The Young And The Restless Spoilers November 16 – 19.

Deliveries and good news…

There seems to be some mystery surrounding Noah’s time in New York. He receives a bag of money and a note from ‘A’ asking him to keep it super safe and promises to be in touch soon. We are assuming the ‘A’ stands for Adrianna – the girl Noah told Nick cheated on him in New York. Summer arrives and starts ranting about Phyllis. Noah brings up Jamie and warns if Summer has anything to do with the bullying someone could really get hurt. Later, Jamie confronts Summer about being Britni, but she denies it. Fen overhears and tells Summer she deserves an Academy Award. When it’s apparent that Summer really likes Jamie, Fen is disgusted.

Jack looks at Phyllis’ wedding band and says the piece of metal is preventing her from starting over. He misses his fiery redhead. Phyllis removes the ring as they talk about Newman. Jack admits he’s at his best with her by his side. Phyllis suggests he give Newman back to Victor, but Jack wants to play with the big boys.

Paul could use some good news these days, and Christine is the one to give it to him. She shows Paul and Michael what she found during her hunt to clear Paul. They all watch the video of Ricky killing his girlfriend. Too bad it’s not enough for Michael to drop the charges on Paul. Christine comforts Paul with a kiss – and Nina sees them.

Eddie allows Victoria out of the room and into his. When he asks why she’s with a screw-up like Billy, Victoria wonders the same thing. She gets to a phone and tries to call the cops, but Eddie catches her – and points a gun at Victoria. Meanwhile, Victor arrives at Billy’s with a briefcase full of cash and finds Nick and Billy arguing. Billy warns if they all go to Miami Eddie will kill Victoria. Nick finally agrees with Billy and says Victor shouldn’t go. Victor refuses to give Billy the money, so Nick agrees to go with Billy.

Come Monday… Leslie wonders how she could possibly turn Neil down. Sharon warns Chelsea that she doesn’t think Adam would approve of her visiting her, and Nina demands answers from Paul.

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