The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary October 29 – November 2.

Nick and Noah found a clue, Jack hired Adam, and Jill returned…

Sharon couldn’t believe she burned the ranch down then snuck into Adam’s main house to leave Noah a cell message. Adam wanted out of Tag ‘n’ Grab, leaving Kevin in need of $15 million to buy Adam out. After showing Chloe some design photos, Chloe complimented Chelsea and suggested she work out of her cottage. Before heading to the cottage, Chelsea found a photo of Sharon and Noah in the main house. Later, Sharon hid as Chloe and Chelsea entered the cottage and became suspicious. When Adam wouldn’t tell Chelsea who the woman was staying in their cottage, she returned and came face to face with Sharon.

Noah received a message from someone who missed him and replied that he missed them too. Nick and Noah found Sharon’s smoke-smelling sweater and wondered if she’d started the fire. Victor and Nikki suspected Sharon as well. Adam was set on giving Sharon an alibi and ordered a man to torch some buildings and make them appear to be arsons.

Billy wanted to quit Newman. Victor warned if he did he’d tell Vikki about everything in LA. Phyllis agreed to work at Newman. Jack realized Billy leaked information to Vikki, who was in Miami, and fired him. He hired Adam as CEO while he recuperated from back surgery. In Miami, after Billy called and told Vikki to come home, someone put a gloved hand over her mouth.

Ronan and Phyllis ran into Summer, who told them to do what they wanted. Summer wasn’t angry anymore. Summer saw Jamie, the boy Ronan supposedly mentored, and told Fen she wanted him to be their new friend.

Genevieve went to meet the mystery woman in a club suite and found blood everywhere. Ronan found Genevieve’s prints on what appeared to be a murder weapon and later found a body. Genevieve insisted Colin was setting her up. Tucker gave Genevieve cash and ordered her to run away as fast as she could. Later, as Ronan was questioning Tucker about Genevieve’s whereabouts, Jill appeared!

Neil hired Cane as his Jabot right hand man and gave Lily a job too. Harmony left town, to be with Ana, and said a tearful goodbye to Neil. Heather said goodbye to everyone as well and left to help Christine with Paul’s case. Paul privately told Lauren he was falling for Christine again.

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