Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For December 6 & 7.

Keeping her mouth shut.

Things are going swimmingly for Kristen. All the same, her brother tries to talk her into taking Rafe off of his hands. She’s got better things to do. Meanwhile, Marlena is about to tell John what Kristen has been doing when Brady interrupts. Once she realizes that he’s clueless she saw him in bed with Kristen, she keeps her gob shut. When he calls the DiMera up, she’s surprised to discover that John and Marlena haven’t been feuding. She decides to track down the shrink at the hospital and confronts her for actually managing to keep her mouth shut. When John finds them together, Marlena confesses to breaking into Kristen’s room, but that’s all. After he wanders off, Kristen realizes that her enemy isn’t about to put herself into the line of fire. She decides to try something else. After taking Brady to bed again, she suggests that he tell his dad about them. He decides that he actually thinks they should keep it a secret.

Maggie tries comforting her distraught son about his ongoing shakes. He wants to leave town for awhile. She suggests he go and stay on Smith Island. He signs out of work. Jenn tracks him down, wracked with guilt and repeats that what she feels for him isn’t pity. He walks away and she badgers Maxine into telling her where he’s going. She stalks him over to the island. Meanwhile, Nicole has been questioning Father Eric about his nightmares but he won’t open up. After she hears Maggie mention where Daniel is, she heads for the island. It’s Jenn she finds there and they tear into each other. Daniel arrives and stops the fight. He blows up at Jenn, telling her he doesn’t want her friendship. She keels over. He checks her out and realizes her appendix is about to blow.

Back on land, Abby mopes around town about not having a man. Meanwhile, EJ discusses Sami and Nicole with Eric until Sami shows up. She apologizes to her brother about their little fight and explains she’s still having a hard time with him being a priest. He’s still reluctant to explain exactly how that came about.

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  4 responses so far...

  1. From SandyGram

    No scheming going on here….but the summary does say EJ ‘tries to talk Kristen into taking Rafe off of his hands. She’s got better things to do.’ Interesting she only has time for him if it benefits her plans.

  2. From dc

    so right sandygram.. it has to be on kristen’s agenda for her to be interested..
    daniel to the rescue again for jenn. this time he will discover the treatment he had really did work..
    i wonder if kate will get her hands on that “new” lipstick.
    and we still do not know about the bo situation. will peter (aka bo) return or will they replace him (i sure hope not, that would be a big mistake)..

  3. From dc

    just had to post this.
    i read on where darin brooks (who played max) might be returning to the show.
    i am so excited. maybe chelsea will also return.
    i guess max will be helping out at the pub (maybe)..
    now if they will just bring peter reckell (aka bo) back i will be a happy camper.

  4. From Brenda

    Bo aka Peter Reckell needs to come back. Hope will never be the same.

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