The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary November 12 – 16.

Christine found the video, Nikki admitted the truth, and Noah spoke of a girl who cheated on him…

Phyllis told Ronan she didn’t want him, and Avery told Nick the opposite. Before the divorce hearing Avery informed Phyllis of her desire to date Nick. Phyllis moved into the Abbott Mansion to help Jack and agreed to spy on Adam at Newman. The more pain Jack experienced, the more pain pills he took.

Sharon went to visit the kids and denied to Noah that she started the fire. She admitted to getting professional help with Adam’s assistance. Sharon took off when Nick arrived and begged Noah not to tell him she was there. Noah kept the secret then told Nick about the girl in NY, Adrianna, who cheated on him. Noah was stunned to receive a bag of cash with a note from ‘A’ asking him to keep it safe. Later, after a talk with Adam, Noah snuck Faith out to see Sharon, who was diagnosed as being bipolar. Sharon scared Faith, who later warmed up to her. After Noah and Faith left, Chelsea spied Adam reassuring Sharon and felt she couldn’t compete with their bond.

Summer sent Jamie an insulting message as Britni. Ronan told Phyllis he suspected Summer had been involved. Nick refused to believe it. Noah questioned Summer, who denied the bullying, but listened as Noah warned that someone could really get hurt. Lauren and Michael showed disapproval of Fen and Summer’s closeness and asked about the bullying. Fen denied any knowledge then heard Summer assuring Jamie she wasn’t Britni. When Summer claimed to really like Jamie, Fen became disgusted.

Victor found Billy with a gun. Billy wouldn’t give him answers. Victor confronted Nikki, who admitted the truth about Victoria’s kidnapping. Nick agreed with Billy that Victor shouldn’t go to Miami, for fear Eddie would kill Victoria. Nick agreed to go with Billy. Meanwhile, Eddie told Victoria he kidnapped her because Billy bailed on a gambling debt and cost him his wife and child. Eddie let Victoria out of the room but pointed a gun at her when she tried to call the cops.

Christine found the videotape of Ricky killing his girlfriend and showed Paul and Michael. Michael said it wasn’t enough to drop the charges on Paul. Later, Nina saw Paul and Christine kissing.

Jill and Tucker expressed their health concerns over Katherine running Chancellor. Jill suggested she and Katherine run it together. Katherine agreed to think about it.

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