Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For December 17-21.

The holidays approach.

Kristen starts faking something while she’s in bed with Brady… nightmares. He’s concerned. She claims she’s just worried about ruining his relationship with his father. He looks at her like a lost puppy. At that moment, Marlena worries that Brady has become smitten with the DiMera. She enlists Hope to test how committed he is. It turns out he’s pretty committed. The shrink worries more. She does her best not to slip up and spill the beans to John. Meanwhile, Kristen tries pulling Brady even closer by using Johnny and Sydney. That works and he starts demanding a commitment. Jenn later walks in on them doing something that’s hard to misinterpret. He tries to explain things to Jenn. She doesn’t know how he can do something this crazy. He begs her to keep her mouth shut and she agrees to do that… for now. Kristen later pays her a visit and tries to convince the Horton that her motives with Brady are pure as the driven snow.

Sami is shocked when a roomful of gifts are delivered for the kids. EJ puts his foot down and claims it’s too much. He impresses Sami by convincing the kids to give most of the gifts to charity. Even Rafe is impressed by that. Kristen shows up. She wants to talk to her bro about Brady but Sami is blatantly eavesdropping. When Kristen name drops Stefano, Sami throws a fit. After an anti-DiMera rant from her, EJ says that, under her guidance, he has renounced his DiMera ways but will always be one of them.

Rafe apologizes to his sister for overreacting once again. She picks up Nick and they go to see Eric for their pre-cana session. Things are tense as they talk about their feelings and Nick covers up the fact that he’s not the father. It gets even more uncomfortable when John and Marlena arrive and dole out family advice. The shrink starts to probe Gabi about the shame she senses she’s feeling. Gabi insists that she feels no shame and manages to convince her that she just wants to make her marriage work.

A sober Jenn tells Daniel again that she loves him. Before their lips can touch, Lucas interrupts to lecture Jenn about hooking up with the doctor when Jack’s ashes are still floating in the breeze. She tells Lucas to stuff it and promises Daniel they can have some ‘romance’ over the holidays. Meanwhile, Sami and Rafe spend some time with the kids and reminisce about their past. Caroline takes her grand-daughter aside to tell her that she’s been in her position too. She advises her to choose wisely between EJ and Rafe.

Will turns to his father to mope about his fight with Sonny. Lucas tries his best to be supportive. He even goes to see Sonny himself and urges him to patch things up with Will. Sonny just heard the same thing from Chad. However, the moment gets a little confusing when Lucas mentions the money that Will borrowed from him. This gets the Kirakis thinking. He confronts Will, but only assumes that his boyfriend was helping with the abortion. They agree to put that behind them. Gabi and Nick show up to speak to Will. She worries that Sonny seems to be getting too close to the truth. Nick says that no one will ever believe that ‘gay boy’ is really the dad. That pisses Will off.

Eric continues to be tortured by his memories of Africa. He won’t open up about them to Caroline, but after waking up from another nightmare with a scream, Nicole shows up to push him for details. Eventually, he tells her about seeing a fellow priest die in the Congo. The priest took a bullet meant for him. Nicole assures him it wasn’t his fault and says he is still doing God’s work. She later runs into Chad and tells him how much she is missing Sydney. He offers to get Sydney a gift from her. Chad continues his good deeds as he spends some time with Abby, getting her to open up about losing her father. Chad meets up with his older brother and they visit Lexi’s grave. They spend some time with Abe and Theo before heading to the pub. Sami notices EJ is grieving and tries to comfort him. Rafe spots this and keeps his distance. Meanwhile, Kayla makes some Christmas plans with Abe and Chad decides it’s time that he actually got to know Cameron.

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  1. From dc

    see, i told you, kristen has an agenda. she is playing brady like a violin just to get to john.
    still waiting and hoping we will see bo at christmas (with hope and ciara), unless he is the one that goes missing..
    and i wonder how they are gonna keep the cameron character as an active person since he and abby are no longer together. i can see abby and chad hooking up.
    glad daniel’s hands are cured and him jenn are an item again.
    still wondering about eric’s past.. those nightmares, what is it?

  2. From julie


  3. From Sonia

    I agree with Julie, enough is enough, like the hiding the baby daddy. Didn’t they learn from Caroline & Sami??Why are these writers repeating the same story over & over again?? After 35 yrs. of watching the show it has gotten boring as hell.

  4. From Deb

    quite frankly I find it disgusting that jennifer and daniel love each other when they are cousins, I’ve watched this show for over 30 years and I find incest to be gross I emailed days nd they confirmed that yes they are cousins!!!

  5. From lulu

    Oh zzzzzzzzzzz there are NO storylines or there are lame (Gaby baby drama..hello we don’t care about Gaby) Brady/Kristen story..hello i like Kristen but nothing happen here, everybody keep the ‘secret’ Nicole and her never-ending obsession with the child she kidnapped..zzzz boring Rafe/Sami/Ej triangle same old same old, let Ej and Sami having a REAL story, you let Sami with Rafe without Ej in their orbit for time to time do it for Sami and Ej be fair and innovative WRITERS ! Right now your show sucks big time and ratings are bad !!! eyeroll.. maybe they really want this show to be cancelled..

  6. From bobby

    Why does Brady keep falling in love and start planning a future with every blonde he takes to bed. One romp in the hay and “he’s in love”. Maggie and Marlena better have an intervention with him. He has love and lust confused.
    I have to admit, I have been a little annoyed with Chad lately, but after the re-telling of Gabi’s role in Melanie’s kidnapping, Now I don’t know. Now it’s Gabi that’s annoying me.

  7. From lulu

    Gabby is a piece of trash (her brother not better by the way) therefore i am totally team Chad !!
    Gabby who acts as miss innocent in all this mess and Chad still has not exact a rightful vengence, it is time !! I really love Chad and Justin dialogue for tomorrow, Chad finally stand up for himself, i am just sorry Nick and Will are stuck with Gaby piece of boring trash !! Nick acts like a big jerk but i like the actor, he deserves better than that..KILL Gabby Gabby Chad, Sonny or even Will or Nick, KILL HER please !

  8. From bobby

    #7 lulu A little harsh. And what’s wrong with Rafe? At least he tries to be on the up and up. He tries not to hurt anyone on purpose. He’s a breath of fresh air compared to the back stabbing Dimeara’s. They have done far worse than Gabi. ‘Tis the season to be jolly-not killing somebody! Not saying Gabi should have gotten away scott free-but take it down a notch.

  9. From patty

    Really bobby, a little harsh is right, especially about a fictional character who is carrying an innocent child. I’m sure Chad won’t let that stop him, he is a Demira.
    Chad does not stand up for himself tomorrow, he gets told by Justin to keep his mouth shut if he wants to stay out of jail. So if he blabs on Gabi, he pays. There is no evidence against Gabi but there is plenty against him so there is no way to go after Gabi without implicating himself. This obssession with revenge is a Demira thing, it is not because he lost Melanie since he’s already trying to make a play for Abbigail. Of course his lunatic sister is offering him all kinds of advice on how to go about his revenge in a sneaky way just like she does.

  10. From gerri

    #8 bobby,
    well said………

  11. From grandma to many

    another stressed out mother to be is really pushing it so close to Nicole just doing this same story line , hate what Kristen is doing ,Chad is getting more violent every day and I miss Bo on the other hand , love seeing Caroline interact with everybody , I’m really liking Eric and maybe I could get behind Jen and Dr. Dan oh well it is Christmas time let’s light the Horton tree and see who will read to the children at the hospital

  12. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    So, now Bo is stuck in the Horton attic with Lucas, Billie, Celeste and Stefano? If they don’t roll out some s/l’s pretty soon, the whole darn cast is going to be up there with them.

  13. From Kat

    I can see Chad getting a bit out of control, but sitting on that kind of information about Gaby, could get to anybody, and I have seen No violence as of yet….
    Seems like nobody really remembers just what horrific thing Gaby did do…..
    Look at the lives it cost and the damage that was done.
    Chad was not raised by the DiMera’s so please give the guy a break, he feels that Gaby is getting away with a crime…
    Yes, the DiMera’s get away with a lot, mostly due to the stupidity of the Salem Ueber Eager PD,
    but people do know what they did.
    With Gaby, she walks on earth, like a little saint, that never did any wrong. Why wouldn’t that get to Chad… LOL
    So Chad is friends with Abby, and why not, doesn’t mean they have to become lovers or whatever, however should that happen, so what, life does go on.
    Look at Jen and Dan..
    7 lulu, I agree, you are a bit harsh…

    4 deb, Jenn and Dan are Not cousins, and there is no incest here at all.
    Maggie learned that Dan is here son,
    after over 40 years…. and Maggie is no Horton, only by marriage to Mickey.
    So there no growing up together and also not a drop of Blood between Jen and Dan… OK – No Incest at all.. don’t know why Days would tell you that.
    Yes, on paper you could call them cousins by marriage, but after all these years, who cares. They are free to be together…

  14. From lulu

    First Bobby i can say what i want, who you think you are seriously ?! eyeroll, major eyeroll, Gaby is a FICTIONAL character get it ? Therefore if i want to express my loathing to this character i can do it. End of story. Secondly Rafe is a total dirty cop, totally judgmental, self-righteous but will cover up any crimes if it please him..the worst kind to me, even in real life. Wow i can’t believe i am lectured about some soap fiction..ridiculous..eyeroll again and again..

  15. From Leah

    Just wanted to say I loved the scene between EJ and Caroline on Monday…. showed some character by EJ to actually take Johnnie to see his great grandmother. Enjoyed their frank conversation and at long last a “BRADY” admission and acknowledgement…. Sami is in love with two men. Rafe AND EJ! Oh bravo at long last a family member (apart from John Black and Lucas) saying the L word in the same sentence in reference to how Sami feels about EJ. And things are only getting better for Ejami fans. Next week Sami tells Caroline that she is torn between 2 men. Wow, that must be a bit of a shock for some but for me I’m loving it and hope it continues.
    Spoilers say Sami is close to reconciling with one of her exes… I’m picking it will be Rafe until something happens at Nick and Gabis wedding which will blow it all wide apart. What do you all reckon? Do you think thats how its going to go all down?

  16. From lc

    My apologies if this double posts…I didn’t think my first one went thru!!! :)

    Is it just me or does Nick seem to be quite a bit manipulative towards Will about the baby? It also seems like he is becoming obsessive towards Gaby the way he did with Melanie. Also, I’m wondering if Bo is maybe coming back as they keep making reference to him still being there!? I, for one, would love Bo to come back!!! Hope everyone is doing great!!!!!!!!

  17. From sam

    Leah for months we have to endure the so contrived ‘angst’ between Sami and Rafe, right now she set up Gaby’s wedding in order to create interaction and again ‘angst’ between her and Rafe so a ‘reconciliation’ if nothing but predictable and boring, actually right now it is almost like they are together so what..zzzzzzzzzz

  18. From Kat

    14 lulu,
    hate to say it, but the way you put it in your last blog, you do have a point,
    You loath Gaby, ok by me…
    and yes you can loath Rafe for covering up crimes….
    and yes they are fictional characters, and yes you can call them names.
    Come to think of it, I have read so many loathing things and names about EJ on here, from other bloggers.
    However I think it was the Kill, Kill, Kill, that got to some of us just a wee bit, ok. A little overboard and scary, even towards fictional characters…. Peace, please. You have to remember, that we all live in a bit more sensitive society now a days.. LOL, or should I say COL.
    Let’s all just get along and clear things up….misunderstandings are so easy to happen on this blog site…

  19. From bobby

    #14 lulu-end of discussion.
    #17 kat, #10 gerri, and #9 patti-Thank you.

  20. From jolie

    #1 dc, I think most would agree with you that Kristen’s agenda involves John but the confusing thing is how? Does she think that doing the horizontal with Brady will win John back or is she just doing it to drive John crazy as a punishment of sorts? I still can’t get a good feel either way.

    #6 Bobby, one thing the writers do consistently is portray Brady as an addict. He is addicted to blond love and confuses passion for deep abiding love. Bless his heart. And while Chad has been quite the little pain in the butt he does have a point. But I am confused at how so many crimes have been glossed over while we are still waiting around for Gabi to get hers. I think Gabi is too young and immature to make life decisions and Nick is too needy and Will is just too confused still about who he is. Chad, just pissed off. Together they all make a nice reality show…Salem Shore.

    #8 and #9 I agree. Rafe is a good guy but has been dealt a nasty hand by the writers. Gabi will eventually make her own bed but Chad will as well. Gabi needs to grow up and Chad needs to get rid of his anger. Rafe needs a life. Kristen needs to leave Brady out of it but too late that.

    #15 Leah, that Sami finally realizes that she is torn between 2 men…that makes me laugh. It just shows how totally self aware our Sami is. She is so into how she feels that she misses the clues on why she feels it. I think you are right about Rafe and Sami and then a blow up because the truth comes out about Gabi’s baby daddy. What I don’t understand is why the writers continue to rub Rafe’s nose in it. Just like they do Nicole. These are good characters. Allow them a good storyline once in a while where they are actually happy. That is all I want from Santa for them.

    Tuesday’s show…I have to admit that I got a little misty when Daniel and Maggie were together and she discovered his tremors were gone. Then again when Mags talked to Jennifer. I just want some peace in Salem for Christmas as well as good story lines.

    I also want Nicole to have a little relief from crying for Christmas. She finally got the big picture yesterday…alone again. I thought it was heartbreaking even though all seemed to know Dr Dan didn’t really care about her except Nicole. Nicole needs to find her own worth and then find a man. She has defined herself too often by the man wearing her on his arm. It hasn’t work so far.

    I thought Sonny was acting like a spoiled child around Gabi but he is like a mushroom when with Will, kept in the dark about a lot of stuff. Will is his mother’s son and will always have drama circulating around him. If Sonny can’t deal, now is the time to cut the ties that aren’t binding. I don’t blame Sonny for being confused and even mad about Gabi’s part in the Mel kidnapping but he has heard one side and Chad is a bit out there right now. They are friends and partners but I think I’d take what an angry Chad says with a grain of coffee creamer. I want to see Chad happy again. He is such a good character and actor. This endless anger is not becoming. I am tired of it. Yes Gabi was wrong. Yes she needs to know she was wrong. I think she gets it. Now Chad move on. If with Abigail…go for it and be happy. Fatha will be back soon enough and will cause you some problems that will give you something else to think about.

    The spoilers above…did Kristen send over the gifts for the kids? I think it is great that Elvis thinks to have the kids be generous. Good for him. That Sami throws a fit, how fitting is that. Seems like Elvis is trying to be the man he has not been but has avowed to be. No, not mayor but just better. Well, we’ll see what Stefano has to say about that. I think Elvis will resist for a while but the pull will be too great. It has been so far when he announced he was going to be a better man. Promised it to God at one point and went right back at it. Again it is just the inconsistency from the writers but if Elvis wants to be good, let him. I just don’t think it will work for his character. He is a really good bad guy like Stefano. I think this is a wait and see!

    Does Kristen use Sami’s eavesdropping skills which are only matched by her DNA changing skills to finally inform John about her boy-toy Brady? I thought that was what the spoilers were hinting at but then Stefano’s name was mentioned and it got off track. Interesting. And we are getting closer to the man coming back…not Santa but Stefano. He’ll probably play Santa and drop a large check at the rectory for the school and who can argue with that??

    Father Eric’s dreams…so we now see that someone took a bullet for him and he has guilt. He needs to take some of the advice he has been doling out and use it on himself. Interesting that Nicole is the one he confides in. But he wants to be a friend to her and he needs one in return.

  21. From TerriK

    Gotta say it again- dislike Gabi. She deceived Melanie to get what she wants, when Melanie was a concerned friend of hers and up until Chad spilled to Sonny, he was too. Gabi does what she has to only to serve her own happiness and everyone else be damned as far as she’s concerned. No one laid off of Nikki when she was preggo so what’s the difference? She knowingly let the psycho torment Melanie for

  22. From TerriK

    Gotta say it again- dislike Gabi. She deceived Melanie to get what she wants, when Melanie was a concerned friend of hers and up until Chad spilled to Sonny, he was too. Gabi does what she has to only to serve her own happiness and everyone else be damned as far as she’s concerned. No one laid off of Nikki when she was preggo so what’s the difference? She knowingly let the psycho torment Melanie for months and now, like Chad, we’re suppose to let it go? Well it was YEARS ago when Kristen pulled her last stunt, let that go too :) EJ should be forgiven too. Conspiring to get the woman he loves back isnt such a terrible thing :)

  23. From patty

    Chad did commit a crime and has been violent . According to Justin, that contract was drawn up to cover Chad’s butt as much as to vindicate Gabi. As for covering up crimes, Rafe is also walking around living with the fact that he was held prisoner and had his memory erased by the Demiras and some still think he has no right to get snarky with EJ. John is walking around knowing he was framed by EJ for a crime he didn`t commit and some still want him to open his arms to his nephew. You dont see them walking around being bitter and plotting revenge. Why cant Chad learn to live with what he did instead of taking it upon himself to seek vengence against a pregnant Gabi. Gabi has moved on, so can he. Just because his older sibblings plot revenge and are now coaching him on how to do it, it doesnt mean he has to follow in their footsteps.
    Leah, I dont see why the admission that Sami is in love with two men is so great or a surprise. It use to be three, she narrowed it down to two which is a small step I guess. I am hoping that when Rafe tells Sami how he really feels he tells her he is done with her self absorbed self. What Gabi did in the past does not concern Sami in the least, look what she has done.
    Still not buying Elvis fake niceness all of a sudden. It is so not him , why does he have to change so drastically just to impress Sami. I think he is playing Sami as good as Kristen is playing Brady in my opinion. I would not be surprised he is the one who bought all those gifts so he can play the charitable card.

  24. From TerriK

    Patty- Read my mind about the Christmas gifts but that could be the.result of a resentful feeling from Stefano too. Who knows. Wonder if we’ll even find out.
    Im so bored of the Sami/EJ/Rafe triangle that I barely pay attention to it. Im preferring the Kristen/Doc/John/Brady drama now (shocked to admit it) But enough Samantha- i wish the 3 would walk away and pair them elsewhere or SOMETHING but enough.

    Chad did commit a crime, after Gabi’s and frankly I can empathize with Chad. She didnt just keep her hidden away…she manipulated their relationship the entire time he was with Melanie..I think she deserves a little punishment. BUT I do agree everyone else pulls the same kinda crap and lots of it just ges brushed under the rug. Maybe its time to change those habits :)

  25. From patty

    Chad has no one to blame but himself for his troubles. He lost Melanie because he lied to her and beat up Nick. Now he’s making a play for Abbigail but is still hell bent on revenge. I wonder if he knows after he dumped Abbigail for Melanie that she too went about setting a trap to entice a married man. If Chad’s big revenge is to reveal all about Gabi’s involvement in Melanie’s kidnapping, he will not be shocking a lot of people because Nick, Will, Rafe , Justin, Sonny and EJ already know. Plus he will be breaching his contract and might end up in jail himself. Maybe they can put him in a cell next to Gabi and he can watch her go into labor or something.
    If Sami blames Rafe for this, that would make her even a bigger hypocrite because he has covered for her for far worst. Maybe he can finally reveal that she shot EJ for a little revenge of his own, ha! Not likely, Rafe is not about revenge or payback.

  26. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Technically, Patty, Lucas narrowed the field for Sami. She didn’t choose it on her own. He put the brakes on her and him. A little dignity and restraint from the other two is long overdue.

