The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For November 5-9.

Taking it easy and taking it hard.

Brooke freaked out when she saw Bill sleeping beside a bottle of pills. She yelled for Liam and Steffy’s help. They threw water on him. He’d just been taking a nap. They laughed it off. Brooke and Bill took a walk. He was pleased when she agreed to spend a few days with him. They were both emotional. Donna called to say that Katie had grabbed her things and run off. Bill decided to enlist Justin to start searching for her. Meanwhile, Liam took Steffy out paragliding. They landed in a field and made out. Oliver arrived at the house to announce that a hot air balloon was waiting for Bill. The beard reluctantly agreed to go up with Brooke. They floated around and relaxed each other. Meanwhile, Steffy admitted to Liam that Brooke had been really good through all of this.

Katie showed up at Taylor’s. She asked her to deliver messages to her sisters. The shrink tried analyzing her behavior. Katie refused to believe she was depressed and wouldn’t take any medication. She kept repeating that she couldn’t be a mother to Will. The doctor warned her that her depression could turn into psychosis. Katie stormed off. She called again the next day and Taylor ordered her to go home. Brooke and Bill returned to town. She worried about seeing Ridge at Stephanie’s party and Bill offered to go with her for support.

Eric and Rick discussed Thomas’ latest moves and Rick urged him to pull rank. Meanwhile, Hope stalked after Caroline and snarled at her. She accused Caroline of playing Thomas and Rick against each other to advance her own career. Caroline went off to see Rick, who tried wooing her until Hope sent him the picture of Caroline hugging Thomas. She explained that it was nothing and he was the one for her. They declared their love for each other. Back at the Forresters, Felicia and Kristin arrived to see their mother. Stephanie gently broke it to them that she was dying.

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