Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For December 24-28.

In the holiday spirit.

The DiMera brothers take some time from their busy holiday schedules to visit their sister’s grave. Abe wanders by and the three of them mourn a little together. When Abe drifts away, he runs into Kayla. She quickly realizes that he’s at loose ends over the holidays so she invites him to spend them with her family. Meanwhile, Chad decides that it’s time to get closer to his family, and that includes actually trying to get to know Cameron.
Sonny brings Will to the mansion to celebrate Christmas with the Kiriakis clan. Brady slips away from ladling eggnog to meet up with his secret lady. She surprises him with a rare photo. He hopes they can make things work in the long term. Across town, Doug and Julie arrive for the holidays. Julie worries about Nick’s rushed wedding. All the same, Gabi is welcomed into the Horton family and they hand her an ornament of her own to hang. Will and Sonny drop in to hang out while Hope and Ciara speak to family across the globe via the wonders of technology. Meanwhile, Rafe brings Syd a stuffed penguin. Sami’s impressed until he explains that he has plans for the holidays. The blond contemplates whether the new year will include Rafe or Elvis. And Eric’s family celebrate him giving his first Midnight Mass. Nicole isn’t feeling so festive though, particularly after Eric tells her all about the priest who died in his place in the Congo. However, things look up when she receives a surprising message.

Brad and Kristen lounge in bed until her siblings show up and he has to leap out the window. As soon as the DiMeras complete their gift-giving, Brady crawls back through the window and back into Kristen. Elvis has gone off to see Sami, who has been listening to a lecture from her brother, Father Eric. EJ is eager to know where he stands with Samanther, but Johnny interrupts his questioning. Meanwhile, Chad gets invited over to the Horton house by Abby. The family funnels around the town. Doug heads to the hospital to read The Christmas Story while Maggie, Abe and Kayla manage to force Victor to play Santa. The awkwardness continues as Lucas pulls his sister and mom into the Horton festivities.

When Sami confronts Rafe about avoiding her over Christmas, he confronts her with the close moment he saw her sharing with Elvis. Rafe declares that he’s sick of her games. Meanwhile, EJ tells his little brother that his game to get Sami back is working. He hunts her down and asks her to spend New Year’s Eve with him. Since no one else is interested, she agrees. Her brother receives a date invitation as well. Nicole asks him to hang out with her since she’s got no one else. The priest turns her down anyway. Conveniently, she bumps into Rafe so they decide to ring the new year in together.

In spite of her almost cancelling on him, Jenn and Daniel actually do wind up on a date. Meanwhile, Jenn’s daughter almost gets an invitation from Chadsworth after EJ points out that Mel is never coming back. Chad stops himself when he finds out she already has something to do. Across town, John worries that his son won’t have anything to do on the big night. He suggests that Brady grab a woman and they have a double date. When Marlena hears this, she explodes. She covers by claiming that it’s time for them to butt out of Brady’s personal life. Brady continues trying to keep all of his free time filled up with Kristen. Kristen still finds the time to bump into Marlena and stick it to her. The shrink is so furious that she encourages her husband to pay Brady a visit when she knows that he will be bumping uglies with Kristen.

Will has nightmares about being pushed out of his child’s life. Gabi tells him that’s no nightmare, that’s what’s happening and he had better get used to it. He mopes. She feels bad. Meanwhile, Nick continues to make enemies. He and Sonny have some not too festive words. Later, Nick bumps into Kate and plays hardball with her over her business offer. When she doesn’t give him what he’s asking for, he tells her to get lost.

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  1. From dc

    well, it sounds like next week is gonna be one to watch.


    sure hope next year will bring some interesting stories and also characters from the past..

  2. From Shani

    Rafe, FINALLY, you are going to declare you are tired of Sami’s games!! What took you so long? But I know the answer to that is you love her. But I hope you stick to what you say.

    So in the meantime, EJ tells Chad his “game” to get Sami back is working. Well, we all knew it was a game, scheme, whatever you want to call it, didn’t we?

    How cruel of Gabi to tell Will what the spoiler above says she tells him. I have a feeling that gal is going to need Will to help her out later when Nick turns dark again. & I think Nick’s on his way there right now!

    I just watched today’s show. Didn’t you want to just pull those words out of Jennifer’s mouth?! & speaking of her remarkable recovery, how about her RUNNING to catch up to Dr. Dan?!

  3. From MAB

    Well if what EJ is doing is a “game” then it’s working perfectly. But there is no scheming going on. He isn’t playing her or lying to her. He isn’t doing anything to Rafe, or to her behind her back. He isn’t trying to take the kids from her, or deceive her in any way. He isn’t denouncing his family for her either, and tells her as much. He wants her to be w/ him for who he is and because she wants to be. He’s just being the better man, and she is liking it. So if this is a “game”, then he’s playing is well.

  4. From Stacey

    I do like Sami & Ej together – but I’m getting tired of her going back and forth. What REAL woman does this? It’s … gross.

    Does ANYONE care about the Gabi storyline? I am irked they even gave her one. The character is not someone I’ve been able to connect with … too bad they removed Mel and kept Gabi – sorry…

    Hmmm … Rafe & Nicole. We thought it was going to happen before but then Dr. Dan became the victor in that threesome. So…I think I could like this pairing. I see it more so that Rafe and Sami.

    I’m a healthy young female … but who has sex as much as Kristen and Brady? Every show – every day – she should at least have the courtesy to look exhausted !!! haha.

    I do hope that John busts in on them during their horizontal mambo – I’m tired of Marlena looking like a kook.

    I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Festivus for the rest of us!

  5. From Celia

    Eric had a homosexual affair with the priest in the Congo. The priest was killed when local villagers found out and tried to execute both the priest and Eric. During their escape the priest was captured and Eric slipped away. Eric is feeling guilt for not trying to save him. Eric explains to Nicole that he is struggling with his homosexual feelings.

  6. From Leah

    I have always thought Rafe and Nicole had much more chemistry and sizzle than Rafe and Sami. I for one would be happy to see that play out but unfortunately I don’t think it will. “Apparently” spoilers indicate Nicole will be involved with Eric down the track. This I don’t mind too as Eric and Brady are the only 2 men who have really ever loved Nicole and put her first. For me, I still love her with Brady!
    We again have “apparently” heard that Days are going to put their lock, stock and barrel into Ejami. Well if this is lock, stock and barrel and as good as it gets WE ARE IN TROUBLE. We are all well and truly over this back and forth game. IF, and in my books it is still a IF… if Sami is suppose to be choosing EJ why are the writers writing Sami so badly? Again maybe it is their way of appeasing all fanbases. I don’t know but for me it doesn’t work. And Sami comes off terribly. Days writers let your yes be yes and your no, no. Make you decision and then clearly write towards it. Of course we all expect hiccups along the way but we do expect to be heading in a direction. All this going around in circles is frustrating us and making us giddy.

  7. From dc

    well, i just read the “rumor mill”. it appears someone is saying that daniel and jennifer won’t last.. hmm, could chloe get in the way??
    can’t wait until after the first of the year, maybe we will see some characters that use to be on the who returning, maybe they will spice things up..

  8. From Blaze.

    #5 Celia: Wait, What?! :)

  9. From patty

    Wow Celia! Is that a spoiler or is this just speculation?

    Yesss! Rafe finally tells Sami what she can do with her games. You are doing the right thing Rafe, she’s toyed with your heart long enough. Now that explains why she ends up with EJ on NYE, he was her only option left. But she still kisses Rafe anyway, go figure! And Sami loves EJ??? I don’t think so.

  10. From Shani

    EJ plays all of his games well. But I sure wouldn’t want to hook up with a guy who called winning me a “game”, & I don’t want fictional Sami to hook up with one, either. But I do agree with Leah 6 & am truly over the back & forth & want Sami put with somebody soon. Like I wrote on the other page, if Rafe is sick of Sami’s games, like it says above, & if he walks away, maybe that’s why she would choose EJ.

  11. From Kat

    You got to read last week and this week, and all I can say…..

    And the Beat goes on, and as long as it does, we will have a great post site here, when it goes so one sided, we all know by now, the numbers of posters goes down…
    So, let the beat go on… let’s discuss, disagree, agree, whatever, just keep this wonderful site ALIVE, LOL….
    Admin. what do you think, keep it alive……

  12. From Kat

    Oh My God, Today, I just watched, the Marine in Dress Blues Uniform… that’s how I met my Husband in Munich Germany….
    He was there to guard the Consulate and the Embassy,
    he always looked so handsome, and the Consulate Limosine would pick the Marines up every evening from the Marine House they lived in, with Maid service, and of course Their Boss, Gunny, living right next door.
    I was always so proud of my Hubby Marine, God I miss him, and I have said that before, yes I did, he looked a lot like Rafe, but later on he got more silver… and that could happen to Rafe also..
    But the Eyes, my guy had Rafe eyes, go figure, it’s just that I do not like attitude, or his facial expressions, however, today I saw Rafe use an expression that tells me, that maybe, EJ’s coach gave him some pointers… it looked good to me.