    A very happy 35th birthday wish to my daughter, Sarah, 12/12/12. May you defeat your own personal EJ this coming year.

  27. From Sammi

    Dr. Dan & Jennifer may not be cousins, but it is still icky when Dan calls Maggie “Mom” & Jennifer calls her “Aunt Maggie”. Just comes off as creepy. Also, the love of Jenn’s life Jack has been dead for a nanosecond & she is professing her love for Dan. Sick, sick, sick.

  28. From MAB

    Leah – in reply as to what sets Sami off, I hope it’s all the above! When Rafe said he trusted her yesterday, Sami said yeah except for when it counts. So true! And that may be an indication that when she finds out about all of Gabi’s secrets, and Rafe kept them from her (again), and she will go off. I would go off too if I was helping her & planning her wedding.

    Nope, the binding contract between Chad & Nick says Nick would not press charges against Chad as long as he left Gabi alone. So if the contract is broken, Nick can press charges, but that that doesn’t mean Chad would go to jail. Oh, he’d probably be arrested, but probably would do no jail time. Chad thinks Gabi should pay, and he is right. Also, Justin could get himself into trouble overseeing such a contract, covering up crimes that were committed. The reality is, all Chad did was beat up Nick. Nick & Gabi are way worse than Chad is. Nick has a record and only got out of jail because of Mel, and who knows if he is in his right mind or not. And Gabi didn’t pay for what she did, including nearly getting several people killed down in those tunnels over her obsession w/ Chad. Hmm, seems she takes after Rafe, like his obsession over Sami. Also, there is plenty of evidence against Gabi, and as Chad said, Melanie knows the truth, and I’m sure if need be, she would tell the truth about what Gabi did to her.

    Kat – I’m sure EJ would defend Chad, and win, if need be. Some want to lay blame at the DiMeras feet, as usual, and call Chad out for being rightfully pissed off, but sweep under the rug what Gabi did, and what her so-called good guy brother Rafe did, once again covering up crimes to the law he supposed to uphold. And also Justin too, creating such a cockamamie contact between Chad & Nick. And I hope Kristen does tell Chad how to use the information he has on Gabi to his advantage, the DiMera way!

    I almost liked the last scene between Dan & Jen at the hospital yesterday, reminded me of the good ole days. I’m still not over what they did in recent months, but I’ll be glad once these 2 can move on together…maybe then can turn me into a fan again. But who the real star is in this was Nicole. Oh my, her acting never disappoints! When she took Daniel by the face and told him he was the best man she’s ever known, and then the breakdown w/ Eric, well she made me believe that she really did love Daniel after all. She was as almost as upset telling him goodbye as she was over loosing her child. Kudos to Ari Zucker!

    Maggie sure had to eat her words! She was still on her high horse, jumping down Abby’s throat until Jen was rolled into the hospital on a gurney. Jen of course accepted her apology, but Maggie needs to learn how to mind her business. Is she gonna jump all over Jen everytime they have a problem?

    I don’t find lulu’s comments any harsher than what some say about another “fictional” character, EJ. She has a right to her opinion.

    Sorry, but Rafe being referred to as a breath of fresh air is reaching for something that just isn’t there. He most certainly has hurt people intentionally, maybe not the same MO as a DiMera, but his record speaks for itself. He is no hero, or knight in shining armor. He is a regular guy, who is very flawed, and needs to stop making excuses for his actions. He should own up to what he does instead of blaming EJ, Sami, and everyone else for his mistakes.

    I’m not surprised at how Sonny is acting. He seems to put himself up on a pedestal like everyone else is beneath him. That is the image he presents, and I don’t see that changing. Another one who acts all high & mighty like he does no wrong.

    There should be no reason to point out EJ for making promises to God he didn’t keep. He isn’t the first person to do that, and won’t be the last. Those are common words many characters have uttered, and haven’t followed thru with. So why make EJ the punching bag for something most of the entire cast is also guilty of???

    I say things is gonna be different this time around for EJ. I don’t think he’ll change completely (and I wouldn’t want him to), and he isn’t changing drastically to be w/ Sami. He’s just using his head, unlike Rafe, and showing Sami he can be the better man. He wants to finally have the relationship w/ Sami that he’s always wanted, and he will take the necessary steps to make that happen.

    Rafe only covered for Sami in the beginning when she shot EJ. EJ knew she did it, and even Roman & Bo knew she did it. So what is he hiding for her? Nothing!

    Who cares if Rafe is snarky to EJ? We are used to his nasty attitude, but he belittles every situation, like how much money EJ gave Johnny to put in the pot for charity. That is nothing but being caddy on his part, and shows what an @$$ he truly is.

  29. From Kat

    26 MAB, Lady… you said it. Thank you, I like the way you see things straight on….not bent all over the place to fit something……

  30. From Linda

    I liked the Daniel and Jennifer pairing, then I didn’t and got tired of the whole thing, but now I like them again. I’m so fickle! The surgery Daniel performed on her and his treatment working on his hands, that she pushed for, was all very touching for me. Sorry for Nicole. Great acting on her part!

    To say that thinking Rafe is a breath of fresh air is reaching for something that isn’t there is only an opinion. It’s definitely there for some of us! I don’t care if Sami is with Rafe or EJ in the end but that breath of fresh air thing is right there for me regarding Rafe.

    I don’t like what’s happening to Chad’s character. Gabi needs to pay in some way for what she did but it’s not up to Chad to make it happen. His relationship with Melanie ended through his own actions.

    Sonny needs to get a grip! Sami’s really going all out for Gabi and Nick’s wedding. Impress Rafe much?! Very nice scenes between Caroline and EJ. But I wouldn’t be surprised if TerriK and patty are right about EJ being the one who sent all those gifts to the kids. Maybe not but it would be just like him.

  31. From MAB

    Thanks Kat!

  32. From Maryl

    It’s funny how Chad is being viewed as a jerk and bad guy for beating up Nick, yet when Brady and his thugs beat up EJ, his actions were almost praised and thought to be the right thing for Brady to do. The reason for the DiMera’s doing bad stuff is never justified, but low and behold, if a Brady, Horton, or Hernandez does something bad, it is always for a “good” reason. Well, there are a lot of us viewers who don’t always buy into that reasoning. A lot of bias feelings get revealed in some of these happenings.

    Before the Gabi and Nick SL is told, we may all be wishing that Chad had beat Nick up a lot more–enough to send him skidoodle out of Salem. For some reason, I am not trusting his mental capacities. The look on Hope’s face yesterday may have been a sign that she doesn’t completely trust him either. Who knows–maybe in the end, Chad will be the one to rescue Gabi–this is a soap and stranger things have happened.

    My parting thoughts for today–Go, EJ and Sami!!! Sami, it’s time to leave Rafe in the dust–let him find another woman–one that’s “worthy” of his “marvelous”!

  33. From Kat

    For Gaby to look over and over again through that window in the door, seeing Melanie tied to the Bed…..
    And they were supposed to be friends… says it all.
    She needs to be found out, for her Own Sake and Chad’s…
    Both need closure, each in their own way, in order to move on..
    Whitewashing Gaby, and putting all the blame on Chad, because — He is a DiMera, LOL,is not working for me at all.
    Chad and Melanie’s relationship got destroyed directly because of what Gaby did to Melanie,…. Ever hear of Ripple effect. It’s used here all the time when it comes to EJ and what he set in motion.
    When it comes to Rafe, I hear, well the writers could write him better…. and that is the excuse, Well the same writers also write for the character of EJ…and Sami and everybody else…because they want it that way.
    Already again, EJ is all but guilty about being the one who sent the gifts. Maybe it is Rafe that sent them, to competed with EJ’s five Dollars…
    Didn’t we all want Sami to take time out from the Bedroom, well now that she does, it get’s called boring.
    Can’t please everbody.
    She is doing what we hoped she would do for a while,
    working, being a good Mom, helping out Gaby with her wedding, enjoying her family, and yes she is caught between 2 man. And the words that Sami is in love with the 2 men, came from Caroline, Sami did not say that at all. Of course I am sure she is torn between those 2 men, but she will figure it out sooner or later..
    Events happening etc. will help her to see/feel things more clearly, and then fans, let the “Affair/Romance” of the century begin.

    Writers, please don’t let us down, we have waited for such a long time..

  34. From patty

    Yeah, yeah, what an a$$ Rafe is for being snarky to EJ, in comparison to kidnapping, blackmailing, backstabing, plotting and manipulating and all that to the woman he supposedly loves. You are right bobby, Rafe is a breath of fresh air. Since when does Rafe have an obssession with Sami? He brought her flowers! Sami’s the one who’s stringing him along, calling him, batting her baby blues at him, planning this wedding and trying to charm her way back in so she can reject him again because he can’t trust her with good reasons.
    Justin is a lawyer, he knows what he is doing and he didn’t break any laws or won’t get in trouble. I like how all of a sudden he’s a bad guy too. How dare he not be on board with a Demira! How dare anybody for that matter, those Demiras are such a likeable lot who have never done anything wrong to anyone after all!!!

  35. From MAB

    And saying Rafe is a breath of fresh air is also just an opinion, but an opinion nonetheless that was naturally opposing another’s just because a negative comment was posted about Rafe. It’s everyone’s right to say what they want whether it fancy’s someone else or not.

  36. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    I think I got this figured out. Everytime The Biggest Loser goes into production, Ali gets a less than riveting s/l. She doesn’t go off camera completely, but she gets less dialogue, story, script, etc. Maybe that’s why she’s so boring. Sami’s not a very hard worker, but Ali sure is!! Other than that, there’s more going on, on this board than on the show. We have appendicitis, shakey hands, an unplanned pregnancy, a wedding, a priest with nightmares, pseudoincest…um, what else? Such drivel. Not a single arc storyline. Just a bunch of snarky people not getting along. Not why I watch a soap. Not at all.

  37. From jolie

    #24 DTBB, happy birthday to your daughter as well. All twelves. That has to be very special.

    #28 Linda you are certainly no more fickle than anyone else here so enjoy. And I agree that some are harsh about the opinions of others on the characters but you are still very entitled to have them.

    #30 Hi Maryl I don’t think many think Chad is a jerk for beating up Nick but for his current aggressive and antic behavior. He is everywhere and is being so negative. I just think the actor is better than that like a lot of the others. And you might be right, wouldn’t that take the cake if Chad ended up saving Gabi! Nick is just a little needy and controlling. I hope he doesn’t go off the deep end because I like him but yep it can most certainly happen and is looking a bit weird right now.

    And I am one of those who is tired of the SAmi/Elvis/Rafe triangle. It is worse than the Bermuda Triangle when it comes to swallowing up talent, effort, sanity, time. Just move on with the story. Who cares anymore? Maybe the writers will finally make some changes in some of the relationship, put Elvis in Sami’s arms, let Rafe move on, get something more going on. It is boring to see it. The Dr Dan/Nicole/Jenn triangle changed overnight. The writers need to do the same for Sami/Elvis/Rafe. Again, we can take it. Rip the bandage off and let’s get on with it. Boring!

  38. From Kat

    Just wondering, how the Ball would bounce on here,
    If Chad was Not a DiMera,
    but a Brady, or Horton, or just any Chad something…
    Poor guy is on the Hit list, just because his Mother slept with Stefano and he took the name DiMera. So sad.
    Chad, get things right, and then you can move on with your life.
    IMO, Justin made a deal,that does not impress me at all. It’s wrong all the way around, and could come to bite him.
    Doesn’t make him a bad guy, He just chose
    the other side…sort of like the Salem Brady Police has done in the past… And look what happened just about every time…
    And then it’s crying time again for the so Called Good guys. It is so much fun to watch and to read on here….

  39. From jolie

    #31 Kat, I see what you are saying about Gabi. But think about Elvis being a better man when he was going down in the basement where Rafe was being kept (and that creep in Sami’s home). I see it the same way. Elvis wasn’t punished for that one. Well neither was Stefano but then when has he ever??
    I’m not trying to start a fuss, just looking at it from all sides. I know Gabi wasn’t right. But then neither was Chad when he decided to keep the secret. That was probably a crime(after the fact) as well if you get the kidnapping statues down and peruse them.

  40. From MAB

    Maryl & Kat – BIG DITTO, and Kat, too funny about Rafe sending the gifts to compete w/ EJ’s five dollars. Although, I doubt he has enough money to buy that many gifts. How can he when he never works?

    Oh, and the spoilers say again how he has to apologize again to his sister for being too rough on her. Man, he just doesn’t quit w/ his bullying ways.

    Ugh, here we go again bringing up EJ’s past to try to excuse Rafe being an @$$. He’s the one who stood there and made a fool of himself over five dollars. Go figure! Hmm, and I for one find the air quit congested when Rafe is on the screen. Oh, and Rafe sticking his nose back into Sami’s life once Carrie left him high & dry certainly is the premise of his obsession, and not only w/ Sami, but EJ too.

    Justin could very well get in trouble when the truth comes out, especially if the writers make it happen. Just because he’s a lawyer doesn’t mean squat! Oh, and I beg you to point out where anyone called Justin a bad guy…don’t think so because no one said it…just more fabrication as usual! No problem for Justin to cover up a crime tho, even carrying the Kirakis name, but if the lawyer were EJ, he’d be damned for doing it.

  41. From Kat

    37 jolie, no problem .. I like discussion…
    I know what EJ did was so wrong, and I have said that, and the world knows about it, and the Salem PD could have nailed EJ and his Fatha, had they not messed it up again.
    Gaby was supposed to be Melanie’s and Chad’s Friend, that makes it so much worse IM.
    Yes Chad kept the secret, like he said, he wanted to protect Mel,
    however now Rafe, Nick and Yes Mel are keeping the secret, incl. Justin’s shady deal.

    When the so called Good people in Salem do wrong, why does it always have to come back to EJ.
    We know he is/was Bad, and I have never been happy with him, when he did bad stuff, no dis agreement here, however, many time times what he did was out of reaction what was done to Him…

    Can we ever just say, that some of the “Good people” did wrong, without always digging up what EJ did.

    again, Jolie, no problem…

  42. From jolie

    #39 Kat, I agree and I meant no harm. Elvis is a bad boy and we like him for it. I think it just gets so nasty on the site here when some talk so terrible about Rafe who has to walk the Salem Po-Po line like Roman always has. But that in itself is a joke and I just love Roman. But have you noticed…and I know Richard always railed about this…Roman will never arrest Stefano or Elvis with anything that makes any difference or will stick yet he’ll arrest Hope, Bo, John, Marlena, Lucas, even Sami. Now that one will make you ruin your hairdo scratching your head. See if it won’t! But again I love the characters on this show. Some get on my nerves…Dr Dan/Jenn..some are just fun..Stefano/Kate..some you would like to kick in the pants…Gabi/Sami. And of course my Nicole who does some horrible stuff but is such a good actress and you feel her hurt when she gets caught up. Love them!

  43. From MAB

    Yep, everyone has a right to their opinion, and THEIR being the operative word. It works both ways. But that didn’t seem to matter earlier when lulu got chastised for her harsh opinion, but she’s still entitled to it just the same. Some need to take their own advice.

    I’m not tired of the Sami/EJ/Rafe triangle because I know eventually she’s gonna dump Rafe and be w/ EJ.

    #36 & #39 Kat – good stuff!

    Again, this ‘who did what’ goes back to who is ‘supposed’ to be the good & bad. It is expected for the DiMeras to do things and get away w/ them, else no story or show. Some still want to pretend they haven’t paid tho, when they have. Stefano & EJ both have paid in many different ways, but some will never see it that way. They don’t have a lot of what the Brady’s & Horton’s have, which is unconditional love & family. That in itself is justice. Problem is when the so-called do-gooders do despicable things and any excuse that can be made is made to justify their actions. And this is not the slightly stepping outside the law like Bo, John, and others used to do. This is blatant, intentional things done to others for their own satisfaction. Things Rafe, Gabi, Caroline, Daniel, Jen, and several others have done to benefit themselves and intentionally hurt people, and most of them was nothing but sticking their nose in where it didn’t belong. This is apparently now the way soaps are working, not like it used to be, so for me, there are really no ‘good’ people left on this show, none that deserves any praise that is. And the constant blaming EJ for everything is played. He is not responsible for everything, least of all others stupidity, hence Rafe.

  44. From patty

    EJ never needed an excuse to do bad things to others, John never did anything to him and he framed him anyway so saying he only acts out in response to something that was done to him is not true. Good people do wrong things but why do they have to pay when the bad ones get away with it. I agree jolie, Gabi looking in on Melanie in a room tied to a bed is no worst than EJ tormenting a caged up Rafe, laughing and blowing smoke in his face . At least Gabi was horrified at what Andrew was doing. She wasn’t enjoying it over cocktails. Did EJ ever apologize to anyone for that or even acknowledge that he did it? Did he pay like Gabi is suppose to pay for her mistake. Did somebody seek out revenge to make sure that he did pay? The only reason the police could never nail the Demiras is because they have crooked cops on the force and henchmen all over town.
    Chad use to be a good kid but his family are now hell bent on corrupting his mind and he is adopting the Demira ways. So much so that he can plainly see that EJ is working on an agenda with Sami and tells him so. Of course EJ says he has Kristen to thank for that and that Chad should listen to her too. Why not, a family that plots together stays together I guess.
    Hope also warns Sami that EJ is playing her and tells her it is an idiotic idea to be working for him. Sami thinks it’s funny and is all giddy about planning the wedding with Rafe.
    Oh and Sami gives EJ a peck on the cheek for giving her the afternoon off to plan the wedding. That should set some EJami hearts to fluttering. Zzzzz!

  45. From jolie

    Where is Sandygram today? Maybe out Christmas shopping. I am missing her input.

    As I was reading the spoilers for next week (above) it seems that Kristen is using any and all comers to sink her claws deeper into Brady and the secret is starting to get out. Not that she needed any help to get his full attention. That Hope and Jennifer get involved..that is sort of weird but this is Salem.

    And the Gabi baby secret. Isn’t it funny how in Salem that if you have a secret that you don’t want told, all you do is talk about it to any and all who will listen. In that alternate universe, I guess it makes some kind of sense. Or not. Either way, we know it is coming out and soon and we’ll all be so sick of it, them, the situation, that we’ll be screaming it at the TV. Or maybe that is just me.

    I think it is sort of funny that Lucas gets into Jenn’s case about Jack being newly departed and she is mooning over Dr Feelgood. Lucas is good at sticking his nose where he really doesn’t have any business but sometimes he hits the mark. If the writers would give him a storyline…well, he could actually use his powers for something else.

    Caroline is using her newly unfuddled mind to mind everyone’s business and it might be a good thing. Sami needs her choices pointed out. And since Caroline seems to be cheering for both teams, this ought to get really confusing. She spoke to Elvis about really changing then spoke to Rafe about Sami being so nice to Gabi for Rafe’s benefit. Then she points out that Sami needs to choose wisely. Finally!

    Then the spoilers mention that Chad is out doing good deeds like offering to get Sydney a gift from Nicole. So when does Chad give a fig about Nicole. That is just a little strange but maybe he is just getting along in his getting-over-process and is being more positive. I can’t wait for that and Nicole needs someone besides Father Eric to be nice to her. I know we saw a spoiler that Nicole would get a surprise call or something of the sort during Christmas so I am now thinking it might be from Chloe.

    I am glad Abe and Theo and Kayla and we hear little Joey will have some time during Christmas. Cameron as well. Where is Celeste in all of this? She seems to have gone upstairs and hasn’t Bo.

