Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For December 10-14.

The gift that keeps on giving.

Since he missed the last ferry, Daniel has to perform surgery on Jennifer himself. She woozes in and out of consciousness and mumbles that she loves him before he cuts her open. The surgery goes relatively smoothly since his tremors have now stopped. Jenn repeats she loves him as she regains consciousness. Watching all of this, Nicole realizes she’s lost him for good. They all head back to town. Maggie and Jenn make amends. Nicole mopes off to sob to Father Eric. Daniel has some more tests. This time they confirm the treatment worked. He’s over the moon but that comes crashing down when Jenn doesn’t remember she said she loved him. He keeps his mouth shut. Later, her memory is jogged. She discusses her feelings with Abby and then heads back to the hospital, determined to tell Daniel how she feels. He’s been feeling pretty bad. He saw Kate showing off photos of Parker to Maxine earlier. Kate was sure to tell him that Chloe and Philip have broken up.

Although Hope thinks he’s rushing things, Nick gets a romantic gift for Gabi while Sami drags Rafe into wedding planning. That puts EJ’s nose out of joint. The wedding is already sticking in Chad’s craw. He ruins Will and Sonny’s Christmas tree contemplations to spew Gabi hate. He tells Sonny all about Gabi’s various misdeeds. That makes the Kiriakis uncomfortable, especially since Will is supposed to be the best man. That was Sami and Caroline’s idea, in spite of the bride and groom’s objections. Will tries to run away from the madness. He only bumps into Chad, who wonders why he’s in the middle of the Gabi and Nick baby fiasco. Gabi later shows up and is disturbed by how smug Chad is being. Her day already sucks since Sonny has started treating her like something he stepped in. She has some words with him and says she won’t let Chad ruin her life. She and Nick meet with Eric to discuss the wedding. Later, Will admits to Nick that he’s not sure he can stand up for him at the ceremony. Gabi assures him everything will be cool.

Kristen tries to loop Chad into the DiMera holiday spectacular. He’s not interested in celebrating, just ruining Gabi’s life. That sounds like the same thing to his sister. Meanwhile, Sonny has told his father what Gabi did. Justin decides to have a chat with Chad. He angrily warns the DiMera that harassing Gabi is a breach of the contract he signed. Abby witnesses this and wonders what’s going on. Chad asks her out instead of explaining. Gabi might screw things up for herself though. During the wedding planning, she lets a few things slip that put a crimp in the coherency of her story. Nick arrives in time to cover and claims that they slept together within hours of meeting. Rafe is appalled. Nick assures the bride-to-be that her brother will get over thinking that she’s a skanky hipster. Sami chases after Rafe and they wind up having a heartfelt discussion about their own failed marriage. Meanwhile, Sonny and Will fight about Gabi. Will refuses to be told what to do. When Sami drops by to ask Sonny to be an usher, he refuses.

Brady continues to obsess over Kristen and gets her a bracelet. Victor catches him writing a note to her and gives him an earful. When he bumps into Kristen, he isn’t any nicer. Victor calls John over to warn him. John’s about to leave when he notices the gift for Kristen. That raises some questions. Brady isn’t around to answer them since he’s actually busy diving for pleasure pearls. He conveniently gets his pants on in time to hide when his father comes to Kristen’s door. He has the gift in his hand but still hasn’t figured out that Brady’s already given her a load more than Christmas cheer. He says he’s grateful that she’s not charging Marlena for the break-in and then leaves. Brady comes out of hiding to tell her he’s fallen for her like a blind roofer.

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  1. From SandyGram

    She loves him and now she can’t remember telling him until her memory is Jogged. Oh My! Her memory may be Jogged but Jenn seems to have a hard time getting the words out of her mouth. Then we will find out Philip and Chloe have broken up Darn I was hoping Philip would be a surprise return. I’m still for speculating Parker is really Daniel’s son.

    With the stunt doubles on board (according to other spoilers) when the scene’s were shot it sounds like it’s going to be a rip roaring time. Then with the way Nick is trying to take over Gabi and the baby’s life by projecting himself into the equation…I’m for ‘no I do’s’ being said. With Chad on the warpath to destroy Gabi I can only imagine he will have something to do with the disturbance at the wedding. It sure reads like all of Gabi’s secrets are coming out soon. Even with Nick saying he and Gabi slept together hours after they met, still doesn’t make up for the 3 month difference in how far a long she is and when Nick was in jail. Maybe the real question is, the wedding ‘to be or not to be’….another wait and see moment.

  2. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Gee, Sami can’t even plan a wedding without EJ getting into a lather. Controlling much, EJ?

    This wedding planning sounds like a comedy of errors. I’ll probably giggle thru most of it. It all sounds so stoopid..

    Can’t these people go on a date before jumping in with both hands? Brady and Kristin? Just one date? Even EJ and Sami have two kids together and never went out on a real date. Sheesh. Dan and Chloe neither. I miss those date Days. Where’s the romance? Bah.

    Hopefully, there won’t be any more June and Ward Cleaver scenes at the Horton house. Sami is so fake and phoney around EJ and in the mom role. Fighting with Will and up-to-no-good Sami is the real Sami. Lock, stock, and domesticity. My foot. Where’s the DRAMA in Daytime Drama?

    What happened to Lucas? Did he go upstairs at Jen’s and forget to come back down?

    Two cents says Dr. Dan dumps Jen for another round of Chloe.

  3. From MAB

    No doubt Brady is clueless over women. I still think the show is wasting his talents. And now he’s gonna claim to have fallen for Kristen? Yuck!

    Maryl (from the other page) I’m w/ you about Nick. He just seems to come off creepy now that Gabi is pregnant. You may be right that she might want to get away from him eventually, and she won’t be able to. I sure hope Will will be there for her if that happens. I also agree about Eric. He is a soap opera priest, and no doubt his actions won’t mirror that of a real priest. I mean it’s obvious he still has feelings for Nicole, and he shouldn’t in his position. It’s been reported that after this last go around w/ Daniel, that Nicole does change, and this time for good. I’m sure their story will start progressing. I think Eric will help her change, and she will help him thru his haunts from the past. I think as much as he tries tho, he will not be able to maintain his priesthood. For one, well there’s Nicole, and two is his family. I see him standing by his family no matter what, like Marlena. She is his mother, and he’s not gonna let Kristen get by w/ hurting her again. I think he’s gonna find he can still have faith in God, and live a good & decent life, but being a priest isn’t gonna work for him in the end.

    Well I guess if Kate says Chloe & Philip have broken up, then that means he won’t be returning to the show. Rats!! I’m sure now that Parker will turn out to be Daniel’s after all. This is just speculation on my part, but I think since Chloe’s return is short lived (and it says her mother returns to be there for her in her time of need), that Chloe is gonna die, and Daniel will be left to raise Parker (probably w/ Jen).

    Glad Chad is gonna ask Abby out, but looks like he’s still in revenge mood on Gabi.

  4. From Debbie

    As long as the writers continue with the Sammy-Go-Round triangle, we’ll continue to see the jealousies play out between EJ and Rafe. So boring. Make a choice already.

    Will someone please tell me why Brady’s so smitten with Kristen? It’s obvious that she’s been scheming all along but why is he so into her? Is this part of a plan to bring her down?

  5. From MAB

    Sami & EJ’s scenes is the best thing that has happened on the show since before Thanksgiving! Sami is always herself around EJ, and always has been. She’s finally back to acting like a real person, instead of a weakling Rafe turned her into. And when was she fake? When was she not being a real Mom to Johnny? And why would she need to be fighting w/ Will. What is the purpose? Sami is changing, and being more like her old self, minus the schemes. I love it, and enjoy seeing this side to Sami that she radiates around EJ.

    It’s obvious Sami’s involvement in Gabi’s wedding plans is just a way to keep the game spinning by putting her in a situation where she has to be around Rafe. Ugh, can we get anymore pathetic? I don’t blame EJ for being perturbed about it. There is no reason for Sami to be involved in planning Gabi’s wedding unless Will was the groom. Of course, excuses will be made as to why she is involved. This whole SL is a farce, and I’ll be glad when the truth comes out. And I hope that includes more lies from Rafe to Sami, so she will be done w/ him permanently, and can move on w/ EJ.

    I agree w/ Debbie, until the writers stop playing the triangle w/ EJ/Sami/Rafe, there will be jealousy from both EJ & Rafe. I also don’t get why Brady is so smitten w/ Kristen either. Like it’s been said, he’s just clueless when it comes to women.

  6. From MAB

    Gabi runs to Rafe to tell him the good news, well we’ll just see what a tantrum he throws when he finds out the truth! Things won’t be so happy then.

    Sami isn’t no one’s to handle, and I find it appalling they talked about her like that.

    More great scenes w/ Sami & EJ’s. So many sparks between them, having fun, actually working (unlike others), and the drawings from the kids were just an added bonus. Nice to see them being able to share THEIR kids, and get enjoyment out of it w/o someone else interfering.

    Ugh, Rafe going to see Sami to tell her he needs her…just another ploy to use her for his benefit.

  7. From dc

    sami a wedding planner??.. boy, that is a mistake..
    and chad is gonna be a thorn in everybody’s side (after all, we keep forgetting he is a dimera).
    and i can believe that daniel really has a son.. will chloe make a play for him, now that her and philip have broke up?? i was hoping to see philip return.

  8. From Keri

    You know, I’ve read this blog for awhile and it’s always entertaining and everyone has great theories about where the story line is or should be going. With that said, you (meaning anyone) will turn blue in the face before convincing someone else that the way he/she views things is wrong. I see the back and forth of the great EJ/Rafe debate as ”he did/acted this way” ”no he didn’t, but remember when the other guy did/acted that way?” a bit rhetorical because we all have our favorites and our opinions! After viewing this blog for several months, I don’t think anyone will be swayed. So let’s enjoy the differences of opinions that makes us human, and of course enjoy the show!

    Had a funny thought today while watching. Can you imagine if every time you asked someone a semi important question they pursed their lips and sighed and just stared back at you for 10 seconds? It really would take ”days” to finish a conversation!

    I’m really looking forward to all of gabi’s dirty little secrets to come back and bite her in her pregnant butt! Remind me of Parker’s baptism when the big ”who’s your Daddy” reveal came out. Love the drama!

    I haven’t seen anywhere that Chloe’s homecoming will be short lived but that’s very interesting! Her coming back into town almost has to be about Parker’s true paternity, they have been bringing him up a lot lately.

    Happy holidays to everyone!

  9. From KAT

    Would be nice if Father Eric, could have said, “What Sami, Nicole and EJ have Done To Each Other,… does Eric know Sami tried to kill EJ,
    does Eric know that Brady tried to kill EJ, and was also responsible for Chad being shot… (Recall, shoot Any DiMera).
    I am not trying to white wash EJ, but let’s spread the evil deeds around a little bit more.
    Wonder if Kristin is aware, that Brady tried to beat EJ to death, and was responsible for Chad being shot..
    If she does, could she be out for revenge….never know with Kristin
    Father Eric needs to be fair, even with EJ, please.
    Compared to what Nicole and Sami have pulled in their lives, EJ is a mere babe…LOL, and not to forget, EJ has the biggest “Bad Parents” excuse of all three of them..
    I did not know, Chloe and Phil Were “together”, while gone, did I miss that.

    Of course, Parker will be Dr. Dan’s child,
    I think, we always knew that..

    Isn’t it about time, that somebody call Mrs. Hernandez, the Mother and Grandmother to be,
    and let her in on all the plans.
    After all, Gaby is her only living daughter now, so Rafe, little old secret keeper, get on the phone/or have Gaby do it, and include Mama, since you guys are such a loving family…

    MAB, I think our Brady is so in Lust, he can’t see straight, and John is not far behind his son…. Kristin calls, John come running. What powers does Kristin have, …. Poor Shrinking Shrink.

    Love EJ and Sami together, so easy going, getting to know each other all over again, little “dates” here and there, even when they are working.
    I remember when they first met, and how smitten both were with each other.
    No matter what the DiMera plan was, EJ could not help himself, He feel for Sami head over heels,
    and so did she.. They just have to Re-discover each other in a better way, then before.
    I actually felt a bit bad for Rafe today, wandering around the square, alone, knowing deep down, that the hand writing is on the wall, and that He will loose Sami to EJ sooner or later….

    I like that there are No Bedroom scenes with Sami in it, she is taking time out, so good for her.
    Let your heart rule this time, not your hormones…
    but of course, it’s good to have both in sinc, and not to forget, the soul is also involved…

    Nick, I just do not know about him, so many ways he could go. Will, IMO won’t be able to be happy with Sonny, sitting on such a big secret, denying his own child…not good. Love relation ships come and go, but a child is forever….

  10. From gerri

    Mab,You are probably right,about Chloe,coming for a short time,so she will most likely die,her Mom coming,to help,and makes perfect sense that Dr.Dan and Jenn will most likely raise Parker,or could Nicole be involved as well?after all she was at one time Chloe’s best friend,and has been involved with Daniel too,just wondering??

    I’m thinking also,about Chad’s rage toward Gabi,and him getting revenge,could a story be unfolding,that he will attack her,and cause her to lose the baby?
    he is showing lot’s of anger toward her,and doesn’t know she is pregnant.hmm?
    and I don’t think Sami Is ready to be a grammy…….

    Also If Dr.Dan will be cured,and will be a full fledged doc again,please make him look professional,he is and has always looked so unkempt..And I agree On Jenn’s appearance,It needs to change for her age,they have made her look too old or too young,
    lot’s of interesting S/L’s right now,but the writers need to decide whom Sami will end up with,and end the triangle,and move on to something new…..

  11. From KAT

    Good one, Chloe’s illness could have come back, and that is why she wants to makes things right with Dr.Dan and “His” child Parker.
    Maybe Chloe and Phil found out, don’t know how… that Phil is not the Bio father…
    gerrie, I agree, Dr. Dan always looks more like a Beach Bum than a Doctor.
    Jennifer, she does need help, she does go from Granny to Teenager..
    why couldn’t Abby give her Mom some helpful tips.
    8 keri, your first paragraph, so true, but it will always be like that… part of the charm on here..LOL

  12. From SandyGram

    Episode December 4th:
    No, No, No….I’m definitely not into Kristen and Brady being together. He is so naive as she has now become his puppet master. The way she was so contrite about what they were doing was wrong, almost biblical (I almost chocked), it couldn’t happen again, Oh Pleeeeze, that’s a given. And then after he left how she jumped over to her phone so gleefully to make a call… she wanted to tell someone how successful and accomplished she was….Eileen is pulling this off very well!

    Then there was Sami and Eric’s talk at the Rectory. Sami putting Nicole down and going after Eric for giving Nicole a chance to change. After all she had changed, he had changed and Sami believes EJ has changed. Then Eric pointing out she had done everything that Nicole had done while Sami tried to justify her early bad behavior under the headline of she was young. Then I was almost pulled in to Sami and EJ’s seemingly perfect Boss/Employee relationship, actually enjoyed their playfullness, but then EJ had to go and ruin it for me. When Sami joined him in the HTC she was obviously upset over her talk with Eric. She feels Nicole will ruin Eric’s life as she did those many years ago. And here comes EJ right on cue, “that’s not going to happen, I promise you”. She says “this is Nicole were talking about here” and he says “but we know her and she isn’t going to get past US right”? As she smiles in agreement, I’m sure the wheels of scheme have begun to turn on how to remove Nicole from Eric’s life. Better be careful the egg may end up on their faces right next to CW’s new Lipstick ‘Proof’, proving little has changed.

