Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For December 31-January 3.

Letting it out.

Marlena feels bad when she nearly gives John a heart attack by deliberately sending him off to catch his son in bed with his ex. While she beats herself up about it and turns to Hope to moan, Brady is busy trying to convince his father that his feelings for Kristen extend beyond her nether-regions. All of this has worked into Kristen’s hands. She rubs it in the shrink’s face and looks forward to the new year. She starts it off by confessing everything to John and making it clear that it was all planned. She still hasn’t gotten over the way he treated her. He clues in that she has been banging his son for revenge. When Brady shows up after John storms off, Kristen tells him his dad was acting like a maniac. It isn’t long before John returns with Marlena, looking for a fight. John attempts to convince his son that Kristen is a vengeful harpy but Brady is so smitten that he winds up pounding on his papa for besmirching the honor of his lady love. Kristen thinks this is awesome. Marlena is so horrified that her eyebrows curl. John and Brady have to be hospitalized, but each refuses to talk to the cops. John feels bad for not believing Marlena. That makes her feel bad and she nearly confesses for sending him to walk in on the traumatic scene. Meanwhile, Kristen apologizes to Brady for the situation. She admits to herself that she is actually developing feelings for him and decides to end things. He won’t let her do it. She moans to EJ about her situation. He suddenly realizes that what she is up to could get in the way of his plans for Samanther.

Will convinces his grandma that Nick is actually a decent guy, even if he acts like a jerk sometimes. That’s good enough for Kate to want to hire him. Nick’s distracted by other things. He worries that Gabi will open her gob to Eric. He runs off and stops her just before she confesses everything to the priest. Sami simultaneously drops herself in the middle of all of this and insists on telling Eric everything herself, not that she actually knows what’s happening. Gabi gives the priest her cover story anyway and he agrees to go along with the wedding.

Adrienne tells Sonny how happy she is that he is happy with Will. Then she bumps into Kate and apologizes for trashing Will a couple of months ago. Meanwhile, Will has convinced himself that Nick is actually a good guy. He calls him out for his ‘gay boy’ comment and Nick tells him that he won’t put up with him if he keeps flip-flopping about the paternity issue. At that moment, Gabi and Sonny decide to make peace for Will’s sake.

Sami and Rafe continue obsessing over each other while they prepare for their dates with Nicole and EJ. Rafe is noticeably distraught when he sees Sami and Elvis together. Nic prods him to talk to her when EJ goes off for booze. Nicole decides to keep EJ distracted by pretending to be wasted and pulling him into a smooch. That gives Rafe the chance to ring in the New Year by locking lips with Sami. They’re both moved. EJ stalks over and plants his lips on her. Rafe does his best not to react to the fact that he and EJ just shared a pair of lips. Sami still doesn’t know which man she wants. As the clock ticks over, Chad spends the evening with Abby and they share a kiss while her mom pays Daniel a visit at the hospital and manages to get him to give her a peck. The next day, EJ makes another move on Sami. Eric interrupts to tell her about the brawl between John and Brady. She runs off to deal with the family drama. Both EJ and Rafe remain confident that they have her heart. She later bumps into Rafe and weeps all over him. Meanwhile, Marlena hunts down Elvis and lashes out at him because of his sister. At that moment, Kristen tracks down John. He doesn’t want to deal with her, but she says their business is far from over.

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  1. From dc

    well, i never liked kristen when she was on the show before and it is carrying on to now.. i don’t like her character at all. brady is vulnerable because he lost madison. brady can do alot better. i would love to see him and chloe together. in my opinion the character of kristen needs to leave the show.
    still waiting for bo, shawn, belle, claire, max and maybe chelsea coming back. keeping my fingers crossed on this..

  2. From SandyGram

    #1 Hey dc
    This sounds very exciting, but watching Brady not seeing what Kristen is up to could be painful. The summary didn’t give us enough details to say what Kristen’s real plan is, but it was enough to see she is as evil as many of us have thought. And to say she’s torn between her feels with Brady, what feelings she has no heart!!

    Sami, Sami, Sami….looks like our Queen of the never ending triangle is not going to let us down. Love the comment about Rafe and EJ sharing the same lips in a matter of moments. Well there’s always my idea of all of them moving into the DiMansion and share and share a like!!

    We just got home from the kids, had a great time with the grandkids. Hope you and your family go forward to the New Year with Joy and Health.

  3. From Leah

    While I’m enjoying Kristen being in the show I DO NOT like how she is coming between John and Brady. I like their father/son relationship. Kristen is a cougar and needs someone more her own age and Brady needs to stop falling into bed with every female who looks his way.

  4. From Clear

    Sami may be torn and not want to hurt either Rafe or EJ, but she has to know which one has her heart and makes it flutter and her head spin? Which is it Sami?

    Kristen the evil one, is she done with John and starting to turn good? Give her to Roman as he has not had any visible life in ages! Brady needs a shrink that is not his Mom and some more 12 step work! Then he needs a new woman–Chloe, his ex was once the love of his life.

  5. From flacalicious

    Even though I like the character of Kristen, I am totally hating the storyline with Brady. Ew! She was once his step-mother! They couldn’t find another way for her to push John & Marlena’s buttons? C’mon!

  6. From Lisa/St. Louis

    Sorry if this posts twice. Well you have to figure that anyone who would steal a bouquet of flowers from a stranger’s grave and slam them onto your sisters (I use that term very loosely) grave is more demented than words can say.

  7. From SHELIA


  8. From Maryl

    Shelia, How could someone as perfect as Rafe be in love with someone like Sami?? Sami has the same “rap sheet” as EJ. She has done horrible things–as we all know. Only difference is she wasn’t brought up by a man like Stefano DiMera–she belongs to the respectable Brady family.

  9. From Kat

    8 Maryl, Hi Lady….
    I so agree with you about EJ and Sami, they belong together.

    Let’s find a pure Goodie for “St. Rafe”, and let our EJ and Sami, the tainted ones, get on with their lives, and give us some real interesting, romantic, loving and intriguing SL’s for those two.
    Love to see them go on an adventures, the way Bo and Hope used to do.
    They could go into a whole new direction.
    Dan and Jenn, they just do not click for me anymore, to much baggage, not enough love, no real love bigger than life there…
    like with EJ and Sami..
    Did you see, the other day,
    when EJ walked into the Pub, and Caroline greeting EJ so lovingly,
    Sami actually came alive, seeing a family member being kind to EJ and her whole dimeana (sp) changed..
    and she felt so free to be with EJ, it showed.
    So, now if more of Sami’s family would be a little bit more open to have EJ, the nice EJ around, Sami would really let her heart fly freely…..
    Did you guys hear, Caroline use my words, again I heard, the heart wants what it wants… so true for EJ and Sami.
    If Nicole and Sami can get all that forgiveness, so should EJ, fair is fair… those two women did worse in their long lives, than EJ ever could in his comparative short time in Salem…

    Hope everybody had a great Christmas,
    not over yet, big Dinner in my house this Saturday. Everybody coming,,,
    to much food already, I am stuffed for the next year. Making the rounds is hard, but so delicious.

    Maryl, if the ratings ever go so much south, that you can see them in your Front Yard, then I will worry,
    but in the meantime EJ and Sami together will keep the ratings very high…and higher if really together…

  10. From Lisa/St. Louis

    Hi Shelia, Jen and Lucas have the same father, Bill Horton but different mothers. Kate had an affair with Bill while he was married to Jen’s mother Laura.

    Billie, Austin and Lucas have the same mother Kate, but different fathers. Billie and Austin’s father was some scum named Curtis who told Kate that they were killed in a car accident when they were little so Kate did not really get to raise them.

    Hope that helps.

  11. From Kat

    Today, I have not finished watching it yet…
    but when it comes to reading the
    Christmas Story, why could not Lucas read the story instead of Jennifer, He is a Horton as much as Jennifer,
    dah, Writers do you forget some times the family trees…
    I don’t want Lucas with Sami,,, there is just nothing but friendship there, BUT..Lucas is a Horton, and they should showcase his character just a bit more,…
    And bring back His Father, Dr. Bill Horton… we need him as a Partriarch…oh God SP,….????Help

  12. From Lisa

    I love Eileen Davidson/Kristen but I think it’s time to turn her good again like she was when she fist came to dool, the marlena,John Kristen storyline is old now and time to move on. Hopefully Kristen does end up falling in love with Brady and she changes for the better and the writers make Kristen a good but strong character and not so evil like stealing flowers from a grave and throwing them on her dead sisters grave

  13. From Kat

    My, my, my, miracles,
    former Porn/Drug/Murder king of Salem is now Santa Claus at the
    “Tom Horton” Hospital…..
    What is next, EJ could some day day be the next Santa/or greatest Guy in the town of Salem…
    married to a wonderful Brady Lady like Sami…. why not..
    they just showed me, that anything is possible., and why not, it’s Salem, fictional town in our,, the viewers fictional world,
    EJ, there is so much Hope for you in this town and of course in this Story Line……

  14. From Maryl

    Kat, I thought the same thing about Victor as Santa! Ha! It’s amazing how a good woman can change an old evil gangster like Victor into a softie. Thought it was cute, Victor as Santa. So, you’re right–why can’t the same happen with EJ and Sami? I noticed a comment made by Justin and Adrianne–”who would believe that those two (Victor and Maggie) would work so well together.” Same for Sami and EJ–I believe they would work well together if the writers would allow that to happen.
    We are definitely heading for a crossroad for EJ and Sami–question is will these writers have the courage to choose the right direction and make them a couple and family or will they copout and go backward by sticking Rafe between them again? There are all sorts of hints being thrown our way right now that indicate that it could go either way, so I guess we will have to wait and see.
    I am so glad Caroline is supporting Sami. Even if she chooses EJ, Caroline seems to be on board, which I think would be great for EJ’s and Sami’s relationship. Right now the writers are creating a situation between EJ and Rafe where each one gets “Brownie” points for their actions–some for EJ and then some for Rafe. There is, however, also some stuff that will be blowing up soon and will effect Sami. What will push her and to whom is a good question. For Rafe, the Gabi secrets and the Will connection could be a problem when Sami finds out the truth and the Kristin/Brady situation could interfere with the way things have been going for the Sami and EJ.

  15. From jess

    Rafe is a big bully. He does not love Sami as she is but as the idea of what he wants her to be. He is constantly beliteling her. He also needs to get some kids of his own – with another woman – and let EJ be the father to his kids. He does not really want SAMI – he just does not want the “evil” EJ to have her. EJ has always loved Samantha first and above everyone else. Let Rafe take a hike over Switzerland and go after another man’s baby and leave Sami, Ej and their children alone….

  16. From Linda

    On the other hand, I see EJ as the bully and that he is only obsessed with Sami, not really “in love” with her. Rafe fell “in love” with her and she with him while she was in witness protection. I saw it as a beautiful love story, and one Sami had really never had before. Rafe is a great guy. Not perfect but a great guy and Sami was at her best, I think, when she was with him. But she ruined her marriage to him and now there she sits on the fence about which guy, Rafe or EJ, she wants to be with. I liked her with Rafe but I don’t want to see her hurt him anymore than she has already. She and EJ probably deserve each other but I hate to see her get tangled up with him again romantically, because for me there is no romance there between them. All the bad stuff that has gone on between them has crowded out any romance, at least for me.

    Was a stand-up move on Rafe’s part not to go in and give Sydney the penquin when he saw Sami, EJ, and the kids through the window at the pub. And he saw how Sami can turn on a dime, all glitter eyed to him just a little while before and then the same with EJ when he saw them through the window.

    I’m getting so I can’t stand Kristen. Even a little over acting going on there, I think, by Eileen Davidson. I loved her on Y & R but not so much now on Days.

  17. From SandyGram

    Excerpt from Days Comings and Goings:

    “Someone from Dexter is heading to Salem. Evan George and Luke Andrew Kruntchev, the two-year-old twins who share the duties as Dexter and Rita’s son, Harrison, will soon be making their daytime debut as Chloe’s son, Parker. Nadia Bjorlin is set to return as Chloe on January 4. Look for the Kruntchev twins to start appearing shortly thereafter.”

  18. From gerri

    I agree with everything you said,Sami went into Witness protection after seeing the Mayor get shot at the famous DiMera Mansion,and met Rafe,I saw their story unfold,which became Romantic,IMO ..Sami showed her fiestiness,and Rafe would calm her down,this relationship would have never went anywhere,esp to a wedding,if there had not been any love on her part.I just don’t see anything to build on,with EJ,lot’s of folks have children,together,and aren’t a couple,but whatever is going to happen,please take Sami off the fence,and let her make her choice.If It isn’t Rafe please gie him a love inteest,I would be happy If It was Nicole,and by some miracle she could have a child with him,and if not,adoption sounds good to me ,I think Rafe has proven he would be a great father,as Sami’s kids loved him,and we all have seen Nicole’s losses and how devastated she has been.
    And as the old saying goes,”you make your bed,you lay in It”,and I think Sami needs to purchase the best mattress she can find,for I’m thinking,unless EJ has and can continue to change(as she thinks he has)her bed will probably become lumpy and very uncomfortable.
    But It Is time this triangle comes to an end….

    anxious to see Chloe,and It would be great If Brady and she,would come back together,HE was the love of her life,at one time and she was his.
    poor Roman,why is it impossibe,to hook him up with someone?same with Lucas.
    and please send Kristen packing,she is the biggest low-life,ever,she showed her true DiMera self,at Lexie’s grave.

