Revenge Recap: Revelations.

Welcome to the fold.

At the bar, Kenny suggests to Jack that he call his father’s old cohorts to attend the baby’s christenings. Jack invites Kenny and his brother Nate as well.

At a skeet shooting event with the Graysons in the Hamptons, Nolan, Aiden and Emily plot against the family. Aiden and Emily cozy up to a Grayson investor, Salvador, and throw their support behind Daniel. Conrad gets a call from the woman from the Initiative. She threatens Daniel’s life.

Nolan and Padma meet Daniel at Grayson Global. Nolan is surprised to see his ex lover and CFO Marco. Daniel says Marco told him everything about the missing NolCorp money. Daniel will keep quiet about it if Nolan gives him control of NolCorp. Nolan reluctantly gives in.

Aiden and Emily watch on their hidden cameras as Ashley turns Daniel against Aiden. Emily reveals a video she has of Ashley having sex with Conrad and says it’s time for them to turn Daniel against Ashley.

Nolan and Emily meet at the house. Nolan sets it up so Victoria will receive the video of Conrad and Ashley.

At the church, Emily and Jack serve as Godparents. Emily longingly looks on as Jack stands with his new family. Afterwards, Jack greets family friend Matt Duncan. Matt sees Kenny and Nate and warns Jack from getting into business with them. At the after party, Jack asks Nolan to investigate Kenny and Nate. Nolan agrees and then sees Marco walk in. Marco explains that he helped Daniel because he needs the money, but he’d like his job back at NolCorp. Marco also mentions that he is aware Amanda Clarke doesn’t know about the money that is rightfully hers.

Salvador comes to the Grayson home, as Victoria gets the video of Ashley with Conrad. After Salvador leaves, Conrad tells Victoria Salvador is backing Daniel. Victoria shows Conrad the video of him with Ashley. Conrad thinks the Initiative is behind the video so they can drive a wedge between them. He urges her to focus on keeping their son safe. Next, Victoria pays Ashley a visit with the video. Ashley insists it was one time after Victoria fired her. She begs her not to destroy her life with Daniel. She will do anything to make it right. Victoria is counting on it and orders her to go to Salvador. Aiden and Emily panic as they realize their plan could go up in smoke if Ashley sways Salvador to back Conrad. When Ashley leaves to meet with Salvador, Aiden calls Daniel.

After Aiden tips him off, Daniel shows up at Salvador’s room and finds him and Ashley in robes. He grows angry and then takes a photo. He tells Salvador to vote for him or else he will send the photo to his wife. A lurking Aiden calls Emily to tell her all went according to plan.

At the Grayson Global board meeting, Salvador tells Victoria that Daniel out played them and he is siding with him, not Conrad. Daniel shows up and confronts his parents. Victoria tells her son winning the vote will put him in danger, but she can’t be specific. Daniel walks out and wins the boards’ vote. Daniel thanks Aiden for his help, but says there’s no room for him on the board. Alone in his office, Daniel finds a message that says, “Welcome to the fold.” He also finds a clock, which has a hidden camera inside. The Initiative watch Daniel and discuss putting their plan to a vote.

Matt Duncan shows up at the docks looking for Jack, but runs into Kenny and Nate. The brothers want to know what happened to their father. Matt says he doesn’t know anything, but the brothers don’t believe him. Meanwhile, Nolan calls Jack and tells him Kenny and Nate are Joe Ryan’s sons. He warns that they are bad news. Jack then finds Matt beat up on the docks. Matt tells him that he killed the Ryans’ father, but they think it was Jack’s dad. Later that night, the Ryan brothers greet Jack at the bar and make subtle threats. Once they’re gone, Jack looks under the floorboards and finds a gun.

In Nolan’s office, he tells Padma he has no intention of letting Grayson profit off David Clarke. He says it will be easier to hit them from inside their walls. Marco shows up. Nolan says he is bringing him back to the business.

Victoria calls Emily for her help, but sees she’s busy at home with Aiden. She’ll call her later. Aiden asks what that was all about. Emily answers, “Leverage.”

Coming up in January: Victoria and Emily shake hands, Victoria tells Emily Daniel is still in love with her and Daniel goes in for a kiss.

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