Days Of Our Lives Video: Caroline’s Christmas.

Holiday plans.

Rafe drops by the pub as Sami makes plans with her family.

Take a look back at today’s episode and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think.

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  1. From Miselemeas

    It was intriguing to watch all
    of the shenanigan,s on my soap
    today,and realize that few people
    showed an ounce of class.At last count, for me, it came to four people, Rafe,Nicole,Caroline and Gabi.The jury is still out on Eric, on all count’s, only time will tell;Rafe is the 1st gentleman I’ve seen in so long,I almost do’nt know how to deal with it;as I’ve said before, he reminds
    me of my husband, who I lost almost
    10years ago,and my son who is around Rafe’s age.
    Happy Christmas and New Year

  2. From SandyGram

    #1 Miselemeas
    Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Holiday. For me, I have parents and grandparents who went way to soon, many in the month of December. We may not be able to put our arms around them, but I know their spirit is always with me and my family to rejoice in this joyous season. This too I wish for you and yours.

  3. From Miselemeas

    #2 SandyGram
    Thank you so much for your kind
    word’s they meant a lot to me at
    this time of year especially.Hope
    you and your’s continue to have a
    Blessed and Happy Christmas season.

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