The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary December 3 – 7.

Victor asked Adam to take back Newman, Nick contemplated buying a nightclub, and Chelsea witnessed a kiss…

Victor gave Adam a document about Jack’s painkillers and told him to use it to take back Newman. Adam refused but looked it over later. Everyone worried about Jack’s mood swings, as he continued to pop pills. Phyllis moved out of Jack’s, despite Kyle’s objection, and Eden picked up on Kyle’s preoccupation with Phyllis. Later, when Jack’s doctor wouldn’t give him more pills, Jack paid another doctor to write him a prescription.

Avery urged Nick to buy an empty nightclub. Nick showed it to Noah, who became excited over the venture then left another message for Adrianna to call him. Later, Nick was stunned to hear Phyllis had seen Noah with Sharon on Thanksgiving. He confronted Sharon, who admitted she had bi-polar. Nick wasn’t pleased about Adam’s involvement. When Nick asked about the fire, Noah and Sharon denied any knowledge.

Nikki and Chelsea argued until Chelsea showed her sympathy in regards to the ranch. Sharon told Adam she was cutting ties with him, due to his wife. Adam didn’t want to let Sharon go but said goodbye. Though he told Chelsea Sharon was out of their lives, Adam was clearly heartbroken. No one wanted to attend Victor and Nikki’s housewarming party at the penthouse but showed up regardless. Just as Victor reflected on the loss of the ranch, Sharon arrived. Victor, Nikki, Nick, Avery, Vikki, Adam, Chelsea and Noah watched as she tried to apologize for everything she’d done – without saying exactly what. Victor ordered Sharon out, and Adam followed her. When they arrived at Sharon’s, Adam tried to calm her down. They ended up kissing, and Chelsea witnessed it. Meanwhile, an NYPD detective appeared and questioned Noah about Adrianna. Noah admitted they’d once dated. The detective ordered Noah to contact him if he heard from her.

Fen was upset when Michael and Lauren brought up the change in him, due to his association with Summer. While talking to Jamie, who admitted to the Baldwins that he didn’t get along with their son, Lauren worried about Jamie’s apparent intimidation. Fen was forced to apologize to Jamie for his attitude.

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