    This was a bit rambling but that is how the show is mostly. Have a good evening all!

  46. From jolie

    #36 DTBB I think you are on to something. And that Ali is a hard worker. She makes hay while the sun shines for sure. I saw a Christmas special about celebrities having their homes decorated by a designer for Christmas and Ali was one. She was so pretty on the show and her home was beautiful and of course looked great afterwards. But you are right about the storylines. We are being fed a bunch of hogwash that would not have passed for stories in the past. The characters, the actors, the fans deserve better.

  47. From Kat

    Got a kick out of Justin today, calling Chad, a real DiMera, anthat coming from a Kiriakis,
    a Crime Family equal or bigger than the DiMera’s…
    Got to have a sense of Humor,
    and yes Chad is right, he was sort of forced into that agreement,
    and what ever happened, isn’t Gaby’s crime the big, big issue,
    not what Chad did to Nick, because he was assuming the worst,
    like Melanie being in danger…

  48. From Linda

    Not just naturally opposing another’s opinion at all, just because it was a negative about Rafe. It’s just that a few post with such authority that you’d think what they write is gospel. And it isn’t! As for lulu, what she wrote didn’t bother me but I agree with Kat #18 that lulu’s kill, kill, kill was probably what offended some “just a wee bit”, even if Gabi is fictional.

    Today’s show was another great one. Feel so sorry for Will. He’s sure between a rock and a hard place. Sami is completely gaga over planning this wedding. Creepy how Chad has it in for Gabi.

  49. From emma

    Well about Ej not is just FALSE ! The guy was beated up almost to death by Brady, lost Taylor (not a big loss i agree but and above all gave full custody of his children to Sami and did not see them for almost a me that is PUNISHMENT, on the other hand Gabby just got a new guy, a baby, people wasting their time supporting her ect..and that is just A FACT like would said dear old John ! ha.

  50. From MAB

    As you say, Rafe is written that way, and so is EJ. If good people do wrong things, then these so-called good people of Salem don’t know the difference. Most good people admit to their mistakes, and own up to what they did. Caroline did, Jen finally did, Daniel did, but has Gabi or Rafe, nope! I guess that’s just a Hernandez trait tho. And no, EJ may have not got put in jail (although he has been arrested), but the reason he never goes to jail is because the good ole Salem PD can’t solve a case, or do their job correctly w/o bending the law to do so. Then what do they do when they finally got EJ, accused him of a murder he didn’t even commit. Nice police work there village idiots! Oh, and EJ did finally pay for what he did, the day Sami humiliated him in front of everyone, ripped his children from him, and kept them from him. And of course EJ has acknowledged & apologized for things he did. He and Sami have discussed them more than once, and have moved on. Try it, you might like it.

    Chad will be just fine, DiMera ways or not. I’m just hope he gets out of the dead-end SL soon, and move on w/ his life.

    Here we go again, Hope being a busybody. Where does she get off telling Sami she’s an idiot for working w/ EJ? She has no room to talk after some of the idiotic things she’s done in the past. I’ll be glad when Sami tells them all where to get off and chooses EJ regardless of what her dysfunctional family tells her, or tries to convince her of.

    Oh, I can’t wait to see Sami kiss EJ on the cheek. So great seeing them grow closer & closer. LOVE IT!

  51. From MAB

    Yes, someone did oppose her opinion because it was negative about Rafe. Proof is in the writing. And as soon as it gets pointed out, it’s starts becoming a personal issue. Leave well enough alone…there are numerous people on here who write w/ authority, it’s their privledge, and one should not insult someone for it.

  52. From MAB

    #49 emma – I agree!

  53. From patty

    If Sami dumps Rafe because he kept Gabi’s secret from her then she should be dumping EJ for the same reason because he knew about it, used it to blackmail Rafe and kept it from Sami also. He is witholding information so I guess he could be charged too, him being a lawyer and a former mayor and all. Ha! Yeah right, like that is going to happen.
    I don’t see Gabi’s secret as being what comes between Rafe and Sami . If it does, she is a bigger hypocrite than I thought. If it is about the paternity of the baby, so far both she and Rafe are in the dark about that. There is nothing to indicate that Rafe finds out before she does and doesn’t tell her about it. If he does then I can see her being pissed but again it would probably be because he is sworn to secrecy and we know that Rafe keeps his word when asked to keep a secret, unlike Sami. Either way, I wish they would get on with it. Can’t wait for Rafe to move on to better things. Too bad Sami will have to settle for second best.

  54. From Leah

    Wow, wow, WOW! Gee wheez… I’m a bit shocked reading through some of these posts. How does Chad become the bad guy in all of this? Chad was not involved in… in any way, shape or form, involved in all of those creepy and nutto Gabi deeds or plans in regards to Melanie. Chad is NOT responsible… Gabi is! How this whole situation can be turned around and directed at him is beyond me. Some of you must be watching a completely different show to me.
    Chad is angry, furious in fact. He is bitter about what happened between him and Melanie. Do I like the fact he beat up Nick? No, but I understand with Nick and Melanies history and just after the Melanie kidnapping Chad thought he was protecting Melanie.
    I think some of us posters on here just have to look at it this way…. regardless of the situation, whether they be in the right or the wrong, justified in their actions or not, anyone or thing with Dimera associated with it for some, is gonna be instantly mud. Poor Johnnie and Sydney, know matter how or what they grow up to be they don’t stand a chance.
    As for Nick he is still a little creepy. I don’t like his manipulating or handling of this pregnancy situation. He should just butt out and leave all the discussion and decision making to the two parents Will and Gabi.

  55. From Leah

    I’m an Ejami fan… are they perfect NO, but I like it that way! IF they finally do get together I want them to get up to just as much mischief and trouble as they have done in the past. I want them to walk that fine line between good and bad, just not too bad – LOL. I reckon if they (the writers) try and dumb them down they will lose their fizzle so I hope they keep them both grey and both still challenging each other. Ejami fighting and making up will be good to watch I reckon :) Its all part of the Ejami charisma and charm for those of us that like them of course!
    PS: But I won’t miss the… using the kids as pawns in each others games, the lying, the kidnapping or attempted murder plot. As someone said once “The writers got it so wrong! It should have always been the forbidden love story and Ejami against the world not each other.” Bring it on!

  56. From Blazen.

    #48 Linda: Well said. And, if you insulted anyone, I missed it!!
    Keep your opinions coming!! They’re just as valid as anyone elses!! :)

    And, I too thought EJ might be responsible for sending over all of the gifts so he could play the charity card. After all, Rafe wouldn’t have the cash to play that card, and manipulation is one of EJ’s best games. Just MO!!
    We’ll have to see if the real gifter is ever revealed!! Maybe it was Santa Stefano!!
    Magical Holidays All!! :)

  57. From Blaze.

    Kristen has got to be lovin’ her S/L!! “You want me to kiss and roll around with who?!” Yeowzer!! :)

  58. From patty

    I too worry about what will become of little Johnny and Sydney. If the way the Demiras are coaching Chad is any indication, then those poor kids don’t stand a chance. Both Nick and Chad are a little on the creepy side. Nick seems to have it more under control than Chad though.
    As for Hope’s advice , Sami seems to take it all in fun and asks “What are you saying, that EJ and I have a rocky history?” and even jokes to Rafe that Hope is questioning” her judgement”. Of course Sami is liking the novelty that EJ is acting like a rational, normal human being, hence the peck on the cheek. Tomorrow she will be conforting Rafe as per spoilers.

  59. From Blaze.

    I also thought EJ might be responsible for sending over all of the gifts so he could play the charity card. After all, Rafe wouldn’t have the cash to play that card, and manipulation is a game EJ plays so well. Besides, I seriously doubt Rafe would have been able to stand there quietly and let EJ look like a hero. Especially if he had been the one to send over the gifts. Just MO!!
    We’ll have to see if the real gifter is ever revealed!! Maybe it was Santa Stefano, or Kristen Kringle!!
    Magical Holidays All!! :)

  60. From Linda

    No insults from here and I didn’t see any from anyone else, either. I still say Kat #18 had it right, and put it very nicely to lulu that her kill remarks toward Gabi are what may have offended some. lulu’s remarks about Rafe were an entirely separate issue.

    I also agree with Kat about Justin talking Chad being a real DiMera. Who’s crime family can outdo who’s is the question?! I got a kick out of it, too. But at least Victor has mellowed in his elder age.

    Blaze #56 yes I would think Eileen Davidson is loving her character and s/l. And she is sooo great at it! I miss her on Y & R, though.

  61. From Linda

    I agree about worrying about Johnny and Sydney and how they will turn out if the DiMeras teach them in the same way they are coaching Chad. Would hate to see those sweet kids indoctrinated in the worst DiMera ways.

  62. From Kat

    Fuddlebug, worry about Sidney and Johnny….
    Who knows what writers we will have by then, and so far those two kids are doing just perfectly fine….
    49 emma, great stuff, I agree,you put it so well about EJ and the pain he has endured because at times for his actions…
    and 54 Leah, say it again lady…
    Yes, when did Chad become the Bad Guy in all this criminal mess, kidnapping, and people dying in the explosions..
    The kid was in love with Melanie, and she loved him,
    until crazy Gaby, hired and paid a guy to get involved and do Her Dirty Work for her..
    And now Chad is the bad guy, how twisted can things get…

    48 Linda, thanks…

    In my post 41, I did say that EJ “MANY” times acted out in response to something that was done to him..
    nowhere did I say, acts “ONLY” in response to something that was done to him..
    Words can mean a great big deal, and make a big difference in my book,
    so at least, please, Get things and the meaning posted Right….otherwise it just comes across as …….whatever….don’t know if I am allowed to say.. sour grapes, it might get deleted… so whatever, I can live with it,….

    I have to say in closing, I think the posting is pretty spicey, and I like it, not over the top, just people that get fired up by the SL’s put out, get a bit passionate.
    So what is wrong with that, go “sue” the writers, LOL, please, I hope, all get my drift….
    Now I have to go watch today’s show, so I know what some of you are talking about.

  63. From gerri

    as always,you think like I do.
    Don’t know how long the writers will continue to drag out the triangle,but it needs to be resolved,so whomever is left in the dust,can pick up and have a life with someone.
    I’ve always thought ahead,to this next generation of the DiMeras,sweet little Johnny and Sydney,but unless EJ pulls away from Stefano,and gets out from under his Influence,I don’t see a happy future for them,never to late for anyone to change,so maybe the writers will indeed make him a better person.
    I felt so sorry for Nicole yesterday,she deserves for someone to come into her life and make her happy,because I really think she has a good heart,she just has taken the wrong paths,to this point. Great Acting,for this entire S/L she should win an emmy.

  64. From Deena

    I am enjoying the Kristen/Brady pairing. I find them exciting to watch. I just hope Kristen develops real feelings for Brady because they have great chemistry. I think that Brady should just tell John about it – it might hurt their relationship for a while but they can get over it. Also – Carrie needs to come
    back even just for a week – just to remind Sami that Rafe isn’t so amazing. She has no chemistry with Rafe. PLEASE let EJ and Sami be a couple – for GOOD!

  65. From Deena

    Forgot to mention – I think Kristen is saving this show right now. She is finally giving John and Marlena a good story line. She is exciting and interesting. Her and EJ are two great character and have great on-screen chemistry with almost everyone they interact with!

  66. From Clear

    Not good how Nick is treating Will. I have never liked the gay SL, but I like Nick’s patronizing attitude even less. I can see him in the Dimera fold working for CW at some point and at odds with Chad because of Gabi and the baby secret. Corporate espionage and back to jail or a narrow escape? Sami would have her finger somewhere in the pie too!

    Come on writers what about the African connection, the bank account and what did it support from Alice? What about the coins? We that watch want a good plot and conclusions to the mysteries, not just the pretty faces. Looking forward to Stefano and hoping for more information about these loose ends.

    Meanwhile, no one does one liners like Victor! LOL today!

    Also, it would be nice if we could have a bit more cheer and smiles for the season. Season’s Greetings everyone.

  67. From Kat

    62 and 63 Deena, I agree about Kristin, she has brought a lot of live to this show, and is saving Marlena and John’s job so to say.
    Those two were so boring, you could hear the grass grow…
    To much running around all day and every day now, Silly me, I had already watched today’s show, but
    still don’t know yet, what some are talking about already….????

    So, who is it going to be, that sent all these gifts some are talking about….Guess it depends
    on who sent them, if it will good or bad…. can’t wait…

  68. From patty

    Deena, I so too wish Kristen develops real feelings for Brady and then he can dump her a$$ when he finds out what she’s all about. What is going on between them is not chemistry, it’s just plain gross.
    If I remember correctly, Carrie used to think Rafe was great so if she was to come back for a week, you can be sure you would see Sami turn green with jealousy since she hates her sister and always wants what she has. Sami wants Rafe right now. That could change next week depending on what color of lipstick EJ comes up with .

  69. From Kat

    John IMO today had No business to take a Gift box and Card out of the Kiriakis Mansion and taking it over to Kristin’s.
    Who does he think he is….
    that’s a bad as Marlena breaking into Kristin’s hotel room.
    Mind your own business John, LOL
    How would you feel if somebody came to your house and took something out and meddled in your business….Not
    Must be the DiMera coming out in John, ha, ha, ha….
    and what Marlena did, must be of course that her husband John DiMera is rubbing off on her… funny I think.
    And lets not forget, Brady is also a DiMera, poor thing got a double wammy, Half DiMera and half Kiriakis.
    Must explain a lot he has done in his life….poor EJ and cousin Brady,
    both of them cursed with the DiMera Blood and legacy….

  70. From Leah

    The Dimera’s….. Lexie was ok!
    As for Johnny and Sydney, with all their parents foolishness aside they are turning out remarkably well at the moment. But I’m sure as they get older things will change… I mean come on what kind of fun would it be if everyone in Salem didn’t have any issues or have their own dramas and struggles to deal with? B O R I N G and none of us would probably watch.
    I’m guessing IF the writers are going to have EJ in a more neutral playing ground (capable of good and bad but just not too much of the bad) THEN they are probably going to groom Chads character to take over from him some what. IF this is the case we shouldn’t be surprised at what we are seeing in regards to Chad not being able to let go or forgive those who he thinks are responsible for Melanie leaving. Have to say I didn’t like him with Abigail first time around and don’t think that will change second time around. I would have much rathered they bought back Mia for him and kept Abigail with Dr Cameron.

  71. From Clear

    It was too much for me to hope that SuperJohn was showing a clue that he wasn’t such a dupe and maybe trying to force Kristin’s hand. She is it appears all about revenge.

    Brady is simply clueless and needy! He falls for the first woman who comes into his life– his father’s ex! Who in their right mind would go there? He needs therapy beyond sex.

  72. From Kat

    68 Leah, lets remember, Lexie did have her moments, being on the bad side, like stealing Hope and Bo’s child, among a lot of other things she did.
    But she changed, so why can’t EJ get better…
    Why can’t we understand Chad’s feeling towards Gaby, the woman did horrible things to Mel and the town.
    I was thinking about Mia too, they could bring her back, she does have a history with Chad.
    Lets not forget, Chad for a young man has gone through a lot in his young life.
    Lost a daughter, lost his mother, had a Father from Hell, and then found out that his bio father is Stefano DiMera,
    lost Melanie, because of all the terrible things Gaby set in motion, what else… Think that is enough for a while….
    But he is the bad guy, and Gaby is the poor victim, what am I missing..
    Brady is the kind of guy, every time he gets IT, he falls in love and etc.
    Wonder how EJ feels, every time he looks at Kristin, he must see his Mother. The first time he did see her, he thought it was his Mom Susan.
    We all know, that Susan was totally made over to look like Kristin, and she must still look like her, according to son EJ…. Funny, yes, but only in Salem.
    So When Stefano looks at his “daughter” Kristin, he must also see the Motha of his son EJ, more funny. It never ends…

  73. From Maryl

    Did I hear someone say that Rafe, when he promises to keep a secret, never reveals it?? I guess telling Carrie about the true paternity of Nicole’s baby wasn’t one of those “promised secrets” that needed to be kept?? I will give him credit for not telling Sami–he was able to keep the secret where she was concerned.

    When EJ was found out to be involved in the Robo Rafe scheme (still think of that stupid Sl as a comedy), I believe that is when he decided he was such a bad boy and he gave Sami custody of the children? MAB, Kat, or Leah, am I remembering this correctly? If so, then he was obviously pretty sorry and ashamed of being part of that scheme because EJ letting go of his children is not something he would have done that easily.

    The only problems I see Johnny and Sydney having in their future is just simply having the DiMera name–that will be a strike against them with the “holy” Salemites no matter what they do, because they will be judged beforehand just the way EJ and now Chad have been. Doesn’t matter if they are guilty of a certain deed–they are assumed guilty automatically because of being DiMeras.

  74. From Leah

    Maryl lets not forget though that the Dimeras and Bradys are now connected for life. The minute Johnny and Sydney came into this world that settled that. At least Johnny and Sydney will not have to prove themselves or be judged by the Brady clan because of their last name. Lets not forget these two kids are not only Sami and EJs children but Great Grandma Carolines great grandchildren, Roman and Marlenas grandchildren, biologically related to John, Will, Allie, Eric, Brady, Bo, Hope, Shawn, Ciara etc etc. Let alone the support they will get from their own Dimera clan. Looking at it there are very few characters on Days those 2 kids are not related too – ha, ha! That has to be more of an advantage than disadvantage you would think :)

  75. From Shani

    Busy with Christmas preps but watching the show most days & loving it. I feel Chad lost Melanie all by himself for the way he handled everything after the explosions. Probably lying to Melanie even more so than beating up Nick, although that showed Melanie a violent tendency in him & to fly off the handle. I am onboard with Dr. Dan & Jennifer once again. Kristen is a master at what she is doing & Brady is clueless & pitiful. Surprised John took the card and bracelet from Kiriakis mansion. A bit over the top for him to do that. So far I don’t see anything terribly wrong with what Ej is doing, regarding Sami, except that he has to get pointers from Kristen on how to go about it. I’m expecting EJ to eventually go darker with his plans. Wouldn’t be EJ otherwise. Unless the writers really are changing him. & now here comes Chad also getting advice from Kristen.

    I agree with Kat & Linda about 7′s kill, kill remarks toward Gabi. To each his own about the characters but that’s what caught my eye. Her reference to Rafe was an entirely separate issue.

    Happy Christmas planning everyone!

  76. From Maryl

    Leah, you are right! I didn’t stop to follow their blood line. Brady has Brady, DiMera and Kiriakis blood in his veins and has a secure spot in the Brady/Horton realm, so I think you have made a good point. Let’s hope that will be the case for Johnny and Sydney. They will be covered under the Brady “bubble dome” of approval no doubt. In the case of Chad, I think he will be looked upon the same way as EJ especially after the Nick beating, and his anger over Gabi’s nasty secret.

  77. From jolie

    #54 Leah, I think Chad is getting some bad press because he is so bitter and has turned a bit ugly. But then yesterday when he talked with Justin, he said he just needed someone to talk to and that would be about right. He was so much like the Chad we grew to love when with Abigail. I’d like them to get back to being good friends and if it goes to romance, even better. Chad is a good character with lots of potential and is such a nice looking young man.

