The Young And The Restless Spoilers November 9 – 12.

Taking advantage and keeping secrets…

Kevin is in need of some fast cash and plans to take advantage of Gloria’s misfortune. Michael informs Gloria and Jeffrey that the settlement they’ll get from Gloworm will be around 7 million dollars. When Michael glances at his brother, Kevin wonders if Michael thinks he burned Gloworm down. Michael tells Gloria and Jeffrey about Kevin’s business issues.

Nikki tried to keep the ranch fire a secret from Victor and now she’s at it again in an attempt to keep more disturbing news from him. Victor has no idea his daughter has been kidnapped. When Nikki hears that Eddie G wants money – more money than Billy owed him – and that Billy never paid his debt to begin with, she snaps and calls her son-in-law a sonofabitch! She hears that Victoria’s ransom is two million dollars and wants to call Victor. Billy warns if she goes to Victor Victoria will be killed. Nikki promises to call Billy, leaves and meets with her banker. While Nikki is avoiding Victor’s questions, Billy gets to talk to Vikki – who begs him to call her father!

Nick and Avery discuss their most recent kiss. Avery says she screwed up and calls their kiss a mistake. Though Nick admits that he’s not sorry it happened, it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t a mistake. It’s not a good time for Nick to be with anyone right now. Avery informs that Phyllis saw their kiss. Expect one more kiss to take place… Bad timing or not, Nick just can’t help himself! Meanwhile, Ronan acknowledges that Phyllis is working out some anger issues and he doesn’t want to be her revenge sex. When he asks what Nick’s done this time, Phyllis is offended and storms off.

Come Monday… Noah asks Sharon if she burned down Victor’s house, and Adam scolds his hired hand, who was supposed to play ‘firebug’ not burn down Gloworm.

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