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The shockers from a few weeks ago have evolved into interesting new storylines and the advancements of some old ones. Among it all, there was a sad goodbye for Stephanie on “B&B,” a baby shocker for Will on “DOOL,” the return of a beloved character on “GH,” and a damsel in distress on “Y&R.”

B&B Breakdown:
With Stephanie’s goodbye party, Katie’s visit to crazy town and Bill’s horse noises, it was another fascinating week in Los Angeles with emotions all across the map. “Okay, Katie’s just starting to become creepy what with sitting in the dark lying in wait for Taylor at her house, and lurking around for takeout in disguise,” Candace said. “Not to mention the incessantly crying baby and heartbeat noises that follow her around. I don’t think Taylor’s really much help at this point either – the increasing intensity of her dire warnings about Brooke may land Katie back in the cardiac wing at the hospital!” Do you agree? Read more in The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Blog.

Deconstructing Days:
If things had been moving at a somewhat sluggish and uninspired pace in Salem lately, all that changed last week, with the exception of yet another pregnancy looming. “Another baby storyline… I may be the only one who doesn’t care either way since Gab’s not a child and we all knew Will would take responsibility,” Christine said. “So where’s the story? Perhaps Will keeping grief sex with Gabi from Sonny will cause a little strife and Nick might not like a gay man being the father to his girlfriend’s baby. Maybe the story is that she’ll consider an abortion. Either way, it all has a distinctive 80s feel to it. I wasn’t shocked about the pregnancy but it took a minute for it to sink in that Sami’s going to become a grandmother at such a young age. The kicker? The tables are turned. Sami’s the one with the baby secret, not Rafe. That was awkward!” Read about more from last week in Salem in the Days of our Lives Weekly Blog.

Dustin’s Thoughts:
Kristen has been back in Salem for a bit, but Dustin was still unsure of her motives. “Kristen swears that after years of therapy that she is back to being the old Kristen. Marlena isn’t buying it, and even Kate and Brady think she’s up to something. It seems the only one giving her the benefit out the doubt is John. Has Kristen turned over a new leaf? I would really like to believe Kristen is being honest. I loved her character when she first came onto the show. However, she is a DiMera, even if an adopted one. I foresee Marlena going nuts and looking like a mad woman trying to prove to John that Kristen hasn’t changed, which is probably Kristen’s plan. Kristen might yet lock Marlena up in a room again, just a different type this time.” Read more in Dustin’s Thoughts on Days.

GH Rundown:
Maxie finally told Spin she loved him, but was it too little, too late? Hollie said, “It was starting to get a little creepy every time Maxie moaned about ‘my Mac’ while she mooned over Spin. Her plan to tell him how much she loved him before he slept with Ellie obviously backfired (some bacteria!). It was rough watching Spin tell Ellie he would never hurt her, when it is almost a certainty that he will. These two are cute together, but they are maybe too similar to make it for the long haul. It would not be a problem with me if a new young male love interest came on board to bad boy Ellie right off her feet. Maybe a couple so there is one for Sabrina too!” Read more in the General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:
Will and Sonny got much closer, but Gabi’s announcement could certainly put a wrench in the works. Matt said, “Will finally made it into bed with Sonny after the latter admitted that asking him over to open up his boxes really was the convoluted sexual overture it sounded like. The event was so huge that Sonny’s apartment actually expanded for the occasion. As far as I could tell, William came out on top. Then they had the ceremonial post-coitus potato chips. They were the no-name variety to stick with the rest of the products used in the event. Where’s that KY sponsorship when you need it? But before they could have another dip, Gabba showed up at his door, as panicked as a puritan on a porn set. In spite of all of Sonny’s worldly wisdom, he had never filled his boyfriend in on the curse that befalls nearly all gay couples on Daytime. No matter what combination of genitals you’re using, by some miracle, a woman always winds up pregnant.” Read more of Matt’s take on last week’s show in Matt’s Musings.

Restless Rant:
There was lots of drama but little romance and comic relief in Genoa City last week. “What a hot mess,” Candace said. “We’ve got Victoria trying and failing to finesse her way out of Eddie’s clutches, while back at home, Billy and the Newmans wasted precious time indulging in an insult-slinging fest that led to Billy heading out with the briefcase of money and Neanderthal Nick in tow. They’re bound to muff this up. Otherwise, what fun would it be for Victor, who we all know is just waiting for it to be proven that he should have gone himself.”  Read about more drama in The Young and the Restless Weekly Blog.

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