General Hospital Weekly Summary For December 24 – 28.

A first time, dates made for New Year’s and Nurses’ Ball plans.

For Christmas, Carly signed Michael’s ELQ shares over to him. As they talked, Starr overheard them discuss Michael’s prison stay. Once alone, Michael explained to Starr that he was raped in prison, but Abby helped him get through it. Starr thanked him for sharing his painful past with her and they slept together for the first time. Afterwards, they decided to stay home instead of having to decide which of Michael’s fathers they would spend the holiday with.

Lucy showed up at the Qs, where Monica informed AJ and Tracy that Alan’s ex-wife held one percent of ELQ stock. The two fawned over Lucy, which she clearly relished. Lucy later showed up at the hospital to inform Sabrina, Patrick and Britt that ELQ would be funding the Nurses’ Ball.

After Maxie called Spinelli for emotional support, she started to cramp. He rushed her to the hospital where they learned she was pregnant. Spinelli stayed with Maxie until she could share the good news with Dante and Lulu. He then went to Sonny’s to find Ellie, who was leaving the party. She knew he was with Maxie and broke up with him. He later tried to explain things and they agreed to meet on the hospital roof on New Year’s Eve if they truly wanted to be together.

Kristina agreed to go to L.A. with Trey. Alexis had concerns, but was supportive. Sonny took a little more convincing, but he eventually gave them his blessing. Next, the reunited couple went to see Connie, who had just knocked Starr out and put a tied up Johnny in the truck of her car. As Trey said his goodbyes to his mother, Kristina heard a noise coming from the trunk.

Having nowhere else to go, Carly and Todd spent Christmas together in his office. After some flirting, they also made a date for New Year’s Eve.

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