    You know something guys on here, with writers constantly being replaced by other writers, how can WE EVER TRUST again in any SL….we invest, than ,,,,, wow, another team of writers comes in… does not respect anything our viewers have invested in…. like SL’s… goes on in different directions and WE, the Viewers, are supposed to just adjust to their new Ego Crap… I am so tired, of new writers, never ever respecting long if viewers, to give them some closure on SL’s started by previous writers…
    Please writers, I have said so many times, put Your Egos aside,and PLEASE the Fans…

    Hey, as always, just Me… Kat…

  13. From SandyGram

    Somethings cooking in Kristen’s kitchen tomorrow. As an excerpt from the the Days Ahead article in Network 54 for tomorrow (Dec 19th), Kristen is talking to Brady about loving children. He’s talking about wanting to be exclusive with her and she speaks of her not being able to have children and there is mention of adoption. I’m not good at reading into to things, but this has the hair on the back of my neck standing up. Could the writers be leading up to Kristen getting a child through adoption with Brady? Where is this she devil going with this pursuit of Brady?

  14. From patty

    SandyGram , I asked myself the same question. She talks about little boys with EJ at town square then she grabs a present off the table and calls Brady over where they of course have sex and then Brady opens the box which has a little toy truck. That gave me chills too. She goes on about how she can’t have children and Brady says if it ever gets to that, they always have options like adoption. I’m thinking of Nicole’s little boy and the hair on the back of my neck stand up too. Kristen Demira is one creepy woman. There is no telling what her agenda is.

  15. From Leah

    # 5 Celia…. REALLY? Eric had a homosexual affair with another priest? And is still struggling with his sexuality? Oh dear,dear! I would never have guessed a storyline like that for him. If your information is correct I have to say that one has stumped me well and truly. I dont’ like it at all… :(
    Rumours had him and Nicole getting together I hope this is not going to be so if what Celia said is true. It opens a whole can of worms. Example: Eric was in Africa where aids runs riot. Oh please someone say it isn’t so!!!

  16. From bobby

    Kristen has turned into the new girl we love to hate. Watch out Sami and Nichole. Even Kate. The difference with Kristen is she is nuts out crazy. E.J. better watch out. If she turns on him–who knows what will happen. Chad may have his problems, but he has morals, so, like Lexie, may get caught up in Dimera ideals, but has someone (Abby) who will pull them back to reality.

  17. From Stacey

    #5 Celia – lol – you should be a writer … funny stuff. I don’t, however, think that Eric Brady will have bumped uglies with another priest. Although with the robes they wear, it does make for easy access. My bet is still that Eric is working with the ISA somehow and is undercover, and SOMEHOW, whatever assignment he was on “in the Congo” has trickled into Salem (of course) and most likely has something to do with … who else … the Dimera’s.

    I like that KK (Kooky Kristen) is becoming the villain we love to hate. Maybe this will allow for EJ to become the good seed of the family. I like it better when he is nice and has morals – he’s just so delicious to look at.

    Chad – just go away. I find him as annoying as Gabi. Perhaps what they should do is put those two together – and since he HATES her …he can pull a “there’s a fine line between love and hate and it turns out I’m hot for you” move. And they can run off in the sunset and raise that baby which frees up Wil and Kiriakas.

    I too read the spoiler about Daniel and Jenn not being together because of Chloe – blah. Well – honestly, I’m going back years and years when the actress who portrays Jenn had a off camera supposed fling with the actor who played Peter. This busted up her marriage a wee bit (although they made it through) and I am wondering if … she is dodging a romance on purpose? I would imagine that Scott Reeves might be all “wth” with it since it went from the script to real life before…just speculating.

    I really like the Rafe & Hope pairing – if Bo is just going to be mentioned as the babysitter for Sierra/Cierra…kill him off for good and give Hope a sammich and some action. Girl looks hungry – and that’s no euphemism. ;)

  18. From Linda

    I think it’s splitting hairs to say EJ’s “game” to win Sami is not scheming. If you are engaged in a “game” to win somebody over, and it conceals your true self and your true intentions, then I call it a scheme. If the spoiler comes true and EJ talks to Chad about how his game to win Sami is working, then that proves to me that EJ is playing Sami. Sounds like he ends-up with her on New Year’s by default, though.

    Celia #5 you remind me of Richard who is on here sometimes with great theories. I would be interested in what he thinks of your scenario. Richard if you are out there, chime in. I personally wouldn’t like it if it turns out that way.

    Kristen is something else! Very pretty and sexy but it drives me crazy how she is always pulling her hair back from over one eye. I believe she is headed for doing something very dark and very bad. I also think Nick is on his way to going dark on us.

    I can see Hope and Rafe together. Rafe is not exactly Bo all over again but he reminds me of Bo in many ways.

  19. From MAB

    Great stuff w/ Sami, EJ & the kids yesterday. EJ was so respectful to think of Ally, and that none of the presents were sent to her. Like I said, it seems he’s always thinking of ALL Sami’s kids, not just theirs, unlike the other men in her life. Great advice from EJ to the kids to donate the gifts to needy children, and the kids really enjoyed it! Sami was no doubt impressed. Although I don’t know why Rafe had to stick his nose in. He obviously saw Sami w/ EJ & their kids, and here he pokes his head out from behind the tree. He should’ve respected their privacy w/ the kids and not intruded, but at least he didn’t act like an @$$.

    Glad Rafe apologized to Gabi, but he wouldn’t have to do that if he’d stop acting like a bully and telling everyone how to live their lives. His “overachiever” comment to Gabi was cute.

    Enjoyed the scenes w/ Daniel & Jen, after she stopped ranting that is. At least now they know they both feel the same way.

    Marlena is finally using her head and playing this thing w/ Kristen smart. I agree w/ whoever said that how many times in one day can Brady & Kristen have sex??? I think it’s overdone. But I sure like seeing Brady more!

  20. From jolie

    #2 Shani, about time! First step to curing an ill is to recognize it and finally Rafe does. Yes, he does love her but enough pain is enough. Although Elvis may claim gamesmanship on getting Sami back, some will not see it that way. I can’t wait to see what is actually said because the spoilers are not always accurate. And Jennifer, rather than pulling words out of her mouth…I am ready to stick a sock in it again. Just tired of this touch and go scenes between she and Daniel.

    #4 Stacey, you are so spot on lady! I am really continuing to try to get behind the Elvis/Sami pairing but is she really worth all the trouble?? And you are right, this surely ain’t real life! I think the writers need to do something with Gabi and fast. She is losing any fanbase she ever had and it is because she is being written so nasty. Will is the only friend she has and she treats him like a mop,..pushing him around to clean up her messes. I have said it before…poor Brady is a man-ho and they write him like a sex addict. I think he has a brain. I wish he had a storyline to go with it.

    #5 Celia, is this true or just your rendition of how it could have happened? I think you should write for the show if you made it up. At least it has action and drama.

    #6 Leah, you pretty much lay it out that gal! Good post. Only thing is that I am no longer giddy about any of it…more like tired.

    #9 Patty, Sami loves Sami and her drama. Thank goodness Rafe is spinning out of her orbit. I think Sami will tire of the ‘good’ Elvis and will be playing her games and hiding things so quick his head will spin. And you know he’ll have Dimera secrets to hide from her as soon as Fatha swans back into town. How can it not happen that way and if it doesn’t, none of us will watch it.

    #12 Kat, what a wonderful memory of your own past. And that was romantic! Good reading.

    #13 and #14 Sandygram and Patty, this one hits me with thoughts of Nicole. Could this all be a scam and Nicole’s baby be involved in the end? That would be too much for even these writers. I am hoping not. And Patty, I agree, Kristen is one creepy lady. I am not sure if she is crazy smart or just a crazy nutjob.

    #17 Stacey, Kristen is becoming the villain we love to hate. Like Stefano and the others you named. And are you surprised that Dr Daniel and Jennifer are not long together? That man is not long together with anyone. If he does surgery, he’ll have a whole new bevy of women to fall in lust with.