    I think Abby would be good for Chad,even tho bloodlines, say he Is a Dimera,he wasn’t raised as one,and I think he could be a very good person,with the right influences.(even tho Abby was a naughty girl,earlier with Austin)I think she could be that influence.

  19. From SandyGram

    Episode December 27th:
    First of all….loved Sami’s gorgeous gloves that matched her lipstick; loved Nicole’s earrings; and loved Jenn’s hair, honey blonde works well on her.

    Now on to the show as Mr. Sullivan would say! Rafe was so right today. Once again Sami took what Rafe was saying and made it seem like he was talking down to her quote “it’s easy to blame this on me. That I’m being selfish and indecisive.” Then Sami further laid the heavy on Rafe as if he was bullying her, quote “I didn’t know I had to sort out my feelings according to your deadline”. No Sami open your ears….Rafe is just done with your nonsense. You want to be treated like a responsible adult who can make her own decisions…well get with it…that’s all Rafe is saying. For me, Sami is playing both men, she can’t commit to Rafe because she is waiting to see if the changes she sees in EJ are there to stay. Rafe has showed his true love ways from when they first met and she is always waiting for EJ to change. Oh yes I should cover the elephant in the room, yes Rafe made the on mistake with Carrie. What is unbelievable to Rafe is why Sami would be drawn to EJ after the things he has done to her over the years. He is so right about Sami liking both men circling around her, like Rafe said to Sami, quote “you aren’t trying to push him away, seems to me that you are encouraging him”. And for me, she is doing that to both Rafe and EJ.

    Great conversation between EJ and Chad today. For the first time when talking to Chad he seemed to honestly mean what he was saying. This is an example of EJ’s likable side. Hopefully it’s not just because he is giddy over the thought of having a ‘bit late’ Christmas with Samanther.

    Do walls have ears, no but nosey women do, it would appear Jenn has not learned to listen into Daniel’s conversations, now her feelings are hurt. But the white Knight to the rescue with flowers in hand will yet again heal her broken heart.

    I’m glad to see Nicole will not be alone for New Years. Actually I’ve always like Rafe and Nicole together. The two actors complement one another. Then Sami and EJ make their date for NYE after he tracks her down. Obviously they will all run into each other at the HTC Rocking New Year’s Eve Celebration.

    Post #16 Linda and #18 gerri…..great Posts, really enjoy your insight!!

  20. From Leah

    Sorry if this reposts people but I have a feeling my post didn’t go through so trying it again….
    A while ago the Days powers to be promised us we would be returning to the old…. more love, romance and family. Have to say I am not seeing it. All we are getting is more of the same ol same ol! And where there is a true chance to have the love of a life time, romance and family…. the powers to be just continue to string it out and then out to dry and fans are left angry, frustrated and upset. Ever since EJ arrived in Salem it was obvious Sami had met “the one”, her destiny and vise versa. Bad decisions by the Days executives and writing staff stuffed up what could have been SO GOOD for all these years. And all through this it doesn’t look like they’ve learnt a thing. Many writers have been hired and fired, many stories have been written revolving around Ejami, we’ve seen 2 children come into this world and be caught in the middle, we’ve seen 3 marriages go down the tube and be ruined because of their relationship yet we still have Ejami nothing. How much longer can this go on? I for one am getting fed up. I mean on one breathe of air we “supposedly” have Corday saying they are putting their lock, stock and barrel into Ejami but what we are seeing on our screen? Up and coming spoilers indicate we are going to be getting the complete opposite. I mean we have the writers writing Rafe buying Sydney a penguin (Safe symbol), we have EJ letting Sydney call mommy Nicole to thank her for her Christmas gift, we are apparently going to have Sami and Rafe obsessing over each other while go on dates with Nicole and EJ and then we have the whole Rafe/Sami kiss and EJ/Nicole kiss. Then there are even suggestions Ejoles child will be alive and well somewhere. I am well and truly HATING IT. I am getting tired of waiting for what may never be. In the nearly 7 years EJ has been on the show it has been written EJ/Sami/Austin, to then EJ/Sami/Lucas, to then EJ/Sami/Nicole, to then EJ/Sami/Rafe, to then EJ/Sami/Rafe/Nicole to then EJ/Sami/Lucas and now back to EJ/Sami/Rafe. Who isn’t over this? We are just going around in Ejami plus one circles. To be honest as much as I am an Ejami shipper and hate to admit this… I would much rather the Days powers to be make a decision and stick with it. Sami with EJ, Sami with Rafe or Sami with Lucas. Whatever it is Days “JUST DO IT.” For us the viewers we will either love it or hate it but at least we will be moving in some kind of direction rather than to just be left foundering out here in no mans land.
    PS: IF tge powers to be find it all too hard maybe Sami should just remain manless. Now there is one they have never tried :)

  21. From Clear

    Sami should tell them that they can sniff around all they want, but she will choose if she wants to be with someone in her own good time. She should make it plain that she likes being on her own for a while. Though if she truly loves EJ and wants a family with him, or Rafe, she should pounce before “The ONE” she really wants moves on. If unsure, she should look for a new man to trust that has not hurt her, or vice versa to be with her on her terms and no one else’s! Go Sami!

  22. From SandyGram

    Sydney Recast – Isabelle and Sahara Roberts have taped their last episode playing Sami and EJ’s daughter, Sydney. Nadia and Talia Hartounian will take over the role and make their first appearance in mid-February.

    She’s a real cutie and quite a pistol when on CSI New York.

    From Daytime Royalty

  23. From Linda

    If Sami really wanted to be on her own for a while, she wouldn’t be sniffing around both EJ and Rafe like she is. She would be plainly giving no nonsense signals that she does, indeed, want to be left alone for the time being. Instead, she is giving mixed signals to both men of a possibility of a relationship, just as Rafe told her she’s doing. And I agree with Rafe that Sami is enjoying it and, as a viewer, I am just as fed up with it as Rafe is. Reminds me of the s/l when Jennifer was trying to decide between Daniel and Jack, when Jack first came back, and I got reeeely bored with that, just as I am bored with this.

    EJ’s charm gift to Kristen meant no more to her than a handful of dirt. I felt kind of sorry about it for EJ’s sake because he was so sincere in giving it to her. EJ and Chad were good together, finally, but I do think EJ is feeling his oats over thinking he has a future with Sami.

    I like Nicole with Rafe and am glad they will be together NYE. But from what we read, I guess the kisses get crossed over, as Nicole kisses EJ while Sami kisses Rafe. Oh, joy, the writers just can’t resist, can they?!

    Jennifer should have listened to ALL of Maggie’s conversation with Daniel and then she wouldn’t have had to be upset at all, because Daniel shut Maggie right down and was going to go ahead with his lunch date with Jen. But the flowers and Daniel’s breathy voice should smooth things over just fine! Jennifer is looking great the past few days.

  24. From MAB

    I haven’t been on here in a while (too busy), but have been watching & enjoying the show. I loved all the Christmas stuff, at the Horton house, at Victor’s house, and at the hospital. I loved EJ & Sami’s scenes, and them w/ the kids…nice seeing them together as a family, as it should be. I loved that EJ allowed Sydney to send a video message to Nicole…a VERY nice gesture on his part after all she’s done, something he didn’t have to do, but did anyway (that made me cry). I wonder if Sami knew? It was sweet of Rafe to get Sydney the penguin, but he didn’t have to make a big deal out of it. If he wanted, he could’ve gave it to her in person, instead of acting childish and pouting over the fact Sami spent time w/ EJ too. What does he expect? They’re spending time w/ their kids, at Christmas, but he takes it as a personal insult to him. They are NOT your kids Rafe, quit acting selfish, this was about the kids, not you! I absolutely loved Eric telling Nicole about what happened to him in Africa…stellar performance from Greg! Great seeing Abe, EJ & Chad visit Lexie’s grave, but Kristen really showed herself by throwing the flowers on her grave, very disrespectful, but not surprised by her actions. And the gift EJ gave her that belonged to Lexie, well let’s just say I hope he takes it back from her after he finds out her true intensions, and how she could care less about him or Chad. I’m glad we’re seeing Brady more, but I’m over him & Kristen. Now spoilers say he & John will be at odds over her, guess this is what she wanted, but I can’t believe Brady could be so dumb! I loved seeing Stefano, even if only for a minute. I wish for his return soon! I think Kate has been looking very lovely lately, from her hair to her clothes…she seems not be dressing so wacky anymore. Nothing much to say about Will/Sonny/Nick/Gabi, boring! But one thing I will say, Nick’s attitude is snotty! He had the nerve to ask Abby why she invited Chad over! Abby should have clocked him for that. He has no right to question Abby in her own home! He may be a Horton, but he doesn’t live there, and needs to mind his tone. I’m disliking him more & more.

    Now onto yesterday’s show:

    Sami didn’t take anything Rafe said out of context. As usual, he was talking down to her, like he has always treated her, and that will never change unless he does some changing too (at least EJ is putting forth the effort). Ok, so Rafe tells Sami he’s done, fine, but why doesn’t he ever follow thru w/ what he says? His same ole song & dance routine is repetitive. If he’s done w/ her nonsense, then be done and walk away already! If she wants to take her time in making up her mind, then that is her right. She shouldn’t have to justify her decisions to either of them. Of course, Rafe is the one who’s rude to her about it, and demanding she make up her mind. Not EJ tho, he asked nicely about their future, and will be the one who respects her making her decision, unlike Rafe. So again, if Rafe is done w/ her, then why keep circling around her? I’ll tell you why, because he wants to get one up on EJ. That is all this is about IMO. It’s not about how he feels for Sami, this is just to get back at EJ. Rafe couldn’t have cared less about Sami while Carrie was in Salem, and then as soon as she was gone, and he found out how close EJ & Sami were getting, he came poking his nose into her life again.

    I loved the convo between EJ & Chad. EJ finally telling Chad he is to blame for loosing Melanie. I agree, to a point, because EJ doesn’t know the whole story about Gabi, and that she is partly responsible for what happened too. But EJ was right to tell him to move on, whether it’s w/ Abby or someone else.

    Sami is damned is she does, or damned if she don’t…she needs to make a decision between EJ & Rafe…she needs to be on her own. Really. I don’t see Sami sniffing around anyone. She is torn, like she said, but it’s Rafe who constantly sniffs around her, hunting her down wherever she is. He is the one who puts himself around her, so if he’s done, then he needs to leave her alone! As far as EJ, well, at least he has excuses for being around her. He works w/ her and has children w/ her, so his reasons for being around her are valid. Rafe just looks desperate.

    The claims that EJ is the one scheming??? NOT! Spoilers say it’s Nicole & Rafe scheming on NYE. They divert EJ & Sami from one another, just so Rafe can kiss Sami, while Nicole plays drunk and kisses EJ. But EJ will also get his kiss w/ Sami too! I think it’s sad that Rafe & Nicole can’t enjoy their evening out together w/o horning in on EJ & Sami, but I guess it just shows who the desperate ones are in this situation.

  25. From Kat

    24 MAB,
    Every thing you said is so true, I see all of it the same way.
    Thanks, it got so one sided here for me, and it was refreshing to read your post, we think the same way…
    like so many from the “other Side” to each other…
    And that is just fine by me…Maryl, did help, she is on the same wave lenght with us.
    Again, MAB everything I could have said, you already said for me… Mega Dittos

  26. From Cougar

    Haven’t had time to visit site, relatives staying with us and the Holiday’s in general. Saw todays show. I though today would be a filler day but it tured into a little more of a thriller day. Loved the conversations between Marlene & Kristin today; and then that slap! Then John walked in Brady & Kristin. Simply delicious.
    Enjoyed Nick he’s turning into quite the evil genius.

    Oh, and really enjoying EJ & Sami time.
    Got to go.

  27. From Linda

    It’s my understanding that Nicole and Rafe are not scheming on NYE. Nicole is! I didn’t see Rafe as pouting at all about not giving Sydney the penquin in person. I think he handled it just as he should have, staying out of the picture given Sami’s closeness with EJ. I would think those on here who root for EJ whould like the way Rafe handled it and not find fault with it.

    I thought Gabi was downright mean to Will today. Acting as if he doesn’t want the baby and throwing it up to him that he took her to the abortion clinic, which is what SHE wanted. How many times did Will ask her if it was she really wanted? I think Nick is trouble, and maybe trouble for everyone. Go Marlena with that slap!! And what does John think now? Marlena is not so crazy afterall, is she?!

