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November sweeps always bring plenty of must-see moments to Daytime, and last week viewers were treated to more than a few shockers. Brooke and Bill continued to grow closer on “B&B” while on “Y&R” it seemed Jack could be headed for a pill problem. “DOOL” fans got to see Nick and Gabi go at it fast and furious in Salem. And on “GH” nothing could have shocked more than Duke removing his face and we were left wondering who was under the mask.

B&B Breakdown:
“B&B” has really been bringing it home lately with a great mix of characters and storylines. We’ve come so far since the non-stop Hope/Liam/Steffy days, but Candace is not convinced we are totally over the hump yet. She said, “Liam and Steffy spent much of their time in Aspen sitting with Will. This gave them plenty of opportunity to joke around, make out, and talk about having babies of their own someday. They are really being painted as a perfectly-matched couple right now – which, unfortunately, makes me wonder what is going to go wrong and when. Here’s hoping nothing will rock the boat anytime soon – it’s been so nice watching the show without the dreaded triangle!” Do you agree? Read more in The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Blog.

Deconstructing Days:
Last week marked 47 years in Salem, and Christine was really loving the return of long-lost DiMera sibling Kristen. “In between the most random flashbacks of her and John, Kristen found her old Milli Vanilli cassette and a key that looks like it could open a door at Hogwarts in a box from the mansion,” she said. “It was a surprise that it was a key not to a safe deposit box or the Hogwarts Slytherin common room but a key Alice gave her to the Horton cabin on Smith Island. That she used it at all to drink in those old memories of her and John doing it on the bear skin rug is very telling but do you think she’s got people following Jarlena and she really did set this up? I’d forgotten how good she is at manipulating him with just one tear! Loving Kristen!” Read about more from last week in the Days of our Lives Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:
It was all about the Quartermaine’s last week with the focus on AJ’s return, Alan’s ghost, Monica’s histrionics, Michael’s renewed interest and best of all, Alice’s takedown of Tracy with a stranglehold. Hard to believe this was their behavior when they were trying to keep everything a secret. Hollie said, “The number of people who know AJ is alive and living in town is growing by the minute, which means the authorities shouldn’t be too far behind. But now that he is back, has he really changed as he claims? Doubt it. He talked a big game, but his laughter at Carly knocking herself out at the pier was about as diabolical as you get.” Meanwhile, did you miss Connie’s trial? Read about the proceedings in the General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:
It was Nicole’s turn to have a totally horrible week in Salem. Matt said, “Nicole was eager to finally get out of Salem, but all of the people who hated her were reluctant to let her take the saintly doctor with her. Victor attempted to buy Nicole off. She’d been bought off so many times that she could probably afford to buy up most of Salem. How else do you think she pays to live in a hospital? She said ‘no’. Vic got desperate and urged Brady to march down her ‘foxhole’ to show her his version of ‘paradise’. Meanwhile, Nicole fantasized that she and the doctor could have their own amphibious mer-children. While all of this conjured a rather strange image of what female genitalia around town must be like, it did finally explain why the women wrap themselves up in a separate sheet when they are having sex.” Read more of Matt’s take on last week’s show in Matt’s Musings.

Restless Rant:
Genoa City was the place to be last week as the new storylines really began to pick up speed – and hook some new fans. “Jill’s return was everything I’d hoped it would be; snarky interactions with Tucker, her tentative and testy reunion with Billy, and butting heads with Katherine in their time-honored way,” Candace said. “Here’s hoping Jill ends up running Chancellor with Katherine and we get to see much more of her.” Candace also thought Jack might be heading for a pill addiction. Read more about that in The Young and the Restless Weekly Blog.

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