  21. From Sammi

    ICK! Jack has been dead for a nanosecond & Jennifer is declaring her love for Daniel. Also, even though it has been stated that Dan & Jenn are not related — his mom is Maggie & Jennifer’s aunt (whether by marriage or not), it is just CREEPY!

  22. From MAB

    Kat – I know what you meant by using snarky. When it was used towards me tho, it was obviously meant as nothing but an insult. You weren’t doing that IMO, I got it. Also, in reading your post on the other page, you mentioned about Lucas was willing to let Sami die, and I assume you were talking about the death row SL. And you are right, Lucas was willing to let her die, but he did in fact stop the lethal injection in time. But that doesn’t excuse what he did after that, which some may have forgotten about (or some have choose to forget about), when she was involved w/ Brandon, and Lucas was in cahoots w/ his mother Kate and they were trying to drive Sami crazy thinking she was seeing Will (using the doll). She fell off the cliff, and would’ve definitely died that day if not for Brandon saving her life. Lucas was most definitely willing to let her die that time, and of course, some sweep that under the rug like it never happened. At least EJ can claim he’s never tried to kill Sami.

    For all those discussing the reason Sami went over to the DiMera mansion when Johnny was missing, this is what happened, and if don’t believe it then go back and watch it on YouTube. Sami was at the loft when Roman told her about a child’s body had been found. Rafe went w/ him to check it out. In the meantime, Sami thinking it was Johnny, left and went straight to the DiMera mansion. When she got there, she saw how distraught EJ was, sitting in the dark by the fireplace crying. They comforted each other. So yes, Sami was thinking the child’s body that was found was Johnny’s and was thinking he was possibly dead when she went there to see EJ. But it wasn’t until after she was there and the news came on the TV that they said the child’s body found was Johnny’s (which of course was false), and her & EJ went crazy thinking Johnny was really dead at that point. Then they fought and had sex. That is how it happened.

  23. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Wrong again, MAB. It wasn’t an insult, though you always claim to be a victim. I used it as a verb, not an adjective.
    RE: Rant if you want. Quibble if you want. Whine if you want… any number of other verbs I could have used. But this is a ‘snark’ board. We all snark on here.

    And no I don’t take the show as seriously as I do a board made up mostly of women, and a certain set that romanticize rape, either by coersion or doppleganger. If we as women don’t agree on what ‘legitmate rape’ is, how can you expect politicians to get it right? Or your writers? It’s disturbing. I wonder just how many of you EJ fans would still be in this Ejami boat if the guy was played by somebody ugly or fat and not the handsome and skilled JS?? Talk about mixing reality and fantasy.

    Now, the whys and wherefores of why we do not move on from this s/l is BECAUSE Johnny exists. It’s not forgotten. Maybe they should have left out the pregnancy, but this is a story that has yet to be played out for their young son.

    As far as Ejami, they managed to make CHRISTMAS boring. Is it too early to fire these writers?

    ..all I got for today.

  24. From Leah

    I DO NOT think anyone is romanticizing rape! Lets get it straight for those of you who when you’ve rolled out of agruments and excuses ALWAYS like to roll up your sleeves and play the “rape” card. First of all its a soap, its fictional. In real life there wasn’t a rape between James/EJ or Alison/Sami!!!!! It was the writers of Days at the time who wrote so badly and decided to go ahead with that crazy idea. I think everyone knows they made a huge mistake doing so but what can you do once its done and gone to air? I certainly bet they weren’t expecting the reaction they got and have regretted it ever since. The Days writers and powers to be tried to correct this terrible blunder in May 2008 when they had Ejami discuss it. Sami opened up and revealed to EJ that while there were no excuses for what he did, she did understand his reasoning/thinking at the time as she had done something similar to Austin Reed. EJ remarked “Who would have thought that you and I would have something like that in common?” Once discussed, Sami decided to forgive EJ and asked that they never discuss it again. The characters have not…. but unfortunately other fanbases choose to. This arks me…. If you are truly applauded and disgusted with anyone let it be the Days powers to be who wrote the garbage. If your that grossed out that they’ve moved on and are maybe going to get together instead of consistantly whinging about it, move on. Watch another soap or change the channel. Its been 6 years and alot of water has passed under the fictional Days bridge!
    I am an Ejami fan and that won’t change… AND I will not be critised, frowned upon, or accused of being disturbed etc because of it! As far as I’m concerned Ejami have done horrific things to EACH OTHER. They are grey and two of a kind and deserve each other.
    PS: And for all its worth one thing Ejami are not is boring. But then again you really wonder if there is any point voicing your opinons sometimes because there’s that old saying “A man convinced against his WILL is of the same opinion still.”

  25. From Kat

    24 Leah, I am with you.
    I take personal Offense what was said by DTBB, about some of us women on here.
    A while back somebody had the same notion to call some of us not having been brought up right, but she was…
    Why does it always have to get personal.
    Rape, unfortunately does happen in Real life, and it has happened on soap many, many times.
    Remember Jack and Kayla, Sami and Austin,
    etc. and on most of the other soaps, past and present…
    Luke and Laura, they became one of the Greatest Soap Couple ever….
    So for Me/and other ladies, to read on here from a fellow Blogger, that Our personal Morals are question, just is way out of place.There isn’t anybody on here, that condones any of the Evil deeds we watch in Salem, period, we watch it for entertainment, knowing characters change from one day to the next as the SL demands or the writers change, and new directions happen, because of Writer Change…

    Getting very curious to learn what Kristin, our new bad girl, is up to.
    I so enjoy EJ’s loving looks towards his children and Sami.
    There is nothing Fake there at all.
    It’s Christmas, let’s get along, disagree, agree, but let’s leave the personal references about some of us ladies out.

  26. From Leah

    I have at times been accused of being a skeptic. I don’t reckon that is always a bad thing. I mean read some of my posts on here regarding this “supposed” lock, stock and barrel Days are meant to be putting into Ejami. I have said many times I would love that but after years and years and years of let downs I do remain skeptical. And it seems according to spoilers I could be right. For all of Cordays comments what are we getting over the next couple of weeks? Rafe is buying Sydney a penguin for Christmas… what a loser! Isn’t the penguin meant to be a symbol of Safe love? Aaarrrr. Then on NYE even though Sami is with EJ and Nicole with Rafe Sami is going to get jealous lock lips with Rafe and leave EJ alone with Nicole. And yes apparently they kiss too. YUK! Some posters are suggesting it is setting up the following storylines for the start of 2013…. An EJ/Nicole/Eric triangle, and Rafe again coming to Samis add as she is going to be accused of corporate espionage. Yep really does seem like a lock, stock and barrel to me – NOT! Ha, ha.
    Personally if they are going to put Safe back together just come out and say it and stop stringing Ejami fans long. Then we can either come to grips with it or change the channel. I know I for one will prefer to do the latter.

  27. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Leah, point taken. But can you answer my question: If he wasn’t James, but was some other unattractive male, would you still be a fan?

    I called the writers disturbed, not you. My problem with them and this replay of Ejami is that they are pairing (or at least hinting) her with her abuser. A SEXUAL abuser. The car scene was 6 years ago. The doppleganger was recent. He watched it on video feed and laughed. It’s messed up. I don’t think you or anyone can fix this for me with an apology from the writers. It was wrong of other soaps (which I did not watch) and it’s not been a shining moment for this show. Sami was raped as a teen by Alan and she castrated him with a gun. I’d like to see them stop victimizing her character sexually. Other than poor story development, it’s my only quibble with this show.

    And since the grief sex came up again…anybody remember how the boy ended up missing to begin with?? Anybody? Wheels set in motion by EJ? That’s what he was debating with himself about telling Sami, just before he tore her clothes off. Hey, I don’t write this stuff. I just watch it and form an opinion like everybody else.

  28. From SandyGram

    Episode December 19th:
    Surprise, Surprise….today was a good day, even Jenn and Dan were tolerable, but it looks like their next venture will be to get that Kiss!

    I’ve read a couple of articles where Brian Datillo (Lucas) was unhappy about his screen time since his return. Today’s confrontation with Jenn was plenty of time to caution his sister about the sinister Dr. Feelgood. It looks like Lucas is still carrying a few hard feelings about Dan and Chloe. I like him being protective of Jenn, but I didn’t appreciate the one comment about Jack. It’s up to Jenn to know when her mourning period for Jack is over. Actually when Jenn went back to Jack exclusively, I never thought she ever lost her feelings for Daniel. Then there’s another ‘whack’ right across the face, not as good as Sami or Nicole’s, but sufficient.

