General Hospital Spoilers For December 25 – 27.

New Year’s Eve in Port Charles.

Connie stashes Johnny away at the Haunted Starr so he doesn’t confess his sins to the police. However, Starr shows up looking for Johnny so they can finish the conversation they started before Todd faked a heart attack. Starr apparently sees something fishy and tries to call the cops, but Connie intervenes. After telling Alexis and Sonny they are both leaving Port Charles, Trey shows up to say goodbye to Connie, as Kristina waits outside. She stands near Connie’s car and hears noises coming from the trunk.

Todd finds Sam trying to crack his office safe in search of evidence that Molly’s book was stolen. Todd calls security, which alerts Carly, who shows up. When Sam rips into Todd for the baby switch, Carly defends him. Sam leaves them with a warning.

Ellie explains to Spinelli that she broke up with him because he ran to Maxie when she had cramps on Christmas Eve, instead of spending the night with her. She assumes he regrets choosing Maxie over her. Spinelli proposes a deal.

Lucy continues to pit AJ and Tracy against each other, while also helping Sabrina with plans for the Nurses’ Ball. The event continues to keep Sabrina in Patrick’s orbit, leading her to fantasize when Patrick asks if she has plans for New Year’s Eve.

Don’t forget. “General Hospital” will be pre-empted on Tuesday December 25. Merry Christmas!

Coming up in 2013:
Head writer Ron Carlivati gave Soap Opera Digest a preview of what’s ahead for the good and bad people of Port Charles. Perhaps the biggest thing to happen next year will be the show’s 50th anniversary in April. He’s hoping the celebration will last longer than one day. The Nurses’ Ball is also on tap, and apparently a few other surprises as well.

Other notable teases include: Johnny considering turning himself in, which could mean Todd’s secrets will come out, just as he and Carly are getting together. Anna tries to come to terms with the Faison debacle, including Luke being right and the real Duke constantly reminding her of Faison. Sam realizes Jason might not be coming back, which could change her dynamic with McBain, who will be busy working for the PCPD, while fighting to see his son. Lucy remains an important part of the fight for ELQ and the Pickle-Lila relish hasn’t been forgotten. Patrick and Sabrina spend more time together as the Nurses’ Ball approaches, which does not sit well with Britt. Olivia’s visions continue as her relationship with Connie/Kate becomes more important. Connie will become a more well-rounded character, as her relationship with Sonny deepens. Liz and AJ could develop a bond over Jason and feeling the need for redemption. Kristina’s California dreams are dashed, so she has to figure out her life in Port Charles.

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