    Great scene’s with Rafe and Gabi and Gabi and Will today. I just can’t get on board with Nick’s plan, there is something not kosher here. I’m sorry to see the writers go down this route.

    Love the conversation between Marlena and Kate today, as if they were still very good friends as in years past. And then there was Billie just popping in everywhere dropping a bone of information for someone to chew on.

    But I do have a question, if there is only so many tubes of the Lipstick prototype how did Kate get a tube?

  13. From patty

    Well it looks like the great
    EJami love story is still not about to be played out just yet. Sami enjoys working with EJ but is pulled by Rafe. Sami daydreams about Rafe, Sami calls Rafe, Sami drags Rafe in the wedding planning, Sami chases down Rafe and they have a heartfelt discussion, Sami wants Rafe to need her. It seems what Nicole told EJ is true. No wonder EJ’s nose is out of joint.

  14. From Richard

    I think that Kristen is using the lipsticks to draw the men to her.
    They must be a trigger that Kristen uses as mind control.
    Kate said that there was 5 of them. John dropped his, EJ has one, Kristen has one and Kate has one.
    That must mean that Brady has the other one.

  15. From gerri

    #13 Patty,
    same thoughts here.
    loved the conversation between Nicole and EJ,
    she is the one that can come right back at him,when he mouths off.

  16. From KAT

    14 Richard, wouldn’t Sami of all people have a lipstick?
    Let the intrigue begin,
    and with Nick getting on board, who knows what can happen in the Lab…Will Nick become the next “Mad/Genius Dr. Rolf”.??????

  17. From Kat

    gerrie, I posted recipe on last weeks site, sort of…

  18. From Kee

    If Parker isn’t Phillips, was there another DNA swap? Bigger question… Who did it? Nick? Was he around then?

  19. From Guest

    That Kristen is mean, mean, mean. We haven’t had such a mean, diabolical, coniving character in a really long time. Eileen is doing it well…I hate her character already. And Brady… please, how do you just jump into bed that quickly. You just lost a fiance and you jump into bed with the enemy because you think she may have changed…really! What ever happened to going on a date first?

  20. From Mandi

    I know alot of people disagree but I really do like Kristen and Brady together… i know it’s gross but I am trying to forget all the John stuff lol. I don’t really see how Kristen is schemeing to get Brady though. She tried many times to get him to leave so it is ultimately his choice.
    I believe Kate did say Sami has a lipstick as well. I thought Kate was going to try to take it from Marlena. and I really can’t wait for Billie to be gone I mean what is the point of having her on the show.
    Sami and EJ work amazing together and I agree Mab Sami is herself around EJ she doesn’t have to pretend he loves her or who she is not who he wants her to be. She needs someone who will finally stand with her through good and bad times and not act as if they are so much better than her. She needs to be number one for someone and so far the only person who has put her first is EJ.
    Nick really worries me Will should grow some and tell Nick how he wants it not the other way around it is Wills baby not his. I can just see it now when Rafe finds out the truth he will be whining how Gabi of all people lied to him and again show his hypocracy ( sp) even though he didn’t even tell Gabi that Nicoles baby was not his.

  21. From Tee

    Hello all
    I am gonna post some spoilers I posted soe on other blog they are for this wek and week after this one The 17th

    Dec 10th – has a link only policy. Admin. Please also do not copy and paste other spoilers from other sites.

    Spoilers above should sate some here for next 3 weeks.

    More Christmas spoilers below

    Kate, Lucas and Billie share some scenes at the coffee house on Christmas Day

    Saint Lukes Church Christmas Day
    Marlena, John,Roman,Caroline,Kayla,Joey,




    I separated by order of new ones added to each scene as it is listed.

    And why not on this next one

    One of these duos/couples will be unclothed

    Brady/Kristen, Cameron/Abigail, EJ/Sami, Sonny/Will, Stefano/Kate.

    On above nude scene it is spoiled that EJ will either be Naked or interrupt the naked couple, and it also seems Stefano and Kate may be ruled out by other clues given but I will let you know as couples have been ruled out.

    The nude couple will be on Christmas Day.

    Stefano is back and in a Christmas Hat.
    Rafe will not be on Christmas episode, but will on Christmas eve he goes to Brady Pub stops and chats with Sami and kids Gabi shows up they head to Hortons to celebrate the Holidays. Rafe and Gabi do.

    EJ is in Brady pub with Sami and her family sharing some scenes, but he has scenes elsewhere as well.

    EJ and Sami share scenes on Christmas day as well.

    Hope is not at Horton’s on Christmas Eve.

    Horton home Christmas Eve
    Jennifer, Doug, Julie, Nick, Lucas, Abigail, Gabi, Rafe, Maggie, Victor, Sonny, Will, Allie

    Spoilers over spoilers over

    Mandi#19 Great post.

    I Think she is nt genuine so much or maybe using her relationship to get what she wants revenge,but I think she is gonna fall for him as spoilers are saying she does.

    The EJAMI love story is coming no doubt, Sami may still think of Rafe but there are spoilers saying she thinks of EJ as well,like the fact that she is shocked he is not upset she will be working with Gabi or Rafe.She wants him to be upset,or how about the ones For week of the Dec 17th saying People may think EJ is playing Sami and he dont want to change but he is genuine in it and hislove for Sami, and Samis reaction to him.Pay close attention to December 21st, and the fact that Rafe spends Christmas with the Hortons not Sami well Christmas Eve as on Christmas he is not on.
    The wedding as Sandy said will be a showdown, Sami is gonna blow her top.

    My speculations were that Rafe learns the truth and hides it, spoilers are looking like that could happen like the one that saysRafe confronts Will with his suspicions about Gabi not sure what that means but it could mean he realizes Will is the daddy.
    I am betting Rafe does learn the truth, and either way what Will Sami think of Gabi and Rafe after she learns Gabis part in Melanies kidnapping, and what happened to the town she almost died and others did die.

    Rafe kept Gabis secret from eevryone knowing people died and that she almost died, and Sami thinks EJ threatned Gabis life she has no idea what the real blackmail was over, or that this child is her grandchild.

    Chad is probably gonna bust in and reveal it all or Sonny will.

    Actually EJ tells Sami Eric is a priest and a grown man and he can watch out for hisself and make his own decisions the next day.There will be no plots to keep Nicole from Eric. and Sami after talking with EJ will even apologize to Eric, and says she hopes he does not get hurt.Yep no evil plot from EJ there lol.

    Chad has every right to expose Gabi, that is not evil he did nothing wrong, he did not hire a escaped mental patient, and hint to get rid of Melanie, nor did he try to help him escape, all of which brought on Daysaster which killed and almost illed People in Salem nope that was Gabi.All Chad did was not tell his fiancee her best friend tried to get rid of her and take her place, because he did not want to see her hurt.Funny he is a Dimera but his concern over his Fiancee and her feelings is considered evil, or that he wants to see her pay is considered evil.He wanted justice and justice will come lol I cant wait since Gabi has shown no redemption and is now trying to convince Will to give up his child so she can have a happy life.

    Kat you were right Dan will have his hands back for operation on his love Jen,What is sad is these two still wont be together for a bit more atleast.I wish they would get that over with.

    I am liking the interaction with Nicole and Eric so far, its cute and looking forward to see what his nightmares are all about.

  22. From Linda

    I don’t think Rafe is 100 % for Nick being with Gabi so he might be relieved when he finds out Will is the baby’s father. I think the scenes with Sami and EJ the past few days have been silly. For the purpose of putting them together. Now we’ll have Rafe and Sami planning the wedding, for the purpose of putting them together, and that will be silly, too. All so contrived and not believable. I know it’s a soap but can’t we have some “yeah, that could happen” moments between Sami and her merry men?! Except it sounds like EJ isn’t going to be so merry.

    patty #13, don’tcha love it?!

  23. From MAB

    Love it, more great scenes w/ EJ & Sami! I loved the look on her face when he picked up her coat to put it on her. I love how he’s so considerate of her, like a gentleman should be. I loved how their playful together, and how much he makes her smile. I’m glad she told Eric that EJ has changed, and didn’t back down from that. And made it a point to say that he is not Stefano, and is a good father.

    Can Rafe walk in a room w/o being a bully?? As soon as he walks in the pub, he attacks Will. Why can’t Will be there for Gabi? He is her friend, and I’m glad Gabi pointed that out, and called Rafe on how rude he has been to Will. Funny how he treats Will, the son of the woman he claims to love. HA!

    #9 Kat – I agree, Eric needed to also acknowledge what EJ, Sami, Nicole, AND Rafe have done to each other. None of them are innocent in what’s happened the last few years, and they’re all to blame. They all seem to be making changes tho, except Rafe, but hopefully that will eventually happen too. Also, I agree that EJ & Sami are like they were in the beginning, smitten w/ each other again, and getting to know each other again. I’m loving every minute of it!

    I can’t believe Will is actually comparing his upbringing w/ his own child’s. It was different for him, as Sami tried to convince everyone Austin was Will’s father, not Lucas. She was playing both men. Thus far, Gabi isn’t doing that, and her & Will are being upfront & honest w/ each other. Why can’t they both raise the child, and have different partners? It can be done, and the child would have 4 parents instead of 2. Also, I’m tired of them seemingly putting their love lives before this child. The child’s welfare precedes that now, and if they (Will & Gabi) can’t tell their respective partners the truth, and they (Sonny & Nick) can’t be onboard w/ it , then none of them belong together anyway.

    #10 gerri – hmm, good thought that Nicole could also be involved in raising Parker, if that is Chloe’s choice. I kinda hope that doesn’t happen tho because that would mean keeping Nicole tied to Daniel. Also, your idea about Chad attacking Gabi and her loosing the baby is very possible. I just hope he doesn’t go to those extremes, and I for one don’t think he will.

    I enjoyed Nicole & EJ’s talk too. Yep, she comes right back at him, like she always has, which is just proof that she isn’t scared of him, and never has been. As she said herself, he hurt her, and that is all her schemes over the baby were about, that he hurt her by sleeping w/ Sami.

    I also enjoyed Marlena & Kate’s talk. As for the prototype, Kate had her own that she compared w/ the one Marlena had.

    Again, spoilers are misleading. I read that it is Rafe who pulls Sami into the wedding planning.

    Kristen must have really planned out her agenda when she returned to Salem. It was obvious when Brady left her room yesterday that she was just playing him, and apparently sleeping w/ him was just another part of her plan. And you can tell she is still in love w/ John…the look on her face every time his name is mentioned is proof enough.

    #20 Mandi – ditto, Sami doesn’t pretend w/ EJ, and doesn’t have to. He loves & accepts her for who she is.

    #21 Tee – I agree, I think Rafe will hide the truth from Sami once again, which will all but end them permanently. I for one cannot wait if this happens, then we can move on to EJami’s love story! I also figured that there would be no plots against Nicole from EJ. I think EJ said what he did to Sami to appease her, letting her know he’s in her corner. EJ is right, Eric is a grown man and can take care of himself. Also, he is not gonna be mad (as some have speculated) that she will be working w/ Rafe & Gabi to plan the wedding. But of course, EJ can’t say anything w/o some believing he is naturally gonna “do” something evil. I also agree about Chad. Although I don’t want him to go too far and hurt Gabi (or the baby (which is only speculation on my part), I do think Chad has every right to epxose Gabi. It’ll be interesting how people react to what she did to Melanie, like Daniel, Maggie, and Brady (who also lost Madison). I do hope Chad eventually gets past this tho, and maybe start something up w/ Abby.

  24. From gerri

    the only reason,I could think that
    Nicole could come into pic with Parker,would be to put a child into her Life,that after witnessing her 2 losses,she really needs.

    And I hope that Chad wouldn’t go that far with Gabi,but his outbursts,with her is scary,and knowing he is seeking revenge on her,she really does need to tell the truth,and handle whatever conquences are handed down,lot’s of damage done by her actions.
    But again,this is Salem,and most of the time,no one has to pay for any crimes.and there is plenty to go around….

  25. From Mandi

    OMG after watching todays episode I totally take back saying Kristen isn’t schemeing lol ( dec 5th) I still like her though just wish she wasn’t using Brady. I think Brady can be bad if wanted to be they might have been good together lol oh well .
    I really wish Will would just tell Sonny where is the cool cocky will that was working with EJ I want him back to put Nick in his place… I’m really not liking Nick lately. I don’t see how if Nick knows the baby is not his how this is going to make it easier on anyone it’s just going to tear Will apart and after Sonny says no more lies it’s just gonna turn nasty.

  26. From Cougar

    Watching the show right now. Marlene walking on Brady & Kristin. OMG! Geez, Marlene did you stand there long enough? Take a picture why dont ya?

  27. From Mandi

    Cougar that is hilarious I was thinking the same thing way over her boundaries she needs to be arrested for trespassing or something. Marlena really needs to be punished for what is doing,

  28. From KAT

    Now that Stefano and Kate are over on paper,
    Stefano got it out of his system, that She, his woman, betrayed him
    they can start all over again, I certainly hope they will, and let the romance begin again, this time better than before. Now they can get together, without Stefano using blackmail to get Kate..
    Much better for those two .. the second time around.
    Last September (new writers) EJ said in an interview,that EJ will get married,
    so next year we might have another wedding coming up.

  29. From susan

    How can Dan be the father? Wasn’t it a DNA test that determined that Philip is?

  30. From Linda

    Victor’s one liners were humorous today. Like to Brady, “Must have been good. Only a few things put that look on a man’s face”. (major chuckle!) I laughed out loud!

    Eileen Davidson is wicked good playing Kristen. Don’t like the character, love the actress.

  31. From Leah

    I am enjoying seeing this light heartedness of Ejami. Lets face it they’ve had years and years of drama. To see them simply happy, light hearted, comfortable and being themselves around each other makes a nice change. Yep its like a breathe of fresh air for this viewer. Of course Ejami interaction with “their” children is always a nice bonus.
    Dear Eric seems to have a selective memory. If he knows so much about EJ wonder what he thinks about Sami keeping her pregnancy a secret from him and then shooting EJ the father of two of her children, in the head and then leaving him for dead. Erics selective memory only seemed to be working in childhood memories of Sami. Funny that! I thought it was rather ironic how it was only her childhood deeds they discussed and Sami tried to excuse.
    On my last note for today…. EJ is always been accused of coming up with excuses or schemes to be around Sami and in her orbit. Have to say I reckon Rafe has taken a leaf out of EJs book. Rafe saying to Sami “I really need you” in regards to helping with Gabi and her wedding is EXACTLY the same thing. Gabi’s wedding is an excuse or a scheme to have Sami around him and in his orbit. Pot to kettle, pot to kettle – LOL!

  32. From SandyGram

    Episode December 5th:
    Marlena got the first scene down just right ‘closing her eyes in disbelief’, blinking to see if it was true. Although Brady has seen the light (UK!) and knows Kristen has changed. Marlena still has her number, heck she has her whole play book. While all the men are blind to Kristen’s scheme’s as she works her womanly wiles.

    Rafe’s encounter with Eric was interesting. I’m don’t believe they have ever met, but they seem to recognize one another, maybe from pictures. Rafe’s comment about the Holy Cross Church helping to set him straight when he was young and Eric’s invite to Rafe to come to Mass…might make me think somewhere in the near future we could possibly see Rafe confess to Father Eric. And wouldn’t it be apropos if Sami or EJ over heard the confession. Could be a perfect in to Rafe’s back story.

