The Young And The Restless Spoilers December 14 – 17.

Introductions and fears…

Neil witnesses a guy kiss Leslie. When she spots Neil, Leslie calls him over and introduces him to her brother, Tyler. After a bit of small talk, Tyler asks Leslie how long she’s been sleeping with her boss. Awkwardness ensues until Neil hears that Tyler is a graphic designer and suggests he make a pitch to Jabot. Soon, Jack appears and informs Neil that he’s folding Jabot into Newman.

Sharon tells an investigator that she was in Chicago at the time of the fire then worries to Nick about the fact that Victor wants to see her rot in jail. She fears Victor will get his wish. Noah worries about the same thing and asks Nick to help him make sure his grandfather doesn’t press charges against his mother. Nick goes to Victor and urges him to back off of Sharon. Victor can’t believe Nick would suggest he do that. Nick even agrees to fight for Newman if Victor leaves Sharon alone. Victor warns it’s too late for that.

Chelsea points out that Adam doesn’t appear to be interested in fixing things. Adam wonders if things are even fixable and finally admits he doesn’t love Chelsea with his whole heart like she deserves. He clarifies that he kissed Sharon – and that the kiss affected him. Adam suggests they take a break and moves to the club. Later, Victor locates Adam and informs that he’s working on a plan against Jack, and Adam’s going to be a part of it. If Adam refuses to help him, Victor threatens him with jail time and promises to put Sharon in a padded cell. Adam isn’t moved by Victor’s blackmail attempt.

Come Monday… Avery is pleased to hear that Nick bought the nightclub. Adam warns Victor about missing his opportunity to get Newman back, and Sharon tells Faith they are leaving on an adventure.

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