The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For December 17-21.

Confronting Brooke.

Katie refused to believe that Brooke and Bill would get together. Taylor wouldn’t back down from her claim and suggested that she try confronting her sister. Meanwhile, Brooke and Bill worried about Taylor’s suspicions. They admitted that they’d become close and agreed to keep their kiss a secret. When her sister called her over, Brooke was bluntly confronted with the kissing accusation. At that moment, the shrink confronted Bill about it. He was furious that she’d already told Katie. When he got home, he found his wife crying. Katie took responsibility for what happened between them and insisted that they put it all behind them.

Things at Forrester continued to splinter as everyone jockeyed for position. Taylor showed up to gossip to her daughter about the Brooke, Bill and Katie thing. Steffy actually stood up for Brooke. When the blond arrived, she confronted the shrink for overstepping and said that Katie was actually pretty accepting of the whole thing. Meanwhile, Steffy went to see Bill, who was still fuming about her ‘quack’ mother. He went home and complained to his wife about Caroline. She thought he should try relaxing.

Rick continued to feel bad about what he did to Hope. He took a break to make out with Caroline until Brooke showed up. He told her that he needed to come clean with his sister to end her perpetual moping. Brooke wasn’t so sure. He decided not to rat Bill out and went straight over to see Hope. Rick confessed to getting Othello to lie. She choked on this a bit and then lashed out at him. Her mom and Caroline showed up, worrying that she would go after Steffy. Hope ran off to find Liam. As soon as she found him, she proclaimed that she never should have doubted him and kissed him.

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