    I liked Will and Eric’s run in today also, the perfect person for Will to talk to about him being a father and him giving up not only his parental rights but even being recognized as the parent to the baby Gabi is carrying. Which brings up another thought on this subject, if Will’s concern is the baby being passed back and forth between parents he could always let Nick adopt the baby instead of portraying this elaborate lie so Sonny doesn’t find out. But the writers seem to be insistent on causing as much turmoil as possible, instead of letting the truth light the way. Besides when Gabi’s secret about Melanie’s kidnapping comes out if she has to go to jail for any length of time, maybe even have the baby while in jail, Social Services would probably want the child to be with its biological father rather a convicted murderer. But of course none of this has been in any spoilers so it’s just me over thinking again.

    EJ and Rafe’s encounter I found interesting, the writers first had Rafe use the phrase ‘so nice of you to push her (meaning Sami); and EJ countered with ‘I think she likes to be pushed’. This is exactly what Rafe has done throughout his and Sami’s relationship that is now often viewed as controlling and not letting Sami be herself. Rafe has pushed her to use common sense before making a decision or acting irrationally. It would seem both men recognize Sami’s need for guidance in most everything she does.

    Kristen’s conversation first with John, then with EJ was so telling what a scheming, manipulative creature she is. Her summoning John to her Hotel room under the importance of finding the Lipstick Prototype when she knew all along she put it in his coat pocket. Little did she know, it would fall out and Marlena would find it. This and Brady becoming mesmerized by her is what she referred to when talking to EJ as ‘not having a plan and something just falls into your lap and you don’t have a choice but to pick it up and seize the situation and run with it’. This creature is working it for sure. And as far as EJ, like he said ‘all he has to do is be there’ and Kristen certainly has made Sami available to him by putting him in as CEO of CW. A plan well-conceived and Samantha to blinded by the need to keep that job to see the wool has been pulled over those pretty blue eyes.

  33. From Kat

    31 Leah,
    There are sooooo many pots and Kettles on Salem, I lost count…

  34. From gerri

    There must be no lock on Kristen’s door,or else she wanted to be caught,doing the deed with Brady,maybe she thought it would be John instead of Marlena.
    everything that she was brought to Salem,to do Is coming together perfectly,as she told EJ.

    Brady is so gullible,and other than,having sex with Kristen,his character is a big waste of other S/L,don’t understand the writers at all,nothing to look forward to with him.

    Victor was funny today,with his remark to him..

  35. From patty

    Rafe telling Sami I really need you is being straightforward. EJ worming his way to being Sami’s boss and saying there is no us when she asked why, those are lies. He did it to be in her orbit, he knows that, Kristen knows that, we know that, Sami doesn’t. She thinks he’s just being a new reformed EJ. He’s keeping his nose clean so not to blow his chances with her but he’s wanting his demented sister to do the dirty work, asking her to pursue Rafe to keep him out of the way. EJ is going to use his wiles in a more subtle way to snare Samanther this time because he knows she won’t ever accept his crooked ways. Amusing that some think Sami is not herself when she’s with Rafe but EJ has to change completely who he is to be with Sami. This facade he’s putting on is not the real EJ Demira . Let Stephano come back and see how long before the facade crumbles .

  36. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    So is this the storyline of Ejami that fans were hoping for? I get 38 minutes a day to watch one soap and I get two parents talking about teachers and drawings? How much does a soap cost to produce per minute? Anybody know? $5,000? For maybe the first time ever, I FF’d thru Ejami dialogue. It was unwatchable. If this proliferates, I’ll be down to aboout 18 minutes. My time is equally valuable and this is a waste of talented performers. At least Sami sparking on Eric/Nicole with EJ was the real Sami, and not the all-fakey good mother/president role. I hardly recognize the character anymore. Where’s the schemer/lier/pot stirrer I’ve come to know and loathe? They can’t write for Kristen and Sami at the same time?

    Oh, and note to Father Eric, the Catholic Church most certainly does judge others. Catholic guilt is what we do best. I found that to be an odd statement from the writers. If you wanna write for the Catholic religion, at least try to get it right. It’s not that hard.

    I’m glad Will is having some lucid moments about little Wibby and the role he should play in his possibly-only child’s life. It’s a stupid manufactured story anyway. Not even sure why they’re going this way. To create a misunderstanding between WilSon? Who cares, really? When 3/4 of the players already know, why not tell Sonny? There’s simply no reason.

  37. From patty

    Gerri, Marlena barging into Kristen’s room was all part of Kristen’s plan and she wanted Marlena to tell John. Kristen is frustrated when she learns that Marlena didn’t tell him and she goes to see her. Marlena picks up on her ruse and doesn’t tell John. Now she’ll be trying to get Brady to tell him. Wow, I can’t believe how dumb those two men are acting. I was hoping maybe Brady was just playing her game but it doesn’t look like it.

  38. From patty

    I really don’t see where it is Chad’s place to seek out Gabi’s punishement or redemption. He is guilty of his own crime, he beat Nick to a pulpe and Justin will soon be reminding him about the contract he signed to keep his own butt out of jail. Melanie didn’t leave him because of Gabbi, she left him because of what he did. He did just as bad as Gabbi did and he doesn’t have any right to expose her without exposing himself.I only hope he causes no harm to Gabbi or her baby because either Nick, Will or Rafe will break his scrawny neck.

  39. From gerri

    I agree John and Brady are nitwits,like Father like son.
    you know the apple doesn’t fall from the tree.
    Same as Stefano and EJ.
    he taught his son well,and now Chad,is just as mean,didn’t take him long,once he entered the DiMera,family,to learn all their dirty ways.
    Sami Knowing their history,it is hard to imagine,that she Isn’t concerned about little Johnny’s future in this family.

    and I agree with some of you other posters,that her and EJ’s reunion,sure is confusing.talking about family and sharing art work,doesn’t seem to equal Romance???

  40. From Leah

    Ha, ha… I KNEW it! And thats all I’m saying with a smile on my face while typing this.
    And Kat yes your right there are sssooooo many pot to kettles in Salem :)

  41. From Cougar

    Loved Victor’s zingers. He always has the great one liners. wonder if it is ablibed part of the time. Whe Hope was on the Jeff Probest show one of the comments she made about him was that in person John Aniston is a very funy guy and cracks everyone up.

    Well I guess we son’t be seeing Mamasita Hernandez anytime soon as Rafe commented the she was too sick to travel. Atleast they finaly made a reference to her absence. Sick or no if my 19 year old daughter turned up preggers and engaged to a paroled convict I’d be breaking world land speed records to get there and see what the heck was going on!

  42. From bobby

    Gabi and Will seem to be the only ones on this show that took time to fall in love. The rest of the cast is just banging anything that moves. Think the writers are watching too much of the Spice channel. Brady and Kristen just make my stomach turn. He’s gone from drug addiction to sex addiction. I’m starting to use my fastforward feature more and more everyday. There aren’t any real story lines at this time. They drift in-then fade out to people jumping into bed. Everything seems very disconnected right now. I do like the new Nichole, and it’s going to be fun to see how long that will last. Loved Eric giving Sami a taste of her own medicine. Only Eric and Rafe tell her like it is. Not that Will didn’t try, but then everybody thought he was mean. That poor guy has move upheavals in his life this year. I’m suprised he’s not sitting next to Brady at the next AA meeting.

  43. From jolie

    Sandygram, I am taking up your habit of watching the day’s show over in the early light of the next day. I may be thinking too much at that time of the morning. And I enjoyed your post #32 and we agree on some of the same points.

    Try as I might, I just can’t get a warm fuzzy about Elvis and Sami. I really like both characters and have no idea what the writers have in store but right now, I just find their conversations either entirely sappy or creepy. When one of them mentioned that little Johnny didn’t have a dishonest bone in his body and the other said, yes, where did we go wrong, well, that rings bells for me that this is not a good thing. I know we have some blind (not a bad thing just very loyal) followers of the pair who have waited and waited for them to be together and I am trying to see what they see but it ain’t happening for me. Meanwhile, I’ll try my best to keep an open mind. I do think that Sami loves Rafe. She wanted him to broach the subject in yesterday’s show when he told her he needed her. Rafe is holding back for some reason. He knows he’ll only get hurt again maybe. I am ready for Rafe to find that woman who’ll make him complete.

    Speaking of which…someone grab Brady and shake him down to his knees. Oh wait, Kristen just did that. I think like some that she’ll eventually fall for Brady but she is using him now. When she looked up and saw Marlena watching them…just too much. She is even dressing like Madison. Not enjoying this pairing at all but I’ll wait this one out as well.

    Billie, time to go girl. How can they take this actress and reduce her to popping into scenes only to make a nuisance of herself. The actress is better than that and Billie was a viable character at one time. The writers are not proving their worth on this one.

    Will and Eric. I thought this was a bit brief but was sweet. Will was afraid he would disappoint Eric and get a lecture but Eric was smart and diverted the conversation to something they could discuss…ball teams. Smart man Father Eric. I am really liking him.

    Sami and Elvis with their heads together on Nicole working around Eric. What business is it of theirs? Who are they to judge? I think Eric put it best but Sami will not let it lay there. She’ll be up to no good. Nicole is always her own worst enemy and will sabotage herself in the end and will look beautiful doing it. Sami needs to keep her opinions and comments on someone else’s past sins and indiscretions to her smug self. And Elvis promising not to let Nicole ruin Eric’s life when he is plotting with his sister…again ringing a bell for me but not the rectory bell to call up Mass.

    Finally, Salem Inn needs locks on the doors. Any and everyone (Marlena) walking into Kristen’s room. Not in this day and age and not with a Dimera. I am sure this all worked to Kristen’s advantage but it is ridiculous that in an upscale establishment, the door doesn’t automatically lock.

  44. From Maryl

    Could this happen??

    I’m thinking that the spoiler involving EJ and someone nude, will pan out to be EJ walking in on a nude Brady and Kristen. If this happens, how will it effect EJ? EJ has stated many times to Stefano that Sami is not to be hurt. He may figure out that Kristen’s ultimate plan is to destroy John and Marlena. How that would effect him remains to be seen, but I feel that he will once again come to Marlena’s aid. He saved John from Stefano before and helped reunite John and Marlena, so I’m wondering if he will expose Kristen’s schemes to Marlena and support her theory that Kristen is trying to ruin their lives.

    If EJ does ruin Kristen’s plans, this will mean that he will choose Sami’s family over his own, once again. This would be a big plus for Sami’s perception of EJ. It could open her eyes to see how much he really loves her. It could also open Marlena’s eyes regarding EJ, as she did when he turned against Stefano and helped rescue John some years back. Marlena is in love with a DiMera herself, so she may start to see what is really happening between EJ and Sami. She should understand why they have this ever present draw and attraction toward one another. In spite of all the bad stuff EJ and Sami have done to each other, they always seem to put it behind them. How would that be possible were it not for some love between them. EJ knows and is open with his feelings for Sami. She still has this idea of “love” for Rafe.

    Something really extraordinay will have to happen to snap Sami into reality–that reality being that EJ is one man who truly loves her and only her–no changes in her behavior required or no need to box her in. He accepts everything about her and loves her just the way she is.

    I’m wondering if Stefano knows that Kristen has her own agenda or does he believe that her only mission is the one he assigned to her–reunite the DiMera family? Does he know and approve of what she is really doing in Salem?

    EJ has repeatedly asked Kristen what her real plan is–he is suspicious of her motives. He doesn’t seem to buy into the idea that she is just trying to help him win Sami and reunite the family–he knows there is more going on. What will he do about it is a good question, but I keep hearing what he said when he accepted Kristen’s job offer–”For her, I can do this.” He also told Stefano, when he accepted the position, that he is not to be underminded in any way. So, EJ, can you choose Sami’s family over yours and stop Kristen? I think you can!

    These are just my thoughts on how things may go down, but I miss the boat a lot! Ha!

  45. From Linda

    We don’t know how old Mama Hernandez is supposed to be, or what her health situation is, and being too ill to travel does happen to people. (I know all too well.) Since she’s never been part of the show, I guess it’s as good a way as any for the writers to explain her absense.

    I found Rafe’s “I need you” comment to Sami very sweet and honest. And Sami was obviously touched by it. No games, Rafe’s in a place right now where his sister is going down a road he’s not sure he wants her to go down and he does need Sami, because she seems to have her head on straight about Gabi and Nick and is able to have a calming effect on Rafe. The big problem is, Rafe is probably the one who is correct to question Gabi’s relationship with Nick. Look how so many of us on here have our misgivings about Nick. The handicap for everyone is that no one knows yet that Will is really the baby’s daddy.

  46. From jolie

    #35 Patty, I think you are right. I thought it very telling when Sami reminded Eric that Elvis ran for mayor to make his kids proud. His kids have no idea what the mayor is. Being an upright citizen and really meaning it would have been a more appropriate way. I keep thinking of Sami down the road. Will she be happy? Will she be safe? How soon will she have to shoot him in the noggin again and take the kids out into a snow storm in the middle of the night. I did love hearing Eric plow into her and give her right back what she was dishing. Of course Sami has a very pronounced hearing or listening problem so she’ll totally discount what Eric said for what Elvis tells her…he won’t let Nicole ruin Eric’s life. Well, Nicole seems to be trying. Let’s see where the others land.

    Speaking of Nicole…stay away from Dr. Dan. He was nasty to her yesterday. Yes, the writers are making her do dumb stuff but she needs to just cut her losses and go do good things at the rectory like spreadsheets. Enough of abusing Nicole’s feelings this year. Dr Dan and Jennifer..had enough of them this year as well.

    #36 DTBB, tell it! I am truly trying to enjoy Elvis and Sami but it just isn’t happening. I am trying not to FF but find myself drifting off during their conversations and having to rewind to see what I missed…nothing. Good point on the Church and guilt.

    #37 Patty, Brady and John must have some kind of genetic defect when it comes to Kristen, a complete brain freeze. They become almost clouded over. Why in the world would John go running over to Kristen when she calls…just stupid. Especially with Marlena sitting on the cliff like she is. He knows she’ll go off like crazy or is it just Kristen that has figured that out. I sort of hoped Victor would paddle Brady. He needs it. And how dumb can Brady be? He needs to have a little testosterone drawn off so he can think clearly. Does he think he is in love again??

    #42 Bobby, I think you might have a point on Brady’s addictions. Just doesn’t make sense that he’d jump right into bed with Kristen when she was Public Enemy #1 a week ago. And yes, the romance of new couples has left the building. I just hope he doesn’t need therapy eventually for the sexual addiction and have to talk to Marlena about it..icky.

  47. From jolie

    #44 Maryl, I like your theory on Elvis coming to Marlena’s aid and it makes a bit of sense. Only thing, surely he knows Kristen is there to destroy Marlena if not John but I guess it is just not that obvious to Elvis or John for that matter. This will bear watching. Good theory and sort of fits in with how Elvis and Sami end up together. I don’t agree that Elvis allows Sami to be herself but that’s OK. I think in the end that Elvis will wonder if it is all worth it. And is Stefano’s only agenda for Kristen to get the family back together? Wonder why that never included his brother John…or does it? Surely Stefano knows he can’t trust the nutsy Kristen but stranger things have happened on this show. Interesting to see if your theory pans out!

  48. From Cougar

    Is it just me or is anyone else noticing that Nik is wearing less makeup and dressed me I guess you have to say a little more conservativly?
    Ari is such a beautiful woman she could wear a potatoe sack and role around in the mud and still look great. She is just naturaly beautiful. It appears that she has adopted a more conservative appearance since working at the church.

