Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For December 20 & 21.

Getting it wrong.

Jenn walks in on Brady while he has his tongue in Kristen’s mouth. She runs. He runs after her and tries to explain why he’s sleeping with his former step-mother. Brady insists that he really cares about her and begs Jenn to keep her mouth shut. Jenn mopes off biting her lip. Kristen tracks her down, bumping into Hope on the way, who obviously knows more than she’s letting on. When she talks to Jenn, however, it’s clear that Kristen isn’t trying to make her keep her mouth shut at all.

Eric hangs out with Caroline. They discuss the joys of mass and she notices he’s not looking too joyful. He admits he hasn’t been sleeping well. That night, he has another nightmare of his time in Africa and cries out in his sleep. Nicole wonders what’s eating him. He doesn’t explain. She mopes around town, bumping into Chad and unloading about how she misses Syd. He offers to get a special gift to the little girl and then runs into Abby. She’s been moping too so he listens to her vent. He’s doing good deeds all week. Chad also encourages Sonny to patch things up with Will while Lucas is busy encouraging his son to do the same. Lucas even drops in to see Sonny and urges him to kiss and make up. However, Lucas has mistakenly assumed this was all about money and that’s enough to tweak Sonny off that something else was going on between Will and Gabi. Of course, he gets it all wrong. Will doesn’t correct him.

Nick and Gabi have a meeting with Father Eric. The groom-to-be admits that he was irked that his bride[to-be told Will about getting knocked up before letting him in on it. They love each other anyway. She starts to worry when John and Marlena show up to dole out marital advice. Marlena starts to worry that Gabi might not be ready for all of this since she has kept everyone in her family (other than Rafe) in the dark about the wedding and the pregnancy. Gabi promises the shrink that everything is cool. However, after she hears that Sonny almost figured things out, she panics. Nick assures her that no one will ever believe that a ‘gay boy’ got her pregnant. Will doesn’t appreciate the comment.

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  6 responses so far...

  1. From SandyGram

    Kristen, she wants anyone to tell John about her relationship with Brady except herself. She is so taking over the role of pond scum Queen from Kate.

  2. From dc

    yea, that sounds good..
    i read something about kate having a “big” storyline, just wonder what it could be.
    i kinda had a feeling that hope and bo were going out of town for christmas, to be with shawn, belle and claire, just hope that eventually shawn, belle, claire and even bo return soon. they keep mentioning bo’s name so maybe there is hope he will return. i have my fingers crossed that he will..
    i wish kristen’s plan would blow up in her face. i don’t want to see brady or anyone else hurt by her.

  3. From dc

    sandygram, i have a question for you.
    i just read on this site where the guy who plays justin (wally gurth) is going to be working on general hospital. is he leaving “days”?? we haven’t seen him or adrienne much on the show lately..
    have you heard or read anything about peter reckell (bo) returning?

  4. From SandyGram

    #2/3 dc
    Yes I saw the article on Wally Gurth also. We did see him last week for a scene or two when Sonny approached him about Gabi and he talked to Chad. Both he and Adrienne have been off the screen lately. I did read she would be back for the Holidays. After Gabi is exposed for her part in concealing Melanie’s kidnapping and if Nick wants to adopt Will’s child they will need a lawyer. I don’t know how that works between Soaps, is an actor allowed to work in both venues? The only other lawyer in town would be EJ, I can’t see him doing anything for a Gabi and Nick.

    For Bo the last we know is he is not returning. After todays show it appears Hope and Ciara will meet Bo and Shawn, Belle and Claire for the Holiday’s but Hope and Ciara are the only one’s returning to Salem the day after Christmas. This is probably Bo’s out of the show. As John said also today Bo has a lot of unanswered questions so it looks like he will be going on a venture to get his answers and somewhere a long the line he will be kidnapped or killed. I would suspect kidnapped since Corady said they would leave an opening for him to return someday, which I would anticipate is not anytime soon or even in the near future unfortunately. Tee has some in’s to the show, maybe she will be able to give us some updates.

  5. From Lynne

    I don’t know about anyone else but I’m really tired of this Kristen story line. Kristen and Brady are disturbing. Looking at Kristens makeup, hair and clothes reminds me of the 80s…too much. I’ve watched the show for a lot of years through a lot of bad story lines but this is the first one that I’m thinking…geez, end already!

  6. From Ninnie

    I had rather watch milk curdle and spoil than any of Days any more. I can only hope the Christmas Day episode wont show any tongue switching or any thing like that whether it be from Will the Dill and Sonny the Runny or Kristen the Chicken and Brady the Shady.

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