  28. From Blaze.

    I’m glad Rafe took the high road and didn’t interrupt EJ and Sami’s moments with the kids.
    To be a hero, he could have easily barged in to present Syd with her penguin. Big Bad Bully!! :)

  29. From patty

    It has been a very busy holiday season but still managed to catch Days. Loved all the Christmas shows from the hanging of the ornaments to midnight mass. Had to laugh when Kristen and EJ showed up at church and didn’t even join the others singing, they both looked like gringes with those sours looks on their faces. Kristen is just plain sick in the head, it’s not even funny. I thought she was going to trash EJ’s present like she did Lexies grave.
    Loved that Nicole got her Christmas miracle. Wish Sami would get a miracle too and grow a brain.
    Sami didn’t take what Rafe said out of context, she got it. She just chooses not to listen and gets on the defensive because she knows every word he said was true and she will be proving it in the coming weeks by kissing him and crying on his shoulder and making sure she’s in his orbit while still dangling EJ on a string. Rafe has removed himself out of the race, he’s not trying to score points. Walked away when he saw her with EJ, made himself scarce on Christmas day, Sami asked what was wrong and he told her straight and forward. No game playing with our Rafe and nowhere do spoilers indicate that he tricks Sami on NYE.
    Loved Sami’s red gloves but the lipstick’s got to go!

  30. From gerri

    #28 Blaze so true.Sydney asked for the penquin,and Rafe found It for her,but didn’t barge into the,family moments,with EJ AND Sami to give it to he surely did take the high road.

    and Linda you saw it the same way,as well.
    I loved the Slap today!!Go Marlena,John do you feel like the biggest fool ever now?

    Nick Is so getting on my nerves,wonder what his ultimate goal Is?
    Will needs to step up to the plate,before this S/L goes any farther,he Is so going to be regretful and disappointed In himself down the road,if he doesn’t become a part In his child’s life.after his childhood,he should know how important It Is.

  31. From Maryl

    I think Rafe did the right thing about not interrupting EJ, Sami and the kids at the pub when he was trying to deliver the penguin. But he sure let Sami know all about how hard he looked for the toy and how upset he felt when he saw her & the kids with EJ. It sort of became all about him and not so much about Sydney getting her much wanted penguin. Thought it was a little self-centered of him to not understand that EJ, Sami and the kids were enjoying their closeness at Christmas.

  32. From SandyGram

    Episode December 28th:
    Today’s show was tolerable, annoying and resilient. First Dan and Jenn were tolerable for the first time in a long time. After all their tortured and tormented Days lately, today was charming and fun loving which works much better for the two of them. Now hospital Anne, what a jealous piece of trash she is with her going after Jenn the way she did. And for once ‘hallelujah’ Billie just in time to escort the heifer from the Pub.

    Now the really annoying one was Gabi. Her attitude and how she talked to Will today was so upsetting that’s all there is to say about this little Diva for now.

    Nick’s colors are really coming out. It’s not nice to be disrespectful to Kate the Snake, he just might bite off more than his self-absorbed pompous self can deal with.

    Now to the best of the best today, I’m not for physical abuse, but Kristen more the deserved what Marlena really really thought she needed….Whack right across Mean, Mean, Mean, Vindictive Kristen’s face. Now we know where Sami gets her right hook from. A job well done Doc.

    Surprise, now John’s eyes are wide open…can’t wait to see Monday’s show after what John saw today.

    #27 Linda, #28 Blaze, #29 patty, #30 gerri…..Great Post!

  33. From SandyGram

    #31 Maryl
    Rafe letting Sami know how hard he looked for the penguin was triggered by her demand ‘to explain his disappearing act’. Sami says: “I saw you for 7 seconds during the holidays and it seemed like you were you making your self scarce on purpose and I would like to know why?” For me, he was defending why he disappeared.

    Could it not be instead of Rafe being self centered, his reaction to Sami’s demand was understandable, especially after seeing Sami, EJ and the kids, in what appeared to be a very happy family scene? Although the writers are obviously keeping this threesome going, in this case, could it not be they were only attempting to say from what Rafe saw Sami was playing both men against each other and he didn’t want to be in the game anymore. For me, Sami’s excuse for having her arm around EJ’s shoulder was to comfort him after going to Lexie’s grave site, not to share in closeness with the kids. It just turned out that way with the setting they were in. For me, Rafe was right on what he said to Sami and as we all know the game goes on with New Years Eve approaching. Just a thought.

  34. From SandyGram

    Days Sneak Peak for 12-12-2012 on You Tube (6:17 minutes).

    Very intense scene’s.

  35. From Kat

    31 Maryl, you are right, it was the only thing for Rafe to do,
    do not interrupt a beautiful Family moment for the penquin.
    Sidney will get it, know it’s from Rafe and she will thank him, after Christmas.
    Sami is doing the right thing, she does not know what/who she wants, she as much told that to Grandma
    Caroline, and Grandma is all there for her and understanding it….
    Rafe is acting like a boohoo, whatever…he wants his answers now, and now, and not later… just chill Rafael H. just for once, keep your mouth shut… and let things develop on their own.
    When Rafe was all ho, ho for Carrie, long before he knew about the Grief Sex, he did not give a dam about Sami…
    it was all about Rafe, as usual.
    Sami is working with EJ, enjoying her kids with and without their Father around, and she is helping Rafe’s sister with her wedding… Lordy, Sami, wait till you find out what that little witch is really doing to you. Denying you to be a Grandma to Will’s child, and doing so with a gleam in her heart.
    It is all about Gaby, and her life and happiness, don’t give a dam about Will.
    Gaby mocks Will for having nightmares, about his Baby, one would think,Gaby knows all about nightmares after what She Did to Melanie, Brady, and Jenn, loosing their loved ones…
    little selfish bi…, no guilt, nothing that I have seen yet….
    Rafe, you covered for to many crimes, it will all come out sooner or later, even what Sami did to EJ, etc.
    and that might mean, adios amigo Rafe Hernandez,
    unless Rafe will have an awakening of his own,
    and will regret all his “crimes” he has committed….
    it should not always be just on EJ,… Salem is full of Criminals.
    I think Dr. Dan will end up with Chloe and his son Parker,
    Think back, Chloe and Philip were victims of Vivian’s scheme, than all the outside switching of DNA happened.
    Dr. Carly tried to do the right thing, she told Chloe, if the Baby was not Dan’s, she would tell him about her and Philip, but if the Baby’s was Dan’s she would be let it be..

    Well, unfortunately, the good people of Salem incl. Caroline, could not stay out of it, and they messed every thing up royally…
    Maybe, Dr. Dan, having done just as bad about DNA stuff, now can get a perspective, and see that all of them, Chloe, Dr. Dan… the Baby Parker and Philip were VICTIMS of evil people in Salem…. Really, no Kidding.. it does happen, and if Dr. Dan did love Chloe as much as he claimed he did at the time.. that love could still be there, and they do have a baby…

    Sorry Jennifer, but I think that the boat with Dr. Dan has sailed, the two of you, just don’t have the same chemistry anymore, ….it is to forced now, at least IMO.

    Bring in a new Man for Jenn, and I mean Brand New, no baggage…

  36. From SandyGram

    #34 OOPs
    The Sneak Peak Video is for Monday 12-31-2012 !!!

  37. From gerri

    You Explained everything perfectly,re-giving the penquin,to Sydney,and the answers to Sami’s questions.She was rattled so this shows me she Is still very much Interested in him,I think she just needs to quit leading either one on,slow down,and as Leah said,be manless” for awhile(now that would be very interesting)

  38. From Clear

    I believe that Nick’s ultimate goal now is power to make up for his previous helplessness as a convicted felon. My hopes for his redemption are now dim. Will needs to tell the Nabis, who ate becoming the mot obnoxious couple on Days that he is going to recognize Gabi’s child as his– not that I’m sure it will be good for the child. The child will deserve to know who his father is, and so do its grandparents!

    If the Nabis had a clue, everything could be amicable! It will come out I’m sure.

    Has Chloe somehow discovered Parker is Daniel’s child, and is that why she is returning?

  39. From Maryl

    SandyGram–Rafe could have simply stated that he did see EJ, the kids and her having a private family moment and he didn’t want to interfere. He could have told her he wanted to give her some space since it’s Christmas so the kids could have more time with their mother and father. Instead Rafe showed his anger and impatience and his reasons for his absence was all about how he felt. “I looked so hard for the penguin”, I was so upset to see you with EJ”. Sounded like he was laying another guilt trip on Sami.

  40. From Kat

    Peak Video for 12/31…
    John, it takes a real gluten for punishment, to stay in the room,,, after you walked in on your Grown Adult son…. in the middle of Sex…
    turn around, walk out and then talk to your son, after they are dressed,
    and not in the middle of IT ….

    As bad as Marlena, when she walked in, she could not take her eyes of the Sex involved couple… LOL,,,, sick… IMO
    Brady is as much an adult as John is, nobody should walk in like that, but it happens, but then have the good sense to walk out, and wait a while….
    John was with Kristin almost 3o years ago, walk away, Brady will find out soon enough, just what a sick puppy Kristin really is…
    He is not a child anymore…

  41. From Clear

    I believe John was flattered by Kristen’s attention, stupid man! What happened to the powerful and discerning SuperJohn. Finding out Kristen ex wife is into his son literally would perhaps make him a bit crazy! It’s Kristen who deserves the beat down, so I was very pleased that she got b&$@h slapped though I hope no witnesses will cause Marlena trouble.

    I have to say I admire the actress playing Kristen, she looks great and makes me laugh while she is being rotten!

  42. From Shani

    gerri I have to tell you how great your olive/nut cracker spread went over at our Christmas & I will be busy sending the recipe to everyone who asked for it. (There were 16 of us here Christmas Day.) & my husband, who is a big meal – meat & potatoes guy, not much for appetizers, couldn’t get enough of it. Thanks so much for posting your recipe!!

    Great posts, too, by you, Linda, patty, Blaze, & Sandygram, & I see things the same way. I agreed with everything Rafe said to Sami, answering HER question, & I was cheering him on. He wants a straightforward honest go ahead with Sami, not the kind of “game” EJ is playing, or any game Sami might be playing with the 2 men.

    Rafe loves Sami & their love story came about in a natural way when she was in witness protection with him. He made ONE mistake down the line & that was his infatuation with Carrie, which was on the rebound from Sami, because Sami was pushing him away & he didn’t know why, just that it appeared Sami had lost interest in him. Then when the truth came out about Sami’s sex with EJ, it made matters worse. Other than that, Rafe has had no other woman in his life romantically but Sami since he’s been on the show. Compare that to ALL the mistakes EJ has made with Sami, the terrible things he has done to her & her family, & all the other women EJ has had. Rafe is solid for Sami all the way but he’s not a pushover, either, & isn’t going to indulge in her back & forth between him & EJ. I would be fine if Rafe & Sami aren’t together because she has hurt him so much already.

    What a moment when Marlena slapped Kristen across the face! Great job! Guess John will see now that Marlena has Kristen pegged just right. Gabi was awful to Will & Nick is creepier by the day. Maybe neither of them should be raising this baby. Maybe a custody storyline would be interesting between Gabi & Nick vs. Will & Sonny!

    Jennifer has been looking pretty the past few days, & Kate has been looking better & more suited to her age, IMO. HAPPY 2013 everybody!!

  43. From bobby

    Kat # 34 I can’t see Dr.Dan going back to Chloe. She was a jealous skitzo and listened to Vivian instead of Dr. Dan and jumped in bed with Phillip. Would you want her back? #40 If you walked in on your daughter having sex with your ex-fiance, I think shock would paralyze you on the spot. Then-the explosion in your head. How many people has Kristen seen laying on her back and looking over Brady’s shoulder? Girl has an open-door policy. Another self serving Dimera.

  44. From Shani

    P.S. two things – I didn’t have a problem with John walking in on Kristen & Brady because it was Brady’s office & how could John have expected what he found. If he had just walked in the hotel room, like Marlena did, or walked in a bedroom that would be different. As for John staying too long, I agree with 43 bobby that he was probably in shock.

    The other thing is, I thought Days shows leading up to & including Christmas Eve & Christmas Day were just great! I didn’t watch Christmas Eve & Christmas Day until the 26th but I teared-up several times throughout.

  45. From SandyGram

    #42 Shani, #43 bobby, #44 Shani

    Great insight and said so well!

  46. From patty

    Will is the one that stops Gabi from spilling everything to Father Eric about the baby’s paternity. He sends her a text telling her he was wrong and she is right , they have to do what is best for the baby. He has missed his window of opportunity to tell the truth about his own child so now the ball is in his court. Gabi and Nick are going to run with this and Will is letting them. Big mistake Will!
    Loved seeing Kristen getting her face slapped , go Marlena! John got what he deserved walking in on that scuzzy scene. Who’s the crazy one now?
    I can’t wait for NYE to see Sami turn green when she sees Nicole with Rafe. Good posts SandyGram, gerri, Linda, Shani, Blaze and bobby. I agree with it all. Rafe deserves better than Sami and her games or to have to compete with the likes of Elvis Demira, the man who has tried to ruin their lives over and over.

