The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For December 10-14.

Taking sides.

In Stephanie’s video will, she revoked her promise to give Thomas her shares and awarded them to Eric. Rick was thrilled. He and Thomas bickered. Eric thought they should just focus on Forrester Originals and Thomas threatened to leave. Eric challenged the rival factions to fight for the future on the catwalk. Thomas vowed to win. Meanwhile, Eric, Brooke and Pam reminisced about Stephanie. Taylor dropped in to see Brooke to complain and vowed that her family would never lose anything to Brooke’s again.

Katie settled in at home, Taylor prompted her to unload about her depression to Bill and Brooke. She couldn’t believe that she was trying to push her own sister and husband together. Moments later, her sister and husband agreed she could never know about how close they got. Taylor conveniently eavesdropped on this and managed to keep her mouth shut as Brooke later bonded with Katie. Bill returned to work and grumbled about how Taylor was getting in the way. At that moment, Taylor was busy struggling with her conscience. That took a few minutes but then she blabbed to Katie about the kiss. Katie refused to believe it so the shrink prompted her to call Brooke over.

After unburdening herself to ‘Liam’, Caroline was shocked to realize she’d actually been blabbing to Bill. He told her to show some family loyalty and leave Liam alone. She went off to see Rick and caught him up on the latest upset at Forrester. Outside, Steffy and Hope admitted that their own rivalry was still alive.

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