General Hospital Weekly Summary For November 26 – 30.

Maxie found purpose, Tomas might be Alcazar and Edward’s will was read.

Looking for purpose, Maxie offered to be Lulu and Dante’s surrogate. Lulu turned her down, but after disappointing interviews with two candidates, Dante and Lulu decided Maxie would be the perfect choice. When Dante and Lulu told Sonny and Olivia the good news, Olivia had a vision of Lulu holding a stuffed toy dog.

Ellie found a non-wedding photo of Spinelli and Maxie at the apartment. Spixie were forced to explain their history to a devastated Ellie. After Maxie left, Ellie wondered if Spinelli was still in love with Maxie. Spinelli assured her when it came down to it, he chose her and they made up.

Just as Sonny was getting through to Kate/Connie, Michael found Sonny with a tied up Connie at the warehouse. Furious over his father’s actions, he demanded Sonny release her. Connie stormed out of the warehouse, as Michael expressed his disappointment in his father.

After running into Starr at Kelly’s, Molly told her about the novel she had written. Starr read a few pages and loved it. She took Molly to Todd, who recently acquired a publishing house. Todd wasn’t interested until Starr blackmailed him into giving it a look. Later, Connie found Molly’s manuscript on Todd’s desk.

During their catfight at Kelly’s, Carly and Skye saw an announcement for Blair’s wedding to Tomas. Realizing Tomas looked just like Alcazar, the women went to Todd for info. Hopeful that he could break up Blair and Tomas, Todd went to Llanview. Skye and Carly followed. At Tea’s, Blair defended Tomas and called him to come over. Skye grabbed the phone and yelled at the possible Lorenzo. Tomas hung up, but texted Blair to say he was on his way. Someone came to the door.

Edward’s will was read at the mansion. He doled out his ELQ stock to his grandchildren, great grandchildren, Monica and even Alice. His cash holdings were given to charity. Tracy was left with nothing but a jar of the relish Lila turned into a successful business that financially saved the family years ago. Ned & Tracy and A.J. & Skye separately plotted to acquire enough shares to take over ELQ. They both realized they needed Sam and baby Danny’s shares to be victorious.

In other news, Britt’s latest attempt to sabotage Sabrina blew up in her face, Robert brought Mac in on his plan to prove Duke was Faison and Alexis and Shawn had sex.

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