  47. From Kat

    I did not say, I had a problem with John walking into the room, the door was wide open,
    I talked about him staying, watching them get off the desk,
    trying to get dressed, etc.
    that, I thought was real hockey…
    Just how long did his shock last,
    he could have walked out, after he saw what he saw, let them get dressed … LOL, and then come back in.
    It was sick to watch him, watching them, but that is just my opinion…
    bobby, I don’t recall Chloe being skitzo, until after all the horrible things had happened.
    I wish Kate would remember, that Chloe did save Her Life….and as thank you, Kate tried to kill her.
    Chloe is no worse than Nicole, but all the good will seems to go towards Nicole.

  48. From gerri

    Guess 1st post didn’t come through,sometimes these captchas,are confusing.
    anyway,glad olive nut spread was a hit.same here everyone loved It.

    I’m ready for EJ and Sami,to get together for what I Think,will be a short lived reunion,because she Isn’t very stable in relationships,I hope writers will find someone who can make Rafe Happy,(maybe Nicole)then we will get to see If Sami Is really over him.
    Don’t know why Rafe couldn’t be accepted as a father figure,to her children,It was very apparent,that,they loved him.If EJ and Sami,need to be together for the children,what about her other 2 that she had with Lucas,same reason should apply here.

    anyway,time to end this back and forth,put her with EJ,they deserve each other,then what a S/L to wait for,down the road,when It all blows up.just please Rafe leave her alone and move on,and show her what” Happy” can look like.
    Jenn is certainly looking much better,these days,as well as Kate.

    and what’s the deal with this Anne from the hospital?maybe a new S/L is unfolding,as she seems to dislike Jenn very much,and what’s the reason?

    Patty,all your posts are good,as well as all in our little group…
    who like Rafe and dislike EJ,and the Dimeras.Are you all getting lot’s of snow up there in Canada?
    we had tornados all around Christmas day,nearest one here only an F1,was about 8 miles,some damage,but allthe others(7)were F2′s.most damage In Mobile….

  49. From SandyGram

    I was just reading on Spoilers on Friday Jan 4 “Kristen accuses John of being jealous and John accuses her of being in love with him”. Then a while later, there is a question whether “Father Eric will be able to keep his vows”?

    If I let my imagination run a little wild, I could see both cases ending up in a EJ/Sami type sex tryst.

    - First Kristen and John’s verbal assault of love vs. jealousy leads to a few hot looks, a few chest bumps, then as the argument heats up there in each others arms. Very similar to EJ and Sami. Oh, yeah and Brady see’s the whole scene.

    - Second my vision for Father Eric would be as he is listening to a distraught Nicole, she makes some comments about how horrible her life has been and what she has lost. She might even be a little tipsy. When she becomes inconsolable he puts his arms around her, their eyes meet and the next thing we know their in a lip lock in a heat of passion.

    Neither are my favorite scenarios, but very plausible with the writing we’ve seen lately.

    You can see all the Spoilers on at:

  50. From Shani

    Kat 40 “Brady is as much an adult as John is, nobody should walk in like that, but it happens, but then have the good sense to walk out, and wait a while. . . .”

    Kat 47 The above is what I responded to. Sorry if I misunderstood but from what you wrote, I thought you were just as upset with John for walking in as you were that he didn’t turn right around and leave.

    I agree with you about Chloe.

  51. From Kat

    50 shani, no problema….
    I agree, they left the door wide open, so anybody could have walked in….Victor, John….
    it’s the hanging around and getting more than 3 eyes full, that is what got me….
    Well at least, we are having some stuff going on, like it or not, there is some thing for every body,
    it’s not written for just “One Side or little group”.
    That includes EJ fans… just the same… We all have our ups and downs.

    Richard, hope you had a good holiday,
    and that you are well.
    Little visits here and there would be nice.
    I really think, that something is wrong with GrandMa Judy…
    She would never just disappear like that, and let all of us think the worst…

    Kass, hope you Baby and family are fine. Sure must keep you busy.
    TerriK, Happy New Year and the same to all of you, past and present.
    Big Family dinner here today,
    all under control now, just waiting for the Family to arrive.

  52. From patty

    Thanks gerri! Wow, tornados on Christmas, never seen that before. Hope all are safe. We’ve had a major snow storm yesterday and expecting another one tomorrow so yes, we’ll be up to our necks in the white stuff soon enough.
    SandyGram, thanks for the spoilers. Interesting storylines coming up. I’m all for the Nicole and Eric scenario but I hope the one about John and Kristen never happens. That would be just too icky and that would mean that the witch would have accomplished her goal.
    I’m surprised that the Rafe/Sami/EJ triangle just keeps going on since Rafe has told Sami he’s done with the games. I suppose Sami will just keep dragging him into her drama as usual. The poor guy can’t get a break.
    As for the secret of the paternity, I think Sami will be the one to find out with all her snooping around. I also think Kristen’s actions will drive a wedge between Sami and EJ. I believe Kristen is out to destroy the whole family, maybe even her own, not just Marlena and John.

  53. From gerri

    Fact Is ,we are seperated in our little groups,those who like Rafe,and those who like EJ,perfectly normal as I see It.
    Sure didn’t mean to offend anyone with those words.
    Hope all had good family and friend visits during Christmas,I did.and hope 2013 is great for everyone……sure do worry tho,what’s ahead for America…

    would love to hear from GrandMa Judy also.

  54. From Kat

    gerri, nobody was offended, IMO.
    We should be at a point among us pro/against EJ and Rafe fans,
    that we know, nobody is trying to offend anybody.
    It’s overdue,
    we can correct each other, but we are adults and should be able to handle that….
    So tired of always feeling “WE” are walking on eggs.
    It’s about a stupid Soap, and none of us agree all the time, and never will….

  55. From gm

    Please, please don’t keep repeating old, old story lines like the one now with Kristin! It’s so boring!!!

  56. From gerri

    agree,as I think If we all thought alike,would be very boring,with nothing to discuss.

  57. From Shani

    gerri, you are right. We have groups or cliques on here, one for EJ & one for Rafe. Funny that we all seem to pretty much agree about everything and everyone else on the show. Or if we don’t, we aren’t nearly as passionate about it as the EJ/Rafe comparisons.

  58. From bobby

    #47 kat-Vivian had Chloe convinced Carly and Dr. Dan were having an affair, and then Vivian talked Chole into shoving Carly down the elevator shaft and ended up falling down there herself because she couldn’t go through with it. sounds a little crazy to me. Wonder what will happen between Nichole and Chloe when she returns . When she left, they were best friends. It might get a little uncomfortable when Chloe finds out about Nichole and Dan. 2013 is looking up.

  59. From WI Girl

    Loving most of Days right now. I am so over the Sami love triangles and quadrangles. I am not an EJami fan but for pete sakes just pull the trigger already.

    All though I see a Nicole/ Eric vows VS woman S/L coming I would actually like to see Nicole with Rafe. Rafe needs to move on, Sami will only hurt him.

    Although I am a Lumi fan I do not see them ever revisiting that so I have to enjoy them as friends and watch youtube for my Lumi fix. I do hope they bring someone new in for Lucas. I love Bryan Dattilo and would like to see him get a good S/L for once. A S/L that does not involve him with any of his brothers left overs.

    I am really enjoying Will & Sonny. I sure hope that Sonny does not leave him once he finds out that Will is Gabi’s baby daddy. I hope he sticks by him. I know it will create a rift at first but I am really hoping in the end Sonny and Will remain together.

    All I’m going to say about Kristen and Brady is eeewwww!

    Can’t wait for next week and the new year!

  60. From patty

    On the week of January 7th, Hope interupts a loving moment between Sami and Rafe. That episode is called “Making Love”. Has Sami made a choice finally or is she still playing her games? Who am I kidding, this triangle is never going to end. Whoever Sami is with, it doesn’t seem right because it feels like she is cheating. Kate was right, Sami doesn’t really know how to love. Both men would be better off without her . Neither one will ever be able to trust her.

  61. From Clear

    I like Safe and Ejami scenes because both men are awesome! My favorite character is Sami though and I love to see her fireworks. At least no one is trying to kill them at present? Peace for the holidays?

    I think Brady needs a therapist! What stamina he has too. How many times a day is he jumping into bed. Nicole might be one who could get him to take a look at what is really important. She certainly knows him best, his bedroom habits, and his addictions.

    I see spoilers say John and Brady fight. I will not like that. Good guys fighting each other is a real downer.

  62. From Kat

    55 gerri, exactly, it would be so boring, we need little fire works and spice, as long as it is on a friendly basis and not personal.
    We all know, just how redic. some of the characters and SL’s are,
    that’s why we are watching so we can gripe and complain, like/not like.
    Looking forward to the fire works between John and Brady. That Kristin sure stirring things up.Don’t think EJ will like her revenge agendas once he finds out what she is doing and how she Does Not honor Lexie
    and the gift he gave her…

  63. From Leah

    #48 Gerri I have to say I would NEVER have had an issue with Rafe step parenting Ejami children IF… If Rafe hadn’t spent so much time and energy trying to keep EJ from knowing his children (the whole Grace storyline and the latter one of Nicoles pregnancy). I don’t think or care what Rafes personal opinions or views of EJ are EJs kids are exactly that EJs. Rafe should have kept his nose right out of it. And what really cheesed me off was there was never any apology or sign of Rafe ever being sorry for his part in both storylines. He didn’t learn a thing or think what he did was wrong. A reason he was so quick to jump to Nicoles aid. One thing I’ve always liked about Lucas and EJs relationship. They kept the kids out of it and respected each others roles in their kids lives.
    #52 Patty… You and I do actually agree for once :) I too think Kristens actions with Brady is going to affect Ejamis relationship in some way shape and form.
    #58 WI Girl… I too think Rafe and Nicole have a spark. I think Nicole would certainly be a much better match for him (cos shes that bit younger) than what has been rumoured Hope. Rafe/Hope seems a bit strange. I suppose it will be interesting to see how it all plays out.
    My thoughts for today… William needs to step up and be a man. Stop worrying about Sonny and everyone and claim his unborn child. Secondly young William needs to get a job. If he doesn’t wanna work for EJ or Sami then Grandma Kate would be a good place to start. Being a dad biologically is easy, parenting is another thing. Financially William is going to have to be able to support his child etc. So William get out your resume and get busy!

  64. From Leah

    PS: To be honest after all this EJ/Sami/Rafe triangle business… I WOULD LOVE EJ AND RAFE TO TAKE CHARGE. Tell Sami they are over her and her games (and both mean it) and leave her. Leave her to herself and her own devices for a while. Give her that “ME” time and let her get herself well and truly sorted out. I would love to see Sami clear head and then her do the chasing and pursuing instead of the men. With them ALL (Lucas, EJ, Rafe) continually serving themselves up and available to her no wonder she just sits there in a daze enjoying it. Rafe was right she is putting herself there and seems happy to wanna stay there for a while. I agree with another poster a few more single females in that age range need to be added to Days.
    A side track… wonder how Chloe is going to handle her ex sleeping with her best friend and having a relationship? What are Dr Dan and Nicole gonna say when she questions them?

  65. From SandyGram

    #62 Leah
    There has been over a period of time, several mentions of Rafe never apologizing to EJ for helping Sami and Nicole conceal EJ was the father of one of their children. Maybe you can help me remember when EJ ever apologized to Rafe for all the horrible things he or Stefano ever did to him and or to his family at the time when he was married to Sami. If I remember correctly, Rafe came to both Sami and Nicole’s aide after being told they feared their baby being exposed to EJ and the DiMera family, especially when both Sami and Nikki were threatened by EJ that he would take full custody of the child. That’s not to say what Rafe did was right, but it was the way it was written.

    Of course this is an age old discussion that will probably never be resolved to the fan’s satisfaction.

  66. From Leah

    That was NOT my point SandyGram. I’m not talking about EJ, I’m talking about Rafe. HIS actions, HIS part, HIS responsibilities, HIS accountability. And yes I DO view Rafe differently to EJ. Why? Because on Days Rafe is meant to represent and be the good guy. The do the “right” thing guy. The stand up guy. The guy who does what is right and true. Even though Rafe is portrayed as the good guy, there is one thing he does lack big time and that is humility. Rafe is arrogant and will never admit to any wrong doing. Even Sami herself has said to Rafe “You never think your wrong.”
    And your right SandyGram it is an age old discussion that will probably never to resolved. I find it particuarily amusing though that both Sami and Nicole (when convenient to themselves) find EJ threatening one minute and then the next they are happily giving into their passion with him. But then again that is Sami and Nicole for you… fickle!

  67. From bobby

    #65 Leah I think Rafe handles himself pretty well around e.j. after what e.j. did to him. After all, he re-invented some killing street bum to look like Rafe and then put Rafe in an institution. e.j. endangered both Sami and his kids with this guy. Not to mention the “clone” ended up killing Nichole’s mother. So, I can’t understand why anyone (including Sami and Nichole) would want anything to do someone capable of doing that. And that’s just one of the cruel things he’s done to them. Like-oh yeah, your baby drowned in the river scene.

