The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For December 31-January 4.

Old feuds, new year.

Armed with the truth from Rick, Hope attempts to talk Liam into the idea that they are still meant to be. He has to think about that. Steffy quickly chimes in to make sure he’s on the road to making the right choice. While Steffy is getting his assurance that he won’t hightail it back to Hope, the blond is busy resolving that the new year will see it happen.

After an accident, Caroline winds up in the hospital. Since Bill has been loudly berating her for her betrayal, suspicion that it wasn’t much of an accident starts to fall in his direction. Katie has concerns about his mental state. She and Brooke get together to worry about the fact that he has been drinking. Even Alison is worrying about it. Karen and Danielle aren’t so much worried as paranoid about the fact that the bearded stallion could have done damage to a member of his own family. Bill tries to defend himself.

As if Bill wasn’t getting enough of an earache from his own family, Hope saunters in to let him know that his plans to keep her away from Liam will fail in the long run. Rick shows up next to lay into Bill for putting Caroline’s life in harm’s way. Rick turns around to listen to a lecture from Liam about how his lies have messed up people’s lives. But has the truth changed Liam’s mind about his future with Steffy? He turns to Hope with an answer.

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  1. From Ellamae Maddox

    If Liam chose hope I will stop watching Bold and Beautiful. I feel that Liam is better with Steffy than hope. Steffy bring out the best out of Liam and he is also happy with Steffy.Hope make Liam less that me. She make him act like a boy instead of man. Steffy bring out the man. If you put Hope and Liam together I will stop watching this show and my friends said the same thing,

  2. From Ellamae Maddox

    If Liam chose Hope me and my friends will stop watching Bold and Beautiful. I feel that Liam should be with Steffy. Because is more happier with Steffy and she bring out the man in and she also bring out the best in him. Hope don’t bring the best out of Liam. If they put Liam with Hope I will start watching Days of our Lives. That seem to be getting good.

  3. From shamika01

    I think Hope should go jump off a cliff and leave Steffy and Liam alone.. As much sex as Liam and Steffy are having, I think Steffy should be pregnant. Bill is right Stffy and Liam are much better together. My friends and I will stop watching too, if that little blonde homewrecker gets Liam back.

  4. From sonya

    It is Liam voice of who he decides to be with. Both of them have made a positive impression in his life. Hope helped him find his father and all Steffy done is show him how to enjoy life and how sex should be with most women. I myself is tired of Steffy always coming to him in a seductive way but in today’s society most women do that to get a man because they are not a lady first. People this is just a TV show. If the plot of the story was to changes every time someone say I’m going to stop watching than the show would have ends a long time ago.

  5. From Paula

    Hope had Liam to begin with on this show. If Steffy was any type of human being, she would have NEVER chased Liam. Hope is her step-sister. Hope has done MORE good for Liam than Steffy EVER has or will. Hope encouraged Liam to SEEK out his father. She also encouraged him to wait on her for sex. According to the Bible, sex is meant to be shared between a husband and a wife. Steffy is simply a whore. I guess she fits into society because this is the way MOST women live, which is so SAD!!!

  6. From Sam

    if liam chooses steffy ill quit watching. and if all you ***** remember liam was with hope way before steffy. the only reason he ever got with her is because she tricked and lied for it. did you all forget that?

    Edited to remove poster bashing – SOF Admin

  7. From sherry

    I quit watching the show months ago when this Liam/Steffy/Hope triangle just wouldn’t go away. Come on now; lets end this and move on to something more interesting.

  8. From playboy21

    Hope needs to find a new love her role’s getting old if she ends up
    with Liam I will not be watching the show anymore

  9. From pretty

    Hope had her chance! she blew it! Even though
    There was interference….she should trusted Laim she claims to love him so much and not trust him? he even got on his knees and begged her! Let him stay wiyj Steffy shes better. I use to vote for Hope, but the truth shes not woman enough! keep him with Steffy.

  10. From Julie

    Hope is best with Liam. They need someone “spicy” and edgy for Steffy.

