The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary December 10 – 14.

Jack made a decision, Christine stunned Paul, and Victor delivered a warning…

Jack woke up in his car after passing out with an empty pill bottle. Phyllis called Jack on his actions, and John’s ghost appeared to do the same. Later, Adam warned Jack that Victor knew he was running Newman heavily medicated.

Chelsea interrupted Adam and Sharon’s kiss and slapped Adam. She told Victor and Nikki that Sharon burned the ranch down. Nikki threatened Sharon, who told Adam what Chelsea did. Chloe assured Chelsea they’d make Sharon pay so she could keep Adam. Victor suspected Adam had helped Sharon cover up the crime and set out to find proof of Sharon’s actions.

Summer feared Chelsea would hate her forever for killing her baby. Nick urged Summer to forgive herself. Summer snooped in Avery’s storage locker and found love letters from her ex. Avery admitted her husband was a good man who she cheated on. He was later killed in Afghanistan. Nick comforted Avery and reflected on his own cheating. Later, Avery found out Summer read her letters and asked her to keep what she read to herself. Meanwhile, Fen picked on Jamie but was nice when Michael and Lauren were around. When Jamie’s dad was arrested, Summer sympathized with him, and they kissed.

Billy staged their house as a Jamaican paradise to remind Vikki of a happier time in their lives. Wanting to get away from her family drama, Vikki agreed to go to Jamaica with Billy.

Christine returned to GC and stunned Paul by announcing that she’d quit her job and wanted to move home for good. Nearby, Chloe realized Kevin took money from the Tag ‘n’ Grab account and ordered him to put it back.

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