    So it sounds like Bo has already gone to meet up with Shawn, Belle and Claire Bear, with Hope and Ciara to follow. Then it will only be Hope and Ciara returning to Salem the day after Christmas. Then there was John’s pointed comment about Bo having a lot of unfinished business when talking to Hope. There’s the hook, it will be the unfinished business that will keep him from returning. Now all we have to wait for is the day Bo turns up missing or dead. I can only hope Corady saying they would not kill him off is true and someday there will be that Knock, Knock, Knock on the door for his return.

    Kristen is being very incorrigible as she goes about making everyone her pawn. She’s not being Mean, Mean, Mean but just plain old Scheme, Scheme, Scheme. Can no one have a private conversation in Salem?, But then it was a given Samantha would overhear Kristen and Eeeeej talking. Tell us what you really think Samantha about EJ being with his DiMera family over the Holiday’s. Once I get past EJ’s plan given to him by sister dearest on how to get closer and stay in Sami’s orbit, I to, like Sami, think EJ has been appearing to be happy. And yes, I will have to admit, being around Sami and Johnny and Sydney has brought out a, I can’t say better man just yet, but the side I enjoy seeing of EJ. Although now I feel we’re right back at the beginning of the two of them having a relationship of any kind with what roll is EJ going to let Stefano, upon his return, play in his life and the kids life. Can Sami get past him having a relationship with his father or is it just Memorex!

    The hair on the back of my neck raise up in horror when Brady said he wanted them to be exclusive. Then she brought up not being able to have children, him opening the package, her getting teary eyed and him saying if their relationship got that far there are other ways for them to have a family like adoption. The first thing that went through my mind was Nicole and her still born baby at Dr. Dick’s clinic, although I thought that was a little girl. I’ve speculated many times that baby was still alive, not to mention the little boy she just lost may really not be dead. Can you imagine if either of these are true and Stefano has had one or both of them all along and he gives the little boy to Kristen… will Eeeeej feel about this when the ball of snakes is unrattled. EEEEE Gads just think what the writers could do with this as a story line. What fun!

  29. From Leah

    Thanks for your reply and clearing that up for me From Dyeing to be blonde.
    In reference to your first question about EJ/James. To be honest I liked the Ejami connection from the second they met. Just loved the whole Sami dripping wet in a bikini and EJ naked with a towel wrapped around him which he conveniently drops. Still brings a smile to my face just thinking about it. To me at least that encounter spelt Ejami destiny all over it. You knew it was gonna happen eventually. Sometime and somewhere. After that it was little things that sparked me championing them. I have been thinking about posting some of my favourite Ejami moments and maybe I will so you know what I see in them and why. As for James, to be honest his looks didn’t really appeal to me to start with. It was more of a charisma he had and bought to EJ that appealed to me. Of course as the years have rolled on yes your right I do now think he is one sexy man :)
    The looks though are not my main thruss for Ejami… it is more of that forbidden love, love each other inspite of all obstacles, family opinions and challenges that appeals to me. Who doesn’t like to root for the underdog?
    As far as your comment about abusers and the abused. As sick or as sad as we think it is this does however happen in real life too.

  30. From patty

    What Elvis did to Sami when Johnny was conceived was to show the viewers how evil and twisted his character was, not with the intentions of pairing them up. Most characters who do what he did on tv shows usually end up in jail, an assylum or dead. Being that this psychopath happens to be tall, dark and has an accent has made him into some kind of romantic hero who must be redeemed. Never mind the fact that he just keeps repeating his dastardly deeds through the years and has done very little to change his wicked ways. Only weeks ago he was blackmailing Rafe, Will before that and framing John before that. Now he’s changed all of a sudden? This new game he’s playing to impress Sami is boring because it’s not real and that should be as obvious to Sami as the nose on her face. Jack and Kayla weren’t made out to become a super couple and neither have Sami and Austin or Jennifer and Lawrence Allamain. What is insulting to women’s intelligence is that TPTB would want us to accept that after all the horrible things EJ has done to Sami, her children , her husband and her family, that she would even consider having a relationship with her perpetrator.
    No Leah, we don’t have to bring out the “rape card” to show how evil EJ has been, there are plenty of his other deplorable actions that speak for themselves ,we’ve all seen them and you know what they are.

  31. From patty

    SandyGram, funny how Jenn was angry with Lucas about his remark about Jack, but she gives the same advice to Brady today after she catches him with Kristen, telling him he’s not ready so soon after Madison. If I remember correctly, Jack and Madison died on the same day. Lucas calls Jenn today to apologize but really he didn’t say anything that wasn’t true and since it seems ok for Jen to stick her nose in other people’s business, I don’t see why Lucas can’t give out a little brotherly advice too. As a matter of fact, it seems like the new thing in Salem to warn others off certain people when they themselves should be practicing what they preach. Like Sami telling Eric to stay away from Nicole, or EJ telling Chad to move on from Melanie and in the same breath telling him his games with Sami are working. I hear Kate is about to warn EJ about Sami, that from a woman who is pining for Stephano Demira ,serves up poisoned brownies to the woman in her son’s life and gives a dagger as a babyshower gift to the other.
    EJ is happy because he’s playing a game and he thinks he’s winning. Shouldn’t he be grieving for his stillborn son still? He certainly doesn’t mention him much. Who knows , it might bring out some sympathy from Sami. According to spoilers he’ll be milking it for her after his visit to Lexie’s grave.

  32. From grandma to many

    it struck me as funny when Marlena commented on how John and her were getting ready to be remarried after Hope and John’s divorce became final but then Krisren showed up is this setting Hope and Rafe up because I guess Hope isn’t married to anyone right now this was such a random comment like oh yeah by the way that divorce was final many weeks ago

  33. From Kat

    I guess I am finding out, that I really don’t take this fictional soap to serious, as some do.
    To my it is a story, not the gospel,
    just like in life, nasty, evil and disgusting things happen,
    if it is to bad, every TV has an on/off button.
    In real life we can’t do that,
    and none of us like bad stuff like we see going in Salem.
    I can separate Salem from my real life.
    All I like to see, is interesting and intriguing SL’s, and take the bad with the good.
    And then come on here, and read everybody’s take on things. However I do not like being down graded for enjoying Big Bad Elvis and Sami on the screen.
    Stefano, Kristin, Sami, EJ, and even Marlena and John, are part of words written by writers, to keep us entertained, in suspense, etc.

    As I have said before, Soap Operas are not known
    for their Moral Story lines, they like a bit of shock and awe, they like slinky, betrayal, lying, stupidity, crime/without much punishment, because
    on a soap anything is possible. Just look, hardly anybody ever dies for real, sooner or later they come back. It’s Adult Fairy tales.

    Now I have to say however, If the writers would actually have shown The Rape,like violence etc., that would have really been over the top.
    They wanted Sami to get prego by Elvis, and like it or not, they chose that route. I did not like it, but it was part of a story and I guess the writers wanted that part in…
    Like Elvis thinking it was his Honor to do that….
    I had forgotten those words…
    but that shows us how EJ was raised by a Crime Lord/Family. He was abused by Stefano, one can say that, because
    I am sure at time EJ was an innocent little boy, until Stefano got his hands on him and started to mold him to believe the things he was doing were “honorable”.
    I like the slow changes in him, trying to get himself out of that way of acting and thinking. Sami and the Kids are a big factor in EJ more and more trying to better himself.
    Everybody deserves New chances, just like Victor, Nicole, even maybe Kate,…
    I think this time when Stefano and kate get back together, it will be of her own free will, and because she does love the man.
    And that will make a much better marriage for both of them.

    We do need bad people in Salem, like Kristin, etc. otherwise,
    it would be Bore City.

  34. From Leah

    Well Patty you may be correct but if you wanna play that game…. Most crooked cops who are guilty of the cover ups and aiding and abetting crimes such as Rafe is, they too would be either demoted, fired, under investigation, or serving time in jail. Lets not get carried away here…. most of our citizens of Salem would be in the clink (prison). Now where’s the fun in that? You cannot single one indiviual out simply cos you don’t like him. What is good enough for the goose is good for the gander in my opinion.
    Anyway thats all from me on the subject for a while. I’ve said what I had to say in earlier posts. Moving on….

