The Young And The Restless Poll: Tyler’s Motives.

Business and personal troubles ahead?

Leslie’s brother Tyler may have made an impression on Neil and Lily, but he’s clearly getting under Cane’s skin. Leslie already voiced her concern over his flirting with the boss’ daughter, and Tyler assured his sister he knows exactly what he’s doing. What do you think he’s really up to?

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  1. From lela blanson

    I hate Tyler. y&r better not brake cane and lily up, for this guy and some mystery woman

  2. From Liz

    I hate Tyler. Why can’t they leave Cane and Lily alone. They are a good thing,

  3. From Lovelane#9

    I think Tyler is up to something. I hope they don’t take this storyline to far by minimizing Lily and Cane to having affairs after all they have gone through. I understand that there sometimes has to be conflict, but does it always have to lead to infidelity.
    I watch the show because of Lane, and I enjoy seeing them triumph through adversity. I do think Cane needs to make Lily a little jealous because she is taking him too lightly when it comes to Tyler. Also, we have not seen them with the twins as a family in a while.

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