  68. From Leah

    Again Bobby not what I’m talking about. My response in #62 was purely to Gerris statement about accepting Rafes step parent role in Ejamis childrens lives. My comments were to that and that ONLY. Not on other aspects of the show. Thats it from me on the subject. I simply don’t think I can explain it any clearer than that.

  69. From Linda

    #64 Sandygram, So many want to compare Rafe to EJ on a badness level, who is worse, so I liked your post & agree.

    bobby #65, I for one don’t see how Rafe could ever have any respect or trust for EJ. Or for that matter, respect a woman like Sami who would go back to EJ.

    I agree with Leah’s post #63, too, about Sami being on her own and both Rafe and EJ standing up to her.

    I don’t think enough respect is given to Rafe for being such a great step-father to Sami’s kids. It’s often said they are EJ’s kids, not Rafe’s. Well, if any of you have ever known a step-parent, father or mother, who was deeply involved with their step-children, as Rafe was, and the stepchildren love them so much, as Sami’s kids love Rafe, and then the marriage breaks up and the step-parent is left in limbo and has no legal rights at all with the children so is at the mercy of their ex-spouse whether or not they can have a relationship with the kids. It’s not a fun spot to be in and involves walking a fine line. I think Rafe is written very well as a step-parent, both during his marriage to Sami and now since.

  70. From Linda

    Some fans don’t seem to have a problem with Rafe being around Lucas’ child, Allie, only EJ’s children, Sydney and Johnny.

    bobby #66 is what I responded to, not #65 as I mistakenly wrote.

  71. From gerri

    SandyGram,Linda,Bobby,your posts,were well said.there are many step families out there,some don’t work out,true,but I think most kids form a bond,with their other parent.and like Linda said,If that marriage falls apart,the Step Parent,Is left out in the cold.
    Rafe was a very involved step-Father,and It shows when He is around,when Johnnie and Sydney,run to him,and hug him,all smiles and Giggles. everything Rafe did ,under the direction Of Sami as well,was to protect them

    EJ,brought all this on himself(,even Kate who warned Sami,what EJ was up to,that resulted In him being shot,was on board,thinking ahead,that the kids needed to be protected.
    so in our minds,this probably will never be resolved,so we can discuss ,go back and forth,over and over,IF Sami does Choose EJ,this will give her and EJ,a chance,to put their kids first,and allow Rafe to remain a part of their lives,and hopefully the writers will do it,for all the step-parents,and former step parents,out there.

  72. From patty

    I don’t understand why Rafe should ever have to apologize to EJ for anything, it should be the other way around. Rafe is suppose to be a good guy so he should just take what EJ dishes him and be the one to apologize? I don’t think so. EJ is the one who put everybody in harms way and made everybody’s life miserable, he should be the one begging for forgiveness to not just Rafe but to all the people he hurt , which is almost everybody in Salem. He’s the arrogant one and his little acts of kindness to impress Sami are a far cry from making him a reformed man. The guy has put his children in harm’s way just to get his revenge, there is no redemption for something like that. Sami is just being stupid to fall for it, he’s still playing her imo.

  73. From Kat

    I agree with all the loving Step parenting, etc..
    but in this soap, in Rafe’s case,
    EJ will have to take a Very Deep Breath to tolerate Rafe Around…
    the same way he took a deep breath to allow Sidney to call Nicole.
    After all, Rafe and Nicole/ and yes Sami…. did their very Best to deny EJ from ever knowing 2 of his children…(I know Grace belonged to Chad), but that is not the point…
    But EJ will again be the bigger person when it comes to the kids… (for quite a long time now), and let the kids be loved by all.
    Leah, I got your point and what you were trying to say, about the Kids,
    you were not talking about all the history that has been resolved between Sami and EJ, and that is what counts ind this Soap Opera blossoming Romance.

    Somebody a while back, brought up… how will Johnny feel some day, learning that he is a child of “Rape”..
    Maybe Uncle Mike could help him if needed, after all Mike was a child of Rape,
    the good Dr. Bill Horton, did Rape His Brother’s wife Laura, Yes Mickey’s wife.
    Turned out in soap history, Bill and Laura had a great love and later had Jennifer, conceived in love.
    Ring, ring, sounds like a Repeat SL … that now the writers are doing with Sami and EJ…
    And if any remember, Bill was pretty rough with Laura, EJ left it up to Sami,, yes, I know… Lucas’ life hung in the balance.
    We should all know by now, that all stories are Repeat, and it shows over and over, it all depends which character is involved, if some tolerate/like/or not.
    Polls show, that EJ and Sami are way up there as characters in the Soap world, and that fans understand/and enjoy all the wicked things done,
    they know it is not real.
    None of Us, would ever tolerate Soap Opera life style in real life.
    So I for one, watch it all, well some of the boring stuff I do ff, the more wicked the story the better.
    Go Kristin, put some fire works in the boring lives of Marlena and John, and let Brady become a grown man in his own rights, by his own mistakes.
    Well some of my opinions on the Life in Salem.

  74. From Linda

    EJ being the bigger person about anything, I doubt it, but we’ll see. I think EJ is playing Sami and I can more easily see him winning her over and then doing a complete turn around and becoming his same old arrogant and destructive self once again. I am open to a better EJ but I have little faith based on his past.

  75. From Mandi

    I wanted to start by saying thank you Sandygram for posting the link to the spoilers I can’t wait for new years in salem :) It sounds like to me Rafe and Nicole are up to something but EJAMI may prevail :)
    I don’t know what is up with Will I want him all cocky like he was in the summer ( I know it’s not the same writers) but I just don’t think nick and Gabi would be pushing him around so much. I for one can see where Gabi and Rafe are related they like to bully people when things do not go perfect for them. I felt sorry for Gabi when Chad went all nuts but now I really don’t like her anymore. Gabi only seems to try to get along with Will when it is convenient for her, Just like Rafe with Sami he is fine when she is acting the way he wants her to his little puppet but once she gets a mind of her own, like Will with Gabi they get all bent out of shape and start to threaten people.
    I really like Kristen too I don’t like how she will be throwing her cards in Johns face like that so early on. I was actually hoping she was going to be good when she came back but we can’t always get what we want lol. I just don’t know where her story line will go once it’s all out in the open. I really like having trouble in paradise with doc and john and I really like Sandygrams idea about John and Kristen having a little tryst we all know it’s coming.

  76. From Kat

    74 Linda,
    well I guess we all have to have Faith in all the Characters on DOOL,
    will Victor stay clean, and not go back to being a Murderer,Porn/Crime/Drug Lord, etc. trying to murder his own son Bo because of Carly, etc.
    we all better hold our breath, that Sami does not get the urge again to shoot somebody,
    and John, lord help us if he ever got a wake up call to be a Missionary again.
    Maggie could go back to being a drunk again, Brady could decide to become a Judge/Jury of his own again, and lock people up in big coffins, etc.
    or just try to beat them to death,
    and what am I forgetting, help,.

    so Linda, IMO, it applies to all the characters on DOOL, but nobody ever wants to give EJ just a NY second, why…
    because his last name is DiMera…
    Where is the pity for EJ, having been raised/groomed by a Super Villain Stefano… that started when EJ was a little boy….
    but Nicole, Sami… you name it they all get a break because of their up bringing..
    Sure, Stefano held Sami’/Eric’s Mom and Dad
    hostage for years….
    but what about, what that man did to his own son/child EJ….
    none on here, ever seem to be kind enough to give that little boy/now a man, constantly struggling between good and evil, Family honor and other brain washed crap….
    I give EJ the benefit, that He is truly trying to be a good person, but considering his up bringing,
    it is a very hard climb upwards….

    Everybody always gets a pass on their evil doings,
    because of this and that, but what about EJ..
    so one sided IMO….

  77. From Kat

    75 Mandi, by George I like what you had to say… good one,
    it’s all about an interesting agressive, all over the place SL… IMO

    Rafe and Gaby, I am starting to have my fill of them, self righteous … arrogant, all about, I am right, do it my way… or else, and never Any regret/remorse/sorrow, for anything they have ever done, and Gaby now, being almost cold hearted towards Will,
    he is as much a parent to be as she is..
    I have a feeling that Gaby will get all her dues coming, in a strange way form Nick, somehow…
    That guy is a problem waiting to happen, in a big way… Watch out people in Salem…
    He’s got a Beef, wish I knew what it was…

    Good reading/talking to every body… learn something new every day.

  78. From Leah

    Thanks Kat…. glad to see that someone could see what I was saying. I’m all for a good step parent and said I wouldn’t have had a problem with Rafe step parenting IF… IF Rafe hadn’t continually tried to keep EJ out of his childrens lives. Trying to separate a child from their parent is NOT good step parenting. Lucas has NEVER tried to do that hence why I respect Lucas more as a step parent to Ejami children than I ever will Rafe.
    Just wait til Johnnie and Sydney are old enough to find out what Rafe has done to “their” father. Some may choose to turn a blind eye to it but the truth of the matter is Rafe was lying and scheming behind EJs back way before EJ even knew Rafe existed. Rafe was the first to cast his stone in this whole Rafe vs EJ saga not vise versa. And why? It was all on Samis say so. Boy doesn’t Sami have so much pulling power with blokes. She seems to be able to get them to trade in their personal values and principals to do whatever she wants. All I can say is she much be good in the s**k! LOL

  79. From Leah

    I HATE Kristen coming between John and Brady. To be honest I find the whole Kristen sleeping with Brady just plain wrong. Kristens character is way too old for Brady. Brady needs some young old thing his age. He and Nicole were always good.
    Please end this saga/storyline quickly. John needs to wake up to himself and stop being so dumb. I don’t like this dumbed down version of John. I liked him much better in 2010… when he said what he thought and didn’t care what anyone else thought.

  80. From patty

    Leah,trying to keep a child from it’s mother is not good parenting either and that is what EJ did on plenty of occasions. Kidnapping your own child and telling the mother her child is dead, telling your son his mother doesn’t love him, putting a criminal in your children’s house….not good parenting. Just wait till Johnny and Sydney are old enough to know what their father did. What Rafe did was try to protect them and I’m sure they won’t hold that against him.
    EJ never changed his principles and values for Sami. Right now he’s playing at changing his wicked ways to win Sami but that’s not who he is, he’s a villain at heart.

  81. From Linda

    Kat #76, we can say all the will theys and could theys about all the other characters on the show but the point for me is that EJ has stayed bad. I don’t believe he has changed now, either, and think that he is playing a game to win Sami. I’m just saying I will have to have it proven to me over the long haul that he has really changed for the better.

    I also don’t subscribe to EJ being all that good of a parent like some posters say he is. Patty covers that in her post #80 and I agree with what she wrote.

    In Ken Corday’s most recent interview, which I found in The Salem Spectator, it sounds like he’s going to keep the Rafe/Sami/EJ triangle going for a while because there is such a strong fan base for both couples. Not sure I will survive more of the back and forth!

  82. From Maryl

    I don’t believe that any of us EJ fans ever proclaim him to be Rafe’s equal in badness. We know our guy excels in that department and wins that contest hands down. What we do see and understand is the reasons behind his acts–why he does what he does. Most of the time his bad acts are all about retaliation for things that have been done to him and most of the time it involves Rafe, Sami and Nicole trying to keep him from his children. Our character, being trained and nurtured by Stefano DiMera, is bound to act out the way he does–he believes he has to have revenge–that’s what has been drilled in his head. He also seems to believe that good things won’t happen for him unless he makes them happen and he has a problem with losing or not being able to have something or someone he wants. Just like Stefano, he thinks he has to manipulate and be in control. So, yes, this fan sees all these sides of EJ, but I also see the part of him that he keeps hidden–his soft side. I think the writers may now be trying to bring him around to be his own man and think for himself instead of allowing Stefano’s influence over him pull his strings like a puppeteer. Even in real life, old habits and ideas are hard to break, so one can imagine that EJ would have a very hard time cutting himself loose from Stefano’s philosophies. EJ has to be able to see through all the bad stuff Stefano has drilled in his head. Tony and Lexie were able to do this–I hope EJ and Chad can rise above it also. Heck, I even wish Stefano would soften up a bit like that other old crime lord–Victor! Victor even tried to kill his own son (Bo) over a woman!That’s pretty bad, however, now Saintly Maggie has taken him under her wing and all is holy and forgiven where Victor is concerned. So change and redemption of a soap character always has been and always will be possible.

    As far as EJ apologizing to Rafe–can’t picture that happening, nor can I picture Rafe apologizing to EJ. None of that is necessary between those two.IMO. EJ has apologized and shown remorse to the one he should–Sami. On every occasion that he has hurt or wronged her, he took responsibility for his actions. Even gave her full custody of the children because he didn’t think he was a good influence on them after the robo Rafe “comedy”. That was actually the only time Rafe didn’t bore me to tears! He played the part well. EJ has also apologized to Nicole and tried hard to make things right with her.

