The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary November 5 – 9.

Vikki was kidnapped, Gloworm burnt down, and Chelsea gave Sharon a warning…

Nikki told Ronan about finding Sharon’s bracelet at the ranch. Nick and Noah stonewalled Ronan and desperately wanted to get a message to Sharon not to return home. Ronan informed Victor and Nikki about another arson. Meanwhile, after Michael told Kevin he didn’t have the money to buy Adam out of Tag ‘n’ Grab word came that Gloworm had burnt to the ground. Kevin asked about the insurance policy, which was worth seven million dollars.

Billy received a text from ‘Eddie G’ and admitted to Jill he owed him a lot of money. Later, Billy saw a video online of Vikki locked up. To ease suspicions about Vikki’s absence, Billy wrote a fake email to the Newmans, from Vikki, then confided in Nikki that her daughter had been kidnapped. When Nikki heard the ransom was two million dollars, she wanted to call Victor. Billy warned Vikki would be killed. Nikki avoided Victor’s questions, while with her banker, by claiming she was planning a surprise for him. Later, Eddie let Billy talk to Vikki, who begged him to call Victor.

Adam assured Chelsea he wasn’t having an affair with Sharon and pleaded with her to trust him. Chelsea agreed to allow Sharon to stay but warned Sharon not to dare go after her husband. Sharon promised her she had no plans to. Chelsea realized Sharon started the fire and confronted Adam. He admitted it. Chelsea couldn’t believe he risked what they had for Sharon. Adam brought a therapist to see Sharon, who admitted to the doctor she burnt Victor’s ranch down.

Jack made it through surgery with the ability to move his legs. Adam refused to betray Jack for Victor. Victor warned Jack to watch his back around Adam and reminded that he and his son shared the same DNA – and business sense.

Summer set up a fake FacePlace account under the name Brittni and got Jamie to confess his past wrongdoings. Fen was appalled when Summer posted them all over FacePlace as a way to get back at Ronan. After Jamie told Ronan what Brittni did, Ronan suspected Summer and told Michael so. Meanwhile, Phyllis spied Nick and Avery kissing then confronted Avery before sharing a civil moment with Summer.

Jill agreed with Tucker that Kay shouldn’t go back to Chancellor – for fear she’d have another stroke. Kay and Jill bickered over the topic.

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