    #55 Leah, I think you hit on the challenge for the writers and let’s hope they are up to it…keeping that spark alive when Sami and Elvis become a couple. If they sit around and try to swallow each other’s faces like John and Marlena did in the past…not sure that will be too interesting for long. But one thing for sure, Elvis is always a Dimera and try as he may, Fatha will never let him forget it. And Sami is always Sami, the Queen of the Drama Queens. She’ll not be happy if there isn’t a pot stirring somewhere. I agree…bring it on!

    #57 Patty, the one person that no one will ever save Sami from is Sami. She always thinks she knows best and never learns from her past. Go figure

    #59 Linda and #60 Kat, those kids are so sweet and will have to be warped just by association of the parents, step parents, grandparents, other family members who will swan in and out of their lives. But they do have a lot of people who love them and the writers hopefully have learned not to mess with the kids too much or we’ll up in arms again with them. And again, I don’t think Chad is bad, just floundering. Needs a friend, a family. Bless his heart because of the family he has been dealt! I thought the scenes in Wed show with Kristen were so weird on so many levels. How can 2 rational people sit down and talk so calmly about getting revenge on other people. It was like they were talking about what to get Fatha for Christmas! I loved it that someone is finally taking some interest in Chad and that he was less antic later with Abigail.

    #61 Gerri, couldn’t agree more, Get on with the story and out of the Salem Triangle where minds go to be lost forever. Rip the bandage off and let the healing begin. Or the next story. And Nicole was so pitiful yesterday. That gal does deserve an Emmy.

    #64 Clear, Nick is a bit overbearing to Will and I think in the end it will work against him. Will at some point is going to stand up to him. I hope the writers let the Nick character go to work and get involved in some corporate mystery. Why else bring him back if you are not going to use his strength which is his brain? As a stand in for a babydaddy, well, anyone could have done that. And I have asked that same question recently on the Alice bank account, the coins, African connection. You remember that Julie and Doug took off over there only to show up later like they never left. They might have just gone upstairs at the Pub and forgot to go to the airport. Yes, Victor is a charm when it comes to delivery of his lines. Expert. And I thought John was way out of line to take something from Victor’s house and go to Kristen with it. And Brady hiding in the closet. How funny is that!

    #70 Kat, I think Chad’s feelings toward Gabi are not really the issue. It is that he has turned so nasty. Yes, Gabi did some really bad, bad, bad stuff. But really Melanie left because of a multitude of reasons and Chad lying was just the tip of the iceberg, or my opinion anyway. I think Mel was too fragile about the kidnapping to ever stay is Salem. Whether Nick came back, got beat up by Chad, Chad keeping secrets, the whole nine yards. Melanie just needed a big change after all of that. Poor Chad got caught up in the aftermath and it has not been pretty for him. I hope that after getting to talk about it, asking Abby out, things are turning around. Of course he did get that counseling session with his big sis and not sure what that will lead too! And you talk about Susan/Kristen/Elvis/Stefano and who is seeing who when they look at each other…my head is spinning!

  78. From MAB

    It’s not EJ’s place to tell Sami anything about Gabi. It’s none of his business. She isn’t his sister, she is Rafe’s sister. I do see Gabi’s secrets coming between Sami & Rafe because it will ultimately involve Will being the father of her baby. If Rafe finds out, which is likely as nosy as he is, he will be keeping information from her that directly involves her son. And again Sami will get mad at him for keeping yet another secret from her, like she said, when it counts. Oh yeah, Rafe keeps secrets alright…funny how some tend to leave out how he blabbed everything to Carrie tho. It will be nice once Sami dumps him and moves on to the man who will always be her first choice over Rafe or Lucas…EJ (even Lucas admits to that).

    I’m so glad Chad pointed out to Justin yesterday about what kind of lawyer he was drawing up such a contract. I still say it is illegal what he did, and he could be held responsible for getting involved.

    Leah – just like some on here, Chad is automatically considered the bad guy because his last name is DiMera, just like Justin said yesterday. I’m upset that Justin would even say it, especially when he comes from a similar type family. How would he feel if everyone went around trashing Sonny for being a Kiriakis? It’s nonsense how the people of Salem go around trashing Chad, and if everyone keeps pushing him, he will go full blown DiMera, like Stefano, and I won’t blame him if he does. I also agree about Johnny & Sydney. The will also be damned in Salem once they grow up because they carry the last name DiMera, even if they turn out like Lexie, which some tend to also forget about. At one time, she had her DiMera ways too, but w/ the love of Abe, she was able to overcome her demons, and still maintain a relationship w/ her family. I think EJ can do the same thing, w/ Sami’s love. I’m looking forward to seeing EJ & Chad’s upcoming visit to her gravesite.

    I agree about Nick’s creepiness. I would like to see Will kick his @$$ too, and if Nick keeps on w/ his smart mouth, maybe it will happen!

    I liked Kristen & Chad’s conversation. Good advice from Kristen, take a step back, use the information wisely, and just let it happen…and w/ the bumbling idiots of Salem, he probably won’t have to do anything, as Gabi will probably ruin it all for herself. Just like EJ is doing w/ Rafe. EJ is just sitting back and letting Rafe ruin things w/ Sami on his own, and I’m sure it’s gonna happen soon enough.

    I loved Chad & Abby yesterday! It was nice to see both of them smile for a change. Takes me back to when they were together before, and all the potential they had until he hooked up w/ Melanie. I was never a big fan of Melanie, nor did I like her w/ Chad, so I’m not sorry she is gone, and hopefully this means he & Abby will reconnect. The writers could have another amazing couple on their hands here if they play it right. A DiMera/Horton pairing? Another great match in my book!

    Deena – spoilers say Kristen does have real feelings for Brady after all.

    Clear – “I have never liked the gay SL, but I like Nick’s patronizing attitude even less”, I completely agree!

    Ditto, no one delivers the one-liners like Victor! Love it! It was nice seeing him & John together again. I just wish John would talk a little more about Isabella from time to time, especially to Brady. Brady doesn’t remember his mother, and John needs to remind him of what a wonderful woman she was (the only woman that was meant for John IMO).

    Maryl – I believe your are that after the RoboRafe thing, that is when EJ gave Sami custody of the kids.

    As I’ve always said, if the writers do it right, EJ & Sami will be a phenomenal couple! I don’t think they will ever be boring, because there are so many avenues the writers can take them. And them both having an edge, but also are endearing is a plus. They sizzle in all their scenes no matter what emotions they are having. If they are just talking about the kids, if they are romantic, if they are fighting, whatever, it’s always great, and oozing chemistry!

  79. From Amy

    Chad is like seriously reminding me of Anakin Skywalker when he was on his downward sprial. Both of them have lost everything and both of them started off as good guys and anger consumed them both.

    he needs some love and support like deseperately. It’s really a shame the way everything ended with Melanie. He lied and his paranoia got the best of him but he really thought he was protecting her. I feel so bad for him everytime I see him. Now he’s the bad guy and it’s really sad and Gabi’s the poor little victim. No. She’s not.

  80. From SandyGram

    #45 hey jolie I’m here…busy like Shani, catching up on the last couple of days shows about 2:30 this AM.

    The acting this past couple of days has been great. I’ve enjoyed each character pairing; from yet another break down with Nikki falling into Father Eric’s arms to Kristen’s talk with Chad yesterday. I’m looking for these two in the next Daytime Soap Awards.

    So glad Dan saved Jenn yet again…she’s like the Energizer Bunny nothing keeps her down. Although Nikki had to go through another round of ‘why does she always end up alone tears’ now she realizes there is no place for her with Daniel. I did see a spoiler that says Nicole and Rafe are making plans for New Years, there is still that possibility. Along with Chad and Abby and EJ and Sami (who would of thought that!)

    A big surprise for Nick and Gabi to find out it will be Father Eric who will marry them and that he’s Will’s Uncle, etc, etc, etc. I’m with Will on this one, how difficult it will be for him to stand up in Church in front of his Uncle the Priest as the best man of the man who is marrying the woman who is carrying his baby. Now that’s a tongue twister. Like many though, I’m not liking Nick’s almost threatening way he talks to Will. He could show a little more gratitude for Will agreeing to this scheme. We can only hope Will sees the light and speaks up for his child.

    Although I miss our Melanie, I’ve always liked Chad and Abbi together and yesterday showed us the chemistry is still there. And there she was wearing my favorite bun that I remember wearing one just like it when I worked in the Hospital.

    There are a few questions I have in this whole Gabi/Chad/Nick debacle. If Chad and the agreement is taken to court, wouldn’t Gabi’s entire secret come out? And how would a Judge feel about this kind of agreement, concealing a crime (or two), especially the point that Chad beat the crap out of Nick? Wouldn’t the Judge be curious why it took so long for Nick to come forward and under what circumstances? Which would be blackmail, which may not be in his favor being a parolee!

    I did like seeing Justin yesterday but like Nick with Will, not the threatening way he talked to Chad. Especially since now he has put the responsibility of keeping the secret on Sonny as he told Chad. Seems to be a lot of bully in good ole Salem.

    Now to my favorite part of yesterday’s show….that’s gotta be Eileen Davidson’s portrayal of this clever, cunning Diva. Loved everything about her scene’s with Chad, great body and facial language and the script was fresh, comical and for Kristen very worthy of the character, and ditto for Chad’s reaction to his new found sister.

    Now off to the row machine to limber up before heading to the kitchen to begin three days of baking for Christmas with one set of the grandkids this weekend.

  81. From TerriK

    No EJ may not apologize for the things he has done, but the viglante Brady’s/Horton’s have always saught revenge on him. As well as Stefano. How manytimes has EJ been shot? Good people understand that they should not take the law into their own hands.
    So yes Gabi (Gagi) does deserve some sort of revenge. The “good people” may get arrested more, but.the bad people are given their fair share of retribution…100% my opinion only…

  82. From jolie

    #77 Hello night owl! Glad to see you back. I loved your spoiler that Rafe and Nicole make NY plans but to spend it with Chad, Abby, Elvis, Sami…no where but Salem!
    The whole Gabi/Chad/Nick/Will saga will explode and no doubt soon. And the way things have happened the last few years, right in the middle of the wedding and probably with a few punches thrown.
    I too liked Kristen taking some time with Chad. The subject was just weird but they were very good together. I want Chad out of the ruin-Gabi mode and moved on to better things. He is a Dimera. He needs to be working with Fatha or Big Bro on something.

    Good luck with the baking!

  83. From gerri

    If Sami/EJ are going to be a couple,let It happen,and If he wants to be a good person,make him one,and in his place,bring In another DiMera child,you know there is more out there,Stefano scattered his seed,everywhere,and surely they can find one,who(not being brought up by him)can be as bad as needed to be,to keep” Days” from being” boring”
    And give Rafe a good and strong this point,I think He and Nicole could make a good couple,friendship has turned into love many times…


  84. From mocha

    When are these people going to wise up and quit keeping secrets,surprised that Will is going along with all this. He was always so high and mighty with Sami about her lying and secrets. I hope since eavesdropping is so common in Salem that at a shower for Gabi the guests will overhear someone, either Gabi, Will or Nick blurt out the truth about the baby that way secret will be all the way out why,no more secrets Who says a gay man can’t still be capable of being a good father? Why should he have to stand on the sidelines and watch Nick raise his child. Got to say lately Nicole has been the best actress out of this group he r scenes have been great. Don’t like seeing Chad so mean and negative liked the old Chad yes he has a right to be hurt and angry but it is ugly to watch. Big change in Sonny too he has turned from being a reasonable grounded person into a judgemental jerk.

  85. From L.G.

    I can’t believe that some of you people are attacking lulu over what she said. Some of you are actually going to say that it is “scary” that someone wants a fictional character killed off?? You know what’s truly scary? Overly sensitive people who apparently can’t separate reality from fantasy. Gabi is a piece of trash, plain & simple, and if she were to get killed off of the show, I would do a happy dance over it. lulu, don’t let some uptight, melodramatic people get to you. I bet these same people coddle their children when they do something wrong, instead of disciplining them like they should. *major eye roll*

  86. From Blaze.

    #69 Kat: I totally agree!! My jaw dropped when I heard that John had taken Kristen’s gift from the mansion!! Seriously?! Marlena has a reason to worry about her husband!! He’s crossing the line into dangerous territory!! :)

  87. From Linda

    gerri #83, Stefano’s scattered seeds everywhere, – Ha! Love it! I have liked Rafe and Nicole together in the past, they seem to have good chemistry onscreen, and I think that could be a good match.

  88. From SandyGram

    #82 jolie
    Lunch and a break from baking while watching Days. Apple Cinnamon Bread is in the oven for 1 hour so chance to get just a few words in on today’s show. The best part was toward the end of the show, “Sami asks Gabi how far along was she? With a quick response from Gabi – 12 weeks. Hope the new all around councilor of Salem – What, she says! Sami – What? Hope – It’s just that I was talking to Nick yesterday, he said it was more like 5, 6 weeks. Cue questioning looks from Sami, Hope and the Rafster”. I had to cheat and check the Day Ahead Article and Nick walks in just in time to justify the difference, saying they slept together the day after they met. Of course this doesn’t go over so big with the Rafe, can’t wait for tomorrow to see it play out on the screen.

    The rest of today was ok but not like Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Kristen was so giddy about not being ready for John to find out about her and Brady. And John was so foolish in asking Brady to keep an eye on Kristen.

    The light finally went off and Jenn remembers telling Dan she loved him at the Cabin. Now there will be another round of chasing him down to let him know she remembers. Just ‘getter done’ Jenn and one can only pray Daniel stops to listen to her.

    jolie….Just to clarify the spoiler I gave on Nicole/Rafe, Sami/EJ and Chad/Abby and New Years, the spoiler just says that they’re are making New Year plans, not they are making them together. But that would be interesting to see them all go out like good friends…Oh sorry like you said this is Salem.

    Time whip up the Peanut Brittle and Ginger Cookies.

  89. From SandyGram

    PS: Brady threw the note he wrote to Kristen away at the Mansion….now how many think someone, like maybe Maggie or Victor will find it! I wonder if that’s going to happen before Jenn walks in on Brady and Kristen from yet another spoiler.

  90. From Clear

    Like I said, I was hoping for a SuperJohn moment with a higher motive in play! Guess not.

    Mab, wouldn’t you think there would have been some discussion with Bo and Hope about the Africa trip, or at a line saying they found —–? We all have busy lives and watch at different times. Does anyone remember them saying anything? Did they see Eric while there?

    Jolie, I always liked Nick when he was with Chelsea and working in the lab. Of course, EJ got the alternative fuel patent I guess. Maybe sold it to big oil to keep it off the market? That was the end of that too. I hate to see them make Nick dark, mean, and manipulative. Couldn’t he have family trials to overcome and corporate mystery and win becoming a better person next time?

  91. From Kat

    90 Clear, EJ did not get the fuel patent……nothing he could sell…
    81 TerriK, I agree with you, well said..
    About getting Rafe and Nicole together, wonder how he would feel about her, if he knew, it was Her,that Did frame his sister Ariana….We might as well get it all out in the open, clean slate.
    Same with the Big Lie, as Will put it.
    Hope it all explodes big at the Wedding and things get cleaned up.

    Can’t stand Gaby anymore, I have not seen any remorse, only more attitude, towards Will, Chad, Sonny, about things they have every right to be angry about.
    What she did, and all the Ripple Effects that happened, a Dead Jack, Madison, so many wounded people, and all that destruction.
    Not to mention what she did to Melanie for so many weeks, not to mention all the manipulations she did with Chad, to keep that guy off the track. He was going through hell, so was Mel, and Our “Victim” did Not give a hoot. It was Me, Me, and it still is, when you really listen to Her…LOL

    I am so ready for Chad to shout it all out and take the consequences,
    and need be, let our Will raise his Baby,Sonny or no Sonny, ….Years from now
    our Will, will know, that standing up for his child, and Not denying it, was the right thing to do.
    If Sonny is half the man, that Will thinks he is, Sonny will come around, and realize what this child means to the man he claims he loves, and will raise it together.
    If Sonny needs to have fun until he is 40, so be it, good bye Sonny, have fun. You were not the right man for our Will, Love was not strong and inclusive enough…

    I love the scenes between Kristin/Brady and then John joining sort of in from the door.
    I think our John is not all the free and clear from Kristin as he might believe he is…..
    Kristin, so smart and smooth, guess what your Heart will play a trick on you,
    you’ll never see it coming, but you will fall for Brady, and then what, to late…
    such interesting SL’s ahead, if done right…

    Just love watching Sami and EJ, almost like a loving, comfortable with each other, married couple, so free and happy together,
    bye honey, kiss on the cheek.
    Reminds me a bit of Tracey and Hepburn, or “Heart and Heart”, I believe Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers…
    I just like so much, watching EJ and Sami together….sue me…
    Hope needs to get Bo out of the basement, or where ever he is, LOL,
    because she is slowly turning into the town busy body.
    And let’s not overlook it, Didn’t Hope do some “Scheming”, to invite Rafe to come to the meeting…. Why is it cute, when Hope does is, but Kristin put EJ into Sami’s orbit it is considered earth shaking…

    To close, I do agree with some and myself,
    we need some closure on the Africa/Coin/checking account/Pictures of a Baby/ etc…
    Writers, new or old, respect your audience, wrap things up once and for all, ego or not..
    just do what is right for us viewers, show us respect, and close out the SL’s that were set in motion by writers before you…

  92. From gerri

    #88 SandyGram,
    yum your Apple Cinnamon Bread sounds de-lish…I love to bake,since I retired that Is.
    I’ve made Peanut Brittle from a Martha Stewart Recipe quite a few times,Is so good….
    I miss the Donut Making times in Mrs.H’s kitchen.BO seemed to love them the most.Come back BO.
    You and Hope could be the next Mr.and Mrs.H,I thought they would let Doug and Julia return for that spot,but too many stupid S/L’s are being written,which means more characters are needed for them.

    I guess Dr.Dan and Jenn Is going to be a couple,Thank Goodness,this should stop his Musical Bed Activity,or does things change,during Chloe’s short visit?
    Don’t know If he ever got over her.
    I guess If Sami and EJ can forgive each other,for their actions,then Rafe could forgive Nicole for her part in his sister’s death.they did become very close during her pregnancy,even those she chose to be with Daniel,but they remained good friends,and like I said friendships can turn into love,and usually this is the relationships that last.

  93. From Kat

    More about Gaby,
    there is a girl with No remorse for what she did,
    who is to say, now that it seems she got away with a major crime to society,
    that she some day is not going to go “wrong” again,
    she had a brother, the cop, that covered for her,
    she had an attorney that compromised himself for her,
    she has a boyfriend, a former Killer out on parole, that lied and compromised himself for her,
    and she is IMO basking in joy that Chad, the guy that she wanted
    but rejected her so badly, now being deemed the bad guy.

    If I was Chad, my head would explode, just for one moment, walk in Chad’s shoes, be him…LOL

    I had it with Non repentive (sp)Gaby… but with an attitude that just cries to heaven…
    I might be a minority here, but that is how I feel.

  94. From Adele

    Kat, I feel the same way you do about Gaby. I was disgusted with her today and the way she was threatening Chad, like she was lily white with nothing to feel guilty about. I don’t see her having any remorse about what she set into motion. In the real world Jack and Madison’s death would be a hard thing to get over if you were the one that set that ball rolling. Their deaths were unintentional of course but they got caught up in the snowball that Gaby set in motion.

