The Young And The Restless’ Anti-Bullying Storyline.

Spoilers included!

Starting next week Monday November 5 “The Young And The Restless” will launch an anti-bullying storyline surrounding Summer Newman (Hunter Haley King). TV Guide is reporting that Summer plans to befriend the boy Ronan (Jeff Branson) mentors by creating a fake identity on FacePlace – in an attempt to hurt Ronan.

Using the name ‘Brittni’ Summer will draw information out of Jamie about his troubled past and issues with the law. Once she has the information, she’ll post it all over FacePlace, as well as using texting and instant messaging to ruin the boy. However, once Summer gets to know Jamie she realizes what she’s done – but it’s too late. As we know, Fen Baldwin (Max Ehrich) is infatuated with Summer and helps her in her quest. When he notices Jamie and Summer bonding, Fen takes things further, which proves to have a dangerous outcome.

Expect the storyline to play out for a few months before it hits its climax. Also, watch for CBS to air PSAs during this time.

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  1. From Mary

    No, because in the end, Summer and Fen will get by with it or will only get a slap on the wrist. If it isn’t going to be taking very, very seriously then it could leave kids thinking it is okay because they can get away with it.

  2. From Kathy

    I don’t like this either. These story lines never show the true devastation Cyber Bullying causes. Sometimes to the point of suicide! I record every day and watch after work. I will be fast-forwarded through this part!!

  3. From Adrienne

    I don’t believe that’s it’s a strong story. I agree that summer and fen will get away with it and it probably won’t have the impact you think it might get. I think if the story talks about homosexuality or maybe if summer shows interest and makes him fall for her, but behind his back makes him look like a loser or lies that he’s gay and constantly picks on him online, but in the it gets so bad, he commits suicide. Maybe this will have more impact because it’s what’s happening in the world today.

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