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The writers doled out dishy treats all week, with some fun moments on every soap. Bill’s boasting about his nakedness was true to form on “B&B,” while Carmine’s return on “Y&R” was much appreciated. Marlena couldn’t tear her eyes away from Kristen and Brady in bed on “DOOL,” and on “GH,” Connie made plans to publish a stolen romance novel, all fun stuff for sure.

B&B Breakdown:
Could it be the dreaded love-triangle is making a comeback before the end of the year? “I’m non-violent, but seriously wanted to smack Hope upside the head, and then Liam, during their inane talk about why they didn’t work out,” Candace said. “It wasn’t because of Deacon, or because Liam may or may not have made out with Steffy at an inappropriate time. They didn’t work out because Liam constantly flip-flopped and found himself irresistibly drawn to spending time with Steffy time and time again. Not to mention he turned to her within mere minutes every time something went sideways with Hope. Let’s talk about the big picture, folks!” Should they recast Ridge? Join in the conversation at The Bold and the Beautiful Weekly Blog.

Deconstructing Days:
Christine isn’t sure she can handle one more hide-the-daddy storyline in Salem, but it looks like she just might have to. “Sami started the trend of hiding the father of her baby, Nicole rode her coattails and Gabi’s the new generation of baby daddy hiding,” she said. “This is all the ‘Days’ writers have that they think will sustain a 47 year old soap opera. This is worse than the Sydnapping. At least during the Sydnapping none of us really knew who the Sydnapper was for the longest time. Will and Gabi have concerns that telling the truth could make them lose the men they love. I’d like to know how. How? How is that possible and if it is by some off-the-wall chance, then I guess they’re better off without them.” Read more in the Days of Our Lives Weekly Blog.

GH Rundown:
Maxie and Lulu began the journey of surrogacy together, and it had an emotional start.  “I really am enjoying Lulu and Maxie’s friendship, the only real gal-pal thing we have going in Port Charles right now,” Hollie said. “The two of them sitting in that hospital room in their gowns, nervous and probably naked except for their socks, was touching. They are truly there for each other and there is no doubt in my mind Maxie is doing this for all of the right reasons. That being said, their extreme reactions to the hormones are hysterical, soapy fun.” Read more in the General Hospital Weekly Blog.

Matt’s Musings:
Sami was still ranting about Nicole but brother Eric had no problem calling her out on her own misdeeds. “And speaking of making the impossible possible… Nicole moved into the nunnery this week. The sisters were surprised to see that she already had a nun’s habit, and disturbed to notice that it was made of latex with a convenient flap on the backside. Nic covered by claiming she just wore it while it was raining out. Sami showed up to snark at her old enemy. Father Eric didn’t appreciate her trying to mother him. She continued to moan. He reminded her that her catalogue of sins was as long as Nicole’s and he still left out most of her last two years. They had a little sibling skirmish. She tried to make up for it by making pope jokes and moaned about how she couldn’t live without a man and how helping other people wasn’t for her.” Read more of Matt’s take on last week’s show in Matt’s Musings.

Restless Rant:
Sometimes all it takes is a good party to smooth over some rough storylines. “From the minute Carmine showed up at the door, I knew the party was going to be to my liking,” Candace said. “With each arrival, each snarky one-liner, and each run-in, it got better and better until Sharon unleashed her drama. I was riveted to the TV screen and completely caught up in the uncomfortableness of it all. All the beats were played – Chelsea watching Adam’s reactions like a hawk, Nikki and Vikki doing their mother/daughter smackdown number on Sharon, Victor accusing her of being drunk, Nick and Noah struggling with whether to reveal Sharon’s illness, right down to Chelsea’s awkward acceptance of a ride home. Gah! Amazing.” Read about more drama in The Young and the Restless Weekly Blog.

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