    I don’t know if it would be sweet or an extemely funny SL but I would love to see her have an epiphany and flirt with the idea of becoming a nun. I would love to see what she loks like in a habit. If any one is old enough to remember the old Haley Mills movie “The Trouble With Angels.” A Catholic school for girls with 2 incorrigable trouble makers and upon graduation the worst of the 2 decides to stay and become a nun.

  49. From Cougar

    It is difficult to fugure out how complex this thing between Stephano, Kristin & Elvis will get before the dust all settles. Stephan may know that with out any urging Kristin will make trouble for Marlene and John pehaps even expectic. If she manages to pull the whole rotten family together AND give John & Marlene greif at the same time it is simple as Captain Kirk always so aptly put it “saucde for the goose.”
    Bring Kristin back is one of the better returns of the dead. She is such a little trouble maker. So many pots to stir, lives to ruin; so little time! It’s like upsetting a basket of fruit it gets all mixed up and not put back the same way.

  50. From jolie

    #48 Cougar I did indeed notice the more conservative dress and makeup from Nicole at the rectory. Very different than our normal wear for Nicole. And yes, that gal is beautiful either way. I do remember that movie. Who knows where they’ll take Nicole over this. Eric will figure in but not sure how it will go.

    #49 Cougar, that Kristen sure is a trouble maker in prime form. I don’t think Stefano will be able to control her in the end. Kristen has her own agenda and will do what she pleases. I think she’ll make Stefano THINK she is following whatever his plan is but in the end she’ll chunk his goals out the window for her own. So was she supposed to get the Dimera sons back in the House Dimera for Christmas?? If so, she better step on it. Things (or sons) aren’t moving fast enough to fill the upstairs rooms at this point. I like your fruit basket scenario. Kristen just might be the rotten apple that spoils it all.

  51. From Clear

    I am wondering more about Eric and the African /Alice connection.

  52. From jolie

    #51 Clear, that is an interesting line of thought. It would certainly be better than the Alice connection being dropped. Alice was sending money somewhere to help someone. Could Eric have been on the receiving end? Was it for ransom? Was it to help an effort to save children from the carnage that was the Congo? I just hope Eric is having nightmares due to what he saw and probably has guilt since he could do nothing to stop it. I hope it is nothing more. And maybe this is how Bo eventually leaves. He might go off to Africa to collect information and it would make sense that it is too dangerous for Hope to go. That would be better than him going upstairs and never being heard from again.

  53. From Maryl

    jolie–Elvis has had so many things done to him by Sami, including a bullet in the head, so if he gets to the point where he doesn’t feel she is worth it, I am wondering what in the heck could she do worse than she has already done to him? lol. Our EJ is very stubborn when it comes to Sami and what he feels for her. I can’t agree with you that EJ doesn’t let Sami be herself–I think he is much better at doing that than Rafe is. He has loosened his hold on Sami every time she decided to leave him. Even gave her custody of the kids because he thought she was a better influence on them. So if he was all about just controlling her, I don’t think he would have allowed that to happen. He may scheme and plan to win her love and sometimes direct his revenge against her, which at times seems as though he is trying to control her life, but in the end Sami always chooses to do what she wants and he doesn’t try to stop her from doing that. He always caves in–usually with a lot of regret and remorse for his stupid schemes. That’s our EJ–a dark, complicated and complex man who hasn’t figured out the right way to win Sami–at least not yet. All in the hands of the writers on when and how this will happen–if ever.
    Thanks for reading my theory! We will soon see how wrong I am!lol.

  54. From Maryl

    No wonder Greg Vaughan is so handsome–he’s a Texas boy–born in Dallas!! I’m from Texas and we have a lot of guys like him roaming the prairies!! Ha!

  55. From voiceofreason

    I saw something earlier about Sami being herself minus the schemes when she’s around EJ. Huh? There is no Sami minus schemes. The closest she ever came to that was when she was with Rafe, not EJ. I love the EJ logic that goes on around here. EJ is a considerate guy except when he’s involved in kidnapping people and putting a raving psycho in their place, framing people for something they didn’t do,forcing people to have sex, having babies kidnapped, you know, that kind of stuff. lol

  56. From MAB

    Rafe just couldn’t get thru the hall w/o trying to blame EJ for something…now he’s trying to blame him for them meeting their deadline saying how EJ is pushing her. Paleeze! But of course, Rafe wouldn’t know anything about following rules or getting your job done in a timely manner. I kinda understand him asking Sami to be there for Gabi because I’m sure there are things she’d rather talk to her about than her brother, but couldn’t he have done that over the phone? Now who’s scheming to be around her?

    More great stuff w/ EJ & Sami, loving it! I just love how he looks at her so adoringly. I agree w/ Leah. I’m enjoying the light hearted side of EJami. It’s not boring, nor silly, as some have suggested. It is a nice change of pace, and no doubt refreshing! It’s nice to see them getting along. They are so comfortable around each other. She, being herself, and him being real w/ her, very nice! Sami is really enjoying her work too, and EJ is letting her show her talents, encouraging her at every turn, and they are having fun! It’s nice to see a man finally being supportive of her, instead of downgrading her. And I love them talking about THEIR children…how wonderful they are, and even w/ all their mistakes, they have managed to raise great kids. It was funny how they joked about it too, and at their own expense nonetheless. Of course, there are the negative remarks being made about anything they do or say, even when it comes to he kids. What is so odd about them talking about their kids, or joking about how they of all people managed to raise good kids? Don’t see the irony in that? I guess not…and it’s so sad some can’t see the realism here, but rather downgrade 2 parents for being human. Hmm, what will EJ & Sami think of next…will they throw caution to the wind and take their kids to see Santa? It’ll be interesting to see what negative remarks will be made about that as well???

    It’s obvious of the build up of EJ & Sami’s relationship, and how they’re taking their time. Some say there’s no romance, but there very much is. They don’t have to sleep together to have romance. All they have to do in be around each other…it’s there! And bet tho if they were already sleeping together, then it would be seen as them moving too fast for some. Just more double standards!

    Sami already knows who EJ is, what he is capable of, and she still wants to be around him…and vice versa. He already told her he loves her the way she is, but she’s trying to do better. And EJ, well she certainly sees the changes in him. He is willing to make sacrifices to be w/ the woman he loves, even his relationship w/ his own family. He wants to be the man she wants & deserves, unlike Rafe who is the same ole control freak egomaniac she married. It is beneath Rafe to succumb to her. He can never admit he’s wrong, so I highly doubt we’ll see him do any sacrificing, or changing his behavior in anyway to win back Sami.

    EJ didn’t worm his way into Sami’s life by working w/ her. He turned Kristen’s offer down in the beginning for several reasons, and only decided in the end to do it ‘for’ Sami. No harm in him being around her when he loves her. Besides, EJ won’t have to be desperate like Rafe to get back in Sami’s life, as she will be the one to decide in the end that it is in fact EJ who is the one for her!

    Johnny has been around EJ from day one, and is a great well-adjusted little boy. EJ’s influence on Johnny has only been a positive one. So why should Sami be concerned about his future? There is no reason for her to be.

    I didn’t see where Rafe’s encounter w/ Eric was a big deal. Spoilers made it out like they sat down and talked extensively about Sami, but they didn’t. And that hogwash Rafe fed Eric about how he let Sami ‘get her way’, yada, yada??? What bull! Sami rarely got the upper hand in their relationship as he was either controlling or bullying her. However, I did like one thing they talked about, and that was when Rafe mentioned his past w/ the church. Is this the beginning of his own SL, and a way for us to find out about his past finally?? I hope so!

    Brady & Kristen – no comment! It seems Kristen’s agenda is working out just as she planned, and that no doubt includes Brady. And after Kristen told that to EJ, he had a different look on his face, like how she’s all about herself. He’s suspicious of her for good reasons, and I think he’s gonna remain skeptical of her. I think he’s gonna keep his eye on her. I don’t believe he fully trust her, and never will.

    Nick just keeps getting creepier. Who does this??? He just takes over the life of a girl he barely knows and a baby that isn’t his? I think he still has deep rooted issues about family. I hate that Will is going along w/ this, however I loved when he told Nick not to rub it in, but I think he’s gonna do that every chance he gets. Just like them going over to Sonny and telling him, and Will walked in. I agree w/ whoever said, where is the outspoken ballsy guy (Will) who worked for EJ? I don’t like his submissiveness. It was nice to see his talk w/ Eric tho, and maybe he can steer Will in the right direction.

    Excuse me, but how did Chad learn his dirty ways from the DiMera family when he’s has done nothing but keep them at bay from day one? And if you want to talk about Chad beating up Nick, well what about when Brady beat up EJ? That was no different, and there was no DiMera family influence there. The behavior that was stirred up in Chad is something they all have in them. Every character on this show will or has gone to that dark place before, and likely will again. There was no punishment for Brady, so why should Chad be punished for what he did? Maybe they should just learn to take an @$$ wiping like a man!

    Maryl – I agree about Marlena. Hey if she can be sympathetic about Kate’s love for Stefano, then why couldn’t she give her daughter the same support over EJ?

    Cougar – I also noticed the lack of makeup conservative dress on Nicole. It’s s nice gesture, but not necessary IMO. Nicole never has worn a lot of makeup (she doesn’t have to), nor does she dress trashy. I think she’s just trying to please Eric.

  57. From MAB

    Hmm, Sami w/ was herself minus the schemes when she was w/ Rafe, yet she conspired w/ Rafe to keep EJ’s child from him, shot EJ in the head, and got Rafe & Will to cover for her, and that is only a mention of 2 of her schemes while w/ Rafe. No there’s your logic.

  58. From voiceofreason

    Exactly you made my point (#57). They’re both nutjobs and perfect for each other. lol

    My main point is if you want to like EJ, fine, I have no problem with that. If you want to like “EJAMI” because they’re made for each other, that’s fine too. He’s not a nice or considerate person though. He’s not because they don’t write him to be. :)

  59. From KAT

    44 Maryl, 56, 57 MAB
    so refreshing to read your posts.
    I agree with everything you guys said.
    But what else is new..
    Loved reading all your good points and your ways of looking at the drama with such realistic eyes…
    I sit here, reading and find myself nodding and nodding,
    doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy reading others posts, just do not agree always with all “Said”, but that is the way it goes. We are Not clones..
    Kristin today stole my line… the heart wants, what the heart wants… LOL. And she will find out pretty soon, that her scheme “using” Brady will back fire on her, and her heart will suffer for it….
    Enjoying so much EJ and Sami’s slow moves towards each other, Sami fazing out Rafe slowly, totally normal, and slowly with baby steps moving towards EJ.
    Glad there is no fast Bed Hopping going on, isn’t that what we wanted for Sami, to get her priorities straight, now all of a sudden it is boring for some, Sami can’t win.
    Wish Rafe would have Father Eric, about his falling in Love with Carrie, Eric’s other sister, and wanting her to leave Austin to be with him, and Carrie wanting the same…
    Thank you, that finally the Baby put a stop to that…..

    Eric seems to know a lot, but he does Not Know All, does he now. Like all the things that were done to EJ… by the Women/and Rafe in his life.
    He seems to know only the things EJ did, mostly in retaliation….
    I would like to see a bond developing between Eric and EJ, it would help EJ on his quest to become a Better Man…

    Chad, I do not see the DiMera influence here, he is never really around them, and if it is by blood, then the same could be said about John…
    Why doesn’t John befriend his nephew Chad, and be a good influence.
    Chad does need some help to deal with the anger he feels, about what Gaby did to so many people/town, and seems to get away with it.
    Like MAB said, Brady with malice tried to actually beat Ej (HIS COUSIN)to death, and caused Chad to be shot..So Chad went after Nick, assuming the worst (thought Mel might have been hurt again) and did beat him.
    But use that, to keep Gaby out of jail, wow.
    And Rafe, our perfect law man, knowingly withholding
    Sami’s and Gaby’s crimes from the authorities, not to cool either…In Sami’s case, EJ knows what Sami did, and since he tried to shoot himself, before he passed out, maybe that made a difference, who knows. He knew what he did to Sami was wrong, about Sidney, and he tried to pay for it.
    And our Nicole, on the prowl again, following Dr. Love and getting into Jenn’s face. But then again, I am so sick of Jenn following Dan around, round a wounded puppy, and sick of Dan, to go through a repeat of last Year, when he first got the shakes… Get on with it, For Me… it is getting boring.

    I can’t wait for Stefano, and hopefully with Kate, at least let them start “dancing”a little bit.

  60. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    There’s so much ennui onscreen between EJ and Sami, I’ll bet Matty is having trouble staying awake. Nudge me if they say anything important. I’ll be the one in a coma. I always knew if these two got together, it would be languid. And so it is..pigs with lipstick? The innocence of a child? Well, maybe it’ll get better after the holidays. One can hope. Tis the season for hope.

  61. From MAB

    I will not be told if I want to like EJ/EJami that it’s fine. I don’t care who thinks it’s fine, or has a problem w/ it. I’m not asking for anyone’s acceptance about my views or thoughts. I see the writers already changing EJ, and if I want to say EJ is nice & considerate, then I will. And if they continue to write EJ as being a changed person, then it will happen, no matter what anyone thinks or says. I comment on how I see it, not the way someone wants me to see it. It’s my opinion.

  62. From Leah

    You can’t be serious? I think some are reading too much into simple things…. trying to manipulate, twist and invent things that are simply NOT THERE.
    Come on now, EJ wanting to be mayor so he had a legit job and made his kids proud of him…. is a silly idea BECAUSE…. um the kids don’t know what a mayor is? LOL Seriously like EJ or Sami might never have sat down with their kids and explained this is what daddy does for a job/living, this is what mummy does for a job/living. And the importance of their jobs and the duties they have to do.
    If littlies in school can get up for show and tell and proudly talk about what their parents do whether it be a policeman, fire fighter, teacher, baker, truck driver, council workers etc etc I am sure Johnny and Sydney would be just as proud to stand up there and say my dad is…. and my mum is….
    Heavens above stop looking for things that are not there. I call them moo points – ha, ha.

  63. From bobby

    Wow! Did you see how fast Nichole whipped out of her little cardigan sweater and very light make-up and into her Man-hunting look!!? Again-what scent does Dr. Dan wear?
    It finally hit me what happened to so many story lines. There is no romance. Candlelit dinners, suprise flowers. No build up to a couple. Watching a romance build and waiting for special things to happen. Everybody just meets someone and start doing it like rabbits. No wonder there are so many unplanned pregnancies on this show. Who has time to buy protection? Stop with the “hooking up” and start flirting and dating.

  64. From Leah

    MAB I’m with you too. I won’t be told or looked down upon because I love the Ejami pairing. We are not alone… in fact we are with the majority of Days viewers. We are entitled to our opinons just like the next person. Because I like Ejami doesn’t mean I a sinister person… in fact its far from it. I just like interesting, underdog, forbidden love, passionate, grey characters who spice things up. I think Days has enough goody too shoes characters and pairings. I didn’t like Sami with Rafe because she lost herself. Sami was a pale comparison of her old self. She was wimpy, weak, needy and all round rather pathetic. (Personally I think Rafe liked it that way. It helped feed his ego in being needed.) Rafe would yell commands to jump and Sami would weakly say “How high?”
    I have always liked Sami with “spunk” and EJ brings that out in her and vice versa. Together they are dynamite… and yes from time to time they explode (for better or worse) but that attraction, connection and drawing always bring them back to each other eventually. I will admit this current writing for Ejami by the new writers is all rather mundane BUT if its needed to clear the air and get the ball rolling I will happily wait. As previously stated I think the last lot of writers did a great job with Ejami before the Dayaster. Time will tell if these writers have got it in them too. Here’s hoping….
    PS: Introduce a far better partner for Rafe. Someone more suited to him and his career path. Emily is a good place to start I reckon.

