is the beginning of the end for Mason Treadwell.

Treadwell approaches a trailer looking for Gordon. There is loud music on so he goes in and finds Gordon dead, sitting at a table. On the floor is Conrad’s missing monogrammed cufflink.

Conrad gifts Victoria a gun at the wedding. If ever he can’t protect her he wants her to protect herself. Later, Treadwall calls her from her house as it is getting raided by the police. He took care of her Conrad problem.  Later, Daniel tells Padma he had no luck with the contract she asks about. Seeing Nolan, she goes to him.  Daniel asks Emily to dance. He wonders if she thinks about what they might have had. She does not think it is too late to change course. Aidan notices Ashley watching and brings her out to the floor.  Suddenly they FBI arrest Grayson. Afterwards, Nolan tells Padma she poked a very large hornet’s nest.

Charlotte comes by the Stowaway to help Declan. Later, Jack toasts Kenny for helping them open the doors. Later the two shake hands. Jack truly appreciates his help. Kenny looks a little remorseful. Later, the story of Conrad’s arrest and Gordon’s murder hit the news as Kara looks sick.

Conrad sits in a  holding room with Victoria. He blames her. She thinks he sealed his fate when he got those people to do what they did to David Clarke. Later, the woman working with the white-haired man visits him. It turns out she was the one behind the jet blowing up. Now Conrad has a choice to make – can they count on his service?

At the Grayson’s, Treadwell threatens to expose Victoria.  She lets him know that Emily is just some juvie girl done good. He jumps – he has some work to do. Upstairs, Declan visits Charlotte. He won’t let her handle this stuff with her family alone. They kiss and fall to the bed.  Meanwhile, Kara insinuates Victoria had something to do with Gordon’s death. Victoria can’t understand why Kara is not relieved. Kara thinks back to Gordon’s promise to retire after this last job. She gets right up on Victoria, then backs off and says goodnight. Later, Victoria is having a hard time sleeping. Conrad creeps in and she pulls a gun on him. She wonders what deal he made to get out.

At Emily’s,  Aidan hangs up with Daniel. They are going to move ahead with their deal in the morning. He and Emily watch Ashley and Daniel together. Emily met Ashley six years ago and thought she was an easy mark. He thinks maybe too easy. Aidan and Emily wonder how Conrad will show his gratitude. Aidan is sure her will get their answer with his access to the company. He knows everyone he has trusted have betrayed her. He has changed. They almost kiss, but then she asks him to leave. He is not giving up on her.

Amanda and the baby meet Jack on the boat. He pops some champagne and pours her a glass. He wants to see her happy again like she was when they were kids. He gets on his knees and asks her to marry him. She gladly says yes and they kiss.

The final scenes show Emily setting up Conrad for Gordon’s death. Meanwhile, Treadwell is closer to finding out the truth about Emily

Next on Revenge: Mason looks in deeper into Emily’s background, which makes things difficult for her. Meanwhile, Kara starts to become unhinged and targets the Graysons.

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  1. From JimmyMackey

    I just wish they would wrap up this bar purchase and get it going already. I’m glad to say that there aren’t any other irritating points to the show, (other than Declan’s character.) Emily is a great actor though (her real name is Emily too) and she moves her revenge forward each episode, only the other actors have their own revenge plots going too. That makes for an exciting show. This is my wife’s pick for a show to watch together, but I got hooked. I was so glad when I learned from my DISH coworker that my new Hopper DVR from DISH has thousands of hours of HD recording time because now I score brownie points with my wife by recording and saving all of the episodes.

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