The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary November 19- 23.

Paul was freed, Adam lashed out at Chelsea, and Eddie was shot…

Nina ended things with Paul and told Christine she was sick of being second best. After Michael dropped the case against him, Paul threw away past correspondences with Ricky and planned to start over.

Sharon caught Chelsea in the cottage. After Chelsea denied seeing Sharon to Adam, she demanded that he move Sharon off their property. He agreed to find her another place to stay but found Sharon gone – and her pills left behind. Adam blamed Chelsea and warned if anything happened to Sharon it would be on her. Meanwhile, Sharon found Noah at the tack house. He promised to help her. Phyllis arrived and privately taunted Sharon about no one being able to celebrate Thanksgiving at the ranch. Noah appeared told Phyllis Summer was with Avery. After Phyllis left, and shared a holiday kiss with Jack, Sharon told Noah she started the fire. Noah suggested they build a case around her bi-polar disorder. Sharon retrieved her meds from Adam, said she was moving home and apologized to Chelsea.

Katherine pretended to have an attack while arguing with Jill over the co-CEO contract. Jill feared for Katherine’s life. Katherine admitted she’d been testing Jill and was pleased with the results. Jill and Katherine hugged. Meanwhile, Leslie accepted Neil’s job offer at Jabot. When Devon admitted his music business wasn’t working out, Neil gave him a job too. Devon visited Katherine and refused Tucker’s offer to help with his music business.

Nick and Billy were delayed due to bad weather. Victor called someone who could get to Vikki in case the guys couldn’t make it in time. Just as Eddie received a call from Billy, someone shot Eddie. Vikki managed to get to the phone and informed Billy that Eddie was dead and she was cuffed to a couch in his room. The lights went out, a man entered and took Vikki away, claiming Eddie worked for him. Later, when the man returned and found Nick and Billy, he told them Vikki was dead. Billy found Vikki alive in another room.

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