Days Of Our Lives Poll: Cameron.

A new chance.

Chad has resolved to get to know Cameron in the new year. Could this be a good thing? Does Cameron’s character need to come into the DiMera orbit, or would Chad benefit from being around someone new?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From dc

    from what i have read (on the rumor mill), cameron may have delivered nicole’s baby and the baby was not dead (maybe he did it for stefano).. thast would be a good storyline..
    as far as looks i liked the other cameron.

  2. From dreamdisturber

    Cameron has got to go. He is one of the worst characters to come along in a while. I’d also like to see a new character brought in as a love interest for Daniel. Trying to pair him up with some of the old shoes that have been around forever just doesn’t cut it either.

  3. From Sue

    I think it’s time to get rid of Nick. ***** sickening to watch and listen to. Him alone is enough to turn me off of days.

    Edited to remove actor bashing – SOF Admin

  4. From bojo

    Dreamdisturber -

    I like the Daniel/Jennifer relationship. It is the first mature relationship Daniel has had. Jen is not too old (Kate) or too young (Chloe and Chelsea). Plus they have a solid foundation of friendship and respect. Why does that make Jen “Old Shoes?”

  5. From bojo

    Dreamdisturber -

    I like the Jen/Dan relationship. It is the first mature pairing Daniel has had: Kate was too old and Chelsea too young. Chloe was just a hot mess with all of her lies and deception. Jen and Daniel have a foundation of friendship and respect. Why does that make Jen “Old Shoes?”

  6. From Casey

    I think I saw a new Cameron and if so, I like him. Not sure what he adds to the storyline, he might join the 3 men who are in love with Sami! Getting sick of that, want to see EJ be his old self again not boring as he is with Sami. dc, I really really wish the rumor is correct that Nicole’s baby is still alive. I even hope to see Dr. Baker comes back with news her first child is alive.
    Oh well, I can dream!!

  7. From Rocky

    Cameron please thin Rave’s bush eyebrows!

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