  65. From Debbie

    Jennifer really irked me no end today! Her comment to Maxine that she will follow her everywhere all day until Maxine tells her where Daniel went was beyond pathetic. I’ve never really liked the character of Jennifer except when she was a teenager. I sort of liked her then but never warmed up to the adult Jennifer and absolutely hate what’s become of her since this obsession with Daniel and Nicole. I can’t stomach her anymore and can’t see why she’s even on the show right now. Jack’s gone (what a wasted opportunity there) and other than the fact of being a Horton, what’s the point of having her around? She’s nothing but a nuisance and a busybody and what man would honestly want a woman like that? I know it’s only a soap but jeez!

    I still can’t figure Brady out with his sudden romantic interest in Kristen. I thought maybe this was a ploy to make Kristen vulnerable in order to extract information, but I don’t remember him ever using sex before to do this. So could this be real interest on Brady’s part? I really hate where this seems to be going.

    And why is Billie still around? I thought Lisa Rinna’s contract was done and Billie had long gone. I’d even forgotten about her until she did her now common ‘popping up in random places and being nosy’ routine. Can’t they just send her off to England to be with Chelsea? I know I sound fit to be tied but there’s so much to dislike about the show right now that I’m having difficulty finding the likable stuff.

  66. From gerri

    wonder how Sami will feel when she finds out,another DiMera is out to destroy her Mother’s life,and gosh she and Marlena had just starting rebuiding their relationship,and wonder how good she’ll feel toward EJ,when she discovers he and Kristen are a team.
    and poor dumb Brady,what can anyone say about him?
    I don’t understand Nicole,what else can Dr.Dan do,to make her see he doesn’t want her?have some pride Nicole and accept his decision,and move on,and stop being a stalker.

    I hope BO comes back,we need him to be that Brady-Horton connection.

    I do hope that we can start having,some romance,flowers,dinners,dancing,etc
    these quickie relationships are getting old,they are over before they really began.
    Are you Listening writers?????

  67. From SandyGram

    Episode December 6th:
    Today’s show was terrific, it was comical at each turn, except the on-going Jenn and Daniel saga which exhausts me to even discuss. The only part of that story I liked today was Nicole showing up at Smith’s Island. From the repenting respectable Rectory secretary to the ‘knock, knock, knock’ and not on Heaven’s Door, but on the Cabin door, guess who’s there? The hottie we all know and love dressed to kill. Then eventually a second ‘knock, knock, knock, and what a surprise, Jen!!! Nikki says she doesn’t want to talk mean to Jenn, so those horrible things she said to her must of been coming from the vents….but wait their at the cabin. From what I read, Nikki and Jenn’s conversation gets worse tomorrow.

    Kristen and EJ’s conversation, along with those facial expressions had me in stitches. And if there were any doubt Kristen is up to something she sure cleared that up today. “Everything is coming to a head in the most perfect way. It’s so beautiful it could make her cry”. Only thing is Marlena has caught on and foiled her plan by not telling John, Kristen bedded Brady. I love these two going after one another, but still not as good as the vengeful cast on Revenge.

    Then Eeej remarking to sister dearest ‘things are working out with Samantha to his advantage”, but, “he could do without the Rafster sticking his nose in”. Him thinking her womanly ways would work better to keep the Rafster away from Sami. Her thinking he’s quite capable of getting back with Sami on his own. AND, the line of the day goes to EJ when talking about Rafe, “people tell me he is a handsome fellow, if you like the blue collar gun toting thing”. I suppose that is, as opposed to ‘the imposing looks of the Corporate Boss in pink shirts who hires thugs to fight his battles’!

    And finally, a very good exchange between EJ and Father Eric; with yet another telling moment when the good Father asks him to pose with the donation for the Building Fund Brochure. EJ being surprised he would ask a DiMera for PR help and Eric clarifying he would be referred to as the former Mayor. With the second best line of the day, EJ responding with “I’m assuming this is to solicit funds from outside of town”. And Eric answering “a man who knows fund raising”. A very good day at Comic Relief Central.

    PS: Almost forgot, how touching as EJ left Kristen’s room she says, “Love You….with a softer Really Do!” But darn how can he even look at her without thinking MaMa!

  68. From patty

    Debbie, if Jennifer irked you to no end today, you don’t want to see her tomorrow. She looks like she’s about to croak and still she’s relentless in her badgering to the point of passing out. I don’t get these two, do they love one another or not? What is stopping them from being together instead of getting into these never ending shouting matches. I wonder if Nicole will get some credit for helping save Jen’s life or is this all about our poor distressed Jen and Dr Hero.
    I totally agree gerri, how many ways is Daniel going to have to reject Nicole before she gets it. Nicole can do so much better than him. She could start by going to rescue Brady from that viper he’s hooked up with. Or she can be a comfort to Father Dreamy…I mean Eric.

  69. From gerri

    Maybe Nicole will be the one who rescues Brady,from “”The Viper”you called that one right.who knows It could be Chloe’s short visit,.what Is the point for bringing her back,for a short time,inless It will lead Into a big S/L for someone???

    I guess Lucas Is still upstairs,waiting for????

    I wish Vivian could come back,she could bring some funny moments(which I think Days Is needing)

    And Patty I’m with you,either make Dr.Dan and Jenn a couple or end this S/L.I do think they haven’t given Jenn enough grieving time,tho,but I guess she thinks she Is past Jack’s death.who knows,those ashes might have not been his,and he escaped and in the depths of PTSD,and has lost reality..

  70. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    OMG. EJ was even boring with Kristin today. What have they done with this once dynamic character??? I give his pathetic scheming to win ‘manther back, one star. It’s not even DiMera worthy.

    Apparently, Lucas and Billie are holed up in the Horton attic together with only one pair of pants between them, so only one of them can go out at a time. More promising character returns, down the drain.

    I thought Maxine was in charge of the Salem brain this week and then she shot her mouth off to Jennifer, so she passed it off to Marlena whose making good use of it.

  71. From Kat

    Leah, Maryl and MAB,
    something must be going our way, because, wow, are you getting what I am getting….. The vibes are in the air…
    There is an awful lot of protesting going on, .
    gerrie, 66, EJ is Not a “Team” with Kristin, trying to destroy Sami’s mother, let’s be a bit fair here. He doesn’t even know what she is up to, she has Not shared with him. All he is happy for, that Kristin talked him into working with Sami.
    gerrie, you never said if you got my recipe!!!.
    Saw Peter Pan tonight, my StepGrand daughter was in it. Enjoyed it..

  72. From Kat

    puzzle for today,
    how many/often ferry’s run to Smith Island,
    Dan walks into the Cabin,
    secs. later, Nicole knocks,
    Min. later, Jenn knocks…..
    There must have been at least 3 Ferry’s, tail to tail to tail…
    That’s all…

  73. From gerri

    It is kinda strange,that on other days,No Ferry Runs or long time in between.I guess today was a special day?

  74. From gerri

    I clicked on the web site,and quite a few Apple strudel Recipes,came up,which one would it be?
    was at Hospital most of the day,My hubby had the “Dreaded Colonscopy”
    all is well,was just a routine screening.

    I know you enjoyed the Peter Pan performance,what part did she play?
    The nutCracker will be performed by the Montgomery Ballet shortly for 3 nights,It Is always very enjoyable….

  75. From Kat

    gerrie, she played an Indian, LOL
    We all enjoyed it very much.

    My Grandson is on a cruise in the Bahamas with his Mom and StepDad,
    Lucky Dude, it’s his xmas present, was a total surprise, when he came home from school, off they went to the airport…

    On Athens….it’s called viennese Apple strudel. You can buy the ready made dough at the store in the Freezer section….It’s called Athens Fillo(Phyllo) Dough

    To make it all from scratch is so much work for doing it all in one day, to have it fresh. Dinner already takes a lot of time.
    It’s always nice when you have the Colonscopy behind you, it’s the Prep that don’t like, not so much the actual thing. I bet, hubby will sleep good tonight…
    Watch, now there will be No Ferry’s leaving to go back….
    Good Night…

  76. From TerriK

    Ok confused- Kat/KAT- Same person? Feels like 2 different writing styles, so as I said- Confused.
    Personally, I love Kristin and all her naughty badness lol.
    MAB- I do agree, as always, Brady deserves a better story line and needs to wake up. He’s a sucker for love and craves it so bad that he ends up with every nut job who comes to or back to salem. Is Chloe next? again? LoL
    Yes Jenn just looks terribe the way they put her together. Aging is not going well for her. Dr. Dan is too young for her s/l. Just looks silly to me. I loved him and Chloe together. Beautiful couple they were.
    I am so sick of the EJ/Sami/Rafe merry-go-round. Pick one! Pick one!
    I think Will needs to put his foot down and claim his child as his own. What kind of father would agree to have someone else raise their child. I can tell hes reluctant to follow this plan so perhaps in the end he will put a stop to all this madness. If Sonny loves him, he will understand. But frankly, I cant see this baby thing really going anywheres. Gabi is not ready to be a mommy I dont think.

    It’s been fun watching Doc squirm. I do feel bad for her, because although John is not physically cheating, his heart is definitely elsewhere. But still I say- Go Kristen!

  77. From gerri

    I agree TerriK
    with Jenn’s love life.

    She is too old for Brady,too young for another available man Roman),If they choose not to pair her with Daniel,who’s left?
    Rafe is one,that might add some spice to show,even tho she has a grown daughter,Sami has a grown son,so the age thing would be ok.
    I just say,bring a new guy into the mix……

  78. From jolie

    #60 DTBB you are a hoot! Just darned funny the way you see it and say it. I love the comedy.

    #63 Bobby you got it. No romance. Wham bam thank you maam and move to the next.

    #66 Gerri, the writers are not listening or reading what they write. Can’t be. And you are spot on about Nicole and Daniel. Move on because he wants no part of you. She normally has bounced back but they just keep sending her back for more. Again, writers not reading what they write.

    #67 Sandygram, you are probably right. Kristen though Marlena would run right to John and spill the beans. And isn’t it funny that Elvis wants Kristen to keep Rafe busy. She has her hands and bed full now! I don’t think Rafe is normally as quick to fall in bed and love as Brady so he’d prove to be a challenge. I just don’t like the way Elvis talks about Samanther. And your crack about the imposing looks of the pink shirts…you are just good at this!

    #68 Patty so Jenn almost passes out and she has barfed. We see the signs that something is wrong so the best thing to do is head for Smith Island where there are no phones, no electricity, no ferries. Makes complete sense!

    #70 DTBB you are just way too much and I love it.

    #72 Kat and #73 Gerri, the Smith Island ferry is like Hotel California…you can get there any time you want but you can never leave. It is strange how there are ferries galore to get out there but none seem to take anyone back, especially when they shouldn’t be there in the first place or they have a dreadful medical emergency. There is a black hole there that draws you in and only spits you out when done with you.

    #76 Hi Terrik! Good to see you here. Kristen is doing a very fine job of turning some Salem citizens upside down for sure. I still think Stefano THINKS he’ll control her but in the end Kristen is out for Kristen. Who knows what she’ll do. Elvis doesn’t really know why she came back except to get the family back together but they are no closer than they were…well except that Kristen has helped Elvis get into proximity with Samanther and that fits into his schemes. Can’t wait for the Big Guy to come…not Santa, well yes to him too, but Stefano. I think we’ll see some sparks because he always has something up his sleeve that no one would see coming and with Kristen already messing in the sandbox, it will get messy!

  79. From MAB

    Thursday’s episode left much to be desired. Anymore when I see Daniel & Jen on the screen, I cringe. I’m sick of his hand trembles, and Jen stalking him. She was so adamant about finding out where Daniel went that is was pathetic. I hate that Nicole showed up there too, but looks like this is happening so she will finally put Daniel behind her and move on. I really liked Daniel & Jen the first time around, but now I just find them both annoying.

    I wonder what is up w/ Eric and his nightmares. Seems he did something he’s ashamed of, and maybe that is the reason he is now a priest. I guess we’ll see. I liked EJ & Eric’s talk. I hope Eric will eventually become a supporter of EJ & Sami.

    Again, talking about no romance, well that is exactly what EJ had planned for Sami when he was supposed to take her out on their date a while back. EJ had ordered special flowers for her (that were apparently hard to get), and had planned a special dinner & night out for them. It had all the makings of a very romantic evening. It was a shame it didn’t happen, and it didn’t because Rafe stuck his nose in and made Sami feel stupid for going out w/ EJ. No wonder EJ asked Kristen to distract Rafe. But it looks like that isn’t gonna happen. Kristen is right, EJ is capable of winning Sami back on his own. He just needs to do what he’s doing, letting her know he’s there for her, and loves her unconditionally. Sami will continue to be drawn to him, and Rafe will continue to mess up on his own, and drive Sami away yet again, leaving her open to make her own choice of the man she wants to be with, and choose EJ for all the right reasons this time.

    Leah – ditto on what you said, I completely agree! I’ve grown tired of the constant preaching that goes on from some to us EJami fans. It’s redundant! I know by what I read that EJami’s fans are the majority. We may express our dislike of Safe, but we don’t knock Safe fans like they do us. Like you, what happens on this show is just entertainment to me, and what I think about the characters are in no way a reflection on me as a person, and no one on here has a right to assume anything about anyone on a personal level. What type of people we are is irrelevant anyway. I also agree about what Sami turned into when she was w/ Rafe, only a shadow of her real self, and I agree he liked it that way to have her under his thumb. It’s the total opposite w/ her & EJ.

    Where is EJ & Kristen a team? What has EJ & Kristen teamed up on…the fact that she gave him her job at CW? Well whoopee! Kristen says she’s there for her family, but it’s obvious Kristen has her own agenda and is doing as she pleases. Kristen isn’t telling EJ a lot, which makes him not trust her. No indication he will go along w/ any of Kristen’s plans. EJ is on his own, and I think he knows that.

    Hmm, I love those imposing looks of the corporate boss in pink shirts. No one wears pink like EJ, and no one else can pull it off. Much like the real Elvis who is the only man who has ever been able to pull off a white jumpsuit and look amazing & cool doing it. Back to EJ…when was the last time EJ hired thugs to fight his battles? What battles has he fought lately, none. Who has EJ had beat up, no one. Who has EJ had ruined, no one.

    Kat – oh yeah, I see the tables turn, and how some are getting desperate to invent things just to bad mouth EJ. I think it’s hilarious!

    Ok, someone correct me if I’m wrong, but when John & Kristen was on the Smith Island, I thought they were told a storm had taken out the cell tower…now Maggie tells Daniel there is no cell tower out there. So which is it? Is there no way to contact the real world while on that island? Also like others have said, how many ferry’s do they have going back & forth to that island to get 3 different people there in a matter of minutes of each other???

    TerriK – yep, Brady is being underused IMO, and I want him to have a main SL, w/ the right woman to boot. I also agree about Will. After all his complaining about his upbringing, he is opting to allow his child to be raised by someone else? And you’re right, if Sonny truly loves Will, he will understand and accept the child.

    Could it be Marlena is starting to use her head? She seems to be dealing w/ Kristen in a smarter way…seems she’s thinking things thru before she acts, and not making herself look stupid. I’m enjoying Kristen, but I also want to enjoy Marlena in this too.

