General Hospital Weekly Summary For December 3 – 7.

The baby plan got emotional, AJ gained his freedom and Faison revealed himself.

Agent Theodore King came to Tea’s house. He informed everyone that Agent Tomas Delgado had been called out of the country on a case. Carly showed him a photo of Lorenzo Alcazar, but King claimed not to know who he was. Blair, Tea and Skye set out to find Tomas, while Todd and Carly went back to Port Charles.

Despite Felicia’s concerns about the surrogacy, Maxie insisted she’d be able to emotionally handle giving the child up after nine months. Though still wary, Felicia offered her support. Maxie and Lulu underwent their first hormone treatments, which wreaked havoc on their emotions. It caused Maxie to get snippy with Spinelli and Ellie, who learned of the surrogacy, and Lulu to cry when Olivia told her she envisioned her with a puppy instead of a baby.

Tracy invited Sam and Danny to the mansion under the guise of having a nice visit. AJ showed up and told Sam that Tracy wanted her stock. After AJ and Tracy argued over the shares, Sam realized she held the deciding percent in regards to who would take over ELQ. Tracy warned Sam about trusting AJ and then she listened to AJ talk about how much running the family business meant to him. AJ then set about gaining his freedom by using a photo he took of an alive Faison at the Swiss clinic where he recuperated. Diane used the information to get all charges dropped against A.J.

Robert lured Helena to Wyndemere to question her about Faison. She insisted Faison was dead, but later called Faison to warn him Robert was on his trail. Meanwhile, “Duke” asked Anna to go out of town with him, as Robert snuck into “Duke’s” place. After Anna and “Duke” discovered Robert, he told her his theory about Faison. Anna arrested Robert. While in jail, Robert tried to convince Dante and the newly hired McBain that he was telling the truth about Faison. They didn’t believe him until they heard AJ’s story. McBain tried to warn Anna, but only got her voicemail because Anna was in Switzerland with “Duke.” Faison came up with a plan to prove he was the real Duke and revealed himself as Faison to a horrified Anna.

In other news, Todd refused to help Sabrina with the Nurses’ Ball, Connie hijacked Molly’s novel for herself and Sonny turned on the charm to try and wear down Connie.

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