Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For December 27 & 28.

Changing minds.

Fearing that his son is lonely, John suggests that Brady grab a woman and come on a double date. That puts a twist in Marlena’s knickers. She protests but can hardly explain and blurts out that they should stay out of Brady’s lady business. Brady can barely keep himself out of Kristen. He asks her to spend New Year’s with him. She’s reluctant but is soon rubbing it in Marlena’s face. The shrink explodes. Kristen finds this hilarious. Marlena can’t handle it any more so she deliberately sends John off to walk in on Kristen knocking mops with Brady. The shrink feels pretty bad about traumatizing the man she loves. It’s probably not as bad as John feels though. He runs away to wash out his eyes. His son gets his pants on and follows him. Brady tries to make the whole thing seem less terrible by insisting that he is smitten with the DiMera. He’s actually relieved that everything is out in the open, but John isn’t nearly as relaxed. At that moment, Marlena babbles to Hope about doing something nasty. Then she bumps into Kristen, who gleefully mocks her.

Will has a nightmare about being estranged from his son. He doesn’t tell his boyfriend what is worrying him but immediately turns to Gabi in a panic. She flatly tells him that his nightmare is going to come true and he better get used to it. Will gets wrought up. Gabi gets upset. She slouches off, bumping into Father Eric, who guesses that something is askew with her. Meanwhile, Nick gets snooty with Sonny and then with Kate. She tries to negotiate to get him to come to work with her but he treats her offer like trash. Making Kate angry is never a good idea. After she narrows her eyes, she hooks up with Will to question him about Fallon. Will agrees that Nick can be a real wanker, but assures her that he has the best motives as far as Gabi goes so he can’t be all bad.

Sami decides to stick her nose further into Gabi’s business. She barges in on her talking to Eric. Gabi runs off. Will chases her down. He flip-flops again about what he wants as far as the baby is concerned. Later, Gabi is speaking with the priest some more when Sami gets involved again. She thinks that Gabi wants to tell him about how fast she hooked up with Nick and decides to spare her the embarrassment by letting him know all of the gory details herself. Gabi realizes this is what she’s planning and manages to beat her to the punch. Meanwhile, Adrienne apologizes to her son for thinking that Will was a total flake. She also runs into Kate and apologizes for the same thing. And Daniel and Jenn finally go on their little date and share a smooch.

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  18 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    yes, marlena should have told john long ago. i do not like the way kristen is doing this, i wish she had never come back to salem.
    as far as will is concerned, the truth always comes out.. my own opinion, the writers should have never put this scenario into the show..

  2. From SandyGram

    #1 dc….
    I’m with you! Concealing the father of Gabbi’s baby is in direct conflict with Will’s character over the years. I would of preferred the writers stuck with Will learning a lesson from his Mom’s experiences on concealing ‘who’s the daddy’. Just from what I’ve read it seems Will doesn’t want his child to be exposed to Nick’s bigot attitude. Once the truth is out, then we will learn how strong these relationships are.

    Episode 24th & 25th:
    Loved everything about these two days with the following exceptions:
    - Kristen taking flowers from another grave and just tossing them onto Lexie’s grave. This tells me this woman is beyond redemption and can be crowned the Queen of Revenge.

    - Not seeing Bo, with only a reference to wrapping him a gift and him being down stairs. Hope and Ciara must have been at Shawn and Belle’s house.

    - Nicole asking almost everyone she comes into contact with Chad, Brady and now even EJ to tell Sydney she loves her. It was also interesting Chad was suppose to get Nikki’s gifts to Sydney without anyone knowing they were from her. Then EJ comments about her having Chad bring the gifts to Syd….some secret that was. I would of preferred it had been written that Nikki approached Sami about seeing Sydney and given the season Sami let Syd visit with Nikki.

    - I would like to see Rafe seeing Sydney open her penguin gift.

  3. From Maryl

    I thought it was good of EJ to have Sydney send a message to Nicole, thanking her for her gift and telling Nicole she loved her. EJ didn’t have to do this for Nicole, but he did! That was a very nice thing to do, EJ!!!!!

  4. From shelia


  5. From L.G.

    Yay, more make-out/love scenes with Will & Sonny… We get it, Days has a gay couple storyline, but stop going overboard on flaunting it. Constantly shoving it in peoples faces isn’t going to change anything for the better. Enough with the Kristin/Brady love scenes to. This is getting ridiculous.

  6. From Kat

    I enjoy, Nicole getting a call from Sidnay,
    after she had asked EJ,….
    and EJ being very generous, did allow for it to happen…
    Like to see some kudos for that….
    Maybe Nicole can find in her heart now, to apologize to EJ, for what she tried to do to him, hiding his child from him.
    He has Lost a boy and a girl baby just like Nicole, where is the “pity” for him, right, LOL, he is only the Father and how could I forget, his Name is DiMera.
    In My Humble opinion, the biggest apology always should be towards EJ.
    Will is already going through drama about his unborn child, but at least he knows the truth and he can make his decisions … EJ only got lies….

    Like it that the Brady/Kristin/John/Marlena Story is heating up, like all the Drama…LOL
    Dan and Jenn, they need help….

    Going to watch today’s show….hope it is not like to much Schmaltz…

  7. From dc

    shelia i do know that bill is the father of lucas, not sure about billie or jennifer.
    still not happy with kristen character and i guess i never will like her. i would rather have stefano back and her gone..
    this thing between sami, rafe and ej i am not fond of.. sami needs to make up her mind and get back with rafe. ej is always gonna be connected because of those kids but as far as love goes sami should be with rafe..