  80. From MAB

    Leah – what type of people we are is irrelevant anyway (and I meant to add) because our opinions on the show is no reflection of who we are in real life, and that is what this site is about, to talk about the show, not each other.
    Funny comments about Smith Island. You can get there, no problem. Even tho there’s only one ferry, 3 people can arrive at different times. But when you try to leave, it’s impossible.

  81. From Kat

    76 TerriK, it’s me, both of them.
    Both versions were in the system, I took the “KAT” out…
    Nice to hear from you again.
    I agree, Dr. Orange and Jenn “Who”
    are getting pathetic to watch.
    Get them together and send them off to Hawaii, just kidding, don’t want any of them to loose their jobs. But kick it up a notch.
    I like watching Kristin in action, she sure has spiced things up a lot since her return.
    She actually has brought John and Marlena out of their stooper (sp).

    Have not seen today’s episode yet, so no comment until later.

  82. From gerri

    we should have this one coming,Daniel takes Medical Supplies to Smith Island,when has that ever happened?then Jenn arrives,with an appendix,about to burst,so he has the basic things he needs to do her surgery,what about sedation?I don’t think It would be allowed,to have sleeping meds,outside a medical facility,but maybe he has something local to inject her with.
    or is she going to remain in her passed out state until he’s finished?The things these writers want us believe umm?
    Kristen just can’t get Marlena or Brady to tell John,about the fling with Brady,so now she has to come up with a new plan,wonder who she will involve,will it somehow be Rafe?maybe Sami or she’ll do it be herself.I do like her acting,she’s very good at being a bad gal…..

  83. From bobby

    All right Marlena!! Finally got it right.(or was it that Dr. Phil book on -”stop being a victim”). Loved every minute of it and now it’s really bringing out the true Kristen. She really is Dimera evil. And they can back off on the bed room scenes with her and Brady. I’m not watching this show for the “cougar” scenes that are endless. We get it! A little goes a long way. Tired of Brady forever in bed with long leggy blondes. And will he and Kristen be double dating with his stepsister and Kristen kindof brother anytime soon? That could be interesting. A family that plays together-stays together??

  84. From Kat

    Great to see Marlena finding her Balance again, also I sense just a tad of relieve in Marlena that Kristin is now sleeping with Brady, and “Not” after John…
    But, Kristin’s plan is really twisted, dear Doc. Don’t think John is off Kristin’s radar just yet. So stay focused,… and I am not even a big Marlena Fan, LOL.
    Kristin is good, because everything she says to Brady is so right, if she only really meant it.
    I have a feeling, that sooner or later in this SL, Kristin’s OWN Heart will take Revenge on her, because She will fall for Brady for Real.. just MO
    IMO, if anybody should tell John, if at all, it should come from Brady, nobody else. But then again, Brady should be able to take his time, he does not have to run to Daddy or Who ever, everytime he has an affair. He is a grown man, yes I realize it is Kristin, Daddy’s former really Big Love, and Kristin was a very big love to John, but that was centuries ago, LOL.
    Give him a few weeks, and see where it is going…it could fizzle out tomorrow, or Not.

    I am so enjoying Sami with her brother Eric.
    However I wish, they would not only concentrate on Nicole and all the crimes she has committed,
    but also include EJ in all those merciful conversations..
    I would like for Father Eric to tell EJ yet, I am so sorry for the loss of your child, and that you never really knew for sure, it was Your Child that Nicole carried.
    But maybe in time, we will see a relationship developing between Eric and EJ, I think that would be great, seems like Eric has His Own Demons and Regrets in his life, and might need some compassion and understanding for things he might have done,,,, Just like our complicated Good/Bad Boy EJ.
    God loves a sinner, so there we go..
    And of course, Our Sami and our EJ both are sinners, but it looks like they are trying to get past all that, baby steps of course,
    but once they do it, with the help of Father Eric, we will have our ulitmate Love Story, and it it is really good and real, I would love nothing more, than for the Anti EJ/Sami’s on here, to join in
    and be very fair, just for a moment….
    Kat, dream on….

    Again, as always, where is my fav. Stefano, get your Italien Behind back to Salem, and bring a breath of fresh air with you.
    And get busy, courting the woman you really love, Kate, and show some of those young studs/and …. how it is done in the Wine/Dine/Romance Department the way only YOU can do it…
    Stefano, I know you are fiction, and older than me, but if I could join this fiction
    scenario for a few moments in time… like going to Never Never Land in Peter Pan,
    I would love to have a romantic Dinner with Stefano, and then of course, whoops I am gone… LOL.
    Fun, is the name of the game on here for Me…

    Looks like they are trying to go for High Drama between Jen and Dr. Dan, but somehow at least to me, it is not coming through.

  85. From SandyGram

    Episode December 7th:
    Jenn and Dan like chalk on a black board, just a lot of screeching. She wasn’t the only one who felt nauseous,enough already. I would never wish an illness on anyone, but today I was so glad when Jennifer passed out!

    Terrific scene’s with Father Eric, Ciara and Sami. I laughed right out loud when Ciara asked Sami why she wasn’t a Nun if Eric was a Priest. The conversation between Eric and Sami was great. She will never understand why Eric has become a priest because she is such a selfish person. It does sound like we’re nearing what happened to Eric in the Congo. There should be a Pool on who he tells first.

    Brady and Maggie’s conversation was also great. I love Maggie’s laugh.

    But the best of all was Marlena, John, Kristen and the haven’t got a clue Brady. As ‘bobby’ said above, the light finally went on for Marlena and she can now stop playing the victim as Kristen continues to venture into her evil DiMera ways. Kristen was totally shocked when Doc didn’t tell John she saw Kristen and Brady’s roll in the sack. Then she couldn’t even, with her cunning ways, get Brady to tell his Dad. So what’s her plan, she obviously doesn’t want to be the one to break the news. I can only imagine her next step will be to set it up so John walks in on one of her Afternoon Delights with Brady and she can then act all shocked and have her ‘I’m so sorry John moment’. Then today was definitely a day for Eileen to be morphing in and out of the characteristics of Kristen and Susan with her body language and facial expressions.

    By the way, what ever happened to John working for the ISA? Could it be, he does know that Kristen is up to something and he’s only waiting for Stefano return? And will attempt to use her to get to Stefano?

  86. From Tracey

    Love Jennifer and Daneil together can’t wait until they are reunited. If I were a man I would definately pick Jennifer over Nicole the slut. Who wants to be with a women who has her legs open 24/7 sleeping around different men all the time. Jennifer is a warm,loving,caring person. Who has morals. When Daniel & Jen first got together they were really funny together, I want to see that back that crazy kooky relationship they first started. Another thing Jen is not to old for Dan. In reality Shawn Christian is older than Melissa Reeves by a year. They just need to colour some of Jen’s gray roots,but she is still beautiful!!! I say bring on Dan and Jen!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. From Kat

    85 SandyGram,
    I do not agree with you, Sami being such a selfish person that she will never understand why Eric became a priest…
    it’s a normal reaction at first for anybody, to try to understand why somebody would give up… worldly pleasures… and become a servant to God, I do understand where Sami is coming from,
    no matter what Sami does or says, when she is not with Rafe get’s critiziced, (sp). Give the girl a break, Eric totally understood where his sister was coming from, why can’t you….. has nothing to do with being a selfish person, come on….Just voicing my opinion, just like you did….

    Of course, she will set up John to walk in on her and Brady, what else is new, we all know that already, thanks to all the spoilers we get to read all the time…not complaining, but surprised why some would thinks that might be news.

    86 Tracey, I agree, Jenn is not to old for Dr. Dan, she just needs a bit of a Make over, decided, are you going to be Granny or a Teeny Bump with a Hair Clip…Neither would be my choice…
    show off the beautiful woman you can be …Jack, your husband is gone…. forgive yourself, move on and admit that you love Dr.Dan, FeelGood, Orange, etc. and settle Him down, before more patients come along that Need His Help, and He will fall again for Them, LOL

    Hope, Nicole gets the message once and for all, the Ship of Danny Boy has sailed,
    leave the docks and go back to the Convent,pull your hair up in a bun, and chill, until you are ready to move on with you life in the out side society…
    When you are ready, you just might find the man that is really meant for you…
    Just for You, and Happiness might be yours…Learn to like yourself, before others can like you, and before you truly can like/love somebody for real.. Make peace with yourself…

  88. From Cougar

    I have questioned a few things about about Smith Island & the Horton cabin Is Horton cabin the only cabin or are there ather inhabitants there? If there are no other residences why in the world are there so many ferries out to the God forsaken place? Also if there othe cabins out there why can’t they seem to get any one to help them in an emergency? Why in the heck do they need menical supplies other than the usual first aid kits most people have in a vacation home? Doesn’t make any sence IMO.

  89. From patty

    Well, so much for the idea that Rafe was trying to pull Sami into the wedding planning for his own benefit. It’s all her idea, she called him and he says all he wanted was for her to be Gabi’s friend. She’s on a roll.
    Caroline tells EJ that Sami is just like her because she too made mistakes. She says I loved Shawn but I also loved Victor, Sami loves Rafe but she also loves you. She says Victor changed, maybe you can too.
    Wow, loving Nicole trying to be helpful here, when Daniel asks her to sterilize everything she says well if there’s something I can do is boil water. She is the one with the shaky hands trying to assist in the operation and the look on her face is priceless. Daniel has to steady her hands.
    Chad is really turning into a real jerk. If there is a character that is useless on the show, he’s got to be it.
    Gabi tells Caroline about being pregnant and Caroline tells her the baby is a blessing.
    Little Johnny runs to Rafe in the square and jumps into his arms.
    Poor little Johnny asking Santa for a stroller for his little sister but is afraid Santa won’t know where to bring it because they sleep in a lot of different places. Will is heartbroken when he hears that.
    Well if Jen thought she owed her life to Dan when he gave her her heart back, imagine how grateful she’s going to be for removing her appendix.

  90. From Kat

    88 Cougar, my dear lady,
    if we could ever figure out the
    “crazy dynamics” of a Soap Opera, we all would be Rich… LOL.

    The only way these Soaps work, is to go beyond reality, put a little fairy tale into it,
    a little fantasy, a little mystic… and a heck of a lot “Whatever”, and make us guys out here buy it, believe it, and move on with it…
    I figured that one out so many years ago, like back in the whatever year… I am sure I am not the only one on here.
    Soaps are Adult Fair Tales,,,
    figure it out and learn to live with it… LOL…

  91. From Kat

    I do very much enjoy agreeing and dis agreeing on here,
    but when things are said, that just plain are not facts, than I have a problem.
    We all listen to the characters and what they are saying,
    but after that, when some re-write the script, and re-write than I have a problem…
    Fair enough, I would think so…
    Written words are written words, and we all should respect them..
    any dis agreements on that….??

  92. From Clear

    What about Alice and the African connection? Now Eric is having nightmares about his time on the dark continent? That was never really resolved along with the Hope & John marriage thing. Also what happened with the coins? All these events are so far apart, do the present writers ever plan to tie up all those loose ends?

  93. From Lissa

    I don’t get Kristen’s angle here. Telling Marlena she hopes Kristen keeps the affair going so she isn’t sleeping with John. I think after this line has been crossed John would never hook up with her again EVER. So gross! lol She’s Brady’s conquest or should I say cougar now.

    So I’m wondering who is next for Chloe. Is she going to come between Daniel and Jennifer(one can hope) or recycle Lucas again? Maybe get paired up with Rafe or start some triangle between Nicole and Eric when he starts doubting his path? Oh the possibilities…

  94. From bobby

    Thank you Tracey #86. I am also a Jennifer/Dan fan. What I can’t understand, is why on earth did he let Nichole stay. Did you notice she skipped the part about making amends and apoligizing to him? Jen really cares about Dan-Nichole is just looking for someone to take care of her. It is sad that Chad, Billy, and Lucas have taken a back seat in story lines. Still can’t wait for the Abe/Kayla story to get going. It will balance out all the crazy people and their daily drama. It’s all fun, but variety is nice. How many bedroom scenes can we endure?

  95. From JOSH B

    Amazing How Nobody is Having a HISSY FIT on here about the Whole KRISTEN /BRADY Gross AFFAIR ..The Fact He is GOING Where his Daddy has already been is a HORROR… But Everyone had an ATTACK Over Will and Sonny Innocent Love Story But Wait it didnt Fit The Norm !!!!!

  96. From Kat

    Just saw a movie announced, where the two children “Scheme”, and that’s the terrible word used, lol, to bring their Parents back together.
    Wouldn’t it be great to watch, Johnny and Sidney Scheme a little to get their Mommie and Daddie back together.
    A little Scheming can go a long way, depends on how one applies it, to get something good, or to deeply hurt someone…. We all know, that EJ wants Sami’s love, nothing else.
    Maybe it’s time, Sami starts a little scheming of her own, to make EJ more interested, because IMO, the guy is playing it pretty cool.

    94 bobbie, seems like Brady only gets used anymore to show off his Body,…
    bedrooms scenes, with Madison and now with Kristin…
    I wish that pretty soon, they give him a real SL, we know his body.
    But I guess the current SL demands the bed scenes, for them to get caught, LOL.
    “Don’t worry, Be Happy”, that’s all one can do, when watching a Daytime Soap..

  97. From bobby

    #95 Josh B. There have been several comments about Brady and Kristen. More “yucks” then “yeahs”!And sadly, they drag those scenes way beyond neccessary. And like #96 Kat-there is a point. Yuck!!

  98. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    95 Josh B, we had our hissy fits a couple of weeks ago. You must have missed it.

    Had a 60′s flashback when Ciara was reciting the Hail Mary. She even looks like I did with the long, dark hair and brown eyes. (you know, before I went all dyeing).

    I have no clue what Kristin is up to. I don’t understand her motivation on what she’s trying to accomplish. Confusing.

    What’s up with Sami’s Breck Girl hair? More stuck in the 60′s. She’s still pretty with it, but if I was her age again, I wouldn’t choose that style. It’s not hip enough. It wasn’t in the 60′s.

    I’d just like someone to love Nicole enough to choose her over the other nuts on the tree. That never happens. I don’t do ‘fan of couples’ so I don’t care who it is. Just somebody to man-up and be nice to this girl and change her life.

    Can we please ask the Vatican to forego this outdated abstinence rule that most American religions don’t follow? Sidebar: the priest that did my first communion when I was Ciara’s age, left the priesthood and got married.

    Still think that Eileen D at almost 50, is a knockout. Wow.

    92 Clear – I guess the coin s/l was all supposed to be resolved by the Ian s/l coming to an end, but it was handled so poorly that I didn’t get much of it either. Like was the whole lockbox and marriage license and trip to Alamaina just a ruse? IDK. I don’t even care anymore.

  99. From Kat

    Poll results for Nov. 26/ All current Soaps on the Air..

    EJ No. 2 – Will No. 4

    Sami tied for No. 1
    Kristin – No. 5

    Sami and EJ No. 2
    Kristin and Brady – No.6
    Sonny and Will No. 4

    Nobody else from DOOL even in the Top 10

    And some (yes some) say Ejami are boring, really.
    Get some good writers and give
    them something good to work with,
    and they will go through the roof.
    Who were the writers anyway, that wrote for EJami when they were just incredible on the air…???

  100. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    So many psts as I have had a busy few days, so I will try to touch on some.

    Patty Rafe did go to Sami and tell her he needed her help with Gabi, and expressed his concern for Gabi, and then said he needed Sami to help him, so yes he did ask Sami for help.As far as Sami having Rafe help with wedding plans well thats a giving we all knew that would happen, but yes Rafe asked Sami to get involved before she approached him to help with his sisters wedding.

