The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary December 24 – 28.

Many celebrated, Adam tempted Jack, and Neil gave an order…

While Avery spent time with Phyllis on Christmas, Sharon visited Adam. She warned they couldn’t be a couple and urged Adam to go back to Chelsea. Adam did, but Chelsea stormed off after realizing that Sharon had rejected him.

Nick spotted a dog-tag labeled ‘Dylan McAvoy’, but didn’t let on to Avery. Across town, Jack kissed Phyllis, who tearfully informed they weren’t ready ‘to go there’. Vikki agreed to help Victor with wedding preparations – for Nikki’s sake. Victor invited Billy and Vikki to spend the holiday with the family. Billy mocked Victor’s reasoning, but Vikki was moved and wanted to spend Christmas with her family.

At Chloe’s insistence, Adam agreed to be a silent partner in her and Chelsea’s fashion business. After Kevin confided in Chloe how a detective had questioned him about Noah, Adriana and some missing money – a half a million dollars – they decided to look for the money.

Cane overheard Tyler suggest to Lily that they should collaborate on his ideas. Once alone, Cane informed Tyler that Jack didn’t think his ideas were right for Jabot. Tyler told Leslie he pissed Cane off. She realized he hit on Cane’s wife. Tyler reminded her he’s good at what he does and vowed to land the job. Later, Neil ordered Cane to hire Tyler.

Jack assured Kyle he was done with the pills. After talk of someone Kyle knew who sold pills, Jack retrieved the guy’s number from Kyle’s cell. Meanwhile, Adam told Sharon Victor agreed to leave her alone on the condition that Adam brought down Jack and got Newman back. Not wanting Jack to lose Jabot by rolling it into Newman, they agreed Jack needed to be booted from Newman before the roll-in. Adam put Jack’s pill bottle in his desk drawer, gave Jack back his CEO seat and watched as Jack picked up the pills. Though Adam told Victor things were in motion, Jack put the pills back. While Phyllis, Billy, Vikki, Neil and Kyle worked to put together an intervention, Jack called Kyle’s friend and bought more pills. The intervention was unsuccessful, ending with Jack firing everyone.

Michael questioned Fen about the throwaway cell. He lied and claimed it was to text Summer since they didn’t want him to have contact with her. Later, after seeing Jamie with another black eye, from the group home, Michael insisted he stay with them again.

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