  11. From Kimberly Walsh

    I agree enough already!! Liam and Steffy are much better together and if the writters put him back with that lil brat I too will stop watching. Need new story line let Liam and Steffy be happy. Get a good little proper nerd to be with miss goody to shoes

  12. From Crystal

    Liam and hope needs to be together and leave Town and tell everybody to kick their a$$. Liam need to tell his dad u don’t get to pick for me I’m man enough and hope is who I’m choosing like it or not

  13. From Lissah

    I think that neither Hope or Stephy shoulb be with Liam. I mean every time something goes wrong this yong man he s swiching back. Who would like to be with someone who s sleeping with the ennemy all the time. And with the other one after. I also think that if we still have to pick one of the girls we have to choose Hope. Even if she acts like a child sometimes at least she s not a liar or a bitchy manupulator. The only way Stephy gets a man is by using sex her body and her lies. The funny part is that she s accusing the Logans to do so. At least Hope as always be real.

  14. From Alexa

    I used to be a Liam and Hope fan. Did u see the episode when Bill stabbed himself? So freaking cheesy! At that point I realized Liam is a dumb***! Steffy and Hope need to find someone else. Thomas is cute for Hope but has zero personality. They need to bring someone spicy and hot like when that Spanish guy was on the show and married Eric’s daughter Kristen.

  15. From Stea

    Liam clearly cannot make up his mind and its really becoming annoying. Yes Steffy has done wrong , who hasnt? But she has changed and is a better person. And if she wants to please her man well let her. Hope is nice but really and truly she didnt believe Liam, she left him, Steffy has always been there and plus he already divorced Steffy for Hope once- is he gonna leave Steffy once again for Hope!! Come on, I just dont understand. Why cant Steffy have a happy ending. Hope has always gotten what she ever wanted in life and now shes trying to get Liam back. Thats not how the real world works. If I was Steffy– I would open the bedroom door , tell Liam I’m pregnant and just walk out that door (with tears). Hes being such a jerk come on!!!!!— This feud is annoying now sigh

  16. From Ivy

    Liam is the biggest punk, bitch and dumbass in the world. And hope needs to die. He is better off with steffy and I feel so bad for steffie because she deserves so much better also. Bold and beautiful has to stop being cheap and bring a super hot guy on the show for steffie. Kill of hope who is a how just like her mom. I will stop watching if Liam ends up with hope because this bullshit need to stop. Or they need to hire some new writers.

  17. From Robyn

    Wow, I am totally sick of Liam flip flopping between Hope and Steffy, Pick already; Steffy of course if the best choice; they are sexy and strong together, Hope needs to find someone new. Lets see Steffy and Liam and the baby all together.

  18. From Stacy

    I’m not sure who is better for Liam. I do think he’s played both of them. Hope is just doing back to Steffy what she has done from the start and I think it’s a little gross for Steffy to be with Liam, does everyone forget she use to be with his Dad???? I also think this whole Brooke and Taylor thing is getting old, I hate Taylor and have for years.

  19. From Kim

    Hope and Liam need to be together, they are more suited. Steffy is the kind of women ever wife hates (tramp). Now she is going to use the baby to keep him. I am getting sick of this story, just bring someone in that is suitable for Steffy.

  20. From Barbie

    I stopped watching months ago too.. Sick of the Logan’s being the only family who gets to have happiness, money n the men… While I believe Steffy is better fit for Liam the writers will just keep putting him w Nope just to make it the new Taylor/ Ridge/Brooke thing… Sick of it…I mean doesn’t Steffy needs happiness too

  21. From gregory

    So Sick of writer put logans happy men want Money power still husbands Wife Need wake up smell coffee No one Going watch stuffy family happiness

  22. From Pia

    Liam and Steffy have a much better chemistry than Liam and Hope. Much more believable. I have watched B&B since the first episode (happens to come on during my lunch hour) and the Logans have been walking all over Taylor and her children always. It would be a nice change to see them “win” and be in control. To me Taylor has always been the faithful wife, the person with dignity, to watch the Logans constantly walk all over her is like watching movies where the bad guys always win…. it’s time to let Taylor and her children shine…. Taylor should be with Ridge, Brooke and Bill could be the evil King & Queen always up to no good and Thorne and Katie would make a beautiful couple. Thorne should run Forrester not Rick and what about Thorne’s daughter Alexandria, or Ridge’s son? When are they going to be introduced??

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