The Young And The Restless Spoilers November 2 – 5.

Hellos and goodbyes…

Phyllis cannot believe her ears when she hears Jack tell Adam that he’ll be acting as Newman CEO while he’s gone. She asks Jack if this is some big joke. Phyllis is forced to deal with their new CEO and makes a point to mock Adam’s position. Meanwhile, Jack confronts Billy about Victoria being in Miami and admits he set him up – and Billy took the bait and went against him. Jack fires Billy. He leaves Jack with something to think about… Billy hopes Victoria gets Newman back because it might be the only thing that will save Jack from himself.

Genevieve tells Tucker that she needs his help. Ronan appears and informs Genevieve that they found a body – and he wants the truth this time. Genevieve insists if they find Colin, they’ll find answers. Before Ronan leaves, he warns Genevieve not to leave the club. If she does, she’ll be arrested. Again, she asks for Tucker’s help. Tucker’s had enough of her and warns that the bank of McCall is closed. However, Tucker changes his mind, hands over some cash and tells Genevieve to run as far away as she can. They share a heartfelt goodbye. Later, as Ronan questions Tucker about Genevieve’s whereabouts, Jill appears!

Chloe and Chelsea make their way into the cottage. When Chelsea feels as though someone’s been there, she asks if Chloe feels it too. Chloe brushes the feeling off, as Sharon hides and listens. A tube of lip-gloss is found, leaving Chelsea to wonder who’s squatting in their cottage and if Adam knows anything about it. Sharon manages to get a message to Adam, who orders her to lay low. Later, Chelsea confronts Adam about the woman in their cottage then runs into Sharon there.

Come Monday… Chelsea informs Adam that his little mistress was trying to defend his honor. Victoria tries to free herself from a dark concrete room. When Nick apologizes for prying, Avery tells him she wants him to pry.

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