    Kat#99Thanks for posting results I love that poll as it is for all soaps.

    Kristen already has feelings for Brady, she did not intend to sleep with Brady as she said it fell in her lap, and she took advantage of what happened to get what she wanted once Marlena seen them, just as she told EJ she seized something that was unplanned.Eileen did a interview in SOD I think and said Kristen has feelings,they will grow much deeper. I dont know what I think of it yet, I am enjoying the drama and story Kristen is bringing.John has her on his mind that is for sure.

    Good for Hope who is questioning of Nick/Gabi sudden engagement.

    I so enjoyed Carolines conversation with EJ which for those who have not seen takes place Monday.Caroline says Sami is just like her, and mentions she loved Shawn and gets a sorta longing loving look when she says she also loved Victor, as Sami loves Rafe and also loves EJ, then she tells EJ Victor changed and he can too.EJ is very sweet with her, and we all know Caroline only chose Shawn because of Victor not changing.So IMO she is telling EJ What she believes Sami will want and comparing her to Sami.The actress spoiled this conversation a few months back when she had that talk with Victor, when she was mad he changed for Maggie and that Maggie was with him, or hurt for better words.She would have chose Victor had he changed back then, and they reminisced on it which I loved..So glad we finally got to see her advice to EJ.She actually sends Johnny off to have this conversation with EJ.

    Not much to say on Dannifer but ughh move it along please this story line is getting old to me.

    I cant wait for Gabi and Nick to get theirs When Will decides he is not happy with this a nd wont stand up for Nick and Gabi, she just tries to do more convincing but yet Will was supportive of her decision nomatter what it was.Yet Will has shown he is not really wanting to let Nick raise his child and she took Nicks side and began to say but oh I love Nick and you love Sonny like that is a good reason to let Nick raise his child.Yep still no redemption for Gabi yet for me, The wedding can not come soon enough.Chit will hit the fan.

    Some spoilers below
    EJ passes on a chance to make Rafe look bad to Sami
    From the Guide
    Most others in it are here at link below as well

    The above spoilers are for Next week
    Jen says goodbye to Jack and their love and goes looking for Dan.

    More great spoilers tomorrow and mor comments tomorrow. I am going to a Dallas Cowboys game so I am excited but will post after game Have good weekend all

  101. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Tee, all I can say to that is Go Pack Go. I see one of our knucklehead Illini killed his Dallas teammate in a DUI. What a horrible tragedy and just before Christmas. I don’t remember this particular player, so I don’t know how he made it to the NFL, but I guess I’m glad he’s not roaming the streets of C-U anymore. God bless, hon. After Kansas City’s horror, this isn’t much different.

  102. From lisa

    Can somebody clear something up for me.
    If I remember correctly didn’t the town of Salem believe Kristen drowned in the pool but it was actually Susan’s pretty sister Penelope?? And Kristen was living at Marlena’s pretending to be Susan before Susan had Kristen kidnapped in Saudia Arabia.

  103. From Kat

    Guys in Salem, listen to Victor,
    when it comes to the women…
    he has had them first….
    Carly, Nicole, Kate
    then he passed them on to
    Son (Bo – Carly)
    next Nicole to Grandson Brady, Godson Dr. Dan, Stepson Lucas..
    Ex-wife Kate went to our John, Dr. Dan and then to arch enemy Stefano, and of course Kate also went to Stefano Son EJ first.
    Got give it to Kate, Victor, John, Roman, Dr. Dan, EJ and now Stefano, with an interlude in between called Ian Yucks. Both DIMera Brothers and the son.. wow.
    Nicole is not far behind Kate, also been a very busy girl.

    So what else is so surprising, that now Kristin, Papa John’s ex goes to Son Brady. And some are getting the Yucks just now, LOL

    Just surprised that the old fox Victor has not had Kristin yet….
    It’ all in the Family

    Of course Vic and Stefano also been married to Vivian, but mercy, thank you, the only one that took her afterwards was IVAN.

  104. From SandyGram

    Out of the mouth of Babe’s, excerpt from Days Cafe Day Ahead quote “Will stops and watches Johnny telling Santa his concern that he will not know where to bring their presents, as they sleep at different places with different chimneys. The lad is clearly stressed. Santa strokes his head. Will flashes back to recently explaining that he did not want his baby to be passed back and forth … ”

    What happened to the stable family life for the kids? Dad lives right across he hall, or he use to. Mom has a stable job to support the kids on her own…..But little Johnny fears Santa won’t know where to drop off their presents, as they sleep at different places with different chimneys. Maybe a little more time could be spent with the kids in ‘their’ own home so they feel more secure. But EJ, Sami and Lucas are doing a fine job raising the kids, or are they????? Just a thought!

  105. From Linda

    A very normal concern for Johnny. One of my grandsons was worried one time that the Tooth Fairy wouldn’t find him because he was at Dad’s house instead of Mom’s that particular weekend when he lost a tooth. The stess divorce is on kids is sometimes forgotten, even the little things like that.

    Jennifer sure did look sick last Thurs. and Fri.! Great show both days!

  106. From janecake

    Anyone think Brady is actually on to Kristen and doing this crazy stuff to save his father’s marriage? And his step-mother’s sanity?

  107. From patty

    I’m hoping you’re right janecake, it would make more sense than what is actually going on. I still can’t believe both men are getting snowed by Kristen.
    Yes SandyGram, I thought that was very telling that little Johnny is confused about which chimney Santa is going to bring their gifts. That scene might have been for Will’s benefit to confirm that he is making the right decision concerning his own child but it is heartbraking that those children don’t have any stability in their lives and all because of Sami’s fickle nature.

  108. From Kat

    Well, The chimney, even more reason that EJ and Sami finally get their act together and give Their Children, “One Chimney”, to make them feel “One Family”.
    EJ has always loved Ally, (yes even went he made sure she got sent away, out of harms way),
    he would be very good with her.
    More than I can say for Lucas, I have never really seen him with EJ’s kids… maybe I am wrong.
    The kids need to do some scheming to get Mom and Dad together. Maybe next Christmas, ONE CHIMNEY…
    It is sad, my Grandson also has two chimneys, but He knows Santa knows both very well, even Grandma’s..
    Have Not seen this episode yet, but looking forward to it.

  109. From nanci

    I believe that the best for Sami is Lucas. He is the one that truly understands her and they have good chemistry. They just need some writers to write them a good S/L. I do not see any chemistry with EJ/Sami; Nicole/EJ YES.
    Gabi definitely needs to get her day for all she did; save the baby for her and Will and just let her be exposed. Her and Will have chemistry.

  110. From Maryl

    #108 Kat–My thoughts exactly. Well said! That is one of the main reasons I have always wanted to see EJ and Sami reunite in love for one another and build a stable home for their children. EJ had concerns about this some time back–he wanted the children to have stability in their little lives and have both their parents living with them. Of course, this didn’t pan out because the writers preferred to have EJ and Sami do the stupid “war” thing between them and then to top it off they had to put the two wedges between them–Nicole and Rafe. The kids have always been passed around. When Sami was with Rafe they were always staying with Caroline. Even though Johnny loves Rafe, he knows he is not his father. Rafe is more like a “buddy” to Johnny. Johnny knows who his real parents are and he loves them. That’s where the children need to be–with the two of them. I hope the writers finally get it right with Sami and EJ and let them become a family for the sake of the children. It’s about time for a soap opera to go down this road and for once show two parents who love their children enough to put them first. In the case of EJ and Sami, we know there is more between them than meets the eye regarding their feeling for one another–so they need to rediscover each other and hopefully find that love between them as the bond is already there–their beautiful children.

  111. From SandyGram

    Episode December 10th:
    It looks like Sami’s on a roll to help Gabi with her fairy tale wedding. Now I’m anxious to see how EJ is going to respond to her being involved after what’s gone on between Chad, Nick and Gabi.

    Now that Chad is about to tell Sonny about Gabi’s part in Melanie’s being held captive, it will soon come all the way out. Yet another interesting moment to see if the agreement he made with Nick is upheld and Chad goes to jail. But then when it all comes out Gabi should have legal troubles also, so should Rafe for concealing the truth.

    Johnny was adorable as always. And I must say I did like the conversation between Caroline and EJ. Especially the part about her loving two men, Shawn and Victor. The only thing she didn’t clarify was what was her criteria for choosing Shawn. Her comment about Sami being like her in this area was very pointed also. Only time will tell whether EJ got the message. It would appear the writers are attempting to turn EJ around, but only time will tell with the return of Stefano who has always been the most fearful for Sami. EJ and Rafe acting like 2 alpha dogs today in the HTC was comical also.

    The scene’s at the Horton Cabin had many good moments. I especially like Nicole beginning to realize Daniel loves Jenn and Jenn loves Daniel. Finally she can now move on.

  112. From bobby

    Torn between 2 lovers? Sounds like a song!! Ha. The only problem with that-these 2 guys are being cheated. Neither one of them can move on until Sami makes a decision. Wouldn’t it be a twist if Rafe and E.J. both found someone else because they were tired of waiting? And, finally. A story line that’s actually moving. Good to see Dr. Dan and Jen getting together. Hope it lasts longer than the Sami/Rafe explosion in the square. Love forever one minute-down the tubes in another. Let’s face it. Sami loves the male attention. At least there seems to be a backup career. Wedding Planner. Who better???

  113. From jolie

    Bobby, you are a hoot. Sami’s back up career! I think when she finds out that she was trying heartily to marry off the babymama of her grandchild, she’ll blow her stack. Her head will spin around. She’ll forget every nasty thing she has ever done. Or maybe not. Sonny pretty much sealed the deal for Will yesterday in telling him how he felt about being tied down with a child.

  114. From MAB

    I liked the show Monday for the most part. Great scene w/ Caroline & EJ! It’s nice seeing her justify Sami’s feelings, that most of us has always known, that she loves EJ too! But it looks like Sami’s path will be different from Caroline’s, as she will soon choose EJ, not Rafe, and it will be Rafe’s own fault once again as to why he looses Sami. Of course, there is no real comparison between these 2 men, as Rafe is not in the same league as Shawn. Shawn loved Caroline, and only Caroline, and ultimately forgave her for the Victor thing. Shawn always maintained his character as a husband & father, something Rafe knows nothing about. And not to mention his ultimate betrayal of falling in loved w/ Carrie, Sami’s own sister. I still say he’d be chasing her around if she was still in Salem, and wouldn’t even be giving Sami the time of day.

    Caroline’s decision to choose Shawn over Victor was evident, especially if you watched the show back then. Victor was a BAD guy, and Caroline refused to be a part of that life, or subject her kids to that life. Her choice was easier for her because the difference in the both men was clear (unlike EJ & Rafe). Victor was the bad guy, and Shawn was the good guy period! She loved them both, but she chose the stable, long-lasting good life she knew she would have a/ Shawn, not Victor. Although, I think after Shawn’s death, she would’ve eventually ended up w/ Victor if he hadn’t pursued Maggie instead.

    Johnny, SO cute, and no doubt enjoying time w/ his Daddy. He was happy to see Rafe, and EJ is ok w/ that. EJ allowed Johnny to talk to Rafe, and even said he’s not threatened by their relationship (although I don’t see where there is one anymore). But Rafe, as usual, is ugly & nasty to EJ. It’s so obvious how jealous & threatened he is by EJ, and even had the gaw to mention how much money he handed Johnny. How callous can he be? Why did it matter how much, it was for charity! EJ showed his class & character, and didn’t stoop to the level of Rafe’s caddy-ness.

    Kat – you’re right EJ is playing it cool, and I think that will only benefit him in the end, as Rafe will dig his own hole w/ Sami. It would be cute if Johnny & Sydney ‘schemed’ to put EJ & Sami together because whatever their plan, it would be harmless since they are little kids. It gets twisted when the kids are older and pull stunts like Sami did w/ the Marlena/Roman/John situation. Of course, I don’t think there will have to be any scheming because Rafe will ultimately put the final nail in the coffin on what is left of his relationship w/ Sami, and EJ will be there for her, and she will choose him freely w/o any reservations.

    Tee – you’re absolutely right that Rafe asked for Sami’s help, and for Sami, that apparently meant the wedding too. I’m not surprised she’s doing it. I think the writers want her involved because Will is the father of the baby. I also agree about Hope questioning Nick & Gabi’s sudden engagement, but since Bo has left, it just seems she’s being nothing but a busybody. Doesn’t she work anymore, aren’t there criminals to be caught, cases to be solved? Must be no crimes in Salem, as neither Hope nor Rafe seem to work anymore.

    Chad isn’t a jerk. He didn’t make Gabi do what she did, and regardless of his actions, Gabi is the cause of most of what happened, and not just to him & Melanie. Chad just needs to tell everyone what Gabi did, and get it over with and let everyone else make up their mind about her. Then maybe he can move on w/ his life w/ someone else, maybe Abby.

    Not too jazzed about Dan & Jen, nothing much to say, just not too interested anymore.

    First of all, Johnny talking about sleeping in different places was obviously intended for Will to question his decision about letting Gabi & Nick raise his child. It seems after hearing what Johnny said, Will thinks he made the right decision, but him thinking that way is ludicrous! Unfortunately, all kids can’t have one home & one set of parents, even tho that is the way it should be, realistically that isn’t always the case. But there is nothing wrong in Will’s child having 2 different homes when compared to the child never knowing Will is his father at all. NO child should grow up not knowing who his real parents are. It will always cause problems, especially once they become adults. Even if you have good reasons, kids should know their real parents. This decision will come back to bite Will, but hopefully he’ll realize it’s better to have his child in his life. As far as what Johnny said, and how that relates to EJ & Sami, well I don’t find it out of ordinary for Johnny to say what he did. He has a home w/ Sami & a home w/ EJ, always has. All her kids have always had separate homes for the most part. But no matter what the ramifications from the past, they have many who love them. And their stability is up to the parents to maintain, and I think as of late, w/ EJ giving Sami full custody, they are more stable now since when they lived full time at the DiMera mansion. I don’t think what Johnny said has any bearing on EJ & Sami’s parenting, or how much time they spend w/ the kids (realistically on screen). They are now being better parents than ever before. Also, a majority of the time that we’ve seen EJ & Sami spending time w/ the kids has been at her place, which is now considered ‘their’ home.

    Why does EJ have to be a part of the situation w/ Chad/Nick/Gabi? Other than the fact that Chad is his brother, why is EJ the focal point for some in the outcome??? I haven’t read anywhere that EJ plays any part in this, and I hope he don’t so some won’t find reason to blame for what happens.

    #110 Maryl – ditto!

  115. From patty

    For those who loved Caroline’s conversation with EJ, she has one with Rafe also. He tells her it’s so cool what Sami is doing for Gabi. Caroline tells him ,don’t kid yourself she’s doing this for you Rafe.
    The only similarity I see between Caroline and Sami is that they both loved a good guy and a bad guy. Caroline made the right choice, Sami can’t make one. It’s getting so old I don’t even care anymore. Sami will never be the lady her Grandmother is and that is a given.
    Nicole has another one of her powerful crying spell today, too bad it’s for the wrong guy. At least she has Father Eric’s strong shoulder to lean on.
    Chad Demira is being a jerk again today, revealing Gabi’s secrets to Sonny but making him promise not to say anything so he can cover his own butt.