  35. From jolie

    #27 DTBB I understand what you are saying and nothing against any poster here but we as a society are not clear on crimes against women and children. That we have rapes in daytime drama and those couples end up together and happy…not a good message to be sending. No woman in her right mind would knowingly be with her rapist. Most rape victims have problems moving on in their relationships and life in general. It is a dastardly crime of violence and anger and not just sexual assault. So yes, I see what you are saying and agree. This is messed up. I have tried to get behind the idea of Sami and Elvis but it just doesn’t fit for me. I try not to talk against them as a couple other than I really do not care anymore because I find them boring together. Others here are really invested in them together, so be it. I still think what Elvis is doing is scheming to get back with Sami. Sami is just as bad because she continues to dangle herself between 2 of her exs. Well grow up please. Be a woman. Quit acting like a numbskull and take charge of your own life rather than stand around blinking your eyes and smiling from one to another man. Sami Brady should be better than that. The actress is up to it.

  36. From jolie

    #28 Sandygram, if Kristen did have Nicole/Elvis’ baby socked away somewhere only to produce it as an adopted child for her own later…oh my goodness. When Nicole would find out, and we know someone will talk aloud in HTS about it, Nic would throw Kristen off the stairs like a flying reindeer. And Elvis wouldn’t think so much of his scheming Big Sis then. I think Kristen will do anything to get her way, whatever it is. She mentioned that Chad was her new favorite brother…maybe she’ll pit Chad against Elvis or Fatha at some point. Maybe she’ll start grooming Chad to do her dirty work. Chad seems to be playing in lots of scenes but his storyline with Gabi will come to a head soon and he’ll need something else to occupy his time.

    On one day Brady says they need to take it slow to see what their relationship is going to be then the next he was to be exclusive??? What is wrong with that boy? He is just a love struck puppy when he gets around a woman who rocks his world regularly.

    #30 Patty, just my point about Brady and Kristen. She keeps his head spinning with sex and he is like Play Doh to her whims. They have nothing except the sex and lots of it. He needs a cold shower. What is he thinking that his family will ever even consider as valid a relationship between him and the woman who has all but destroyed his family? Brady needs a time out.

    #31 Patty, you boiled down that situation nicely. Jennifer is in left field. Brady is in hog heaven. Neither have a clue. As for Kate warning Elvis..takes one to know one.

    #33 Kat, I get what you are saying that this is entertainment but I guess it comes down to our culture in general. Violent video games desensitize our kids to violence. We see it all the time on the TV and movies and we just sit and watch. We are becoming insensitive and it shows in what we are watching and I am considering myself in the we here and certainly not pointing any fingers at any except myself.

    So in that light…look up Ann Curry’s 26 Acts of Kindness and start yours today. I paid for supper for a couple of firemen this week. I am going to buy food for my grandkids to take to the food bank. There are so many things and they don’t have to cost a thing…hold a door open and say hello to someone you don’t know. Tell a policeman, fireman, military a big thank you. You get the idea.

  37. From patty

    jolie, well said. It is certainly up to Sami to finally act like a grown woman and make the right choices for herself and her children and stop using men and her family for her own selfish needs. AS is a great actress
    and her character should be portrayed as a strong independant single mother , not one that turns to mush every time a man looks her way.
    Sami and EJ will never fit for me either. Too much dirty water under the bridge for a love match.Elvis is responsible for his own actions and should stop using fatha as an excuse or blaming everybody else. Fatha didn’t raise him, Susan did. He came to Stephano as an adult. He is an outcast in Salem as a result of his own doing, not because the rest of the town are hypocrites or goody two shoes or even because he’s a Demira. JS’s character is meant to be an evil villain , not some misunderstood sap pining for a woman he can’t have.

  38. From MAB

    DTBB – you said and I quote “Snark all you want to MAB”. Hmm, sounds like an insult to me, but that is your forte. I don’t recall anyone else using that word, least of all directing it to an individual as you did me. And again, you are the one comparing fantasy w/ reality, which as everyone knows, I do not do, never have, never will, because there is no comparison. Yes, Johnny exists and thank God he does, and I highly doubt EJ & Sami will ever let him think he was a mistake because of what transpired that night, but apparently some just continue to bring it up, and relate little Johnny, an innocent child, as a result of something bad.

    And the matter of that night, I don’t care who was playing the part of EJ, if it went down the way I saw it, I would still have the same view on it. I too wonder if an unattractive male was playing Rafe’s part, would you still be a fan? Answer your own question.

    Nope wrong again! Johnny ran & hid after the gun shots were fired in the pub, a place where Sami should’ve never let Rafe talk her into going to w/ the kids since John had a target on his back. He was being the smart little boy EJ & Sami raised him to be.

    Kat & Leah – ditto, it’s the same ole song and dance w/ the same people on here. Just because we like EJami we are criticized for our opinions, our morals are insulted, and it always comes down to getting personal, all over a fictional soap opera. It’s never gonna change, but at least we don’t go around do the same thing they do.

    Leah, you are absolutely correct that the show corrected their mistake, and EJ & Sami moved on. Others should stop constantly singling out EJ simply because they don’t like him. If he belongs in jail, then so does Rafe, and so does about 90% of the rest of the cast. Some just cannot post w/o mentioning EJ in every other word or sentence, but what they don’t realize is that giving EJ’s character all the attention (good or bad) only boosts his popularity. If they hate him so much, they’d stop talking about him all together.

    I loved the scene w/ EJ, Sami and the kids yesterday. I think the spoilers got it wrong again of how Sami handled the situation regarding EJ talking about Stefano. Her input on his family was out of concern for EJ, talking about what a good father he was to his kids, and how Stefano treated him. And then their continued discussion at the table obviously showing that she enjoys spending time w/ him, as he made no qualms that what makes him happy is her & the kids. I hate that he didn’t get to finish what he was going to say to her, as she seemed very interested in what he had to say.

    I enjoyed Daniel & Jen. I get why Lucas said what he did tho. Daniel deserves the backlash Lucas dished out about him.

    Oh, it was obvious from day one that EJ & Sami were intended to be paired together, and it did happen. Of course, she’s always been torn where EJ is concerned, and whoever the other man in her life is at the time. But it’s usually EJ whose pole she seems to keep circling. EJ only blackmailed Will because he tried to blackmail EJ first. EJ blackmailed Rafe all of 5 minutes, whoopee! And the framing John thing is something that apparently John is no longer concerned w/ or he would’ve pursued action against EJ. But nope, Stefano was the puppet in all that too, as he turned the tables on EJ and took over the entire plan to his advantage.

    I don’t see Nicole grieving her lost child either, so why is it EJ the one pointed out? Geez, the show has to move on people, how about moving on w/ it???

    The same SL’s that are happening have been going on for years in soaps. I don’t know what anyone thinks is new. Yes, the times have changed, but the SL’s pretty much have remained the same formula as they’ve always done. I don’t see how anyone can blame this show, or any form of entertainment for someone’s real life actions. If you’re bonkers enough to shoot your mother & 26 other innocent people, then you’re already mentally disturbed. It’s not because you watched a show on TV…laying blame on the entertainment industry is a cop out.

  39. From patty

    jolie, well said again as always. Thank you for your acts of kindness. We’ll make sure to pay it forward. Merry Christmas!

  40. From Linda

    I found both DTBB and Leah had good points to be made and stated them very well. And jolie #35 and patty both summed it up so well, too. I think EJ is playing Sami like a fiddle but we’ll see how it turns out. Sure everyone in Salem has had their day to do awful things, even Alice had her moments, but I don’t see how it can be denied that Stefano and EJ are the worst. At least now that Victor has changed his ways.

    Have to share that our Grandson is home briefly for Christmas from Army basic training. We took him out to dinner last night and he wore his dress uniform. The restaurant was very busy and as the waitress walked us to our table, everyone in the restaurant sood and clapped for our Grandson. My husband and I were so proud and I cried.

  41. From Kat

    38 MAB, very realistic post, and agree with all you said.
    But what else is new,
    we think alike and I know we are not the only ones.
    Anybody that watches a soap, going on for 50some years,
    and then blames his crimes on EJ or whoever character,
    was/is mentally disturbed all on his own.
    I am watching this soap, with my eyes wide open, and have like forever.
    And if in the last 50 years, some nutjob out there, uses a Soap/SL/character as an excuse,
    or as an educational tool,
    then there is nothing any of us can do.
    Evil unfortunately will happen over and over again, more reason to keep GOD in our daily lives, in school, etc.
    In Snow white, a fairly tale, the bad witch tried to kill Snowy, should we ban all fairy tales with with Evil deeds in it.
    Evil does exist in Life, all over the world, like it or not…
    so if some think that Soaps/Dool is soooo bad, don’t watch it.
    I for one feel I am mature enough to see the difference between real life and entertainment.
    Parents/grand parents out there, make sure if DOOL is so bad, none of your Kids get to watch it, but let us Adults have our guilty pleasure.
    That tragedy in Sandy Hook should never ever been brought up in the same sentence with life in Salem….
    Their goes my rant, chill everybody out there.
    We need cool heads out there, to do some thinking and Problem solving, not emotional
    Hot Heads.

