The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For November 26-30.

Going on.

At Big Bear, Stephanie gave Brooke her ring and they fondly recalled their many conflicts, admitting that they’d taught each other what love was. Brooke sang off as she died in her arms. Pam and Eric arrived a moment too late. Bill showed up to comfort Brooke while Eric and Pam recalled their lives with Stephanie. Bill slipped the ring on Brooke’s finger and kissed her.

Taylor explained post-partum depression to Katie again. This time Katie actually wanted help and wanted her baby. Donna brought Will in to see her. She let the sun into the room and Katie was eager to reunite with her family. The shrink drove her home. They wondered where Bill could be. He showed up with Brooke. They were stunned. He was angry. Katie made excuses for herself and Taylor backed her up. They explained that Stephanie just died. Taylor wept on Brooke’s shoulder but grew disturbed when she saw the dead woman’s ring on her finger.

The news of Stephanie’s passing spread through the offices at Forrester. Liam joined them to pay his condolences. Hope learned that Steffy was moving back in and assured him she was okay with that. Moments later, she admitted to Dayzee that she really wasn’t okay and sobbed over a picture of Liam. Meanwhile, Liam and Steffy went over to Bill’s for the family celebration of Katie’s return. They toasted to ‘Team Spencer’. When Bill and Katie stepped out to talk, Caroline overheard them discussing what he did in Italy. She was shocked and told Rick all about it. Liam almost overheard this but was distracted when Hope arrived. Rick urged Caroline to drop it and ushered her away. Later, Steffy cornered Bill and questioned him about his relationship with Brooke. He refused to discuss it. Meanwhile, Taylor questioned Brooke about the same thing. The blonde resented it and showed her the door. Then Bill showed up to plant another kiss on her.

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