The Young And The Restless Spoilers November 13 – 15.

Moral support and cries for help…

Nick and Phyllis’ divorce hearing is set to take place. Phyllis needs moral support and turns to Avery for just that by asking her sister to accompany her to the hearing. You can bet Phyllis wasn’t expecting Avery to announce that she might start dating Nick right at that moment. Meanwhile, Nick explains to Summer that the hearing is today. Summer knows Phyllis must be upset with herself for what she did but admits it’s still hard to see her mom. Across town, Michael and Lauren express their disapproval of the time Fen is spending with Summer.

Victor is a bit taken back when he sees Billy with a gun and demands to know what the hell is going on. He also knows that the email the family received wasn’t from his daughter. Victor warns if something happens to Victoria Billy will wish he’d used the gun on himself. When Billy doesn’t give him answers, Victor confronts Nikki, who ends up telling him the truth. Meanwhile, Victoria screams from behind the closed door. She pounds and begs to be set free. It’s not long before Victoria realizes that her situation is a direct result of things Billy has done in his past.

Cane and Lily spend some time catching up with Jill. When Neil joins them, Jill congratulates him on his new position at Jabot. After talking business with Neil, Jill gets an idea on how to get Katherine to step down and calls Tucker. Later, Jill and Tucker are taken off guard by Katherine’s reaction.

Wait, there’s more… Jack copes with his addiction. Summer gets rid of something Ronan leaves for Phyllis, and Adam tells Noah he’s the only one who stepped up when Sharon needed help.

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  1. From michelle weinstock

    i miss watching the young and the restless and the bold and the beautiful i work 7 days and nites and cant watch them i use to be able to go to a site and read what happened on everyday episodes but that is gone can you tell me if there is another site i can read everyday?

    Michelle read them on Candace Young has them up early and they’re detailed and written pretty good. ADMIN

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