  95. From Kat

    94 Adele,
    thank you for seeing what I mean.
    She does have No remorse, that I have seen….Yes, I am sure, that she did not mean for people to die,
    but once you get that SnowBall (love it) rolling, it will destroy things and people in it’s way. Good points lady….
    Give Chad a break, the guy just can not go on with his life, as if nothing ever happened, give me a break.

    Gaby thinks she can ride into the sunset with Nick, Will’s child, the only one he will prob. ever have, and leave all the debris behind as if she never did nothing wrong..

    Don’t start about the DiMera’s, I know all about them,
    this is Gaby we are talking about,
    Major Crime, covered up by Lawyer Kiriakis, Brother the honest Cop
    Rafe…would be husband Nick,
    and Chad forced into the cover up
    by some shady people…
    Rafe is good at this, he did it for Sami, I hate to say, but at least EJ knows about it.

    Chad is hanging out there in the wind, considered the bad guy….
    That bugs me…LOL

  96. From Clear

    Wonder who will go missing? Kristen maybe, Gabi, or as some said, Bo. I don’t like Rafe and Nicole tog. Rafe and Billie maybe? Nicole needs to rescue Brady from Kris Cougar. That would be entertaining.

    Then again will Eric find closure and leave the priesthood for Nicole? Could happen!

  97. From Cougar

    O loved the little peck Sami planted on EJ’s cheek today. Hr lit up like a light bulb or maybe more appropriate to the season a Christmas tree!

    Gabi was a little upitty today with Ghad. I guess she just wants to forget about it and move on with the pregnancy. Silly rabbit tricks are for kids. No one gets off that easy in soapland especially when the person you’ve ticked off is a DiMera.

    I can hardly wait to see what exactly it is that Kristin is up to. Trilling to herself that it is falling together soon. Also a little surprised that she gave a hoot about Jen; what’s up with that?

    If Rafe’s nose is out of joint over the declaration that she boned Nick immediately when he came to town well yes he has a right to be somewhat disappointed in her. However, seeing that she is of consenting age, she really can do what she wants. True unprotected sex is certainly a poor choice but in America your young people have the right to make right/wrong choices and commit wise/foolish actions. You live with the consequences of your actions. The same goes for her actions last summer; she will have a come uppance. Now is a fine time to be absobed in being brother of the year. She really needed to be watiche d over when she was running amuck this summer with the Melanie incident.

  98. From Cougar

    Not a big fan of the cougar sl with Brady & Kristin nut I found it highly amusing to see Brady ushered into the bathroom or closet to hide. Hilarious no matter who you see in thst positon. I remember working with a woman who was having an affair with a married man and wifey came home early. She was stuck hidin g behind a rack of clothing till the next morning after everyone left the house when she could finally slip out. Served her right!

  99. From Cougar

    Geri 92 I miss the doughnut days of Mrs. H too. I think Jen made the last batch for Mrs. H’s recepie. It’s like comfort food to the long time viewers to see a little of that old fashioned Horton nerv tonic of rea and doughnuts. My Mom ALWAYS had some thing homemade to nash on a plate with a glass milk when I came home from school.

  100. From J.J.

    #85 L.G. Hey! Are you really Lulu just using a different name? Same initial, same point of view, still wanting to kill something.

  101. From Linda

    Not trying to contradict anybody, just a question because I’m trying to remember back to when the explosions began. Gabi wasn’t responsible for the explosions, was she? And the deaths of Jack and Madison, who were above ground? Wouldn’t the explosions have happened regardless due to the underground gas?

  102. From gerri

    Yes Cougar,those of us who are
    long,long” time viewers,miss some of the characters and S/L’s,that got us hooked from the start,wouls loved to see some of those again,(And The Show wasn’t boring,or we wouldn’t have been watching it every day)but now It’s just one crime story,after another,sex,with anybody and everybody,who’s the daddy?some of this might be needed in today’s society,,to keep some viewers happy,but hey let’s mix It up some.give us an old fashion Love story and”" one”" stable family on the show…

  103. From Cougar

    Linda I’m glad you brought the question of blaming deaths on Gabi. I too have wondered what I missed that GAbi is blamedJack & Madison since an underground gas explosion was sure to have occcured at some point. Did Andrew or Gabi do some thing to creat the leak? I don’t want to ruffle feathers I just want to know what I missed in the scenario, too.

    Geri well put about the lack of substance that writers feel is whatour modern audiences need to stay tuned. They give us little tastes now and then but hot quite nearly as much as in Days past.

  104. From MAB

    Clear – seems the writers have dropped the Africa trip, and possibly everything that was happening before Stefano’s supposed death. I haven’t heard anyone say anything. What about all the other secrets they found about Alice? What about the coin of Stefano’s? Who knows…

    Gabi was pathetic yesterday. Looks as tho she gets her attitude from her brother, going around being crappy to Will of all people, then threatening Chad? Paleeze! I’m so glad Chad threw it back in her face that the contract works both ways, and it wouldn’t be just him who gets in trouble if the truth comes out. I predict she will be the one who lets the cat out of the bad in the end with her big mouth, like telling everyone how far along she was w/o hesitation. Of course Nick will cover for her. I think Rafe is gonna start snooping around until he figures out the truth. I’ll be glad if he does, but of course, he’ll probably keep her secret, naturally.

    Loved the scenes w/ Sami & EJ, and the kiss on the cheek! He looked so happy after she kissed him. Apparently Kristen’s advice has done some good, and he is used it to improve things w/ Sami in a good way, because he is definitely being the better man here. He is not being petty. He’s letting Sami be independent, her own woman. He is showing his support of her, being there for her, and letting her shine in her job, among her personal life too. He’s not trying to control her, like Rafe did & does. She is herself w/ EJ, and he lets her. She notices that, and seems to really enjoy it. They are so good together! They look good together, and they’re so at ease w/ each other, especially on her part. He is definitely bringing out the best in Sami.

    Great stuff between EJ & Will. It’s so nice to see someone talk to Will respectfully, and not be condescending to him. That’s all he seems to get from Rafe, and even his own father Lucas. And it’s nice to see someone treating him like an adult. EJ even asked him about his relationship and if he was happy, but EJ knows something is going on w/ him, and seemed genuinely concerned about him. I just like that he shows interest in Will, unlike others. I think EJ really learned to like Will during their time working together (and vice versa). If it took Will trying to blackmail EJ to get them to where they are now, I’m glad it happened. Since EJ & Sami are getting together, I hope EJ & Will will have a close friendship so he can have a man to talk to when he needs it.

    I didn’t like what Hope did yesterday. Not so much that she told Sami what she thought about her working w/ EJ (because that is a given for the Brady’s to trash the DiMera’s), but the fact she invited Rafe to their wedding meeting. For one, most guys don’t like to be involved in that kind of stuff, and two she only did it to put him & Sami in the same room. Mind your own business Hope! Sami is an adult and can make her own decisions. She doesn’t need your help or your advice. And since when does Hope care what happens in Sami’s life anyway? She never cared before to say anything to her, so why now?

    Dan & Jen, glad they’ll be moving on. I liked their scenes, but so far it’s pretty predictable. Kristen was funny when she tricked Jen talking about Daniel being better looking. Cute!

    Kat – great posts, and as usual, I agree.

    Cougar – great posts! I’m not a fan of Kristen & Brady either, but it was funny him hiding in the bathroom, and her throwing his clothes at him. I just like John tho. I don’t care what he’s doing, I just enjoy seeing him on screen. It’s like seeing Bo, EJ, or Stefano. They light you up when you see them on screen, no matter what their SL is. Crap, I just depressed myself thinking about Bo. I miss so much!

    No, Gabi wasn’t responsible for the explosions, but because Brady was helping trying to find Melanie, he wasn’t w/ Madison when she died, and didn’t get to say goodbye to her. Also, she wouldn’t have been w/ Ian if Brady was there, so she could still be alive. Regardless, she put many lives in danger down there, her own, Melanie, Chad, and Brady. She is directly responsible for what happened to Melanie, and allowed it to continue and not tell anyone about Andrew.

    I’m looking forward to Chad & Abby!

  105. From Cougar

    Yes they certainly are making Hope a busy body since Bo is off radar. Inviting Rafe to the wedding planning among other things. Then letting it slip contradicting versions of how far along Gabbi was in pregnancy. I think most of us might have kept tht comment to ourselves rather than put the mother to be on the spot. In spite of the fact that you know the truth would eventually be obvious and come out I just don’t think that I could have had the bad taste to do that to anyone.

  106. From Linda

    Thanks MAB, and that is how I remembered it. I blame Gabi for what happened to Mel but haven’t blamed her for the deaths or injuries of those who were above ground. Sad that Brady wasn’t with Madison when she died, and as you said maybe she wouldn’t have died if he had been with her, but Jack could have died no matter what because the explosions would have come about eventually. Same gas, I guess, that was thought to have caused Lexie’s brain tumor. What a traumatic way for the writers to have Madison and Jack make their exits from the show!! Not to mention Lexie’s illness!!

  107. From Kat

    Linda, the explosions were set off by Andrew under ground, where there was leaking gas, when he did use his lighter, against warning, and he set off the explosion, and explosions there after… Like I said Ripple effect, Gaby started te whole thing by hiring Andrew, covering up the kidnapping of Mel, knowing that Andrew took Mel underground, she was down there and saw, still did nothing, like calling the police, etc.
    and then the fatal “Flick of the Bic”.
    Yes, if EJ is “responsible” for Faye’s death, the Gaby is also responsible for the explosions, IMO.
    Yes, the explosions did cause all the disasters above ground….

    MAB, Cougar, don’t you guys remember when Andrew used his Lighter, and somebody screamed, NO, No don’t… and then boom…
    I just read your posts… I hold Gaby indirectly responsible, she set all this in motion, and she could have gotten Mel out from those Gas filled Tunnels, had she called the police, finally, but No, being selfish was more important…
    Had she done the right thing, the Police would have found the Gas Leak, could have evacuated everybody above ground, and dealt with the Gas Leak, once and for all. That’s the way I see it.
    They are holding Stefano responsible for Lexie’s death, and he did not put her there, and he did not know about the Gas, but that has stopped nobody from blaming him, except for a few, like me….etc.
    Gaby knew about that Gas and it’s danger, she was down there with Andrew, and She did Nothing..She left Melanie down there, and like I said, Andrew use his lighter….

    Anybody is free to see it their way, but Gaby should be found out at least, just like the DiMera’s are always found out, for everybody to know, and then live with it.

  108. From Linda

    Days interrupted in my area to report on the elementary school shooting in Connecticut. Just terrible! 27 people killed, that they know of so far, and most of them are children! How awful!

  109. From Cougar

    Oh dear God I just turned on the tv to watch days and see the reports. How can anyone do such a thing! I guess it’s not politically correct but its time to bring back public hangings for these types of culprits; I’m an eye for an eye kind of girl. Life in prison is just too good for those people!

  110. From Kat

    107 Linda, my friend just called me from CT, her two grandchildren went to school there, living in Glastonbury, I have been there.
    Just awful, every parents nightmare.
    Linda, did you get to read my recall on how the explosions happened, and my thoughts on the whole thing…
    Prayers for all the people involved in that awful tragedy, and prayers that it should never happen again.

  111. From gerri

    Linda,I’m sure all NBC Stations,are carrying this horrible News Story…
    I just can’t think of anything that could be worse than this.
    One entire kindergarten class killed….I have a greatGrand son,in Kindergarten I can’t think something like this could happen,to him.
    My heart is breaking for those parents and grandparents,this puts into focus,what is really important in life…..

  112. From Linda

    #109 Kat, yes I read your account of Andrew lighting his lighter. I had forgotten about that. Thanks. I do think it was bad what Gabi did. But where Chad is concerned, I think he has to face that in the end he drove Melanie away himself. It’s for his own good down the road for him to realize that.

    This tragedy in Conn. is beyond horrible! Can you imagine those poor parents, siblings,grandparents, and other family members of those children killed?! Awful at any time, for sure, but they have probably bought Christmas gifts for those kids and have all their happy holiday plans made. It’s all just so sad. And the others who were killed, too. It sure would test your Faith to have something like this happen to your loved ones. You say good-bye to them in the morning and then something like this happens a little later. I hope the families can be strong and still turn to God for comfort.

  113. From SandyGram

    God Bless the 20 Kindergarteners and the adults senselessly killed today in Connecticut. May God receive them home on the wings of Angels. May their families be strong and kept God in their heart as they push past this tragedy.

  114. From Kat

    Hi Linda, glad you recalled it..
    but even about Chad, in the end, it all started with Gaby…
    what happened between Him and his Love Melanie….Like I said in my post 93, Gaby should get found out. Thinking that she could get away with what she did, what is to stop her from going over the edge again… and do worse..And I said that before this tragedy happened today…and now I mean it even more.
    I know Gaby is “”fiction”, but people like Gaby should Not Get Protected by Friends/etc.
    she could again become a threat to
    society. Bring it out in the open, other people around her deserve to know what this girl is really capable of…Melanie could have been raped and killed.
    All she needs is something to set her off again, and then what….. Regrets….Hindsite…
    With Stefano and EJ and Victor, we all knew that they are,
    but with Gaby, people think she is this wonderful little Girl,,, not, they should know.

    Don’t know yet, if any of the neighbors kids in Ct. were involved in the tragedy.
    I even left early today, to sit outside school picking up my Grandson.
    112 SS, very well said Lady….Bless all the children, for in this world they have no say, just like beast….

  115. From Kat

    What a beautiful picture of Caroline…. No wonder Victor was in love with her, and they had gorgeous Bo… I know, it’s fiction….
    Peggy McKay sure was/is a beautiful Woman, and John Aniston is/was a very handsome Man,
    and Peter Reckell/Bo, what can i say he gets better looking with age.
    But as I have said so many time, Bo
    looks so much like my Brother, and that’s why I miss seeing Bo for than one reason…

  116. From Kat

    My friend in Ct. ,,,we have been on the phone a lot,
    don’t know yet for sure, if any of the neighborhood kids were victims, I can’t even type straight I am so upset, and so is my girlfriend and her daughter.. her kids went to school there, and she knows everybody in the neighborhood….Don’t want to hear, anybody I met there on my many visits, had a loss,… Please God, welcome all those poor little children to your big loving arms, and keep them in eternal love.
    Will know tomorrow….
    All of you my dear Blog friends, hug your kids, grandkids, etc. every night, every chance you get.
    I can’t help it, I am so emotional
    the tears are flowing….
    you ladies should know, when you live close to your tissue boxes….just watching a fictional show.It is so hard…..I know all of you get what I mean….
    I am sorry, but I am home alone tonight, my guy is on a trip….
    Earlier after school, I took my grandson to see his Mom, she just had surgery,
    we all saw the stuff on TV,
    then after that, I had to take My grandson to his Dad’s house for the weekend.
    I hugged him so hard, he looked at me and said, Gramy, I am ok, and I said, I know my love, and thank you God for that…

    To any out there, that think I am just a schmuck, for posting my feelings on here.
    sorry, but just move on…. please…

  117. From rosie

    Agree with most people. The writing is atrocious. Tired of the who’s the daddy line (SAMMI, Caroline, Nicole, Chloe, Kate, and on and on and now Gaby? Gaby especially hard to believe when Will was av victum himself. Let’s whip up some new stories. I didn’t want Days to be cancelled but if this is where we are going it might as well be. Bring back Bo and get rid of Hope!

  118. From Clear

    Kat, I found out about the shooting while at a school today. It seemed so far away and incredible. Shock is still all I feel, but wish there had been a school sheriff’s deputy there to stop what happened!

    The story preempted Days here.

  119. From patty

    There are no words to express the sorrow over the tragedy that has darkened our world. These children Lord. Innocence lost by fear is unacceptable. I pray for the wounded and I pray for those lost. Keep these families near your heart and help them find healing in God’s name we pray.

  120. From gerri

    Even tho the world Is so sad,with this senseless act of evil.
    I know It’s worse for anyone,that has a personal connection,(Families
    aside)Friends and neighbors,and ,your friend possibly knew,it is just so sad.and as you said,hug your children and grandchildren,a little tighter,and pray for their certainly don’t need to make any kind of apology,to your fellow bloggers,for showing your thoughts and prayers go out,to everyone there……

  121. From Kat

    Have to chime in on the poss. Rafe/Nicole whatever…..
    How will Rafe react when he finds out that Nicole did frame His Sister Arianna, will it matter, Or Not….
    Is there anything, that Our Nicole has not done yet,yes she is a great actress and I think she is doing a bang up job,
    but her Evil Deeds as a character….
    She needs a lot on her knees, (not that) redemption, and if some of guys out there can support Nicole, why not EJ.
    I would say Nicole’s resume is worse than EJ’s or at least the same…
    But “Some”, yes the dreaded word, but so true, have an unconditional
    “Dis-Like” for EJ and that will never change, unfortunately.
    I did say Some, not All..
    My earlier post did not make it…
    here is what I remember… LOL
    SandyGram, I agree, Justin did not handle things to good.
    Now he Says, he is Not Gaby’s lawyer, so there is no confidentiality problem, but he is withholding the crimes she committed with Andrew, the guy she hired and paid.

  122. From Kat

    Where did my post 119 come from, I wrote that a day or two ago.

    Sorry about that….

    Friday’s episode will be shown on Monday…

  123. From grandma to many

    with the tragedy in Sandy Hook it just makes all this quibiling about EJ and Rafe seem just way too much “ado about nothing ” can we all just set aside our “debating ” about fictional characters , call a moritorium for this most Blessed season and agree to enjoy each others company pro and con for a little while I believe we are all entitled to our own beliefs and few have ever been won over to the other side love peace and happiness to all

  124. From Kat

    121 grandma to many what a nice sentiment…
    however in my case, I enjoy our discussions about the different characters and Sl’s on here.
    It takes my mind off the tragedy a bit….
    We all know by now, or at least should, that we are entitled to our own beliefs, and I for one, have no desire or agenda to win over anybody to “my” side.
    My motto has always been, live and let live…
    I think debating over fictional characters is good, and that is why we are here, and we all know, it is much ado about nothing, but it is fun..

    So Grandma to many, thank you for your nice words, you are a good person, but we all have to find the best way, on how to cope with Real Life tragedy…

    Escape into La, La Land is good for some.

    My best friend’s grand kids Aiden and Megan went to Kindergarten and Sandy Hook school.
    No word yet, if my friends knew anybody that got hurt, God I hope not.

  125. From patty

    Just saw a couple on CNN who’s son Aiden ran past the gunman to safety while the shooter shot and killed his teacher. That same couple also have a little girl who is safe and they talked about how blessed they are while in pain for other parents who weren’t so lucky. I think the mother’s name was Diane. Gotta stop watching CNN. I have a 5 year old grandson in kindergarden and I just can’t imagine the horor.

  126. From SandyGram

    #121 grandma to many
    Me Too, I’m with you ‘grandma to many’. Just finished the last of the baking and cookie decorating for our first Christmas celebration with 6 of the grandkids tomorrow and my back is screaming!! Now to box them up with pretty bows, put out the fixings for my sweet hubby to make his Mom’s fudge, on to fixing a little dinner, then lounge chair here I come. Only to start over again in a week for the other 2 grandsons who we will spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with. Our son and daughter both live about 1 1/2 hours up the road but in opposite directions, unfortunately their schedules and the grandkids schedules don’t allow for us all to be together in the same place at the same time. So with that said….God Bless the slain children and all the others and their families!

