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While not all of the November sweeps moments left us as giddy as Todd on “GH” when he found out Tomas was an imposter, each of the shows managed to deliver on some seriously soapy moments. Bill and Katie gave into a kiss on “B&B” – right before Katie snapped out of it. On “Days” we headed into another possible paternity-hiding storyline with Gabi and Nick. And on “Y&R,” we finally got some steamy scenes – in the form of a fantasy Chelsea had about Adam and Sharon.

B&B Breakdown:
Finally, Katie has snapped out of her panic and fear after having baby Will, but Candace was left wondering if it was too little, too late. “It was very unrealistic how Katie went from the darkest dregs of depression to happy-go-lucky following her panic attack,” she said. “So it was no surprise that Bill and Brooke looked shocked to walk through the door and see her lipsticked and laughing with Will in her arms – it was touch-and-go for a few minutes. As much as they love Katie, they had just experienced the first stirrings of passion for each other as well, so the air was thick with all sorts of emotions, which both Katie and Taylor picked up on. Soapy good.” How did the group react to the loss of Stephanie? Read more in The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Blog.

Deconstructing Days:
Last week, boundaries and respect for people’s personal space and decisions were non-existent in Salem, leaving Christine to wonder which relationships even stood a chance. “Rafe’s  overprotective nature had him riding Will’s ass hard about Gabi’s ‘abortion.’ Will should have just come clean. Why hide it? Nick too came down really hard on Gabi by jumping to conclusions and blurting out accusations. I thought he was going to publicly flog her for a minute and all she could do was stammer while Will grew a set and blurted out the truth. Maybe she thought it’d come between them and didn’t want to ruin a good thing but was the ‘good thing’ ever really that good if she was feeding him lies?” Did you miss Kristen’s confession? Read all about it in the Days of our Lives Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:
AJ’s return has really been doing a number on Michael, but Hollie wished he would just snap out of it and get his old confidence back. “Michael was really starting to bother me with all of his judgements against Carly and Sonny. Not that he is wrong, but come on. He wanted in the family business! He was kidnapped by AJ! In my mind he came off immature and indecisive and a little selfish. Maybe he needs a rival for Starr’s affections to bring out that confident side of him again.” Read more about all of the returning vets on General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:
Kristen’s arrival in Salem continued to keep many of the citizens of Salem in a tizzy. “Brady was softening on Kristen,” Matt said. “At least his head was, and not just because it had been pounded into mush. He caught Marlena breaking into Kristen’s room so she could read her diary. Although the fact that a grown woman would act like the teenaged Sami was disturbing enough, the fact that Kristen’s diary sounded like an Oprah self help book wasn’t any less so. Maybe it was catching the two women pounding on each, but Brady’s feelings for his former step mom were quickly moving into a different register. After the shrink slunk away, he tried massaging Kristen’s sprained wrist. Looking in his eyes, she could guess why he wanted it to heal fast.” Read more of Matt’s take on last week’s show in Matt’s Musings.

Restless Rant:
Genoa City continued to have hits and misses as the new writers hit their stride, but overall was enjoyable for Candace. “I had to laugh when Victor asked Nick what he’s been doing lately,” she said. “Nick, of course, said parenting. Funny how he neglected to mention all the time he’s been spending boinking the kids’ Aunt Avery. Speaking of Nick and Avery, his little speech to Avery about not letting Phyllis figure into their relationship was a hoot – pretty unrealistic considering she’s his ex-wife and Avery’s sister! Meanwhile, I’m starting to dread seeing that kitchen appear on the screen, knowing insipid food-related foreplay talk will inevitably follow.” Read about more drama in The Young and the Restless Weekly Blog.

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    Iami and steffy7 need to stay together. And hope needs to iami were he isat because she is a drama queen. Hope and brook need to leave bill son alone. Bill spencer is dangers. And bill is still trying to keep steffy and iami together. I do not like hope not at all. She needs a man that she can love with out taking steffy man.

    On bold in the beautiful hope need to leave iami a lone and find a new man and let steffy have him since steffy is mature for iami and it did not worklove the man. Hope just want to get iami back because she had the chance

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