  8. From Shelli

    I believe that Laura and Bill Horton are Jennifer’s parents. Then Bill had an affair with Kate and they had Lucas.

  9. From SandyGram

    Episode December 26th:
    Another very good day with all the family gatherings and celebrating, the Christmas Story read at the Hospital, Victor as Santa’s Helper (even if he is an ole curmudgeon). Just one thing only TPTB can explain, it looked like the Horton home was open to everyone, in fact Julie made that comment that Alice opened their door to anyone that wanted to join them. But yet there was Sami, Johnny and Sydney in the HTC catching a few minutes with Uncle Eric and then EJ. At a minimum Roman, Kayla, Joey, Abe, Theo, John, Marlena, Eric, Sami, Johnny, Sydney and EJ could have been shown with Caroline at the Pub. Even Eric made an appearance at the Horton House and Abby drug Chad to the gathering. AH Heck….they should of all been at the Horton House.

    It looks like Luke has been doing some parenting homework behind the scene’s attending group meetings of parents with gay children. Good for him and a very nice gesture giving a donation in Sonny’s name. I suppose you could say Chad became a true DiMera today with receiving a DiMera Corporate Credit Card, while EJ welcomed Kristen into the fold by giving her the Family Pendent that Lexie had given him.

    And finally the moment of the day comes between Sami and Sydney:
    Quote: “Sydney asks her Mom if Santa brought her this present or Rafe (she’s holding the penguin). Sami – If you ask me I think it’s a little bit of both.”

  10. From Kat

    9 SandyGram,,, who is Luke, is this again something I have not seen yet…
    I know some of you see episodes a day ahead of of us,
    but it is very confusing at times, to know what some of you are talking about about…
    No harm done, just wondering what some of you are talking about….
    It always seems, like I don’t know what some of you are talking about, and that is not a lot of fun.
    I, maybe that is just ME, like to talk about what I have seen on today’s show, don’t mind some spoilers ahead of time, but not
    having a conversation about something that “some” have already seen, day/or so ahead… and I DO Not have a Clue, what they are talking about….

    But no problem… Canada will and should post their Day ahead stuff, it’s a free world, and all of US on here, have different feelings… so be it… Peace..

    About who brings any presents, Rafe,Santa, or Daddy.
    sooner or later…the kids love all the people in their lives, and of course Rafe… but most of all Daddy EJ and Mom Sami….

  11. From SandyGram

    #10 Kat
    Not sure where your coming from what I said about Lucas in Post #9 was in Today’s show and has absolutely nothing to do with those that see the show a Day Ahead:

    Quote from the last scene today in the Horton House:
    “Lucas has something for Sonny. It’s a donation to PFLAG in his name. (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). Sonny – This is amazing. Thank you so much. Will asks his Dad if he goes to the meetings. Yes he does. Will is very proud of him. Lucas – I’m the one who’s proud.”

  12. From SandyGram

    #10 Kat

    PS: Luke is actually my grandson…must of been thinking about him and typed his name by mistake…the comment is obviously about Lucas.

  13. From Maryl

    It was nice of Rafe to find the penguin for Sydney. He scored some points with Sami for doing that. Whether or not that penguin will be one of the reasons for Sami choosing Rafe over EJ, remains to be seen. I do know EJ scored points with Sami for making the children realize the importance of the real Christmas spirit by donating toys that were meant for them to the needy children. EJ also scored points for letting Sydney make contact with Nicole. I don’t think Sami knew about that incident, but EJ scored points with his fans, that’s for sure!Ha!

    About the history of Bill Horton–he had 3 children. When Bill Horton raped Laura, she became pregnant with Mike–Bill then married Laura some years later and they had Jennifer. Lucas was born to Kate, after her affair with Bill.

  14. From Linda

    It was great of Rafe to evidently go to great lengths to find the penquin for Sydney. She wanted it and by golly she was going to have it if he had anything to say about it, is what he thought, I believe. It was also a stand-up move on Rafe’s part not to interrupt Sami, EJ, and the kids when he saw them through the window at the pub. EJ right now is doing all the right things but I still think he is playing Sami. I don’t trust him and I think I have good reason not to, judging from past experience with him.

  15. From Kat

    11 SandyGran, you are so right,
    with all the holidays, my watching schedule has been a bit messed up.
    I had not seen that episode yet, so I did not understand where “Luke” and the donations to PFLAG were coming from…
    So consider Me.. the a$$ of the Day, LOL.

    Nice name “Luke”, thank God he does Not live in Salem….

    But I am right about some of the Days ahead… discussions on here,
    they happen, so will be it….
    but it does get confusing… at least for Me..
    Scoring points over a Penquin,ok, but will it put ever lasting love into your heart.
    Love happens, from within, not by what some will do for you, or buy you, or say to you.
    It either is there, or Not…
    Sami should get very quite, and let her heart talk to her, and most of all she really has to listen to her heart.. without any outside interference…and Her Heart, and Only Her Heart will tell her, what Her Heart wants, Once and For All.

    So let’s be a bit patient, and give the Girl the time she needs,
    we have always complained that she doesn’t think before she leaps, well now is the time, leave her alone…

    We got sooooooooo much snow yesterday, and today nothing. Go figure..

  16. From an old days fan

    Just curious…could they make Daniel and Jennifer more boring? I find myself fast forwarding more than not these days. I read somewhere that they are going to break them up. BRING IT ON!

  17. From Kat

    16 old days fan, have to agree with you,
    just wrote about that on the other “week “site…
    I think they are done, the ship has sailed…boring…

  18. From Monique

    Why if Alli and Johnny are twins it appears as if they spend very little time together and it also appears as if they are trying to have Sydney the same age as Johnny! Why is this?

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