The Bold And The Beautiful Poll: Reviving The Triangle.

Some things never die.

Although the triangle between Liam, Hope and Steffy momentarily seemed to be resolved, it has been revived just in time for the new year to begin. Are you looking forward to how this plays out this year, or have you had enough?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From hillbilly

    YES’IT’S GREAT!I say Hope & Liam should be together!the write need give Steffy some other then Liam!Ya’ll fan’s now it duesn’t stink!!! But we know how the writers are ging write the story line’s.for the Hope fan’s or the Steffy fan’s/We all know how the write’s are going write the story line, so we just need to go on see what els the write’s are going come up with.

  2. From Darlene

    Please, don’t drag this out. Steffy is definitely the right mate for Liam. Hope is wishy washy to say the least. Steffy has stood by Liam while Hope just judges. Liam, make a decision (Steffy) and stick to it. Move on and make mad and pationate love with your one and only, Steffy!

  3. From patrice

    it does stink man. Both ladies are gettin hurt no matter what happens.but i think hope and liam deserves a chance because of meddlesome relatives they didnt.liam loves steffy and they would make a great couple but the love that last a lifetime the one that u would say “im in it for the long haul” i think thats hope and liam.

  4. From Carl

    Steffy is so much better for Liam then Hope, Hope is still immature, Steffy is a smart, gorgeous and sexy.

  5. From Towands

    I hate how the writers on this show always act like the Logans are the only ones who should have love. Tyler and her family always get the bad end of the deal on the show! Why can’t they come out on top for once? Why don’t they have the right to be loved and have the happy ending! If Hope get Lima back I’m done because they always act like Brooke abd her family is the only love interest on the show! Really writers aren’t you tired of writing only about the Logans; let the underdogs win! Let Steffy and Lima be the next Brooke and Ridge!

  6. From Marshall

    Liam and Steffy has my vote. She is strong,beautiful, and fun. Hope is dull and boring. It’s time the Taylors got what they deserve. What the writers did to Taylor and Ridge was a disgrace. I’m waiting for Stephanie to get her revenge on Brooke from the grave for stealing Eric and causing so much pain to her grandchildren. Brooke tried to corner the market by having a baby by Ridge and Eric. I think she wanted to make sure no one could take this company from Thomas so she had to make sure there was a competition and I’m sure she knew Thomas and Steffy would win. After all they are Ridge children and they inherited his designing talent.

  7. From Sue

    Liam and Hope belong together. Stuffy is a bitch and needs to find her own man. She is a man stealer.

  8. From Susan

    hope is a selfish brat if she gets back with Liam Im DONE with the Bold and Beautiful ,Steffy has been wonderfully can’t take another back up from them it would show me where the writers heads are !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. From Betty

    Steffy and Liam all day. Let Hope go find Thomas he is the right guy for her. Leave Bill alone, do not let Brooke get another man knotch under her belt. Not her sister’s husband too.

  10. From Patty

    I guess it ok that Hope stole Liam from Stephanie first and they act like he has no brain and Hope is the catch of the year. Her whining is making me sick-Can’t they find her another man, after all, she is the one who believed her brother who lied and nothing ever happens to him for causing it as they can just blame Bill. Stephy and Liam belong together and Hope needs to accept the fact that she said no and cannot just run back in whenever she wants.

  11. From Dawn Shupe

    Hope & Liam should be together! This time free of Steffy and Bill’s manipulations!! Team Lope!!!

  12. From airborne

    Hope and Liam deserve to be togther. Too many people have interfere with their relationship including Steffy. Steffy is a maniputlator and needs to find her own man.

  13. From Karen

    I agree with the person comments about Logan’s always wins. Hope had her chances with Liam. When you get Married, you need to stand by your man unconditionally. Now there not married, when Liam was telling the truth to hope he did nothing wrong with steffy she should of believe him, especially when steffy told hope too. Now, I believe in my heart steffy and Liam are meant to be together. Steffy stood by Liam the person who he is, and excepted all his faults. What happen to Hope.

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