  127. From gerri

    #124 SandyGram,
    It tired me out,seeing everything you’ve done,and I know your lounge chair Is calling your name.
    My busy time starts this coming week,but I love the Christmas Season,while my hubby is watching the start of college football bowl games(today was the 1st)I’m listening to Christmas music.
    I’m lucky that my 4 daughters will be here,but only 4 of my 9 grandkids will be here,but will be fun.

    In Spite of the terrible tragedy,
    our lives will go on,but the families and friends ,will be in prayers around the world.

  128. From Clear

    I pray for the families of those children, However, I am already sick of the media milking it for every possible angle. Enough already. I turn on the news see it is still fixated on the grief and now gory details and have had all I can stand.

    On to my reading spoilers for Days to take my mind off it.

  129. From Linda

    We have stuck with Fox News Channel through all the reporting of the CT school shooting. They’ve done a good job mixing the stories of heroism in with the unpleasant details. One of the reporters said everyone will seach for the reason all of this happened, but there is no reason good enough to explain this horrific tragedy. Pure evil came to that town Friday morning. I just hope it won’t come out later that someone knew something about this shooter and emotional problems he had and covered it up.

    #121 grandma to many, a sweet sentiment on your part. It does seem tragedies like this put our lives into perspective, at least for a while. I am so tired out from putting all my energy into Christmas preparations. But it doesn’t really matter if everything is perfect or not, does it?! MY FAMILY will all be here and that’s the most important part, along with JESUS being the center of it all! Christmas blessings to everyone. . . .

  130. From gerri

    Clear,I so much agree with you,re-news coverage of the shooting,I don’t see any need to get into,the actual physical damage done to the victims.hopefully the families,have their TVS off.

  131. From Kat

    126 clear, 128 gerri,
    I agree, I could not see any family member being able to watch some of that stuff.
    Agree, Fox as always is doing a good job, mixing it up, I thought the same thing. However, sorry to say, after a few minutes or so, I have to turn it off, can’t handle it.

    127 Linda,
    you made a point for me, when I kept on saying about Gaby, what she did should come out into the Open.
    People should be aware at least… what the girl did and was capable of doing.
    And think about it, the girls shows No Remorse, that I have seen, only attitude. That Is not “humanly normal”, Guilt should be eating her up alive.
    I know it is all fiction, but talking about it should make no difference.
    We all know all about the Bad guys on the show and what they did,

    People should know about Gaby, because something has to be wrong with her, she needs big time professional help, she has to face what she did.
    Wouldn’t it be sad in hindsite, if something could set her off again….
    Look at what lying situation she is in right now, lies, lies, and it could get worse. And I think it will, and our Will might be faced with becoming an instant full time Dad, what about Sonny then…
    Who comes first, Baby or Sonny, or maybe if he gets luck he can have both…

    I was on the site where they have all the picture and Obits. of all the victims,
    it is so heartbreaking.
    My Girlfriend and her daughter went through the list, they didn’t know any of them,
    but that does not matter. Some of the pics. were Christmas pics…I don’t have any more words.

    My heart also goes out to the Father/Brother/Family of the Shooter. They also have to live with total heartbreak, he killed his mother….and all those precious children and teachers.
    So ironic to me, all you ever hear anymore is how to get God out of peoples daily lives,
    and when something like this happens…. the first thing you hear….”Where was God, how could he let this happen”. Well, God does get banished a lot, as if we do not need him……
    Please all of us stand up, and fight “To keep God in our daily lives” make people more tolerant to except everybody’s God.

  132. From gerri

    You are right about certain groups of people,who want God removed,from our daily lives,and believe it should and has been done.
    I saw a message on facebook,and shared it to my’ve probably saw it,but I’ll print below:

    Prayer Isn’t allowed in school,but Bibles are permitted In Prison,both are Government funded,so this seperation of religion and Government makes no sense.

  133. From Shani

    Horrific what happened in CT Fri.! A horrible evil deed by someone who had to be demented. Those poor little children, looking forward to Christmas & Santa Claus & then the Devil came into their lives instead. God bless the souls of the dead victims, the children & the brave women who tried to save them, & may their families find comfort from their Faith in God. The rest of us will be extra thankful for our families & hold them extra close!

    I know I posted some of the same others have said but I just had to say something about this terrible nightmare.

  134. From Kat

    Shani, none of us can ever post enough about this Nightmare,
    we are all on the same page.
    Words can fail you, there are not enough words to say what is in our hearts, I know, we all feel it, it hurts, and we feel so helpless.
    My girlfriend in Ct. is going over to the prayer.. with Pres. Obama tonight… She thinks it will be soooooooooo many people there,
    but the more praying the better…

    How can any human being have so much hate and evil in their heart in mind…

    I know we watch evil on the soaps, But Never ever that kind of evil and I hope we never ever will have to, because, that would mean I am done with Soaps…..

    God bless the children and all victims,
    God hold them all in your loving arms….
    knowing that is the only comfort I can get out of all this horrific tragedy….
    Thanks, that my guy is back home again, to hold me….

  135. From Clear

    Did any of you see where Nathan Owens will play Cameron? I never heard of him, so googled, and he is one gorgeous man! Check out those ripped abs! Abigail will be dissing Chad once she sees how Cam has changed to drop everything and stare gorgeous! Unless I was looking at the wrong actor, this one will not need a SL! He will only need to walk on stage and take off some clothes–any clothes!

  136. From Kat

    133 Clear,
    Right Actor, and yes he is so handsome, and that body…..

  137. From Tee

    Hello all!!

    I have had a busy week and waited to post till after some spoilers I mentioned came out.
    I am looking forward to Caroline and Samis conversation, as we know Caroline loved Victor more but chose Shawn because Victor was considered bad then.Hence we got the whole her telling Maggie andf Victor just how she felt.

    Patty~As per spoilers Sami is torn between them both, perhaps she will chose EJ just because she choses him, or perhaps Rafe will find out Will is the real daddy as well.Either way Sami spends Christmas and New Years with EJ.
    The show is showing EJ being more grey now, though some still think he is plotting at every turn. EJ does not send his kids those toys it is his associates and friends.

    I dont think Chad should be blamed for what Gabi did all he is guilty of is keeping it secret from Melanie as not to hurt her anymore.
    What Justin did was illegal cover up pne crime with another.Gabi shows no remorse IMO, She is gonna get busted.

    Glad to see this Dannifer story moving along.

    The message Nicole gets on Christmas Eve involves Sydney, I guess she gets a audio or Video of her.
    I am gonna guess it is gonna be opening her present that Chad says he will help get to Sydney.

    I have been thinking Nicole may end up in a triangle for a bit with Nicole/Eric.But I dont know, I am still not sure what route they are going down with Bo, and when Hope will move on as they have now put Hope and Rafe working together on the wedding.So I guess it could go either way in the future, I miss Bo though

    Some great spoilers at this link below.

    Kat#119 Agree

    I too send out my prayers to those families of the victims and shooter as well.I am sure even the shooters family is mourning he shot his mother and then himself, a tragedy for all and it does make you step back and think so much.It shows us we never know what will happen, and to live life to the fullest.

  138. From MAB

    I usually don’t comment on real life, and I haven’t commented on the CT school shooting since it happened, just too heartbreaking to talk about it, but I feel the need to do so. I’m just praying for everyone involved, from the victims, to the survivors. My heart is breaking for them all. And to all the police, first responders, etc. who had to endure the tragic scene. God bless them all!

    As for the news media, Friday, they were giving way too much misinformation, and they should be ashamed of themselves for some of the things that were said. Also, they started turning it into a platform about gun control, and this was neither the time nor the place for doing that. They seem to now be doing a better job on reporting this tragedy, and I believe it’s because of how the police have been diligent in keeping the public informed. I applaud that Lt. State Police Officer giving all the press conferences. He has done an incredible job! But yesterday, it’s sad he had to stand there and address other people’s despicable actions of threats to the church, and things being said on the social media. He said when those people are identified, they will be action taken against them. And they should, and those individuals should be ashamed of themselves!

    Yes, evil came to Newtown Friday morning, and I’m not excusing his despicable actions, because there is there is NO excuse for him taking innocent lives, but what happened in this young man’s life to make him do this??? What is happening in today’s society to make people do such unconscionable things? Was he a victim of bullying, etc.? It’s time people start thinking of how they talk to and treat one another, and not just once in a while, but all the time. And people need to take notice if someone is having emotional problems and do something about it instead of ignoring it.

    I’m also tired of the religion discussion of how certain people who want God removed from our daily lives. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but no one has a right to remove God from anything. People need to respect those of us who believe in Him and have Faith. No one is taking from my life, and never will. This politically correct stuff is ludicrous and I’m sick of it!

    Not much else to say, as I think this is the most horrific tragedy since 9/11. All I can say is God Bless us all.
    As for the news media, Friday, they were giving way too much misinformation, and they should be ashamed of themselves for some of the things that were said. Also, they started turning it into a platform about gun control, and this was neither the time nor the place for doing that. They seem to now be doing a better job on reporting this tragedy, and I believe it’s because of how the police have been diligent in keeping the public informed. I applaud that Lt. State Police Officer giving all the press conferences. He has done an incredible job! But yesterday, it’s sad he had to stand there and address other people’s despicable actions of threats to the church, and things being said on the social media. He said when those people are identified, they will be action taken against them. And they should, and those individuals should be ashamed of themselves!

    Yes, evil came to Newtown Friday morning, and I’m not excusing his despicable actions, because there is there is NO excuse for him taking innocent lives, but what happened in this young man’s life to make him do this??? What is happening in today’s society to make people do such unconscionable things? Was he a victim of bullying, etc.? It’s time people start thinking of how they talk to and treat one another, and not just once in a while, but all the time. And people need to take notice if someone is having emotional problems and do something about it instead of ignoring it.

    I’m also tired of the religion discussion of how certain people who want God removed from our daily lives. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but no one has a right to remove God from anything. People need to respect those of us who believe in Him and have Faith. No one is taking from my life, and never will. This politically correct stuff is ludicrous and I’m sick of it!

    Not much else to say, as I think this is the most horrific tragedy since 9/11. All I can say is God Bless us all.

  139. From jolie

    I am steering clear of discussing the shooting on Friday…just too painful and what can be said but prayers. So sending them out to the families and friends. And we all need to pray for the upkeep of family because I think that is where this all starts to go wrong for people. Just my opinion.

    Thursday’s show…Gabi, Will and Nick, if you can’t see the handwriting on the wall, you are blind. Just tell the truth. Will said it. He watched his mother’s lies fall apart on her, her schemes caused her pain over and over. He doesn’t want that but he is right in the middle of it. I know it will fall down on them but it won’t be soon enough. It was fun seeing Gabi busted and stumbling for an answer. I like Gabi but am like the rest of the crowd…she should be a bit remorseful. She is just like Sami. She said she was sorry so everyone needs to move on because she has. Gabi might be the new Sami…doing whatever hits her thinker then doing it with no thoughts about how it might affect others or the future. Sami is so into this wedding planning that she can’t see it and normally Sami calls BS on BS. I am just surprised her meter is not going off like a 5 alarm fire!
    Hope doesn’t mind putting her nickel’s worth in. She was a bit adamant on her quizzing Gabi and then Nick on the due date. I thought they all went a bit over board. Normally you say a date but they are all saying weeks but that is easier to confuse I guess and they don’t want to say a date because it will be way too soon! That poor Rafe got roped into the planning and that Hope ventured another nickel’s worth saying that Sami was in it for him…I just don’t get it. Why are we rubbing salt in that wound? Let him out of Sami’s orbit and let him move on. I don’t mind if Elvis and Sami get together and am trying to warm up to it. Chad sort of told it for me when he said Elvis has Sami eating out of his hand. Elvis does play her but that is Sami. Just move Rafe out of the path of the speeding Sami and let’s get on with it.
    Brady and John…I am just not quite sure who is the most dense Black. Actually it is a toss up right now. John telling Brady to keep an eye on Kristen…Brady almost couldn’t keep a straight face either! Too funny.
    Dr Dan/Kate…that was strange. It seems that Kate is becoming a bit softer or maybe I am just feeling that Christmas feeling here. She got congrats on 5 years from Maxine and that was nice. That she shared with Dr Dan about Parker…priceless. We are sort of see where this is going but it means that Parker will no longer be Kate’s grandson but Maggie’s. Things do change and all over town when they do. Victor will go from being a grandfather to a step-grandfather/step-godfather to Parker if Daniel is indeed the babydaddy once the smoke clears. But again this is Salem and stranger things have happened and we still don’t know who Daniel’s daddy is.
    At least Jennifer is showing Jack some long overdue grieving by looking at his picture. It will be short lived but at least it will be out of the way now…just in time for Chloe and Parker to arrive.
    Hey there Tee! Good to see you here. I don’t think Chad should be blamed for anything that Gabi did but he needs to lighten up some for himself. He has just been over the top lately and it is a bit dangerous because he is still young and at odds with himself. Sort of like Will but in a different way. They both need some guidance. Elvis was providing it in a way to Will at one time and now that is kaput. Elvis needs to show more than a paltry interest in Chad. I am not sure that Kristen being in Chad’s business is the best thing! She is probably not the most stable of confidants for Chad. If Nicole’s message involves Sydney and due to Chad, that is a surprise but a nice one. Chad didn’t seem to care for Nicole and I always thought they could have become sort of confidants when he might have needed someone. Would not want to see a relationship similar to Brady and Kristen between them but friendship would be nice.
    Tee, your post stated “I have been thinking Nicole may end up in a triangle for a bit with Nicole/Eric.” OK, you have me hung out here. Who is the other person you are thinking? I thought maybe Rafe but they seem better as friends.

    Take care, all. Say your prayers and have a great day.

  140. From MAB

    I usually don’t comment on real life, and I haven’t commented on the CT school shooting since it happened, just too heartbreaking to talk about it, but I feel the need to do so. I’m just praying for everyone involved, from the victims, to the survivors. My heart is breaking for them all. And to all the police, first responders, etc. who had to endure the tragic scene. God bless them all!

    As for the news media, Friday, they were giving way too much misinformation, and they should be ashamed of themselves for some of the things that were said. Also, they started turning it into a platform about gun control, and this was neither the time nor the place for doing that. They seem to now be doing a better job on reporting this tragedy, and I believe it’s because of how the police have been diligent in keeping the public informed. I applaud that Lt. State Police Officer giving all the press conferences. He has done an incredible job! But yesterday, it’s sad he had to stand there and address other people’s despicable actions of threats to the church, and things being said on the social media. He said when those people are identified, they will be action taken against them. And they should, and those individuals should be ashamed of themselves!

    Yes, evil came to Newtown Friday morning, and I’m not excusing his despicable actions, because there is there is NO excuse for him taking innocent lives, but what happened in this young man’s life to make him do this??? What is happening in today’s society to make people do such unconscionable things? Was he a victim of bullying, etc.? It’s time people start thinking of how they talk to and treat one another, and not just once in a while, but all the time. And people need to take notice if someone is having emotional problems and do something about it instead of ignoring it.

    I’m also tired of the religion discussion of how certain people who want God removed from our daily lives. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs, but no one has a right to remove God from anything. People need to respect those of us who believe in Him and have Faith. No one is taking from my life, and never will. This politically correct stuff is ludicrous and I’m sick of it!

    Not much else to say, as I think this is the most horrific tragedy since 9/11. All I can say is God Bless us all.

  141. From MAB

    Spoilers say:

    EJ arranges for the kids to donate their excess toys to charity, who are from EJ’s friends & associates. So it’s not a scheme of EJ’s or The DiMeras after all, as some notably assumed. So giving of EJ to do this, and teach his children to have empathy for those not as fortunate. Of course EJ’s actions impress Sami, and even Rafe. Although I find it odd Rafe is impressed when he blatantly insulted EJ about how much money he gave Johnny for Santa’s charitable pot.

    Sami encourages EJ to continue distancing himself from his family and if he does, subtly infers he’s on the right track to winning her back. But EJ declares that he won’t renounce his family, only the things they do, and says anyone who loves him must accept him as a DiMera, leaving Sami impressed yet again by his conviction. I think this is great! He is not completely trying to change for her (as some suggested). He is just being the best man he can be for her & his kids, w/o renouncing his family. He can’t change who he is, and wants Sami to accept & love him for the man he is, as he does her.

    I’m looking forward to Chad & Abby spending time together…and EJ & Chad spending time w/ Abe & Theo, as they all mourn Lexie. EJ’s sadness over Lexie also prompts Sami to comfort him!

    I like the pairings for NYE. Sami & EJ, Chad & Abby, but I’m confused as some say Nicole makes plans to spend NYE w/ Rafe, but spoilers say she asks Eric to spend it w/ her??? Which is it?

  142. From MAB

    I think EJ shows enough interest in Chad, they just don’t see it all the time, but Chad is not the same person as Will. Will is so insecure, Chad is not, he’s rougher around the edges and a lot stronger than Will. EJ knows this, and knows the differences in Chad & Will. Will always seems to need guidance. Chad, not so much, he takes care of himself. To me, EJ is the only adult male figure who shows even the slightest interest in either young man. I sure don’t see anyone else doing that…well maybe Lucas sometimes.

    I think they’re changing up things w/ Chad to show his good side that is still there, and always has been, like his pairing w/ Abby and helping Nicole out w/ Sydney. Chad is showing he’s not evil, just another DiMera who gets blamed because of his last name. But he’s not gonna let Gabi off the hook, and I don’t blame him. She needs to be exposed for what she did.

  143. From Kat

    MAB, 140, good reading.
    My friend and daughter had planned on driving to Newtown, now about 50 min. away from where they are living now…but decided against it. To many people because of the President. But like they said on face book, they have very fond memories of Sandy Hook Elementry school, when the kids went there.
    Heartbreaking, but we have to move on.

  144. From SandyGram

    Nathen Owens will be replacing Schuyler Yancey as Dr. Cameron soon. It appears that when the new Cameron comes on board he will come with a past see this ‘must read RUMOR’ on Days Cafe:

    Could this have something to do with the unexpected phone call Nicole receives?

  145. From MAB

    My apologies for #138 & #140 being dual posts. I guess I accidentially sent this twice.

  146. From patty

    SandyGram, thanks for the link. What an interesting rumor. You know I have thought about the possibility before that maybe Cameron was on the Demira payroll when Nicole had her baby. Could Nicole’s baby really be alive and Cameron had a hand in keeping the baby away from her? Hopefully this is more than just a rumor and is a clue as to what’s to come.
    As for the gift giving, I hate how once again Allie was excluded from the activities. That poor child is really going to grow up with an inferiority complex just like her mother did. Watch out when she grows up and starts acting exactly like Sami and blames her mother for everything. Hopefully, they will let her out of the attic for the holidays.

  147. From MAB

    #143 Kat – thanks, and it is heartbreaking, beyond belief. I know we have to move on, but something needs to be done about psychotic individuals who go in public places shooting. Sources are saying now there were missed warning signs of the shooter. Again, apparently no one did anything, and now innocent people are dead because of it. It seems tho this school had some good procedures in place, which probably prevented this from being worse. But like where I live, there are different policies for each school. Some you can just walk into, which should not happen (although I feel these schools will now change that). And others have taken more preventive measures and doors are locked and cameras are in place (as they should be) and you have to be let in the school. Of course this didn’t stop what happened in CT, but that just means more things preventive measures can be taken. Like the president saying he wants to do what he can to make schools safer, well then he needs to provide funding for ALL schools to have armed police officers/guards on patrol during school hours. It would not only possibly stop incidents like this from happening, but also stop some of the violence within the schools, and even provide jobs to many of the unemployed.