  83. From gerri

    Good posts.
    I know the writers,have to keep some” bad people”on days to keep it interesting,but with EJ enough already,after he became a parent,It was time to change his evil ways,as one said earlier,he is this way,because that’s the way he was parented,Are Johnnie and Sydney,going to get the same pass,when they grow up,and adopt,the DiMera traits?
    He plays with them on occasion,and maybe reads them a book,now and then,This pretty much sums up his good parenting skills,as far I see it.His Time is spent,playing his games,trying to win Sami back.

    And as Patty sad,to tell your child,his mother doesn’t love him,while he’s recovering from
    surgery,how much cruelier can there be?and she has to invent a code,and sneak into the DiMera,house to tell him,that indeed she does love him(don’t know how she could forget this,along with so many other
    hurtful things he’s done)she has apparently lost her memory,or at least she has selective memory.
    as I think in her case,with EJ her attraction,is purely a Physical one.
    But again,maybe The writers will do a complete make-over,wth him and put them together,and he can be ,what some of Day’s fans want,a decent person,that dosen’t have to scheme,and play games(yes he is good at that)and he’ll have a chance to be a Step-Father to Allie and Will,and soon a “Step-Grandfather”And Rafe can have a fresh start,with someone else(I’m hoping that It Is Nicole)and they can have a family somehow…
    and If Nicole and EJ’s child is alive, then’ he will still have a chance to be a stepfather to one of EJ’S children(how strange would that be?)

    But I think this triangle S/L will continue on and on,because this is the one most fans are passionate about.

  84. From Linda

    Marly #82, I don’t know about comparing Rafe’s badness to EJ’s and making them exactly equal but it is very often the case that when something is said about things EJ has done, several of the fans then post with a “yeah but look what Rafe has done” attitude. No comparison whatsoever, IMO, and bad behavior really can’t be excused by pointing out other bad behavior. For me, when EJ has pulled one of his terrible deeds, I really don’t care why he’s done it. The deed being so awful in itself is what I’m looking at. If he ever truly tries to redeem himself, then I might look at why he turned out like he did.

    gerri #83, backatcha with yours being another good post!

  85. From Kat

    82 Maryl, it seems like you are the “only” one, that really understood what I was trying to say.
    Prob. the rest don’t even read my post, that’s just fine by me,
    because other wise they could be just a wee bit more tolerant towards EJ…
    the way they are to every other character that has done terrible things.
    I guess the name DiMera means instant Guilty for Life.
    Lexie and Chad were not raised by Stefano, no influence there,
    but EJ was groomed totally by Stefano.

    Maryl, I see it the same way.
    Nicole still gets all free passes, for attemted murder, kidnapping, etc. etc. etc. because of Her “Father”.
    Yes she did “time” minimal and then through blackmail, she got sprung..

    As far as good parenting goes, LOL,
    Where does Lucas live….
    have never seen him have his kids over, or read to Ally, all the good parenting stuff, but where are the critics, no where to be found, ooops, forgot, his name is Horton and not DiMera.
    Lucas Horton has his own bag full of terrible things he has done in his life..
    but who cares, pass…
    Maybe there is a fine line toward EJ between “Dis like” and “Like”.

    EJ is so good at what he does, he is mostly
    No. ONE so many times,
    and most of All, on here, this blog,
    that’s All that’s talked about… EJ, EJ,EJ,
    he must be doing something right.
    He is the star, not Rafe, EJ is, the majority of Fans out in Soapland Rules…

    All of you, have a great New Year’s eve,
    drive careful if going out,
    and most of all, Let’s All have a Great, Wonderful, Happy, Healthy and Wealthy NEW YEAR.

    Admin… Happy New Year to All of You.
    We will try to be Good, but never know, what
    gets us “hot” again…LOL

    And always remember, We are talking about fictional characters, a Soap,
    so when you feel you might not like a certain blogger’s OPINION, just remember, that blogger might not like your Opinion either.
    It’s not Personal, and never should be.
    We’ve had to much of that in the Past, and that’s when trouble begins.

    I think I am done for this Year,
    but then again, you never know. Might see something on the show, or read something on here,
    and then feel compelled to put my 2 cents in,
    You guys know how that feels, don’t you… LOL

  86. From patty

    I agree Linda and gerri! As much as EJ fans would like to blame Rafe , Stephano or somebody else for all EJ’s bad deeds, I just don’t buy it. Stealing pension funds and framing John was all EJ’s doing, playing dirty politics to become mayor so his children would be proud, all EJ’s idea.
    That is not counting what he did to Nicole, cheating on her twice, making her wear a tracking device, kicking her out with the baby when he thought the child wasn’t his, wrapping his hands around her throat and threatening her. It had nothing to do with Rafe or Stephano, EJ’s responsible for his own actions.

  87. From Shani

    EJ’s last name could be Smith and I would still feel the same way about him!

    The best to all in 2013!!

  88. From Lisa/St. Louis

    IMO…EJ and Sami will never have a “true love” relationship. They will never stay together for the long haul. They only sleep together under extreme circumstances. The first time was a gun to her head and to save Lucas’s life. Then there was the “Death” of Johnny, AGAIN because of EJ. I do not believe EJ saw that one coming, but it was icing on the cake for him as he stole the money and framed John and the shooter was after John. Even if they do get back together, one or both will always be lying, cheating, or scheming behind the others back and that will always break them up.

    I also think Nick is just as crazy as ever. He has been acting very strangely lately, and some Salemite’s are starting to see it. The way he was talking to Kate was just rude and insulting. Can’t wait to see how that plays out.

  89. From TOM SCOTT

    My mother and aunt have watched this show for years, but now hardly ever. They said that seeing the young boys kissing each other turned them off.

  90. From gerri

    Shani.good one last name has absolutely nothing to do with one’s actions.only the person comitting them bears that responsibilty,and should be held accountable at some point,but that wouldn’t be no fun,in Salem,would it?so we wait maybe one day,the ball will drop,and land where It should.

    Patty,always good posts.

  91. From Kat

    Well after watching today,
    I am ready, let the games begin.Hope the writers will not disappoint us and the story about Brady/Kristin/John and Marlena will be all it could be.
    87 Shani, cute, good one, well we all know where we stand about EJ.
    I hope EJ will continue to get good Sl’s, I like him good/bad and in between, with Sami or without.
    The character is a keeper, he holds up the show, but thank God, I could never see him as a SMITH,
    to boring, now Rafe, boring Rafe, he could be a Smith, a dime a dozen…
    Now Shani,hope you get it, I am just tossing the ball back into your court.
    88 Lisa, you forgot the night of total love between EJ and Sami, when Sidney was conceived…
    Seems out of all Sami’s children, only Ally and Sidney were children of Love.
    Will wasn’t, whatever their reason to sleep together, it was not out love,
    Ally, I would say yes, Sami was with Lucas then.
    EJ only knows Kristin for a few weeks, so she looks familiar, like his Mother,
    but I bet, somebody will find a reason to blame EJ .. “Smith” for that debacle too. LOL.

    Hope Rafe boring “Smith” will get a better SL in the New Year, and maybe his name then can slowly change into a more exciting name .. like Hernandez. Joy to All, am having so much fun, hope that goes for everybody..

  92. From alissa

    I think that Sami an EJ can be the next super power couple it can lead into a long lasting story line they both have done so many bad things an a few good but that’s what keeps them interesting the things they could do together the Rafe thing is so boring!!!

  93. From di

    Ok…got a quesion for you all…why on earth would anyone WANT EJ to become a good guy? He’s the bad guy we all love to love/hate. If they turned him into a “good” person and had him live happily ever after with Sammy, and everyone else all hooked up with their true loves, living happily ever after the show would be entirely boring and none of us would watch it. We watch it for the drama. At leat I know I do. The one thing I could do without are the makeout/bed scenes with Will and Sonny. Don’t get wrong, I have no problem with them being gay, but I don’t need to see it. Nor do I need to see Kristen and Brady in bed…I have an imagination and some things are better left to that.
    That said….Happy New Year everyone!!

  94. From Kat

    Just saw the best/worst 10 couple of 2012,
    As far as DOOL..

    WORST.. NO. 4… Dr.Dan and Jennifer

    BEST ..NO. 4… EJ and Will
    NO. 8… Brady and Kristin.

    I read, that EJ played his role with Will so great, somebody should get him a Fruit Basket…

    and it was said in a Good Way. EJ knocked it out of the Ball Park, with potrayal.
    People to like Great entertainment,
    and EJ, Will, Brady and Kristin are giving it to us.
    Nobody, well maybe some, like Dan and Jenn, but that is like watching Dead Fish in the Pond.
    Dan did better with Nicole..
    Chloe should how up this week, maybe she found out that Dr. Dan is Parker’s father,
    and maybe Chloe has a great Career ahead of her,
    and she would like to leave the Boy with his real Father.
    That could work for me.
    Dan and Jenn need something, maybe she would be a better mother to JJ, the invisible little boy she left behind in London at about one year older than Ciara.. Yes Writers, we remember…

    90 gerri, I agree with you, maybe some day the ball will drop on just about Everybody in Salem, for all the crimes/evil they have done. But then again, God loves a Sinner,
    so EJ, Stefano, Victor, Sami, Brady, Kristin,
    etc. they should all be in front of the line,
    In fictional Salem Heaven, LOL

    Got to get ready soon, for a Night out with Family and Friends…

  95. From gerri

    agree that after today’s show,things look like some other good S/L’S are starting to fire up,really hope so.
    even tho we are more focused,on EJ/Sami/Rafe triangle,we need to see other S/L’s come together.
    sure do hope BO returns,if he doesn’t the writers will have to drum up a mate for Hope.who????

    Gabi/Nick/Will,baby S/L needs to get resolved sooner than later,Nick’s a little crazy,and I think Will does get smarter,and sees the light,and hopefully decides to come clean,and tell the truth.,regardless of what he promised Gabi.

    I think A S/L will develop,with Jenn and that Anne the Hospital worker,a mystery here,don’t know what It might be,but don’t think writers just threw those little tidbits out there with no meaning.

    Oh well we’ll all keep watching,and pulling for our favs,some we will win,some we won’t,but it will keep us addicted.

    In a few hours,we will celebrate,this past year,and will ring In a new Hope we all have a “”Happy and Healthy”" 2013..

  96. From Kat

    93 gerri, very well said Lady..

    You got a point about Anne the Hospital worker…
    Nick, what a puzzle he is, think that maybe the writers sort of have their fingers in the air…
    see what might work. Yes, we all have our favorite characters,
    long live Rafe and EJ Smith, LOL,
    plenty of Hunk for everybody….

  97. From patty

    About to step out to ring in 2013 so wishing all a healthy and Happy New Year!

  98. From Maryl

    There’s a saying that when people choose to label someone who has done terrible deeds, it’s because hatred is so much easier to feel and express than to try to understand what the labeled person might actually be going through–I think this sure fits our fictional character, the labeled EJ DiMera.

    I personally never saw Rafe as being bad as EJ. But he most definitely is flawed and not as perfect as he seems to think he is. For one, he has a weakness problem with upholding the law–he frequently bends it to his satisfaction–he has the ability to deceive and it comes much too easily for him. He showed us a side of himself that revealed his ability to be unfaithful. Would also be nice if he could let go of his arrogance and self-righteous attitude. I don’t hate Rafe and I certainly won’t label him as being bad, but I will say he irritates the heck out of me! Ha!

    Today’s my birthday, but I’m not going out to party tonight–will spend a quite evening with my husband.
    Happy New Year everyone! Special wishes to my good blog buddies Kat, MAB, and Leah. Hope we can hold down the fort for EJ during 2013!!

  99. From Linda

    Maryl #96, I think you assume an awful lot about other posters who simply recognize the bad deeds EJ has done and are waiting to see how he will lead the rest of his life. In my case, hatred has nothing to do with it and I doubt it does with any of the other fans who see EJ for who he is, or at least for who he has been since being on the show. As for Rafe, I don’t find him arrogant or self righteous and although he has bent the law, he had had good reasons to do it IMO and none of them have been self-serving. As far as I’m concerned, he also had good reason for his infatuation with Carrie, on the rebound from Sami who was pushing him away and he had no clue why. He and Carrie never went “all the way” so I didn’t consider it being unfaithful in the full sense of it. I felt Rafe always loved Sami but lost his way when she seemed to have lost interest in him, when she was actually feeling terribly guilty over being unfaithful to him.

    My husband and I went out for an early dinner with another couple and now are in for the night. Happy New Year and good health to all!

  100. From SandyGram

    #88 Lisa/St. Louis
    Sami slept with EJ one more time, the night Sydney was conceived May 21, 2008. Many fans believe that was a night of true love between them; BUT for me Sami was only in the house to begin with because the DiMera’s would only end the DiMera/Brady feud if she divorced Lucas and married EJ. It was this wedding Sami wore a black wedding dress and EJ was shot in the back and Lucas went to prison for the shooting. While living at the DiMansion EJ acted as Nicole’s lawyer which infuriated Sami and Lucas had told Sami they wouldn’t make it as a couple. Feeling dejected, the jealousy for Nicole, Sami and EJ spent that evening (5/21) talking about all the woos of their lives and ended up having sex. Lucas was also let out of prison that very night and was paroled to live at the DiMansion, which we all know he walked in on Sami and EJ. Sami immediately jumped out of bed and ran after Lucas with words of only love for Lucas. Sami may have had sex with EJ, but the night Sydney was conceived Sami was in love with Lucas!! As she was in love with Lucas the night Johnny was conceived. Just a few thoughts!!