  42. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from Article on Alison Sweeney Reflects on 20 Years as Sami Brady:

    Do you have an all-time favorite Sami relationship?

    Alison: “The most obvious answer would be, over the course of 20 years, this thing she’s had with Lucas (actor Bryan Dattilo) and all the different ways that their relationship has manifested itself. It has been a wonderful through line for me. But I still love the challenge of… I’m going to give you a totally PC answer… because otherwise Galen and James will kill me. I also love the challenge of EJ and how hard that dynamic is to balance with the horrible things they do to each other. [It's] so much fun to play the different sides of it. Then, there’s the wonderful storybook romance [with Rafe] and the safe house; that fun first story where they kind of fell in love while he was protecting her. That just had a really different feel to anything else Sami had done. They’re three very different stories, and it was really fun to have the opportunity to play all three.”

    See the entire Article on Days of Our Lives

  43. From Kat

    Soaps are partly meant to be sleazy, always have been and always will, but here we are all of us watching faithfully every day, why is that, because we enjoy all the “dirt”, and all of us have our moments of not liking something, or liking one character more than another..
    It’s because God made us all individuals with Free Will.

    jolie, what you are doing is very nice and kind,
    in my own life, it has been done always and specially on Christmas.
    In Germany, my parents would even invite an American young service man for xmas dinner. Those young 18+ years old “man/boys” really did appreciate that, many German families did that.
    I feel I have kindness in my Heart and Giving all year long,
    I have seen old people on the check out counter trying to count their change to pay, and when that happens,
    I just hand the cashier the money needed. I do it when needed…

    To bring up EJ’s looks, what a lame argument is that….

  44. From MAB

    The writers are finally portraying Sami as the character she was always meant to be, finally after being Rafe’s puppet for so long. She is working, and taking care of her children. What isn’t strong & independent about that? EJ once again admitting to his faults yesterday, and stating he’s no longer blaming others for what he’s done. Rafe should take notes. And for the record, Susan & Stefano both raised EJ. It has been written that way. He was grown, but not a full adult when he entered Stefano’s life full time. Susan’s influence is present because that good side of him is evident, so some of Susan wore off on him…that is unless she is also evil too being associated w/ EJ. Also, it is well know that EJ is only an outcast because his last name is DiMera, just like Chad has been since everyone found out he was Stefano’s son too. The rest of Salem are very much hypocrites, as they exude w/ their behavior almost daily. They can go around breaking the law, shooting people, keeping children from their parents, kidnapping, etc. But as usual, some will claim it’s them who are misunderstood, while excusing their behavior at every turn.

    #40 Kat – all I can say is ditto!

  45. From MAB

    #42, I agree. What does EJ’s looks have to do w/ anything? For him, it just isn’t about his looks. He oozes charisma all over the place, w/ his actions, speech, everything. He gets the attention w/o even trying, and I guess that’s just intimidating to some.

    Besides, he can’t help if he’s all that and a bag of chips!! LOL

  46. From Leah

    Well played Alison Sweeney :)
    I remember watching an interview with Alison where they asked her the same type of question… “Who do you think Sami should be paired with or who do you prefer?” Alison said she learn’t along time ago to keep her thoughts and opinions out of it. Why? Because when she had previously stated her thoughts and opinions and other fanbases shot her down in flames and she received such a massive backlash from it. In Alisons own words… these fans are all so strongly passionate and opinionated on who they like, its safer for me to stay out of it. That my girl sounds like wisdom! With Alisons response to Samis relationships etc I see she did the diplomatic thing and gave every current fanbase something to nibble on – LOL. Well done Alison, well done.

  47. From jolie

    #42 Kat another nice story from Germany. I like hearing about it.
    I just want to make sure no one thought I was NOT tooting my own horn. I could do 26 Acts of Kindness a day and never repay all the blessings in my life. And I do also try to keep that spirit all year as well. I was just attempting to spread Ann Curry’s 26 Acts of Kindness across the country.

  48. From SandyGram

    Episode December 20th Re-Write or Not??

    First things First! Jennifer’s remark to Brady about Kristen quote “She didn’t try to kill Marlena. She didn’t try to kidnap or stalk anyone which is what landed her in prison”. I’m pretty sure this is deliberate rewrite by the current writers. A while back I read an Article that said the writers did not ever want to revisit Kristen’s time as Susan. So it would seem the story where Kristen arranged for Susan to be sold into a harem, but Susan turned the table around and it was actually Kristen who ended up sold into slavery, all of this has been replaced with Kristen was in prison. Which is equally irrational since John was going to call Roman when Kristen entered his office upon her return, but she said it would do no good since the Statue of Limitations on her crimes committed in 1996 – 1997 had run out. Well anyway that’s my take on Jenn’s comment today when my recollection is she was never in prison.

  49. From Kat

    46 jolie, don’t you even worry about it, I heard NO Horn Tooting at all, just a kind lady passing on some good info. Thank you.
    I know that good and generous people are the same all year round, every day….
    I enjoy your posts, agree at times and not at times…
    That’s why we are … to voice our opinions
    The one thing I don’t get is over the top extreme feelings towards some characters….
    I save my deep emotions for my own life, friends and family.

    47 SandyGram, I remember it the same way, Kristin’s plan for Susan back firing and her ending up in the Harem.
    Who put Kristin in prison and for what crimes..LOL
    I don’t ever like it at all, the new writers can’t help themselves and feel they have to Re-write history.
    Don’t they get it, it like a slap in Long time viewers face. Treating us like we are having dementia or something…. Not liking it one bit, ever never have and never will.
    Small stuff I can see, but big SL’s give me a break, it would be better if they said nothing at all.

  50. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Uhm…not necessisarily a Rafe fan. More of a Brady girl myself. He seems to like blondes. And, yes, Brady has to be attractive for me to appreciate.

    So, if EJ were played by oh, say, the actor who played Bart, by Simon Cowell or I don’t know, pick somebody you find unattractive, you’d still be an EJ fan?

    The pub was shot up by a disgrundled investor because he thought John stole the money that EJ stole, so the blame for Johnny going missing rested soley on EJ and he knew it. Right? Rafe basically had zilch to do with the storyline, and Sami blaming him was a plot device to move her to the manse for consentual whatever-it-was.

    In Mass Comm, there are entire reams and investigations into the chicken/egg research, are we a product of television or does it reflect society? Very little resolution on the topic. Can’t poo-poo it either way.

    I don’t really want to stop talking about EJ. He’s there. He’s a character. Why can’t I hate him and still talk about him? Big deal. He’s written as a villain. I don’t mind that he’s popular. Even Sami proudly wears her “Have You Hugged Your Rapist Today?” tee shirt.

    Crap. My soap didn’t tape and there’s nothing on the tube and its snowing and blowing up bushels of fun outside.

    Kat, I met my new boss today. She’s from NW of Munich. What a sweetie.

  51. From Leah

    Don’t know if you are directing that question… “So, if EJ were played by oh, say, the actor who played Bart, by Simon Cowell or I don’t know, pick somebody you find unattractive, you’d still be an EJ fan?”, directing it to me or some other poster Dyeing to be Blonde. I can only answer for myself. I thought my comments (number 29) explained my answer clearly. I’ll say it again… it was Ejamis interaction from the beginning that I liked and then the charisma James bought to the character EJ that got me hooked. For me, I’d have to see how Simon Cowell played the character of EJ first and then see what his chemistry, dynamics and interaction are like with Sami (Alison) before I could make that comment… whether I liked them or not.
    PS: I like Brady too (personally I’m a Bricole fan)… I think he and Lucas are under used by Days. I would like to see them given more screen time and juicer storylines that we the fans can sink our teeth into. As for Rafe, I reckon the writers should have opened up his past along time ago and bought back the love of his life Emily. Anyway thats how I see it.

  52. From jolie

    #45 Leah, the one thing we can all agree on and everything, Alison Sweeney is so much smarter than our dear Sami!

    #47 Sandygram, I am just puzzled as well. What are we supposed to go with here? Tastes great or less filling? But Jennifer had the best line of the whole year: Brady you had a lobotomy and didn’t tell me. I rolled!

    #48 Thanks Kat. And I liked that comment about treating us like we have dementia…here I thought it was me. The writers could have handled it better with someone just sitting down to explain it to someone…Chad maybe because he is likely as in the dark as we are…and we could have listened in. We’d all be the wiser for it.