  148. From patty

    There was nothing really earth shattering about EJ’s and Sami’s gift giving. They bring gifts to town square with the kids, the kids spot Rafe and run into his arms and Rafe tells Sami what a nice thing it is they are doing. Rafe offers his help and she says she can handle it then he leaves. She comes back to find Kristen and EJ in a conversation and with a suspicious look on her face tries to eavesdrop.
    As for spoilers, it looks like the never ending triangle will keep on going for a while yet.

    Sami wonders why Rafe seems withdrawn,
    Sami talks to Eric about her love life
    Rafe and Sami talk about their relationship
    E.J. and Sami make plans for New Year’s Eve
    Rafe and Nicole decide to ring in the new year together.
    I hope that talk is an eye opener for Rafe and he decides to shake Sami off for good. I hope Nicole and Rafe spending new year’s eve together is a sign of a new beginning for them both.

  149. From gerri

    MAB #140
    You said everything,that needs to be said on this tragedy,It was the worst since 9/11.It will be a long process of healing,for the families.
    I saw a notation on facebook,where that “Baptist Church “that protest funerals,probably will do the same with these funerals,if true,how horrible these people are,and I hope will be stopped in some way..
    I sure don’t think they are behaving like christians……..

  150. From Nancy

    I may be in the minority here but I don’t care for the Daniel Jennifer coupling. It seems really contrived. How convenient for Daniel to have all the instruments he needs to perform surgery and save Jennifer’s life once again. I just don’t think they have that chemistry.

  151. From patty

    And it goes on into the new year.
    Sami and Rafe go on a New year date with EJ and Nicole. Huh?
    John and Marlena try to rescue Brady from Kristen’s clutches. There you go, John has seen the light!
    Sami runs into Rafe and bursts into tears. Boo hoo!
    John and Brady are hospitalized. Not over Kristen I hope.
    Kate warns EJ about Sami. Didn’t she do that before?
    Gabi approaches Sonny with a NYE truce.
    It also says New Years Eve has lots of romance and kisses. We haven’t had romance in ages, can’t wait to see this.

  152. From jolie

    #151 Patty, I do wish Rafe would move on. I am just not a fan of watching someone get their heart stomped. And did someone finally plug in the light string on which John is attached?? He needs his head extracted out of his butt over this Kristen thing…what is Dr Daniel doing for NYE so maybe we can get that done for John? Kate seems on the outside of several conversations lately. She is sort of kind to Daniel, now worried about Elvis…paving the way for the Big Elf Stefano to come back. I think Kate will need some persuading from him this time. She loves him but a gal likes some prompting and she was a bit mad at him last time she mentioned his name. Romance…I am not sure that my idea of romance is the same as the writers but I’ll never give up hope!

  153. From MAB

    #149 gerri, thanks. And those people you’re talking about that protest, make threats, etc., well I don’t call them Christians at all.

    I think some of these spoilers aren’t accurate. Like one saying Nicole asks Eric to spend NYE w/ her, but then it’s says Nicole & Rafe make plans??? I’ll wait to see what happens. I’m betting tho Sami & EJ are just gonna continue to get closer & closer. I have a feeling too Sami won’t make her decision until the blow up happens at the wedding, where I assume Sami and everyone else will find out Will is the father of the baby.

  154. From patty

    I hope I’m allowed to post this.
    Source Look Ahead: Week of December 31
    Salem rings in the New Year with tangled webs of romantic drama. Kristen reveals her true motives to John, and it’s a doozy! It’s been said that kisses don’t lie, so what happens when Sami finds herself on the receiving end of New Year’s Eve kisses from Rafe and EJ?! Nicole distracts EJ with a kiss of her own (but not for reasons you may think)! John and Marlena team up to save their son from Kristen. Will and Nick have a heated confrontation of Nick’s homophobic comments.

  155. From Kat

    147 MAB, liked your post, well said,…what I meant in my post 143, about moving on… Meant,
    “we” sort of have to move on emotionally, or we’ll make ourselves sick,
    Not moving on from trying to solve those problems our society is faced with… What are some solutions, ..?

    Nicole’s baby alive, maybe, wow, somebody must have read one of our bloggers thoughts…
    or are they talking about Nicole’s first baby,….is it Sidney or her “alive” baby out there…

    Either way, EJ will have another child, and I hope this time there will be another secret kept from the Father… so sick of that…
    In coming so clean, will Nicole confess to Rafe, the it was Her, that framed Arianna….
    If Dr. Dan finds out, that Gaby was responsible for Melanie’s kidnapping and that Rafe knows about it, what will that do to the “Two Fathers” friendship… One a bigger lier than the other…

    The Secret Buzz Word in Salem is “Lies”…
    without them, no SL’s LOL

  156. From Leah

    #152 Jolie…. I’m with you! Time Rafe moved on. All this hanging around the fringes of Sami and Ejami is making him look like a loser and a little too desperate. Man up Rafe and get some of your self respect back. Sami was in love with EJ when you met her and that has been the story of your life. At every turn since you’ve been with Sami its always been about Sami and EJ. I don’t care if they were professing to hate each other it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out there were unresolved feelings and love between these two. Simply put they were never at the same place at the same time. When EJ was loving Sami she was denying her feelings and ducking and weaving. When Sami was in love with EJ she found out about Nicole and EJ, Nicoles pregnancy and then had to go into the witness protection program where we was her pining for him. Ejami have never really been out of the picture and if Rafe was honest with himself he would admit it. I’m sure there has to be a better match and green pastures for you out there somewhere Rafe but as long as you continue in this Sami fast/obession you will never be able to move on from this Sami haze your in. For someone so smart, how can you be so dumb? Maybe its the fact that its EJ and a Dimera that is bruising your ego/pride and that is why you don’t wanna give up. Nobody likes a slow prolonged death… writers please put Rafe out of his misery and move him upwards and onwards :)

  157. From Leah

    I also agree with a fellow poster about these spoilers. Many times I’ve read spoilers and thought ok this is gunna happen only to see it played out on screen differently. Some of these spoilers cause confusion. I mean Nicole and Rafe plan on spending NYE together? But Nicole asks Eric to spend NYE with her? And Nicole kisses EJ to distract him so Rafe can sneak sometime with Sami and plant a kiss on her? Which is it? OR is it all of the above? I don’t know I’m confused – lol. I think I will just watch it play out on the screen.
    PS: Kat where did you hear about EJ is going to have another (alive)child? That one is news to me. I had heard a rumour that Nicole will have a long lost grown up child show up in Salem but hadn’t heard anything about EJ having another one out there somewhere. Is it just me or is all this kid business overtaking our soap? I’m over it… NO MORE BABIES/KIDS ANYWHERE FOR A LONG TIME PLEASE! This has been overplayed now by Days for the last few years.

  158. From Maryl

    Have been having bouts of crying several times a day since Friday’s terrible school shooting in CT. No words can express the sorrow and pain this has caused. So senseless and evil. Twenty little angels returned home to the arms of God Friday.
    I live a long distance from CT, but I feel their pain as if it happened next door. At mass yesterday, our priest had a wonderful sermon regarding this tragedy and our prayers were said for the intentions of the families who lost their babies and family members. When I picked up my grandchildren from school today, I had to try hard not to cry seeing the little Pre-K and Kindergarden
    children so happy and well. Like the rest of you, I hugged my babies as hard as I could.
    What scares me the most is wondering if there is another sick person out there somewhere planning something even more horrendous to outdo this act. It seems to be what is happening here. Let’s all pray to God that the next attack can be stopped before it materializes. For me, this act was one of the worst since it involved so many little ones.

  159. From patty

    Leah, Sami hasn’t always been in love with EJ, she has been in love with anybody else except him. They have never been a couple, they have only been married as a result of manipulations and lies, have only been together three times in all those years, once at gunpoint. Sami was happily married to Rafe and loved him deeply and still does which is why she is still torn. There is nothing stopping her from being with EJ, not Rafe, not anything and still she seeks Rafe every chance she gets. She has shown absolutely no romantic interest in EJ so far so it is very hard to buy that he’s the love of her life. EJ is the one who doesn’t seem to grasp the fact that Sami will never really love him like she does Rafe.
    I want Rafe to walk away from the hot mess that is Sami Brady because she is fickle and selfish and she has been playing with his heart long enough. Sami is not Rafe’s obssession , she’s EJ’s. Spoilers say will Sami’s choice be made for her? I think so, I hope Rafe will be the one to make the choice to dump her butt for good and she will be stuck with the man who has spent most of his life making her miserable. EJ and Sami don’t belong together but they do deserve each other.

  160. From Cougar

    Have only read your post so far 158 Maryl. I too have been very down since Friday. no crying bouts but extreme saddness for those poor souls in CT. It has really taken the joy out of the season. I’m sure that nmany people across the nation are experiencing a deep, immense saddness such as you and I.

  161. From SandyGram

    Episode December 17th:
    It would appear lying/concealing/making up stories in a moments notice comes very easy for Nick. That could be the attraction between him and Gabi. But both Hope and Sami falling for it so easily, are they that anxious to have a wedding? Rafe’s reaction to the news Nick and Gabi had sex the day after they met was very appropriate for me. Disappointed, hurt or more than that worried the decision to marry is much to quick. If Will is approach enough about Gabi’s decision, he is bound to blurt it out he is the baby’s father, especially if he starts to think Nick will try to keep him out of the baby’s life all together. Anxious to see Will’s reaction to Nick’s negative gay comment according to the spoilers.

    Will and Sonny – it’s understandable where Sonny is coming from. I suppose we’re just use to seeing him on such an even keel to have him be that upset was a surprise. Sami sure picked up on Sonny’s vibes today, but she’s so involved with the wedding it went right over her head…

    Kate and Daniel…where did all that niceness come from. Could Kate be having a personality make over also? Did I miss it or did she say Chloe, Parker and Nancy would be visiting Salem and that Chloe and Philip were no longer together? There is one thing about Kate….whether arguing or being nice she has a flirtatious personality and flaunts her sexuality through her body language, very much like Kristen does.

    In closing, my goodness what a quick healer that Jenn is. What the same day she’s released from the Hospital she is now going to chase Dr. Dan down….must be something very special about the Smith Island water to heal her so fast.

  162. From Kat

    157 Leah,
    I read it on post 144 SandGram, Days Cafe…..
    it says Cameron will become a man with a “past”, how past..?
    and it might turn out that Nicole’s baby was not still born..
    So either way, if it was the first baby girl, or the baby boy,
    EJ would have another child….
    So, that’s all I know and read…

    156 Leah, I so agree about Sami and EJ, get in the same boat, same
    time together…finally…
    Had Winder concert at the school, never seen it so packed before, standing room in the hall way.It sure brought the families out tonight, more than ever.

    Grandson plays the drums…

  163. From gerri

    totally agree ..

    I’m looking forward to those romantic moments,that has been mentioned,for New Years Eve.
    whom???we don’t know.

    SandyGram,true statement and funny,words describing Jenn and her speedy recovery,from her appendectomy,mine sure took lot’s longer,of course mine was done in a hospital,so maybe it was Smith Island water…

    Kate sure tries to come across as this innocent woman,when she came real close to killing Chloe,with the poisoned brownies,she acts so devine….and talking about her survival from cancer…….her life isn;t the only one important…….

  164. From patty

    Watching families bury their children is absolutely unbearable. To know that they died a senseless and horrible death makes it even harder to bear. Children being slaughterd in schools, how can anybody get past this? How can the kids who survived this carnage ever feel normal again? I live in another country but this is as painful here as it is anywhere. Our hearts are broken for those families who are having to say goodbye to their beautiful babies. May God Bless these little children and give the ones left behind the strength and comfort to endure the unimaginable pain of the days ahead.

  165. From Clear

    Writers have to have gotten that idea about Cameron and a live baby from us and all our scenarios! LOL!

  166. From Cougar

    Mab 140 Too many presents for Johnie & Sydney, my money is on a doting Grandpa No No Stephano.

    I had a good chuckle a couple of episodes back when Rafe gave Johnie a dollar bill tp put in Santa’s kettle and when EJ gave Johnie some money Rafe asked, “What did you give him a hundred?” It was a funny line. It is also symbolic of the ego bruising and feelings of inadequacy that Rafe seems to be going through. At every turn he just comes up short. Ej has more money to flash around but he didn’t in this case. Five dollars is an age appropriate amount to give a young child for something like that. Rafe brings flowers to Sami’s office only to find out EJ is now her boss. No way to compete with that one. I guess I just have never been one of those people who likes to get in those contests that shows who can pee higher. I find it somewhat demeaning that they just don’t find a way to move his love life forward or at least off the Sami radar.
    The involvement he has with Gabbi now is a good SL. Even if he does appear to somewhat over react and he should have been more involved last summer. Think about if any one of us had a sibling or child get pregnant after having had sex with an ex-con paroled for murder that they knew for 2 days. Well . . . lets say I would not be tripping the light fantastic and my husband probably swing a punch after hearing that peice of news. The fact that he’s not cool with it is really spot on.

  167. From cassie

    SAM WHAT do you mean zzzzzzzz The ratings are up because of Gabi/Will/Nick Storyline. Rafe is her brother and he and Sami are not lovers think goodness. So putting the Hernandez down is getting old. I am loving watching others beside the EJ and Sami low ratings show we had for the last 3 years. Now that’s a zzzzzzz

  168. From Shani

    Yes, I agree totally that Rafe’s reaction to Nick’s explanation yesterday for Gabi’s early due date was very appropriate & real. & I don’t like it that Gabi was put in that light in front of her brother because Nick was so quick to come up with that lie. Will is so uncomfortable with all this & I feel for him. I think Sonny’s feelings toward Gabi, now, are understandable. Just that now he & Will are coming from different places. Will doesn’t know what Gabi did to Melanie & Sonny doesn’t know Will is Gabi’s baby’s daddy. Jennifer’s recovery is a little too soon to be believable, & Kate is not a favorite character of mine no matter what’s she’s up to, nicey nice or bad stuff.

    patty 159 agree with all of it.

  169. From gerri

    agree about Rafe’s reaction toward Gabi,and the pregnancy,He might be a brother,but in a parent role,because there is not one in this S/L.

  170. From Kat

    167 cassie,

    No matter, among all current 4 Soap Operas…
    EJ, Sami and EJami have maintained their No. 1,2,3 status,
    for a long long, time…
    That tells me something about the characters.

    And yes Chandler/Will or Kristin have been among the top 10….
    The rest, like Rafe, no where to be found….
    oops, John showed up once, and I am sure he will again once his SL with Kristin becomes more prominent.
    So it looks like Majority does mean something.
    166 Cougar, it’s been mentioned on here, that the Presents for the kids come from Business Associates etc., but I have no doubt that NO NO , funny, Stefano will also go overboard or Not…

  171. From MAB

    #155 Kat – I know what you meant about moving on, emotionally, and I agree. I just hope the president lives up to what he said and make these schools safer, and that doesn’t mean just focusing on gun control. I think those laws could be tweaked, but the need is to step up the security at these schools.

    I don’t like the idea of Nicole’s being alive if it means EJ is the father. It’s time Nicole move on away from her past, and start a new life. I mean, if she finds out her baby is alive, is she gonna try to keep this one from EJ too, and go back to her conniving, scheming ways? No, I don’t like this idea at all. She doesn’t need anything tied to her past. If they wanna give her a child, let it be one from her past before she met EJ.

    #156 & 157 Leah – you’re exactly right about EJ & Sami (& Rafe), and I totally agree!! Sami HAS been in love w/ EJ, she admitted to it more than once by saying it from her own mouth, which some tend to forget. I think she has always loved him too, and that is why none of her other relationships have ever worked. I think Lucas was comfortable for her because they grew up together and already shared a child. I think Rafe was that blue collar, honest, hero type she thought for her, but he turned out to be anything but that, plus she knew her family would accept him. I think she is confused now because she’s seeing that maybe she should follow her heart and make her own choices, and maybe what she has been looking for has been in front of her all along, and that is EJ.

    Oh, I guess all that kissing, touching, and closeness EJ & Sami have shared recently is Sami showing no romantic interest in EJ…don’t think so! And we’ll see who Sami truly loves, and ends up with. And I’m betting on EJ! And Sami will finally admit that it is in fact EJ that she wanted all along. But if Sami’s choice will be made for her, then it will be Rafe once again letting Sami down, and ruining things on his own w/o any help from anyone else, least of all EJ.

    Rafe once again acted like a neanderthal yesterday, berating Gabi & Nick for something that is THEIR business, not his. I don’t blame him for not liking Nick very much, but he needs to stop trying to control Gabi, but that is his MO. If he’s not controlling someone’s life, he’s not happy. Gabi is an adult, not a child, and she doesn’t need Rafe to be her father figure, she needs him to be a brother. Then later, Rafe goes and talks to Will just to drill him about Gabi. He never once stopped for a moment to see Will is troubled (like EJ did), or even ask how he was doing. Hmm, yeah he really loves Sami’s kids alright, that is only if it’s convenient for him. EJ loves them whether they are together or not.

    #166 Cougar – if the spoilers are correct, they say all those gifts for Johnny & Sydney are from EJ’s friends & associates.

  172. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    If Sami’s ever been in the Big L with EJ, I wish they’d write it that way. But it’s been written always that EJ’s the pursuer and she’s a chess piece. When she discovers she’s been played, she dumps him. I belive she truly loved Austin and Brandon because she moved Heaven and Earth to make her conquest. If she preferred Eeeej, why hasn’t she gone after him like she has Rafe or even Lucas? They never date and each of their sexual encounters have been mistakes or manipulation. She was missing Lucas when she got knocked up with Syd. This whole overdrawn out affair of six years + is nothing more than one upmanship and not romance. She’s a tease and a man eater; he’s a manipulator. Almost all of it has zilch to do with Rafe sniffing around. If this is romance to Ejami fans, it’s sorely lacking, to those who don’t have a vested interest in coupledom. A colossal bore. I wish they’d get together, so they could be backburnered. I just don’t get you guys being adament about “love” between these two. I just don’t get it… and yes, it turned into a train wreck the day he held a gun on her and demanded to plant his seed. I shudder when I think of it. It was a writer’s mistake that cannot be undone, not that EJ has ever searched for absolution.. Not even in fiction should an assault victim be interested in her assailant. I guess that’s my whole issue with this forced storyline. Same with Kate and Stefano. Put a bullet in my son and we’re not having marriage on the negotiating table. Now, she’s supposed to ‘love him’? It’s just so pitifully stupid. Two storylines I wish they’d move on from. Women aren’t as dumb as they’re written on this show.

  173. From patty

    Lucas may get his face slapped for telling Jen that he doesn’t want his sister to be another notch on Daniel’s bedpost, but it doesn’t change the fact that he is absolutely correct. Lucas has seen what Dr Jonas did with his wife and his mother and he can’t be blamed for not wanting to see his sister used the same way.
    Still waiting for the EJami epic love story to begin but today was more about Sami showing her disaproval of EJ’s family. She says he’s finally happy since Stephano is gone and he says it’s because he ‘s spending time with her and the kids. She says it’s because he has more time to spend with them because he’s not busy with his father trying to overthrow the free world. No lingering looks or tender moments, the kids are playing in the park and she’s busy taking pics. She makes it obvious she’s not about to spend Christmas at his house while having to make sure no one poisons her eggnog while the woman who tried to kill her mother tells the kids stories of visions of sugarplum and tales of her times in the big house. Sami will fit very nicely in the family I’m sure.
    Hope says Bo left that morning to join Shawn and Belle and she and Ciera will join him later after work. John tells her he knows she’s worried about Bo because Bo has plans.
    Kristen is still up to her games. She is still wearing the same yellow skirt that she took off to have sex at least five or six times in the last few days. Ewww!

