The Young And The Restless Spoilers December 28 – 31.

Encounters and questions…

Over talk of the intervention for Jack, Vikki suggests to Phyllis, Billy, and Kyle that they tell Jack how hurt they are over his addiction instead of coming down hard on him. Billy wonders if it will be enough for Jack to choose them over the pills. They decide to call someone for help. Meanwhile, a drug dealer informs Jack that he keeps all of his clients happy. Jack assures the man that he isn’t his client – that this is a onetime buy – then snatches the pills from his hand. Jack runs into Victor, who calls him a drug addict and brings up how John would feel to see what Jack’s become. Later, Jack finds Billy, Kyle, Phyllis and Neil waiting for him. Jack turns to leave, as everyone begs him to get help.

Avery sees a poster to announce Nick’s new nightclub, The Underground. She can’t believe it’s really happening. Nick gets called away and goes to meet Victor. He warns his father that he’s ready to embark on something new and won’t come running every time he calls. Victor voices his concern for his grandchildren. Nick urges Victor to back off of Sharon and to try seeing the good in people. Later, Victoria runs into Avery, who admits she’s having fun with her brother. Victoria warns Avery not to hurt Nick by being with him just to get back at Phyllis. Avery assures Victoria that’s not the case. After Avery gushes about Nick, Victoria thinks she’s falling in love with him.

Sharon visits Noah at the tackhouse and finds Alex grilling her son over Adriana. Though Noah gets rid of Alex, he’s forced to tell Sharon that he’s a cop looking for answers about a girl he knew in New York. Later, on her way to a meeting to become the new face of Jabot, things turn awkward when Sharon runs into Victor.

Come Monday… Tyler and Lily talk about Cane. Katherine informs Tucker that Victor is joining them for dinner, and Jack questions whose side Adam is on.

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