General Hospital Weekly Summary For December 10 – 14.

An unmasking, a vision and a beat down.

After getting caught up on Lucy Coe by Elizabeth, Sabrina learned Felix worked his way through nursing school by selling CoeCoe products. Lucy was his boss. Sabrina offered to cover his bedpan duties for a month if he could get her a meeting with Lucy. Meanwhile, Patrick thought about Robin when Britt asked to help him and Emma decorate for Christmas. When he went home, he saw a vision of Robin standing in the living room.

Upon gaining his freedom, AJ came to the boxing gym to taunt Sonny. They sparred in the ring. AJ antagonized Sonny about Michael until Sonny started seriously beating him. This of course was after AJ spotted a text from Michael to Sonny that he was on his way over. Michael arrived to see Sonny pummeling AJ. As Michael lashed out at Sonny, Starr took AJ to the hospital and implied he set the whole thing up. Later, Michael agreed to work at ELQ with AJ.

Anna broke into Duke’s hotel room in Switzerland. Instead of Duke, she found an unmasked Faison. In order to prove he and Duke were two different people, he trotted out the real Duke, bound and gagged. Faison drugged Anna and then put the Duke mask back on. When she came to, she found “Duke,” but no Faison. Anna believed “Duke’s” lies and they started kissing until Robert and McBain showed up. They tried to convince her “Duke” was really Faison. She didn’t believe them until McBain turned up the heat causing everyone to sweat except for “Duke” because of his mask. Robert then threw something in “Duke’s” face making the mask disintegrate. Anna was horrified to learn she had been fooled. After Interpol arrested Faison, Anna and Robert went to the Swiss clinic to get answers on the real Duke. While there, Anna ran into a room and was surprised by what she saw.

Maxie learned of Olivia’s vision of the puppy and freaked out to Mac about what it could mean. Mac suggested she figure out if she really wanted to go through with the surrogacy before it was too late.

In other news, Molly learned Todd’s company was publishing her book under Connie’s name, Trey told Kristina he was leaving Port Charles to work on a David Vickers’ film and Johnny told Connie he was ready to confess his crimes.

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