General Hospital Weekly Summary For December 17 – 21.

Renewed hope for the ball, the real Duke rescued and a bad week for Johnny.

Patrick found the DVD Robin made for him last Christmas. In it, she told him to move on and find someone new to love. He called Britt, who was trying to get advice about him from a resistant Elizabeth. Britt stole the Christmas DVD Elizabeth got for her kids and went to Patrick’s, claiming she bought the movie for Emma. They cuddled on the couch and watched it together.

Lucy was excited about resurrecting the Nurses’ Ball, but she was being investigated for allegedly running a pyramid scheme through CoeCoe. Her assets were frozen so she couldn’t help. Sabrina and Felix returned to Port Charles to tell Patrick the bad news. When an obnoxious Britt butted in, Felix claimed they were successful and Lucy was funding the ball. Sabrina started to tell Patrick the truth, but Lucy arrived declaring she was there to plan the event.

Anna found the real Duke at the Swiss clinic. As they caught up, Robert burst into Robin’s room, just as Obrecht was about to stick her with a syringe. Robert pushed her out of the way, but Obrecht injected Robert instead. When Anna and Duke found Robert alone, he could barely speak. Duke found a doctor who was doubtful Robert would survive the dangerous dose he received, but set him up on a counteracting drip. Meanwhile, Obrecht handed Robin off to Jerry Jacks.

Connie and Todd worried about what Johnny confessing would do to them, as Johnny spilled everything to Diane. He declared he wanted to turn himself in and hoped he could get a lighter sentence if he gave up Todd for the baby switch. Since Diane represented Todd, she told Johnny it was a conflict of interest. She urged him to keep quiet while she considered taking his case. Johnny went to Starr ready to confess, but Todd interrupted them with a fake heart attack. When Johnny returned home, Connie knocked him out so he would keep quiet.

Michael confronted AJ about manipulating the situation at the boxing gym with Sonny. AJ admitted it, but said he only did it because he was scared of losing him. Michael understood. They went to Sam’s, where Tracy was trying to get her to sign over the ELQ shares. After listening to AJ and Tracy fight, Sam divided the shares up equally, which still left them even. However, it was revealed that Lucy still owned 1% stock in ELQ.

In other news, the surrogacy plan progressed, Maxie freaked out and Ellie misunderstood Spinelli’s intentions.

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