The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For October 29-November 2.

On the trail.

Bill and Brooke were stunned that Katie had taken the car and driven away. They told Taylor, who wasn’t much help. He got a tip that his wife had made it to Aspen so he asked Brooke to help him hunt her down. It was all a ruse concocted by the depressed woman to keep them of her scent. When Taylor got home, she found Katie there. She told the shrink that Will needed a good mother and she couldn’t be that. Taylor urged her not to run away. They argued until Katie started hyperventilating. She went off, rented some dump and started hallucinating.

Feeling bad, Rick was about to come clean with Hope and Liam about helping to break them up. Thomas summoned him before he could. Liam met up with Steffy and they planned to head for Hawaii. When they got on the jet, Brooke and Bill showed up to announce that they were all going to Aspen. When they landed, he found a note from Katie waiting at his house. It told him to find a new wife. Bill was baffled. Brooke tried to be supportive and Steffy and Liam decided to stick around to help out. Taylor called and tipped Bill off about Katie sending him there to get him out of the way. Bill got depressed when he landed in Aspen and Katie was nowhere to be found. Brooke later found him passed out with a bottle of pills.

Eric and Stephanie prepared for their party and recalled more of their past. They broke her news to Dayzee. After some crying, Stephanie told her that she taught her how to be more giving. Over at Forrester, Thomas called everyone together to announce that he was overhauling FC’s image. Rick didn’t like that. He liked it even less when Thomas declared that Caroline would be working beside him. Rick challenged his right to make such changes. However, Caroline liked Thomas’ plan. He offered a big donation to her charity so she gave him a hug. Hope snapped a picture of them together. Caroline was ecstatic. She and Tom did a photo shoot and he fantasized about the kind of future they could have. Meanwhile, Taylor went to see Hope and Rick and criticized them for standing in her son’s way.

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