  101. From Linda

    #98, Very good, Sandygram, very good!

  102. From Sue

    The only good thing that has been on Days is when Marlena slapped the slut, Kristin.

  103. From grandma to many

    my memory has become a little fuzzy with age and 12 great grandchildren but I seem to remember when EJ Wells came to town this was some one new and exciting a race car driver who was raised in England hence the accent but we found out later that The Gloved Hand was indeed a very scary person with chaos on their mind who intended to wreak havoc on the people of Salem and EJ by his own admission was there to impregnate a Brady and he decided that it should indeed be the fair Samanther it’s been a long time but I don’t think of this as a love story for the agesdoes he love Sami ? or just want to posess her ? I guess we all have our own way of seeing things Happy New Year

  104. From Maryl

    Linda–I’m not assuming anything about any of the posters here–just simply repeating a quote I read some time ago regarding the subject of labeling human beings. If the shoe doesn’t fit then it
    needn’t be worn.

    Rafe’s actions have to be justified? So does that mean he acts “out of the box” once in a while? No, surely not Rafe!

  105. From Maryl

    SandyGram–nothing would have gotten Sami in that bed with EJ the night Sydney was conceived other than her wanting to be there. That’s the grey area we run into where EJ and Sami are concerned–there is and always has been that “pull” towards EJ hidden within Sami’s heart–just as she admitted to Caroline a few days ago. She herself knows it is there.

  106. From SandyGram

    Five best Sami moments in 2012 by Ali Sweeney, Posted on November 13, 2012:

    When Bryan Dattilo (Lucas) returned to Days: Sami’s old flame Lucas returned to the show. Of course that added another complication to Sami’s love life!

    When Stefano named Sami the new CEO of CW: Sami gloated about her title initially, but then EJ reminded her that Stefano only promoted her to get to Kate. (Now things at CW are even more complicated with Kristen as Sami’s new boss).

    When Sami and Lucas kissed: Sami and Lucas rekindled their romance in April, but with EJ and Rafe in the picture, their romance was destined for trouble.

    When Rafe arrested Sami: Sami made bail quickly, but the incident rekindled Rafe’s feelings for Sami. Things got heated between Sami and Rafe… until she learned Rafe’s secret a few weeks ago!

    Sami Believed in EJ’s Innocence: I can’t believe I left this one out! When Sami helped EJ prove his innocence from Stefano’s murder, they became closer and there were definitely some steamy moments… I know all you EJami fans enjoyed that!

    From Alison Sweeney Website:

  107. From SandyGram

    #108 Maryl
    Just clarifying to Lisa/St Louis, Post #88, that there were more than 2 occasions Sami and EJ had sex. And the 3 times they have come together there have been extenuating circumstance of a manipulating kind that got them to the point of having sex, from my view point that is.

    I have seen a change in EJ over the past several weeks. In fact I’ve mention this is the EJ I like. I try hard to view EJ, as I do all the characters, with what I see on the screen now. Although for me, EJ still has that element of skillful orchestrating of people and things around Sami for his benefit. With the assistance/guidance of Kristen of course that has influenced his actions up to now. I do feel though shortly sisters actions will hurt EEEj’s plan and he will be cutting her loose. The writers haven’t quite given Sami free will just yet and that may not be coming as soon as we would like since they still have her torn between the men in her life. And let’s not forget the masterful Stefano is in the wings waiting to return.

  108. From Leah

    Corday is a complete fool if he thinks keeping this EJ/Sami/Rafe triangle going is what Days fans want. He obviously doesn’t do any kind of research to back up his delusions. If he did a bit of digging around he wouldn’t have too far to search to see people are sick and tired of it. They want Sami to make a decision and then get on with it. No wonder Days struggles against the biggest soaps when their executive producer doesn’t have a clue. He is really killing this show and hanging it out to dry. Just the other day the results from a well known soap site came out with viewers voting on various subjects to do with soaps. Corday LISTEN to this… WORSE triangle pairings in a Soap 1st place: B&Bs Steffy/Liam/Hope and 2nd place went to DOOLs: EJ/Sami/Rafe. Ha, ha, ha. I know if Corday and co continue this saga for too much longer I’m gunna tune out for a bit. In Grandma Carolines own words to Sami “You have been going back and forth between these two men for a long time.” And I say ditto to that!
    It’s interesting as I look through other soap sites to see what they are discussing. Everyone is spectulating what the “BIG TWIST” is going to be in the EJ/Sami/Rafe saga. Some are suggesting Safe will make love after New Year and that Sami is going to be pregnant. Others are suggesting whoever Sami eventually chooses she will get pregnant by the other one. I don’t know what they are basing this upon as I haven’t heard any of these spoilers or rumours what about you? Is it even possible for Sami to get pregnant after her cancer scare? All I can say is shoot me now IF there is another unplanned pregnancy story. Days have well and truly OVERPLAYED that one.

  109. From Leah

    I have nothing to say to those fans who love Rafe. Thats who they like and their call. I’m happy they love him and root for him and respect that (just as I would hope they would be for us EJ fans). BUT THE THING I DON’T GET AND NEVER WILL IS…. If Rafe is so fantastic, good, truthful and wonderful why oh why would you then root for Safe? It really has me puzzled. I would have thought you would have wanted Rafe with someone better suited to him, his personality, principals and values. Sami is certainly not that girl and never will be. Only reason Safe survived for the time that it did was because Rafe compromised himself and his career by choosing to help Sami. If at any stage Rafe had stood up to Sami and all her games, lies and schemes it would have been all over red rover. Rafe (the good) should have been rubbing off on Sami not the vise versa. And Safe fans cannot sit there and say Sami has changed. Simply her actions have showed us she has not. Safe fans cannot conveniently have amnesia when it comes to Samis deeds and not EJs.
    As an Ejami fan I see them as two peas in a pod, two of a kind. They’ve both done despictable things to EACH OTHER thats why I believe they belong together. That’s why I’m puzzled because Safe are a complete mismatch so why cheer for them? Is it simply because Rafe is your man, and whoever Rafe wants you will cheer for? If Rafe falls completely and utterly in love with someone else will you then cheer for them? Please understand I’m not having a go at anyone I’m simply trying to understand. You go for Safe cos you like them? Or Rafe? Or you’ll go for whoever Rafe loves and wants?

  110. From Leah

    #96 :) Thanks Maryl and same back to you!

  111. From bobby

    Just a quick break from Sami/and every man in town. I got such a chuckle out of Kate yesterday. She finally got rid of that purple extension, started looking very classy, and then did you see her stockings? She’s not going down without a fight. She will forever look young. Even when she becomes a great-grandmother.

  112. From Linda

    For me, #106 Leah, and I think for most of the other Rafe fans, we love Rafe and I have read on here many times that Rafe fans think he is too good for Sami and that at this point she has hurt him enough. So, yes, I think we would root for Rafe and whoever he is with. I would, as long as whoever she might be respects him. Or if Sami came to her senses and realized Rafe was the best man she ever had, IMO, then I could go back to loving them together, although I’d have to see that to believe it.

    On the other hand, I think Sami is too good for EJ and I wouldn’t wish him on her, either. I’d hate to see her get mixed up with him again beause I doubt it will last and I think he will hurt her. I really do think he is putting on a show right now to win her and he will drop that if and when he does get her back. But we’ll see. If we know anything, it’s that the writers are fickle with the s/l’s. As I read on The Salem Spectator, Ken Corday is so pleased with how the Rafe/Sami/EJ triangle is going, and there is a strong fan base for both couples, it sounds like he is going to keep it going, for a while anyway. But I agree with your #105 and think fans want Sami to make a decision and get on with it, whoever she chooses. At least this fan does! Good posting, by the way. IMO you are fair to both sides of the EJ vs. Rafe issue.

    I got up way early this morning to watch yesterday’s Days. Kristen was, well, Kristen. I’m glad John now knows about her and Brady, even though Marlena set it up for John to find them together. Once again I felt sorry for Will and I really wish he would stand-up and spill the beans that he is the baby daddy. Thought Sami was way too overbearing about what was going on between Gabi, Nick, and Eric. And overbearing also applies to Nick, who is really getting under my skin.

    #101 Maryl, “To each his own” is another great quote. You like EJ, I like Rafe. Sarcasm not needed. Hope 2013 is a good one for you. Nice chatting.

  113. From Linda

    Sorry, it’s really Leah’s #109 and #108 posts I was referring to, and Maryl’s #104. New posts were slipped in and threw the #’s off. Seems to happen once in a while from what I’ve seen since I’ve been posting.

    All football at our house today!

  114. From SandyGram

    Episode Monday December 31st:
    John, John, John, just a little late with that indignant attitude when finding Brady and Kristen polishing the top of Brady’s desk. Next time Marlena tells him Kristen is a conniving witch maybe he will believe her. I think John’s reaction was reasonable, written well with humor to hide John’s distaste in what he saw. At times I even thought he was channeling ‘bad’ John again in just the way he portrayed his lines. Now Kristen’s reaction up until Brady left the room appeared to be a sincere ‘Oh my gosh we got caught, with a little being embarrassed’. After Brady left, Kristen seemed to go a little nuts and then over joyed at what just happened. Then her intense encounter with Marlena after she left Brady’s office, what great acting by Deidra (Marlena) and Eileen (Kristen). Kristen’s taunting Marlena was so intense I thought one of them would spit green pea soup. And finally back at Kristen’s Hotel Room….well I guess that scene says it all, it is obvious her elevator does not go to the top floor!!

    Loved, Loved, Loved Kate’s conversations with both Will and Adrienne. Although Will stood up for Nick, Kate isn’t about to turn her back on Nick she knows deep down something is cooking there. And the line of the day for me was after Adrienne apologized to Kate for talking bad about Will and Kate accepted the apology. Kate says “this doesn’t mean we have to start having lunch together, does it?” Adrienne says “No H$LL No!” Kate responds with “Good! I’ll see myself out”. These two characters are so under used what great timing and interaction.

    Now to the Church. Or I should say out of respect for the Church I only have one comment, I love Samantha Gene, but there comes a time the writers go just a little to far. Walking in the first time on Gabi’s conversation with Father Eric was Sami being overzealous and Eric took care of that. But having her go in the second time that was too much for me as it showed her total disrespect for Eric as a Priest and the Church. Can’t wait to hear the conversation Eric will have with his sister over this issue.

  115. From Maryl

    Linda–not one thing in my quote was meant to be “sarcasm”–just making a point doesn’t mean that a blogger is trying to be sarcastic, however, if it came across as such, I do apologize. “To each his own” is also a great quote and I believe we are all practicing that one on this blog site! lol. That is exactly what triggers all the differences of opinion here.
    Enjoyed debating with you too, Linda! Sure we will be doing more of it in 2013! Hope you also have a wonderful New Year!

    SandGram, thanks for giving our EJ a break and trying to view him from all prespectives! I see fairness in a lot of your blogs, even though you like Rafe much better! lol. Have a wonderful New Year and happy blogging in 2013!

  116. From Maryl

    Leah, so agree with your blog #108 about Corday. He has always been the weak link in this soap opera.IMO But how in the world do you “fire” him? Ha! He fires writers who try to make changes in the sls or take the stories in a different direction and replaces them with writers who think like him and will write to please him. No wonder Days has rating problems–they never look at what the majority of the fans want to see in the sls. They continuously force repeated stuff down our throats and try to plug all the “holes” they leave unanswered with something similar to duct tape. There are blogger on this site that come up with better imaginations for sls than Corday and his writing team.

  117. From Linda

    #115 Maryl, no apology ever needed or expected. To clarify, in #112, I wasn’t referring to your quote but to your reference to Rafe in #104. Wish we could meet these actors in person someday! I guess some people on here have. Know my knees would be shaking if the Rafe, Brady, or Eric actors even looked at me!

    SandyGram, I, too, am expecting good things from Eric’s conversation with Sami after her performance at the church yesterday.

  118. From Linda

    Just saw a glimpse of Alison Sweeney hosting the Rose Bowl Parade. They were just signing off. She looked absolutely adorable and beautiful!

  119. From Martha

    I love all the scenes between EJ and Sami–relationship is very electrifying. I really think Raf should move on with someone new like Chloe. They would make a hot couple. Nick and Gabi do not fit–Will should be a man and help Gabi raise their child.

  120. From Kat

    115 Maryl, I agree with you about SandyGram,
    I started noticing the same thing after SG came back from her “time out”,
    however, when I mentioned it to her, and in a nice way,
    I got it from a few on here, telling her they had Her Back,
    and she thanked them for having her back.
    I felt very hurt at the time, all I did is try to compliment her from my point of view, my opinion, but unfortunately, like it happens so often, I got jumped on, no benefit of the doubt.

