Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For December 13 & 14.

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Brady hides as John shows up at Kristen’s door holding the gift his son bought for her. He remains clueless about the fact that she was just romping with his son and tells her he’s grateful to her for not pressing charges against Marlena. After he leaves, Brady gives her the gift and lets her know how much he cares.

Another examination of Daniel confirms that his treatment has actually worked. He’s optimistic about his career and even more optimistic about Jenn. However, his hopes are dashed when he bumps into her and she has no recollection of her confession of love. She wanders off confused until a yap session with Abby refreshes her memory. She and her daughter discuss whether loving Daniel is betraying Jack. Abby just wants her to be happy. Jenn mulls it over. Meanwhile, Daniel wanders the hospital in confusion. He bumps into Kate, who is showing off pictures of Parker. After she and the doctor catch up, she decides to let him keep a picture. Jenn shows up moments later.

Friction continues around the upcoming wedding. Sonny tells his boyfriend that Gabi is a creep and he doesn’t want anything to do with her crummy wedding. Will’s shocked. Sami shows up and asks Sonny to be an usher. He finds an excuse not to. Meanwhile, Gabi tries to assure Will that everything will pan out. Chad has something different to say about it. Gabi reminds him he’ll be headed for jail if he doesn’t behave himself. The DiMera voices his doubts about her pregnancy story. The doubts start to spread since Gabi and Nick have a hard time keeping their stories straight. Nick covers up by telling Rafe that he slept with his sister right after they met. That grosses out the detective. Gabi pouts. Nick comforts her. Simultaneously, Rafe pouts. Sami comforts him.

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  4 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    chad is gonna make real waves for gabi and nick’s wedding. not sure what but it won’t be pretty (he is a dimera and he has talked to his schemeing sister, kristen).. chad is becoming a true blue dimera (a chip off the old block)..
    i can’t remember, does will know gabi was the one who was involved with melanie’s kidnapping??..
    sure glad the treatment for daniel’s hands worked. with chloe coming back, i wonder if she will try to get him again, using parker?? by the way, is parker returning with chloe? i don’t think we have been told. i assume he is.. it’s a shame philip won’t be returning too..

  2. From L.G.

    It’s pathetic how whipped Brady is over Kristin. It’s getting pretty nauseating to watch.

  3. From Clear

    I am wondering why Kate would give Daniel a pix of Parker? What is he going to do run some kind of facial rec program! So if Parker is Dr Dan’s, I am sure goody two shoes Jenn will angst it all out. Not looking forward to that.

  4. From JAD

    this whole Kristin-Brady thing is sick…wasn’t she once his step mother??what a cougar!!!!
    I have watched this show on and off since the Bo & Hope Days and I thought i had seen it all with devil possions and crazy stuff like that but this Will & Sonny kissing mess is sick too. I guess
    Chad will kill Gabi off after she has the baby and Will and Sonny will raise it.

    And I would like to see Nichole win once in a while!! I wish she would slap goodie goodie Jenn..she
    makes me sick too…why am i watching this show??? good looking guys!

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