  174. From patty

    Thank you Dyeing to be Blonde, my thoughts exactly!

  175. From MAB

    I don’t think Sami ever really loved Austin, he was just an obsession for her. Brandon, I think she loved, but she couldn’t live up to his standards either, just like w/ Lucas & Rafe. What I don’t get is why some refuse to admit Sami has loved EJ. It came out of her own mouth more than once. I would think that would be enough proof, but I guess not for some. Sami did pursue EJ after Lucas & before Rafe, but by that time, Nicole was in the picture and she lost out. Again, it was written that way, and it happened. Most of the time she pulls away from him because of their past, and the fact that her family is against him, but that will only enhance their SL going forward. And there has been plenty of romance between these 2, many times, and it’s not lacking, just only to those who don’t get it. But apparently this time it’s gonna happen for real, as Ken Corday stated, and they will finally get their true love story, as will the EJami fans! And I highly doubt these 2 will be on the backburner, wishful thinking for those who loathe the idea of EJami, but Corday seems to be putting all his eggs in their basket, and MANY will agree this is only a win/win situation for the show. Also, the same ole song & dance regarding that night is played. Yes, the writers made a mistake, but they corrected it by having EJ apologize and Sami forgiving him. And apparently those who still harp on it don’t seem to recall all the other soaps where love happened between characters that dealt w/ the same similar situation.

  176. From jolie

    I agree that Rafe’s reaction was right on. I think his anger at Nick is exactly how most men would feel, and not thinking that maybe little sis is just as guilty as the fellow. But human nature trumps good sense most always. At least he did leave when he should have and cooled off.

    And Nick was quick on his feet to come up with a good story to cover and to get everyone (snoopy Hope and Sami too) off their trail. He was smart…give them something to divert their attention and boy, he did just that. But then while he might be awkward, the boy is a genius.

    I am a little puzzled that as close as Will and Gabi are, that Will has never figured out Gabi’s part in the Melnapping. Just an oversight I guess. In all his duress lately, Will has enough on his plate.

    #172 DTBB, you say it very well. Some will not agree but I think you are exactly right on most points here. And I am really trying to get behind Elvis and Sami as a couple (trying but not really caring which is difficult) because it appears that is how it will go. So be it. I think the writers have some big hurdles when they are left with a mess to clean up and it happens time and time again. And the fans are just supposed to open up and swallow it. That is also why it is so hard to get behind the Elvis/Sami story that we are supposed to be seeing and soon.

  177. From gerri

    I agree on the EJ/SAMI love story,It’s time to put or shut up,and move on to some interesting S/L’S,this one surely isn’t,It has dragged on much too long.

    I think Lucas needs to move on,and take Allie with him,It looks like she Is an outcast,from this great family life that EJ and Sami are supposely building….

  178. From jolie

    #173 Patty, too funny. Lucas getting slapped but he is right and Jennifer won’t like hearing it. Too funny too is Sami’s rendition of Christmas at the Dimera’s. So finally Bo is mentioned! And he has gone to visit Shawn and Belle but couldn’t wait til she got off work? And he has plans. Maybe I am missing it and it was like after the work week rather than just the work day but sort of strange and setting up Bo to disappear or have something happen to him, especially since he is supposed to be delving into Dimera business again. Kristen has more game than Rudolph at the Reindeer Annual Get-Together. She just needs a shower and a new outfit. Sex is all she and Brady do. Sort of like what Brady and Madison did. I am not seeing romance here either. Not passion but just sex. Brady needs a brain and then a woman who doesn’t have plans to ruin his family or whatever her plan is. He needs to write to Santa…

  179. From Leah

    Patty there HAS always been one major obstacle between Sami choosing EJ…. HER FAMILY. We all know the hypocritical Bradys stance on the Dimeras. While we all love Samis fiestiness, passion and zeal Sami has always, so, so desperately wanted her families approval. Sami has always felt their condemnation, disapproval, judgement and wrath. Sami herself has said she is the bad seed/sheep of the Brady clan and Sami has always felt like she was living in Carries shadow and that she was never good enough. By choosing Rafe over EJ Sami picked the one she knew her family would approve of and agree with. As EJ said recently why? Because it’s safer, because it’s easier, because it’s expected! Bingo, that’s it in a nutshell. I for one am looking forward to a return of a confident, independant, strong willed Sami who chooses and does what she wants regardless of what her family think.

  180. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Don’t care about other soaps, MAB. Rape is rape. Someday we’ll see the show where EJ has to explain to his son, why his twin sister has a different father, and either he calls their momma a slut or he has to admit to him that he is a product of rape. Perhaps, then the self loathing can begin. Or he can rent another doppleganger and rape her a different way. And if Sami does hook up with EJ, she can explain to her young son why she would accomodate her rapist back into her life. Snark all you want to MAB, it’s your right, but you’re championing a monster. A monster who hurts women. It’s really the difference between the Ejami camp and those who hate him, after all.

    Yes, Leah, family will usually tell you not to date your rapist. But you miss the point where Sami isn’t strong or any of those other things you mention. She’s just an idiot. Her family knows this about her. They have to spell it out, and draw her pictures and stuff. Having said all that, I couldn’t care less if they pair tne skank and the narcissist together as long as they move them to a lesser storyline. Which will never happen, but a girl can dream.

  181. From MAB

    They are taking their time w/ the EJami SL and I’m glad they are not rushing it. Why does it have to happen immediately? Some complain that’s it’s moving too slow or not fast enough, so which is it? I think some will complain either way because sme will never be satified where EJami is concerned.

    I think there is a good mixture of SL’s going on, w/ a good mixture of characters. I don’t think there is anyone specifically being focused on. They all seem to be getting their SL’s told, and I find them all interesting for the most part. I for one am enjoying the show more now than ever.

  182. From Shani

    What I saw back then was that Sami & Rafe fell in love, period. Nothing to do with whether or not her family would approve. I don’t remember Sami ever even thinking about that. Sami does what she wants when she wants. If any family has been an obstacle for Sami choosing to be with EJ it’s HIS family, the DiMeras, & the way she feels about them. But if she really wanted EJ, that wouldn’t stop her, either. Regardless what spoilers might say, things change on the show & we don’t know for sure if the writers are going to put Sami with EJ or not. But one thing is for sure right now, you can see it all over her face that she is not over Rafe by a long shot.

    The spoiler on the new page says Rafe tells Sami he is through with her games. If he sticks to that & walks away, maybe that’s why she would choose EJ.

  183. From patty

    Leah, Sami’s family is no more an obstacle in her relationship with Eeej than the Demiras have been and it looks like still are since Sami disaproves of the Demiras big time. She’s not even with EJ yet and she ‘s already trying to get him to stay away from his family. That is going to work well when she’s eavesdropping on their dirty little schemes against her family in the future. She will go running to Daddy and her family who has always been there to protect her. Nothing hypocritical about wanting to keep your family safe and Sami didn’t marry Rafe for her family’s approval, she married him because she loved him and still does.

  184. From gerri

    The spoilers may say,Sami will choose EJ,and their so called Love Story can begin,but If she sees Rafe with Nicole on New Years Eve,betcha she will turn green with envy,and we will get to see her Jealousy come full force,hopefully Rafe is serious about stopping her games,and is ready to start a new relationship,maybe It will be with Nicole,I can see it happening,as I’ve said friendship can turned to love.

    Dyeing to be blonde#180,Shani#182,and Patty#183,
    you three ladies are on the mark….

  185. From Maryl

    If Sami has/had so much “love” for Rafe, please answer this one question–what drove her to EJ’s door the night she thought she lost Johnny? Shouldn’t she have sought comforting from Rafe if he was her true love? No, she needed EJ in her darkest hour. To me, that says it all. These two need each other and never will function with someone else.

  186. From patty

    Maryl, the night Sami went to EJ’s wasn’t to seek comfort, she went there thinking he had Johnny. What happened next tells us what kind of person Sami is, that she is untrustworthy and she’s her own worst enemy who can’t help but self destruct. What happened on that night had nothing to do with love, much like the sex at gunpoint when Johnny was conceived. There has never been anything but a sick attraction, obssession and lies between them. They have caused each other so much pain and misery that I think that even the writers are having a hard time turning this into a believable love story.
    Rafe will be doing the right thing by refusing to play her games but just watch if she doesn’t keep pursuing him. She will ring in the new year by kissing both of them. So much for Sami wanting to be with her true love.

  187. From Kat

    185 Maryl, I read all the blah, blah, but you got it right, whenever, there is a crisis in Sami’s life, it is EJ she goes to..
    EJ is so deep in her heart, it will take a while to let him surface again, but he Will… and then finally, Sami and EJ can tell the world, We are in love, always have been and always will.
    Love, true love, is why EJ and Sami could forgive each other their horrible (Soap Opera) crimes against each other, LOL.

    Sami and EJ have moved on from that,,, so why can’t some of the viewers,,,

    and my favorite, Maggie could learn to overlook all the crimes her Loving husband committed, Murder, Drugs, Porn, etc…
    so please to all the viewers that keep harping only on EJ, take a good and Fair
    Look at all other “criminal” characters … and then I will listen to you…other wise give EJ and Sami the Same break, you have given every other character in Salem…
    So tired hearing only about EJ….blah, blah…
    Like DTBB,180 – using her MAB…. some of you on here, just keep on snarking about EJ….
    so the work snarking should bother nobody, because like gerri said, she is right on the mark.
    Thank God for EJ and Sami on DOOL, because they keep this show up in ratings, and they are one of the most popular couple on the remaining soap operas….
    MAB, I don’t know who will turn out to be Nicole’s “Baby/Kid”, I just read the spoiler that Sandy Gram had posted.
    I know, you get me, and I get you, that’s the beauty of mutual respect on here.
    I know, I think, that you lost your Mom around Christmas time, and we talked about it over the years,,,?????
    I lost my little brother 4 3/4, if you remember, got hit by a truck and passed on St. Nick’s day… That sad memory is in my heart and will never go away, another reason I can not watch to much about Sandy Hook, little children, I remember the terrible sadness in my home, and I was only 6 yrs. old… It never, ever leaves you. My Mother and Father went through hell, and my Older
    Brother (Bo’s look alike) and I were to sad little puppies. But he looked out for me, never stopped, and I miss him…and now they took away Bo.

  188. From Maryl

    patty–when EJ “raped” Sami, he did have a gun because he was running from the Salem PD, but I don’t remember him aiming it at Sami’s head and demanding sex. I remember him making a bargain with her over helping free Lucas, but it was not a do it or die thing. He could have done it that way and drove off leaving Lucas pinned under the beam, but he chose to keep his part of the bargain with her and help free him. He did not rape her with a gun pointed to her head as so many of you seem to be saying. There is a difference between the way it really went down. If not mistaken, I think he had the gun in hand and made her drive him somewhere?
    Sami did not go banging on EJ’s door just to ask him if he had Johnny–you can think that, but there was a lot more to her going there than that. That’s where the grey lies between the black and white. She had a cop husband and daddy to question EJ. She would not have gone to his house just to do that when she was already told Johnny was found and he was dead. She most definitely needed to be with EJ and when she saw his devastation, she tried to console him.
    On almost every soap, Days included, the same crimes EJ has committed are also committed by other characters. The writers usually always redeem them or blot out history especially if they are characters with a lead role, yet for some reason Rafe fans don’t want to see that happen to EJ and just can’t seem to accept such a change as being possible with this fictional character. However, a large portion of viewers want to see this happen and think it’s time. So I guess we shall have to wait and see. Don’t give up hope, patty, you have a good chance of seeing Rafe getting back with Sami, because these writers are very fickle and things may go your way in the end. I for one hope they do not as we have already been there and it was a bore of a SL for Sami. It’s time for Sami to leave Rafe in the dust and it’s time for Rafe to find himself another woman. Even the polls are saying that EJ and Sami are the No. l couple.
    As far as turning the Sami/EJ love story into something believable, I don’t think it is such an impossible task. It’s a real challenge for some creative writing coming out of this because what better material could these writers have than to make these two complex characters come together.

  189. From SandyGram

    Episode December 18th:
    Finally Jenn said her I Love You’s to Dr. Dan and he understands she means it. If her tongue had been any more tied up today, I thought I would have to reach right into the TV Screen and pull the words from her mouth.

    Is this the way it’s going to be with Kristen…every time she has a new thought or idea she summons Brady to her bed? For me, her every move is calculated even when talking to Eeeeej!

    Gotta give EJ applauds for today having Johnny and Sydney take the presents to the HTC for charity.

    Hope and Marlena’s plan to confirm Brady was serious about Kristen seemed to pan out when he showed no interest in Sarah. I’m wondering if Kristen knows about Hope and John supposedly being married on Alamainia? Or was that whold story line dropped?

  190. From Shani

    EJ’s bargain with Sami that awful night was certainly a do it or die thing where Lucas was concerned!! As in Sami you have sex with me or Lucas dies.

    Sami is a hot head & when she thought she had lost Johnny, she rushed over to EJ’s to get Johnny back because she thought EJ had him. No time for impulsive Sami to get her dad or husband to go question EJ instead. She & EJ didn’t hear about Johnny supposedly being found dead until she was already over there. Some think the grief sex that followed was understandable. I thought it was sick.

  191. From patty

    Here it is Maryl. Maybe no gun aimed at her head, but coercion and despicable actions just the same. Not the actions of a man in love and totally unforgivable ,even in soap land. She swore then that she would hate him forever.

  192. From Shani

    patty, creepy to watch that video again. EJ didn’t have the gun pointed at Sami’s head but he had her at gunpoint for sure. I notice the title of the video is “EJ Rapes Sami”. Like so many of us have said.

  193. From gerri

    The night Sami went over to,the mansion,and shot SJ,it was to stop him from taking Johnny and Sydney,out of the country,after Kate warned her,I also beleive,that this was the same reason,she went the night of the grief sex,she thought EJ was behind all that and had Johnny there.and I agree with Shani,there was no love at all in the act,it was like two animals grabbing and panting,I thought it sickening as well.

  194. From MAB

    DTBB – if you take the show that seriously, then that is your problem, and what better way for you to express your opinion than to insult me once again saying I’m snarky. I think that is all some of you know how to do is insult EJ fans, on a personal level nonetheless. FYI, I view this as nothing but what it is, entertainment, and I am proud to champion EJ, as is MANY others! You see him as a monster, whatever, I don’t. I see him for who he really is, and what the writers show him to be. No one here is missing the point except you. The show put that incident to bed long ago, and if you can’t let it go, then why worry about it? It’s not gonna change anything in them getting together. And if you could care less, then why does it bother you what others think???

    Maryl – you are right of course. Sami did not go to EJ thinking he had Johnny. He let her in, and they sat in the floor at the fire place crying & huggung each other. She went there to seek comfort w/ the father of her child. Period! Some need to go back and watch it, because that is what happned, but they just keep making up things, and putting their own spin on it. And you’re also right that EJ never held a gun to Sami’s head that night, but again the writers put that to bed long ago, after EJ apologized & Sami accepted. Also, ditto on everything else you said too!

  195. From Maryl

    But Shani–he did not point a gun to Sami’s head and that is the point I’m trying to make. He didn’t threaten to kill her if she didn’t submit–he gave her a choice–and of course, EJ didn’t care what happened to Lucas just as Lucas could care less about EJ. But EJ did lift the beam from Lucas. Maybe not that great of deal for some, but he did wind up saving Lucas. Kinda of like when Lucas was going to let Sami die by lethal injection for something she didn’t do but then changed his mind and did the right thing at the very last minute. Lucas was just as despicable for making Sami suffer all that pain.
    Sami was the one who kept trying to get EJ to help Lucas and in the process gave EJ this stupid idea of fulfilling his father’s plans for a Brady/DiMera offspring. There’s a lot of stuff regarding this episode that has to be considered as to why or how it happened.
    patty–it’s funny about Sami and her forevers–they usually don’t pan out to be forever–it’s more like never say never.

  196. From Maryl

    Shani–I believe you are wrong about Sami not knowing or thinking that Johnny was dead when she went to see EJ–she did most certainly think he was found dead. EJ learned the same thing just before she knocked on his door. Thus, she found him sitting on the floor totally devastated and crying.

  197. From patty

    Maryl, Shani is right. Sami and EJ heard on the news that a boy had been found dead. Then they proceeded to hit , shove and scream at each other which turned into some kind of animalistic rutting. Not a pretty sight.

  198. From Kat

    Watched the episode,
    and something stood out to me…
    EJ saying that what he was going to do,was an “Honor”.. well that is how he was Raised by Stefano.
    Crime Families consider a lot of things an Honor..
    However, over the years we have seen EJ struggle with His/Stefano’s ways, and has tried to become his Own Man.
    Not always successful, but he is still trying. He fell in Love with Sami, she showed him spunk, and she also understood him, because Sami has done so many horrific things in her Life. And having two children together, has bonded them for life.
    Yes, Lucas was willing to let Sami die, to cover his own butt,
    but people forget and forgive that.
    EJ is still trying very hard, to be a better man, for his kids and Sami. I can see that, and also it is a soap, and those two have forgiven each other for the crimes they committed
    against each other.
    MAB, I used the word “snarky” to make a point, how the Rafe fans thought that was ok to use against you, just to show what is sounds like and to approve, as they did.
    I am taking the word “snarky” back, because getting personal is not cool…
    Hope everybody got what I meant….LOL
    When Sami went to EJ’s .. she had already seen on Her TV that Johnny was “dead”, and so did EJ in his mansion… Parents were drawn to each other, and then we saw the “highest rated” show, go figure.. somebody liked it and thought is was a great Soap Opera moment.
    Soap operas are know for having outlandish moments and SL’s, our choice to watch or not..

  199. From patty

    There was no honor in what happened that awful night in that car. It was the actions of a depraved psycho committing a deplorable crime of violating a woman. There is no romanticizing, excusing or sugar coating that fact.
    The grief sex , as gross as it was, at least was consensual.

  200. From Kat

    Nobody,meaning Me,SAID that there was Honor in What EJ did that night….
    I said, EJ was raised by Stefano/his fatha, to think that doing bad stuff was an honor, and was trying to full fill an Evil man’s wish.
    Please do not put new meaning to what I said that’s usually where the problems on here start. And I want no part of it, just setting straight what I tried to say….That’s all…
    So what Sami did to Austin, when she drugged him and made him sleep with her, what would we call that.
    I am not defending or Sugar coating any of EJ’s actions, but at least Sami was given a choice, not a good one, and Austin Never knew what hit him.

    All I am doing, is figuring out where EJ is coming from, and why he has done some of the
    evil things, just like
    Nicole, Sami, Victor, Kristin, the list goes on.
    EJ is trying to be a different, better man, hope he will succeed in the long run. Sami and EJ can help each other, because both of them know where they are coming from…

  201. From patty

    EJ wasn’t raised by Stephano, he was raised by Susan and only came to Stephano as an adult. He is responsible for his own actions. Nicole’s, Sami’s and Victor’s past mistakes have nothing to do with his.

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