    #49 DTBB you have a fair way of putting things. I like reading your posts and most always find agreement with you. I don’t really hate Elvis but more the things he has done and then smiled about. We need him but with the resident dumb and fidgety blond? Not my glass of beer but they can go for it without my approval. And I commiserate with your machine not taping…I missed one the same way this week. ERRR!

    #50 Leah, poor Brady is being used completely up these days by Kristen! But I know what you mean. He needs a story with something other than jumping in and out of bed. Lucas just needs a story. He is a good actor and surely there is a place for him other than waiting for Sami to come back around in her three year orbit cycle. You know, I was thinking that Emily died in the wreck but now I am thinking I was wrong about it. Did she actually live? But I do wish for someone for Rafe because Sami makes him (or the writers do) look like a jughead at times.

    Did anyone else get the willies when John and Marlena sat down with Nick and Gabi? First, half the crowd has some big secrets going on. Second, John was all the comedian and Nick acts like a long tailed cat in a roomful of rocking chairs. Could it have been more awkward? But I guess in real life that is exactly how it would be. And Marlena quizzing Gabi about not telling her family about the marriage or the baby? At least Gabi threw us a small bone about her mom with a respiratory illness. Is this a clue to us about something coming out about the family? I thought ‘what a hypocrite’ of Marlena when she is quizzing Gabi and at the same time keeping Brady’s secret from John, knowing it is going to blow him away when it does come out. Personally this seemed to be time filler but maybe I am looking for too much here.

    I thought Chad was really good in Thursday’s show. He is more back to himself…having dispensed with some of the anger so maybe telling Sonny did him some good. It sure threw Sonny for a loop. So Chad is putting 2 and 2 and seems to be about to figure out where Will’s real interest in Gabi and Nick lies. Going to be a rockin’ new year!

  53. From bobby

    Joie #51 The comment about Nick reflects my feelings too. There’s something off with him. A little to possesive with Gabi. Would hate to see what happens if she changed her mind and broke up with him. Poor Kristen can’t get anybody to open her can of worms and tell John what’s going on. I find it sickening that she’s using a very vulnerable Brady to carry out a life changing affair. And, Brady-get your head out of your butt and smarten up. Is this cougar worth losing your family over? I do like Chad getting a little more human again. Although, I am disliking Gabi a little more every day.

  54. From Linda

    In the interesting back and forth between Leah and DTBB, I think both women have raised good points and expressed them very well. And with no offense to anybody that I saw. Congrats, ladies!

    And congrats to jolie for her acts of kindness!! How wonderful is that?!

    I’ve never pined away to know more of Rafe’s past since I love him for what I know of him as is, not that I particularly want him with Sami again. I have always accepted the fact that Emily is dead and died in a car accident. I have wondered if Arianna was somehow responsible and Rafe protected her, but I’ve never really wanted the writers to go back there. But maybe they will someday.

    I agree with some others that the children conversation suddenly popping up between Kristen and Brady is strange and suggests there will be more to that in the future. And it could very well involve Nicole and one of her supposedly dead babies.

    I happen to think EJ is playing Sami like a fiddle but we’ll see how it goes.

  55. From Linda

    I, too, liked Chad yesterday. Didn’t get a thing out of the meeting between John, Marlena, Gabi, and Nick, other than Nick acting creepy. Rafe is right to not be 100 % for that guy!

  56. From Linda

    One more thing, CHEERS! to the conservative bikers who turned out in Newtown, CT yesterday to block the mourners from the Westboro Baptist Church protestors!!

  57. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    Leah, it’s just a general question about whether EJ is so popular because he is portrayed by James, and if the character were inhabited by a lesser attractive male, would there be as many fans? Not directed at anyone in particular. Sort of thinking out loud here. Sort of rhetorical questioning. I could probably go live in the sarcophagus with Brady. (and I really mean Eric, ha)

    I accept (reluctantly) the apology to Sami by Eeeej, so they could move on. I don’t however, support making them a couple. I too, saw the instant attraction when he first arrived. I (as always) blame the writers for this mess. They could have done all the same things with him to make him evil, except this one. I seem to recall that with the Luke and Laura issue on GH, they did something to clean that up after they realized how popular Anthony would become. Changed Laura’s attitude to one of reluctant desire or something (I didn’t watch GH). And then proceeded to make him a good guy? Somebody on here would have a better idea of the facts. They did not continue to have him degrade and control Laura. I guess, overall, Ejami doesn’t work on any level for me (the lobotomy with a bullet to the head didn’t help). I have no ideas as what to do with these two, so I can’t even make suggestions.

    I’m ready for the Wibbi baby storyline to end. It’s silly and contrived. It’s not really worth all the lying they’re doing. Not a single part of it makes any sense.

    I’ll catch up online, but I can’t wait to see Jen’s reaction to KiKi and the Brade. (Remember Pinky and the Brain?? LOL) She might be a cougar, but she sure is pretty. I ended up with Steve Wilkos instead. FAIL.

    Speaking of Cougars, what’s your situation up north? Lots of snow? Little? We got next to nothing, except crap roads. Slick.

    I don’t really care about Rafe’s backstory. Seems boring to me.

    5 bucks says the Danifer doesn’t last past Chloe and Parker popping up, and Jen will realize Lucas is right about Dr. Feelgood. Apparently, for the moment Kate’s still grandma, so the paternity hasn’t changed.

    Happy Festivus, everyone.

  58. From Maryl

    Great blogs Leah, Kat, & MAB!!
    Don’t have too much time to blog–but I want to address patty’s remark about EJ coming to live with Stefano as an adult. We know that is not true–it has been stated many times and it appears in the bio history of the EJ’s character, that Stefano took EJ when he was a young boy which gave him the time and opportunity to mold and brainwash him into becoming and thinking like himself. Those are the facts–not a spin of what happened.
    Regarding EJ fans liking EJ only because he is so handsome, is of course not true, but even if it were so, I’m wondering if the double standard fits here. Would the Rafe fans love and care about what happens to Rafe if he was homely with no appeal?? In all honesty, I doubt they would be so adamant about him being with Sami if they weren’t so personally in “love” with him. For the life of me, I can’t understand why a Rafe fan would want this “upstanding” man with Sami–Sami who is a self-centered, conniver, rapist, manipulator, want-to-be murderer, etc. That picture of Rafe being “upstanding”, is of course, in their eyes only–he is seen differently by many of us. Rafe fans will deny that they want Sami & Rafe together, but IMO, they do want it and that is IMO why they can’t stand EJ. They don’t want these two people, EJ and Sami, who are exactly alike to change and become respectable. I believe in people changing themselves, especially in fiction–from bad to good. A fictional person’s character can be changed from bad to good very easily–all it takes is a good writer and his pen. Real life is tougher–but let’s hope we can all distinguish between the two.

    Leah, like you, I am skeptical of the outcome of EJ/Sami. We don’t know what Corday really meant by lock, stock, and barrel–could be more stupid stuff happening between EJ and Sami instead of the happy ending and romance we are wishing for. For one thing, I don’t trust these writers as they are biased and have always been to Rafe. The way the Sl is looking, at this point, with Rafe still wedging himself between EJ and Sami, I am beginning to have my doubts.

  59. From Linda

    I believe when someone posts on here, they in all good conscience post what they remember happened in the past. No spinning going on. Let’s give each other the benefit of the doubt. I also believe people post what their true feelings are about a character and which couples they would like to see come about. Again no spinning or lying about what they want. I for one, sincerely love Rafe and I loved when he and Sami got together. But I also sincerely think Sami has treaded on his heart long enough and I hope he sticks to it that he’s done with her games. However, that does not mean that I see her and EJ together for long. Hope not, anyway! Anyone want to challenge whether or not those are my true feeling, go ahead, but I know what’s in my own head. No one else does!

  60. From patty

    I want to adress Maryl’s remark that Rafe is wedging himself between EJ and Sami. We know that is not true . The only reason Rafe is still in Sami’s orbit is because she wants him there and prefers him over EJ. Rafe is sick of her games so he’s not the one stopping the EJami romance of the century, Sami is.
    I never saw Stephano with EJ as a kid, he came to town a grown man , a race car driver by the name of EJ Wells or something like that. He was actually a nice young man at the time but he still made his own choices to become a Demira and act like one. He has no one to blame for his actions but himself . John was brainwashed to be a Stephano pawn and he still managed to live his life as a decent human being, no excuses for EJ.