  116. From patty

    Rumors have it that Nicole gets to spend time with Sydney at Christmas time. Nicole receives an unexpected message from someone on Christmas Eve.
    John is shocked by what he sees when he visits Brady. Like we don’t know what that is.
    Jennifer mysteriously cancels her lunch date with Daniel. What now?
    Rafe tells Sami how he really feels about their situation. Good!
    Eric gives Gabi and Nick good news.
    Chad is determined to ask Abigail to spend NYE with him. I thought this guy was still hung up on Melanie
    Sami finds herself torn between EJ and Rafe. Really?

  117. From jolie

    Yesterday’s show was the best in a while. Nicole may finally get the message about Daniel and maybe this is the best way for her to get it. To be there and to see it that Daniel wants Jennifer and doesn’t have the time of day for Nicole. She has neglected to hear it or to really listen to Daniel. Seeing is sometimes believing. I just hope there is something good in the future for Nicole and not Elvis and Sami trying to determine who’s sins are less and that she doesn’t deserve a chance. I even enjoyed the scenes with Daniel and Jennifer where he is holding her hand. Maybe because her mouth was not moving. I like Jennifer but she has been very unlikeable lately. I look forward to better days. Of course with the Parker mystery coming up, things will not stay calm for long for Daniel or Jenn but please, let’s have some peace on Earth from them.

    I liked the scenes with Caroline and Elvis. Caroline was at her most likeable yesterday. She was honest and reflective. Elvis was at his best as well, being honest and guileless for a change. Caroline showed him the way…actual and true change. It happened for Victor but too late for Caroline/Victor. I don’t think Caroline would have changed her life with Shawn if she’d had another chance. Shawn was a good man, a good husband and a good father. It was just nice to see Caroline talking honestly about Sami and that Elvis took it in. Johnny was especially appealing with Caroline and then with Rafe. I think the writers ruined the moment in the HTS by having Elvis and Rafe snipe at one another. We are mostly tired of it and wish the writers would tire of it as well.

    Sami the wedding planner! She is all in on this one. When she finds out the baby is Will’s…I think she’ll blame Rafe. She’ll have to shove blame somewhere and he’ll be standing there with his hands out.

    I am still puzzled about Nick. He seems so sweet and in earnest about loving Gabs and having a family but at the same time he is just too pushy about all of this. Hope stuck her nose in the middle of it like always. She needs a new story line. Bo is hiding in the attic so this keeps her at odds on where her story can go. Writers, move this one along. If he is gone, rip off the bandage quickly. We can take it. Hope can take it. We’ll all recover.

    If Rafe is going to be paired off with Hope, let them start to become friends. Rafe can use a true friend to get him out of Sami’s orbit. I don’t understand why the writers are still putting Rafe in harm’s way with Sami. Rafe is a good guy but like Lucas is being written like a puppet for Sami’s whims. I am just really tired of them together. I am actually tired of Elvis and Sami as well but that is another story and again just the way they are being written because they are good actors and good characters. If Elvis tries to change too much, Sami will not want him for long. Once the dance is over, her attention span drops off like deep water. If Elvis is in it for the long haul, I hope he keeps his day job other than at CW because he’ll need some time off of Sami when they finally get together.

    I thought it very telling when Caroline asked Elvis about Stefano. I guess this sets the stage for Fatha to come home to roost. About time! He has been sorely missed. Stefano is a scallywag but you just can’t help but love to see him on screen. I do hope he and Kate have a round or 2 but eventually get back together. I hope it is for love of one another and longing and not a medical crisis that brings them back into synch.

    Chad is becoming a pain in the neck. He can’t wait to tell it on Gabi so let’s get it over with. Not sure that anything will come of the secret once it is out. Chad won’t go to jail for beating up on Nick and Gabi won’t go to jail for her part in Melanie’s kidnapping. Why should they with all the crime that goes unpunished in Salem? I am tired of this storyline continuing to rear its ugly head and I hate that a baby is involved in all that will happen. I am sort of afraid something will happen to the baby, not that having Gabi and Will/Nick as parents would not be bad enough. Caroline was right, a baby is a blessing and this one has a dark cloud over its birth now due to the lies. It is just sad.

  118. From jolie

    #115 Patty, I almost wish Caroline would leave Rafe out of it. Sami is stringing him along. So what if he turned around and grabbed her and kissed her and told her he couldn’t live without her. Is that what she wants? Or what does she want? She is all over this wedding thing and Caroline is right…it is for Rafe. So why?? You are right though, Sami would never stand up to time like Caroline has. And I’m with you. Who cares anymore? This threesome is as tiring as Dr Dan/Jenn/Nicole. I am so glad this one if finally coming undone. Poor Nicole, she is always left holding the tissues…learn from it girl. Chad is like a barking little ankle biting dog lately…just annoying. I like Chad and I know he can do better. This bitterness is not attractive at all.

    #116 Patty, I think it is rather sad that Nicole has to settle for some time spend with someone else’s child at Christmas, but I know she loves Sydney so I guess this is supposed to be the writers being good to her. Yeah. Great. And who would be sending Nicole a message at Christmas?? Could it be Dr Dick with some kind of news? OK, I pulled that one out of a dark place but I just have my hopes for my NicNic.
    John deserves a shock that will wake his blinky butt up. I want to see John and Brady wrestling over Kristen…no I don’t. Jennifer and Dr Dan can’t get it together long enough for lunch. Really sort of bodes ill for their future, doesn’t it. Rafe tells Sami how he feels…I hope it is that he is tired of it and moving on! And Sami torn between Rafe and Elvis..what about Lucas or he has finally made good on keeping his distance. Chad sure is pissed still at the Gabster to be spending NYE with the Abster. Maybe he will take that first step to getting over IT!

  119. From MAB

    I’m glad Chad tells Sonny about Gabi…maybe her actions will get start getting around and people will finally learn what she did. Of course Chad asks Sonny to keep it a secret. He is abiding by the legal papers he signed.

    Yep, spoilers say after the scene Nicole witnesses at the Horton cabin between Dan & Jen, this is what makes her realize she has to move on. I’m betting this will be the start of her new SL that includes Eric! Thank God!

    Caroline has already had one conversation w/ Rafe before she went to Cali. I didn’t get much out of that one, and I doubt I’ll get much out of this one, because nothing Caroline (or anyone) says will change Rafe’s self-righteous behavior. He will continue to act the way he always does, and make excuses for his actions. And he will loose Sami once again all on his own. Mark my words! And that is the day I will sing Hallelujah!!!!!

    I don’t recall anyone saying Sami is the woman Caroline is, or that she even pretends to be. But Caroline is by far a saint, as she admitted to EJ yesterday. She is not perfect, but admits to her mistakes (much like EJ & Sami do) instead of making excuses for them, like Rafe does. I like she is making amends for her past, and she is the better person by being able to see both sides here, and give each one the benefit of the doubt, regardless of who Sami chooses. I think Caroline will accept EJ once Sami makes her choice, and eventually influence the rest of the Brady family to do the same.

    Uh, excuse me, but anyone who believes EJ sniped at Rafe yesterday is sadly mistaken! EJ never once said anything derogatory to Rafe. He was calm, and acted like a gentlemen. The smart @$$ remarks was ALL Rafe! And in all that has went down lately, Rafe hasn’t changed one bit. He is still his self-righteous, arrogant self. It’s EJ who has changed by adjusting his behavior, and been very candid. He’s been that way w/ Sami, was that way w/ Caroline yesterday, and even w/ Rafe (even tho he couldn’t hold a civil tongue).

    If you want to be technical about it, there is really no similarity in Caroline & Sami’s situation other than them loving 2 men at the same time. Caroline had a black & white choice back then…the good guy vs the bad guy. Sami, not so much. Even tho Rafe is considered the “good” guy, he is far from it, and then there’s EJ, the “bad” guy who also has a good side. Also Caroline was married to Shawn, and in hindsight, Victor once only a blurp in her long relationship w/ Shawn. Sami has had many years w/ EJ, married him, and 2 children w/ him, and also the same w/ Lucas. And in reality, Sami only moved on to Rafe because EJ decided to move on w/ Nicole. Now she’s stuck in the middle of them, because Rafe lost Carrie and decided to stick his nose back into her life. But I doubt it’ll be long before she makes her final decision of who to be with…EJ!

    Come on TPTB! I’m ready for EJami! I do respect them for not just throwing them together again, but I’m waiting for the lock, stock & barrel that is EJami to happen, and I KNOW it’s gonna be great & exciting! I do want the build-up, but this should’ve began after the explosion, instead of getting Rafe back involved for no reason other than Carrie leaving Salem, leaving him nothing to do. If he would left her alone, she & EJ would be on their way by now.

  120. From Kat

    Enjoyed Caroline and her dry sense of humor…..
    With her illness now, she could turn into quite the Comedian…LOL

    I am glad that the Nicole/Dr.Dan chapters seems to be closed for now..
    Still will always wonder, if Sidney is really Nicole’s child.
    The writers left that door so wide open, with the Toothbrush DNA Test…. when both Sami and Nicole
    were living together…. Who’s toothbrush did get tested….. Nic’s or Sami’s.

    Let’s be honest, Will, so young yet, is not really thinking about what is best for His Child,
    he is more concerned at the moment how this would affect his relationship with Sonny, and I can understand that.
    He tries to convince himself, he is doing it for the child, but sooner or later, he will realize, Lovers can come and go, (specially in Salem) but a Child is forever. He should not have a life of regrets.
    One can see, Will is truly struggling, poor guy.

    Enjoyed Caroline and EJ’s talk.
    She indirectly told him, change your ways NOW, unlike Victor, and you might have a very good chance with Sami.
    This Invisible Bo scenario should get resolved soon, in order for Hope to move on and have a life, as long as Bo is in the back ground, no big SL for Hope.
    Remember Mickey, alive but not seen, they had to kill him off, in order for Maggie to get a Man involved SL.

    Who is paying for this wedding, not a word on a budget…..

    Wonder what Justin did, contract and all, was really legal. Chad had no legal aid of his own…. and it was “blackmail” cover up one crime to cover up another Really Big Crime..
    Chad should take his chances, how much jail time can he get for assaulting Nick,
    and there were circumstances, like Chad thinking Nick had abducted Melanie…..
    And LawMan Rafe knows all about what went down, and did cover up both Crimes, Gaby’s and Chad’s. (Never to forget, Sami’s).

    Santa Stefano, put on your Santa Hat and come back, and realize that you need your Mrs. back, now that you got what you wanted, a Divorce..
    Now let’s start over again, and not with blackmail, like the last time… HO, HO, HO…

    Like to see Dr. Baker get OUT for Christmas, and run into Hope, now that would be a great SL up and coming…Not Rafe, he needs somebody else, somebody only for Him, not be a replacement for BO. LOL

    A reformed Dr. Dick Baker for our Hope, that is something I could learn to like a lot…
    Still will miss Bo, but we have to move on, he left the building, well sooner or later…

  121. From Kat

    119 MAB, great stuff, I do agree with you very much….
    keep them coming, I enjoy reading them, because you validated so many of my points and thoughts, LOL. Same for Maryl….
    Jolie, I agree with you on some of your points you made, I find myself sort of 50/50 or whatever, with you…Enjoy reading you, no matter…

  122. From jolie

    Kat, we are just here for the entertainment and wouldn’t it be dull to see it all the same?? I don’t get offended if one doesn’t agree with me but I don’t like it when some lay into the opinions of others or make senseless comments about the opinions of others. Everyone is entitled to his or hers. But I am glad someone agrees with me on Dr Dick. I just really like the scoundrel!

  123. From jolie

    Where is Tee? Does she have any updates on what will become of Bo? We need some Tee-news!

  124. From jolie

    I too wondered about the budget for the wedding but just couldn’t ask it. I think it will be one of those details that will be glossed over…like coins, marriages in ficticious countries, crimes that go unpunished, funds that Alice was paying, brothers that suddenly turn up as a priest. Just things that make you wonder where you missed it.

  125. From MAB

    Kat – way too many people worry about their significant instead of putting their children first, and that is what’s wrong with a lot parents today, especially young parents. Like the point you made, children are forever, partners come & go (married or not). I just hate to see a child’s welfare put second, and it happens way too often. I also agree w/ you about Chad beating up Nick. Not that it was right, but I doubt Chad would get any jail time for beating Nick up. The judge would probably laugh that case right out of court, telling Nick maybe he should learn how to take an @$$ beatin! LOL

  126. From Leah

    A thought…..
    We all know Sami is going to go off and have a rampage at Nick and Gabis wedding. Some have suggested that Rafe will find out the truth. That is, that Will is the father of Gabis child not Nick and that Rafe will agree to keep it a secret. Thus sending Sami off! Last night I wondered if what is going to set Sami off is finding out about Gabi and what she did to Melanie. And how Rafe covered it up and turned a blind eye to it all. Sami will again be furious at Rafe for not telling her the truth or confiding in her went she learnt the truth about EJ blackmailing Rafe not to see Sami. What do you think? What do you think it will be? Will being revealed as the daddy or the truth about Gabi coming forth?

  127. From patty

    Well it looks like Chad’s contract is binding and is what is keeping his butt out of jail according to Justin. There is evidence against him and Justin, after telling him he has become a true Demira, tells Chad to keep his mouth shut.
    No wonder Chad is going down the Demira path with the advice he’s getting from his older siblings. Big bro tells him to get his revenge and now crazy sis is giving him tips on how to go about getting that revenge and how to use information to his advantage. I shudder to think what they will be teaching Johnny as he gets older.

  128. From Kat

    I do not agree with the way Justin handled the case at all.
    Two crimes were covered up,
    and of course the bigger crime was Gabby’s “Kidnapping” involvement….
    And Chad had no councel for himself.
    Get Chad a good attorney, and this whole thing (incl. Rafe’s cover up involvement) could be blown sky high. And I do believe, if push came to shove, Melanie, I would think, would do the right thing, and stand on the right side of the Law….
    I wish Chad could confide in His Father, the one that sort of raised him, and get some legal help/advice.
    No man could hate his “kid” that much, not to do the right thing.
    Wonder how Hope and Bo would feel, knowing that it was Gaby right under their Noses, that was involved in the kidnapping….ha, ha….and that LawMan Rafe again went against the book, Ha, Roman buddy, what do you say about all that….
    I don’t even want Gaby to go to jail, but
    for so many people involved, for the truth to come out, could be liberating. Secrets are no good, and Gaby becoming a Mother, she should not have to live with this secret.
    I think, the truth in the end, will be the right thing for All involved.
    And will also set our angry Chad free…. what is so wrong with that….

    122 jolie, does that mean .. we are good,
    it does get confusing at times, when I read things….
    Dr. Dick Baker it is, let’s start a trend……
    He comes across more manly for Hope, than Rafe..
    Rafe needs a woman he can have His own Children with, not a Grandma like Hope, and I do not mean any harm to Hope, but let’s be honest….
    I think Rafe could be great in the right relationship, have babies, etc.

    My Grandson back from his cruise, looks so tanned,
    going to have him every day, Mom is having Neck surgery tomorrow….Please say some prayers for my
    “daughter”, love her very much…Thank you…

  129. From jolie

    Kat, I am all in for the Dr Dick trend! I don’t agree that Rafe is less manly than any of other characters but I sure do want him to move on to a good woman. I can’t see him with Chloe but she is returning (though there is a rumor that she’ll die but I hope not). But bringing back Dr Dick…I am on board.

  130. From Kat

    129, Question, Have I ever said that Rafe is less manly…
    I do not recall that at all…

    Dr. Dick, last call for boarding…

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