The Young And The Restless Spoilers November 27 – 29.

Money troubles and job security…

Kevin scrambles to save his house and goes to Gloria for $10,000. Gloria refuses him the money and isn’t the only one stunned by Kevin’s urgency… wait until Chloe hears his latest announcement. Let’s just say Kevin isn’t thrilled by her reaction and the fact that she wants to use the money from the Tag ‘N’ Grab sale to start a new business with Chelsea.

Things at Jabot aren’t all peaches and cream. Devon now has a new job, one Cane doesn’t appear happy about, and confronts his brother-in-law. He hopes Cane doesn’t think he’s there to take his job. Cane assures Devon he’s not worried about it. In the end, it’s Cane and Neil who don’t see eye to eye when Neil instructs Cane to be Devon’s mentor at Jabot.

Adam is caught watching Jack down some pills. Phyllis approaches and accuses Adam of spying on their boss. However, Jack’s behavior begins to alarm Phyllis as well. When Kyle appears, he and Phyllis privately agree to secretly double-team Adam straight out of Newman.

Meanwhile, Chelsea becomes upset when she hears Adam leave Sharon an open-ended invitation to meet with him and refuses to take his wife out due to waiting around for his ex to return his call. Needing to confide in someone, Chelsea tells Chloe everything that’s been going on with Sharon.

Wait, there’s more… Victoria is devastated after hearing what Victor has to say. Jack orders stronger pills, and Fen tries to avoid answering Michael’s questions.

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