Revenge Recap: Lineage.

Flashback to Thanksgiving 2006.

Emily walks into a bar where Aiden is bartending. Emily asks for someone and he points her in the right direction. Emily watches as Ashley is chosen by a man named Sergei to meet his boss Dimitri. Emily follows Ashley to the bathroom and talks to her through the stall door so Ashley can’t see her. She urges her not to meet with Dimitri, who traffics women. Ashley needs the money. Emily gives her a wad of cash to pay her rent. In exchange, Emily asks Ashley to text her the time Dimitri is supposed to show up. Emily then meets with Takeda and says she’s ready. Takeda promises once this mission is over, she can get back to avenging her father.

Emily returns to the club the next day and sees Aiden, who warns her away. Emily knows what she’s doing and meets Sergei. She says she is there in her roommate’s place. Sergei takes Emily to Dimitri in a private room. Aiden enters with drinks and pulls out his gun. He tells Dimitri, “This is for my sister.” Emily tackles Aiden as the gun goes off, missing Dimitri. Dimitri’s men take Aiden and leave Emily in a room alone. Through an earpiece, Emily tells Takeda she can’t let them kill the man who tried to protect her.

Emily crawls through the vents and finds Dimitri’s men beating up Aiden. Once the men are gone, she frees Aiden, who talks about his missing sister and his father. It seems his dad works at the airport, leading Emily to deduce the Initiative got the bomb on the plane through Aiden’s dad and that his sister’s disappearance was no coincidence. Dimtri and Sergei return and lead Emily and Aiden through the club. Takeda attacks and Emily joins in by beating up the henchmen. Aiden follows Dimtri, who has fled, and shoots him in the leg. Emily runs out and begs him not to kill him. Aiden lowers his gun, but shoots when Dimitri taunts him about his sister. Takeda runs out and orders Emily to take Aiden away.

As Victoria, Daniel and Conrad prepare for Thanksgiving at the house, Victoria’s mother Marion shows up with her new rich boyfriend Ben. Victoria is not happy to see Marion and flashes back to Marion planning on marrying someone because they were nearly out of money. Marion vows she’s genuinely fallen for Ben. Victoria asks her mother if it was worth what she had to do in order to keep her last husband. Marion wouldn’t change anything and credits their past to where Victoria is now.

At dinner, Conrad offers to send Daniel’s creative writing samples to a publisher after Daniel says he doesn’t want to go into business. Victoria has another flashback to a man leaving Marion. Marion shoots him and then gives the gun to Victoria. She tells her to shoot him and they’ll say it was self-defense. No jury would convict her. That was true, but Victoria was sent to a psych hospital for six months. Victoria shares the story with everyone. She also recalls how Marion threw her out of the house when she was 15-years-old after Marion saw her next mark coming out of her bedroom. Marion married him shortly afterwards. Disgusted, Ben gets up and leaves. Marion confronts Victoria over outting her to Ben. Victoria says it serves her right for choosing a pedophile over her. Victoria shows her penniless mother the door, confident she’ll land on her feet. Victoria then finds Conrad burning Daniel’s poetry. He says it’s for his own good so he’ll end up at Grayson Global where he belongs. Conrad and Victoria then discuss how they paid Ben to help set up Marion.

At the bar, Jack and Declan’s dad tells a fellow business owner he’s not paying the protection fee, but the man is worried what will happen if they don’t. The next night, Jack finds his dad in the bar when something is thrown through the window. A fire starts, but Jack is able to put it out. A man (Kenny’s dad) walks in making threats. Jack says they’ll pay. Jack’s dad meets with the man and gives him money. The friend from earlier comes out of the shadows and shoots the man with Jack’s dad’s gun.

Nolan meets with his staff in the office and tells them the company is going public. He tells his CFO Marco Romero he couldn’t have done it without him. The two later celebrate Thanksgiving alone and Marco gives Nolan a gift. They kiss and then Marco gets a call. He learns Nolan’s Cayman Islands account with nearly a billion dollars in it is empty. Nolan admits he gave the money to David Clarke’s daughter. Marco says it looks bad, but Nolan reminds him there would be no company without David, who he believes is innocent. Nolan says they have no future together if he doesn’t understand and fires him.

In present day, Aiden and Emily reconnect in bed. He thanks her for convincing Takeda to take him on. Or was it Takeda’s plan all along? When it’s determined Aiden isn’t disappearing this time, she shows him all the info she has on the conspiracy about her father and the girl she left behind when she started her revenge. Meanwhile, Marco gets a call from Daniel who has a business proposition for him regarding NolCorp. Marco is listening. At the same time, Victoria and Conrad plot to save Daniel by preventing him from taking over the Grayson board.

Next on Revenge: Victoria slaps Conrad, Emily states she’s righting wrongs, Victoria accuses Ashley of sleeping with Conrad and someone is covered in blood.

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