    That is why I try not to get involved with certain bloggers anymore.
    However, yes SandyGram, again, I have noticed the same thing that Maryl is talking about, and I want to complement you again, do I dare, we’ll see.

    Wow, it is really getting interesting, good thing they brought Kristin back, this show needed her.
    She is really getting to Our John, delicious,must be something left inside him about her, or he would not go so overboard with his emotions. Great Stuff.
    Marlena, just telling him/John the truth would have been much easier, than sending him to Brady’s office and become an Eye witness, LOL.
    As the old saying goes, Marlena and John pushing Brady to hard will only make him more determined to stick with Kristin.
    You can tell Adult Children what you think, but Never try to tell them what to do.

    But again, I like it, the plot thickens.
    Nicole did a great acting job today, in real life, Management in the Cafe would have thrown out a “drunk” Nicole for so agressivly going after another customer. If that had been the other way around, I could just hear it….

    So Sami and Rafe kiss, no problem, it’s New Year, they are still in the fazing in and out period of their “doomed” relationship, it takes a while.
    I have noticed, that every time somebody gives Sami a bit of Ok, about Her and EJ, like Grandma Caroline/Will, Sami just brightens up.
    She needs her families approval/or thinks very much she does, to cut loose and follow All of Her Heart and run into EJ’s arms for good.

    EJ and Sami looked so good together, one better looking than the other, and the chemistry,
    like they were made for each other..
    The look on little Johnny’s face, watching His Mom and Dad kissing, priceless… Yes they love Rafe, but they adore their Daddy, and why not. They know he loves them.

    Eric is really climbing up in the fav. Actor ranks, of All 4 soaps, I think he is now No. 4.
    It’s Kristin/Brady, Eric, Sami and EJ.and of course Will/and Will and Sony that are in the very, very top Ten…of all soaps, LOL.

    Abby and Chad were nice together, I can see them.
    Mel’s love must not have been that Deep for Chad,
    risking his life to find her, etc. did not mean to much.
    When he did not tell her about Gaby, in his mind he was protecting her. Seems like they needed an excuse to let the character leave the show, excuse just was little bit lame IMO.
    Jenn and Dan,
    still boring, boring, something needs to happen to bring some life into that relationship.
    I almost wish, Dr. Dan would go back to being “Dandy Dr. Dan” again, or something better/worse.

    Stefano, it has been gone long enough, get back on the screen,
    you are the spark plug on this show, never as complete without you, IMO.
    Get something going involving Kate and Stefano, whatever,
    those characters make the show interesting.
    Wonder what the set up is with the Hotel security,
    what trouble is Kristin planning to get John involved in with the law or ???
    Hope she does not get killed off, and John would be the Suspect….
    Should they ever get rid of Kristin, I wish … then they would bring back EJ’s Mother Susan.
    Eileen is such a great actress, it would only be good for the show.
    EJ, I doubt very highly will be happy with what the scheming Kristin has been doing. He is to busy, having Sami on his mind and in his heart, to really see what that “sister” of his is up too.
    Well, he is not her babysitter after all.

    Sauerkraut and Pork Today, different types of sausages… with Semmel knoedel/Bread dumplings,
    gravy, German Rye Bread, German Brezen, of course German Beer, and all the
    trimmings. So good after all the Holiday Turkeys/Hams, Cookies etc.

  121. From patty

    Wow, that Kristen is really demented ! She admits to John that she is just using Brady to get back at him. Brady is really in for a rude awakening and John and Marlenas will have a hard time convincing him that Kristen is up to no good. Now John will be moving out so Kristen’s plans are all working. Even Sami will be getting mixed up in the fray.
    Good scenes with Rafe and Sami . The look on her face when she looks at Rafe is saying she’s definitly not over him. Even if she ends up with EJ, she will still love Rafe so EJ will have to keep a close eye on her , maybe even dig out that bracelet he gave Nicole to keep track of her. Loved how Nicole sidetracked EJ by pretending to be drunk and jumping all over him. Those two really have a lot of chemistry and should have more scenes together.
    I liked Chad with Abbigail. I think they ‘re a much better match than Chad and Melanie. I hope it works out for them.

  122. From gerri

    Just watched Days,for today,
    a lot of action ,throughly loved it.Nicole was on it,she is a great actress,scenes with EJ too funny.
    and she accomplished what she set out to do.

    Sami and Rafe seemed so sincere,with their feelings,spot on.I love hearing that Sydney named her penquin “Rafe”It made him have a big smile..But I know there is still going to be this triangle ,and I along with everyone else,is ready to see it end.
    If she Picks EJ,I would be happy to see Rafe,get a new love(someone who would be good to him,and for him)and I think Nicole would be a good fit,she has had her dark side,true,but also has had much heartache,even tho she was having those romps with Dr.Dan,she was going to give her baby Rafe’s name,this says alot.

    Loved the scenes with Abby,her Mom and Chad,And I like her with Chad,in spite of seeing the violent behavior towards Nick,I believe he is a good kid.

    And what can you say about the S/L with John/Marlena/Brady/Kristen?
    She Is a piece of work,and playing her part to the top.wonder how long It will take for Brady to wise up?

    We had our traditional Southern New Years meal.Black-eyed peas,with Hog Jowl,for good luck.Cabbage for fortune,Baked Sweet potatoes,with lot’s of butter,for good health,and skillent cornbread just because you need it to finish meal.anyway was very good.Kat’s german meal sounded great,would love to try some of it(German is my heritage from my father’s family.)

  123. From gerri

    note above,lot’s of butter,didn’t sound healthy,but It was “Smart Balance”so not too bad,the sweet potato is very healthy tho…

  124. From SandyGram

    Episode Tuesday January 1, 2012:

    My favorite moment today was Sami showing Rafe the picture of Sydney with “Rafe” the Penguin. It seems Sydney has named her new little black and white buddy “Rafe” very appropriately. Then what Sami said about Sydney sitting on top of the dryer to be close to “Rafe” while she dried him….how sweet was that!! Can’t wait to see if the writers have the skill to have Sydney call the Penguin “Rafe” in front of her father and EEEeej be accepting of the name. Well it could happen!

    I thought yesterdays show was intense, my goodness today I was on the edge of my chair during the John and Kristen scene’s. She is one sociopath and Eileen plays this roll so well, definitely a Day Time Soap Award in the making here. Did you hear that psycho witch say the little girl falling off the bike in the HTC was a set up and to think that was the one time I gave her the benefit of the doubt she didn’t set it up. Well not again…I have hoped for and can possibly see redemption at some levels of Elvis’s reputation, but Kristen, even if Father Eric exorcized her demons she is way beyond redemption. Interesting today when John grabbed Kristen in her Hotel Room by the arms, that’s exactly how he reacted in June 1997 when Kristen’s deeds were exposed then, causing him to turned to Marlena. Actually a lot of the lines with Marlena, John and Kirsten since her return is just like or very similar to the writing in 1997. I think I’m believing Kristen also set up Hotel Security to be in the vicinity of her room, knowing John would eventually come to confront her about Brady; and what a confrontation it was. I’m afraid Brady is in so deep emotionally with her, it will take finding her in bed with John for him to believe what a conniving witch she is.

    Sami and EJ looked great all decked out in their New Years Eve duds. While Johnny stole the scene again watching them kiss through the Pub window. Then Nicole and Rafe took the casual route. While Nicole was at her best keeping EJ from returning to Sami. Very comical scene’s, but then they always did wrestle well when together. And there it was, in the moment of the New Year Sami and Rafe kiss, she certainly didn’t shy away even knowing she was on a date with EJ.

    Loved the little moments with Chad playing board games with Jen and Abby. I like this side of Chad and it would appear he and Abby still have great chemistry. Heck I didn’t even mind Jenn once again showing up at the Hospital while Dr. Dan was at work and getting her New Years kiss.

  125. From SandyGram

    #115 Maryl and #119 Kat
    I do appreciate your kind words about my postings. It is obvious that I am a Rafe fan, as I’ve mentioned before I like to look and comment show by show. So one day my point of view of a given character may be good, while the very next day it may be bad, or it could be mixed based on what the writers give us in the story. At least I’ve tried to make that my philosophy since my return from my sabbatical.

    By the way Kat I do remember the nice comment you made a while after my return. As I remember several other board members welcoming me back. I also remember other board members supporting my comments on occasion as we all frequently do with those who we share the same point of view and even sometime when our point of view is influenced in another direction by another board member. I don’t remember (which doesn’t mean it didn’t happen) a time where you were jumped on for your point of view on something I posted. As you know I try hard not to be drawn into and seldom engage in the on going discussions which lead to finger pointing, name calling, misunderstandings, etc., that’s just to exhausting for me.

    So with that said….Thanks Kat for your nice comments and in recognizing my attempt to stay fair and balance, as Mr. O’Reilly’ would say, when commenting on any part of Days.

    PS: Kat do you remember what time period I wasn’t posting, for some reason that has slipped my mind?

  126. From Kat

    124 SandGram, first thank you very much, I do appreciate your words very much.
    And yes, those were the very words I used, more “fair and balanced”, and I did not mean that in a bad way at all.
    But some of your friends felt the need to jump on me, as if I had attacked or belittled you. Believe,
    that was never my intention.
    I remember, you thanked them, for having your back, and that hurt, because IMO, you never needed any help, I had not meant you any harm. See, how things get mixed up on here.
    I was disappointed in you, but I am glad that now, it did come up again, and we can get rid of that silly mis understanding… is that ok with you.
    A new year, a new beginning, and let’s all give each other the benefit of the doubt, as you did once, remember the lady with the sort of MAB..something name, and so many of us jumped on her, and it did turn out, something like Initials of a business……

    I think your absence was around August, beginning, middle, end, I don’t remember
    exactly, but when you came back, something had changed in your writing,
    I felt it between the lines.
    You had become more relaxed, can’t find the right words, but you seemed more open to different ways of looking at things. So when Maryl mentioned it, I said, yes, yes, she also does notice it.
    I know, it is really not a big deal,
    but we have been on this site so many years,
    we should get along, and have some faith in a long time blogger, that they are not Stupid enough, to just lash out or try to hurt another person on here.
    Granted, we’ve had some one/or so,so, posters, that did not care, and just let it rip, and get ueber personal.
    I always enjoy as I call it in my mind…Jan. 1, Sandy’s Log from High Sierra Star Ship….
    Bye the way, do you have a Mr. Spock…..LOL
    Have a Good Night…and thank you again.

  127. From Amanda D

    I’ve been waiting for it to subside, but it hasn’t, so I’m commenting now, hope someone’s reading these!

    From the first second Kristen returned and every single time she has been on screen since, the first thought that comes to mind when I see her on screen is: BARF-O-RAMA.

    She was a hideous gross disgusting evil character then, and she is still the same. It is making me want to puke on someone’s shoes to see her violating the gorgeous sweet (and apparently stupid as all hell) Brady every single day.

    So please, if anyone is listening, let this be over quickly and can we keep the cameras out of Brady & Kristen’s bed for awhile now that their little sex secret is out of the bag? I’m so grossed out watching them kiss and “make love”.

    We “good normal folk” here at home get satisfaction from seeing the “good normal folk” like us get one over on the rich evil gross disgusting people, as represented on this show by the DiMera family of characters. More “good normal folk” getting the satisfaction please, less gross disgusting ones getting the satisfaction.

    Thanks for reading!

  128. From Debbie

    Wow, didn’t I just post what a black heart Kristen has after watching yesterday’s episode? And today John confirmed it to Brady by calling her black-hearted! Ever since her return, Eileen Davidson has been knocking each scene out of the ballpark no matter who’s onscreen with her. Definite award winning acting there. Her diabolical true colors came out to John yesterday when she laughed in his face while he was grabbing her, and today it continued with Marlena again. I haven’t even thought of Stefano once since her return and was surprised to think of him when he appeared in his Santa cap at Christmas. I hate to say this but I really don’t miss him at all and wouldn’t care if he didn’t return because Kristen is handling all the DiMera evil herself. I don’t think even EJ can do it himself since his better side has been displayed more recently.

    Speaking of EJ, I loved the romantic dinner that was planned for Sami and himself and how he got her to come with him to the office. But once again, his plans got foiled. I wasn’t surprised by this at all since the writers seem to love doing the slow boil with them, but I was really hoping that we’d get to see some real romance this time. But no, it had to be Lucas this time. I really hope they’re not mentioning him just to bring him back into the quadrangle again. He needs a story but not this one again, it’s old and boring.

    I meant to say in my other post that I enjoyed Nicole’s diversionary tactics with EJ yesterday. Their interaction was unintentionally funny and gave her the means to do her “good deed” in getting Rafe and Sami together.

    Nick seemed sincere when he explained his “gay boy” usage to Will and how wrong he was to say that, but his attitude just rubs me the wrong way in everything. I think he may have an explosive temper and if he catches Gaby in a lie, I really think he’d go ballistic on her with either physical or verbal abuse. I hope I’m wrong on this but I just don’t trust him completely.

    Finally, I really hated the fight scene between John and Brady though. I can’t imagine beating up a loved one unless they were coming at me to kill me.

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