  61. From jolie

    #55 Linda, amen sister. We had the same thing happen down here in SC with a military funeral. That church was barking up the wrong tree big time. I was really surprised they came here but they got the message…no one was happy to see them but more than happy to see them go. Just my opinion but how are they helping anything? Again, my opinion and not infringing on how anyone feels.

    #56 DTBB again, your way with words. I like your writing style and that you state your opinions and they do not seem to contravene against the views of others. Very fair. I agree about the Will/Gabi baby…this has gone too far already. Too many lies that they continue to talk about and saunter around and that will eventually leak out, leaving disaster. And I too can see that Elvis and Sami need to be friends to parent their children. Good for them to do that. I agree too that I just can’t get behind them as a couple but that is my own lack of interest as it has just been too long coming with too many others in between to make any difference. Kate will fizzle when she finds out she is not grandma, Victor will be step-grampy as well. But you are probably right, when Chloe and Parker arrive the sparks will fly somewhere and not between Daniel and Jennifer.

  62. From Dyeing to be Blonde

    I don’t want change and respectable Sami and EJ. There’s precious little to watch already.

    As I’ve stated, and I’m sure you’re not lumping me with Safe fans as I don’t do ‘couples’, I simply object to pairing an abuser with his victim. I can’t get around it. I would think by now with the vibes I’ve sent out, that you can guess my reasoning.

    Corday has reached the point of diminshed returns and needs to get off the fence. Those of us that disagree with Ejami can simply stop watching. Problem solved. I have to set a standard, however low, as to what I can tolerate. It will be a tipping point and I don’t consider my viewership a great loss if it comes to that. He may still be weighing his options and desired results, but people are tired of it and it’s lost relevance.

    Off til first of the year. Happy Holidays!

  63. From patty

    Sami tells Caroline she is torn. When she is with Rafe, it feels right. When she’s with the new “changed” EJ, she feels that pull. Grandma says just don’t do anything stupid. ( C’mon Gram, this is Sami we’re talking about) Let’s just see how long this “new” Elvis stays on the surface .
    EJ and Sami are reading a story to the kids when Rafe walks up. He turns and walks away. So much for “wedging” himself between them.
    Happy Holidays DTBB, thanks for your input. Very much appreciated.

  64. From patty

    I have to say that Chad has gone a little softer for the holidays and it feels like we have the old Chad back. Loved what he did for Nicole.
    Nick is still a little on the peculiar side. Kristen is just plain crazy . The way she steals flowers from another tombstone and throws them on Lexies grave is enough to give you the creeps.

  65. From Shani

    Happy Christmas & a Merry New Year to all! Be safe! Bye ’till 2013!!

  66. From patty

    Same to you Shani!

  67. From gerri

    I very much agree with the bloggers,who feel like I do,about the S/L triangle Sami/EJ/Rafe,enough already move it along writers,Sami Is like lots of folks,who while with one person,wants the other one,and back and forth,playing with the emotions of 2 people.

    IMO she deep down loves Rafe,and with EJ,It Is and has been purely Physical,I watch Days faithfully,and I have saw very few moments between them,that would make me believe,that they have anything to build on,other than having 2 children,which IMO,neither were conceived out of love.
    the first being Rape(no matter what spin Is put on it,It was Rape),I wonder what Kind of reaction Sami would have to Allie,if down the road,an EJ type person came into her life.
    anyway,if the writers is going to put them together please do it,then the Ejami fans will be happy,and us Safe fans could adjust to it,or FF through those scenes,as I think most are just silliness anyway.
    I too like seeing this softer side of Chad,and what he did for Nicole today.maybe he can rise above,after all,to some of the DiMera traits
    And I agree that Nick kinda creeps me out too.and I’m also ready for sex crazed Brady,to get away from that lunatic Kristen,and for the writers to do something with his character,and hopefuuly Parker will in fact be Daniel’s child,but if Chloe,is only to be short term,how will this play out?

    Maybe Lucas will forgive her,and if he is likely to leave the show,then they can ride off into the sunset together,boy would this,make Kate crazy,to find out Parker isn’t her grandchild,and her son chooses to be with the one she tried to kill.
    and I so wish Nicole could find that special one,and her life would change from saddness to joyous,with a good man,and children in her future,she deserves the same chances,that anyone else on Days get..

    well I have to get busy,with some baking and candy making,so” Merry Christmas”to each of you.


  68. From Jessie

    I wanna know do sami and rafe really kiss on nye I keep hearing they do is that true if it is I’m going to be very dissappointed :-(

  69. From Jessie

    I wanna know if sami and rafe really kiss on nye is that true

  70. From SandyGram

    In the middle of my second round of baking, the snow just started falling and I’m so glad we have a generator in case the power goes out! So with all that, I’ll have to watch today’s show in the Wee hours of the morning and conger up my comments tomorrow.

    Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday and a very Healthy 2013. May God Bless and Keep Each of You Safe and enjoying the Holidays with your family and friends. With a special Blessing to all the families who lost a child or loved one, one week ago today!

  71. From Leah

    Last minute Christmas shopping to be done over here today. I sometimes get a little envious when you are talking about the snow falling. I think most of us over our side of the world all dream of experiencing at least one white Christmas. Instead its humid and hot. Many over here will get out their BBQ’s, enjoy the fresh seafood, salads etc and then enjoy a few either around the pool, the beach or our air conditioned homes. Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year to you all too! Enjoy the festive season and time with your family :)

  72. From SandyGram

    PS: According to Daytime Confidential ….Steve Nichols has taped his last show on The Young and Restless. Now we can wait and see if TPTB ceases upon this opportunity for return of Patch to Days.

  73. From Clear

    Perhaps Patch will return just in time to mess up any relationship Abe and Kayla start.

    I tried to post, but it did not go the other night. Can’t remember what I thought was important enough to post other than I am disappointed to see Nick looking more and more manipulative and controlling. Remember when his character was funny and cute till he went dark? I was hoping for real redemption for him.

    Could Chloe come back and be interested in Lucas or him in her again? Kate would hate that!

  74. From bobby

    Wow! Just saw the head liner picture of Chloe. Jen’s got some competition ahead of her. Am happy to see Chad acting more like himself. If he sticks with Abby I think he has a chance to move on. In other words–stay away from Kristen, E.J., and Stephano! E.J. is acting like a Christmas miracle right now, but if it doesn’t work with Sami-watch how quickly the worm turns.

  75. From Maryl

    Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May we all find new meaning and hope in the joy of the Christ child’s birth.

  76. From Kat

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All….. Kat

  77. From Linda

    I think I wrote it once before but MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  78. From patty

    The gift of love, of peace and of happiness. May all these be yours & may you all be blessed this Holiday Season! Merry Christmas everyone…

  79. From Michelle

    New spoilers say Nicole kisses EJ to allow Rafe time to kiss Sami…looks like scheming. but that argument is old and dead.
    How long will Corday and company play this never ending game. It’s really annoying.
    I cannot wait for the Will/Gabi explosion, Gabi needs to be exposed.
    I have yet to see Kristin’s remorse, the spoiler’s say that she would be torn between her plan for revenge and her feelings for Brady, still waiting to find the distinction.
    I am torn on the Dannifer storyline, she annoys me to no end, but she’s less annoying when she’s not chasing someone down, Dan in particular, but if Chloe comes back into the picture, that will mean more Dannifer angst, I don’t think I can take anymore of it.
    Excited to see how the writers execute the whole Parker storyline, what made Chloe realize Dan is the real father? Can’t wait to find out.
    If the writers end up no good liars and pair Sami back with Rafe for good, what will happen to EJ, I don’t want him to revert back to his ruthlessness. Although, I love evil EJ, the Anti-EJ arguments are very annoying because 95% of the arguments are hypocritical.
    How will EJ react knowing he lost Sami again, I really hope he keeps his changed attitude and continues to be a father his kids would be proud of.
    The way Kristin threw those flowers on Lexi’s grave was outright cold, she cannot be trusted. I think she’s out for revenge against everyone included her own family. It was never said how long Stefano kept her locked up before she became free.

  80. From Sherrie

    Come on I heard you stopping Jenifer and Daniel before they start? Chloe Really? She is so not his style. Let romance start and stay with Jenifer and Daniel.I only watch days for those two. Well I do like Rafe with Sami, but you leading her to EJ so stupid!

  81. From gerri

    It Is so sad,to see Nicole’s sadness,please writers bring some happiness to her life,as I’ve said before,she hasn’t been an angel,but neither has most of Salem,and she deserves the same 2nd chances,as everyone else seems to get..

    I’ve enjoyed the last 2 days,and seeing familar faces and the Christmas events.

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